It is so refreshing that the Hawks………


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1 minute ago, Diesel said:

Felt good until you said... "Stumbling".   

I love watching these media "experts" eat their words, humble up and try to change their narrative. 

We need a thread with all of their predictions before the series start just to be able to go back and see them change up.... 

It is still a surreal moment to write those six letters and associate our team having a real chance at playing in one. It's never happened in my lifetime so I'll need more practice typing the word...

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7 hours ago, RandomFan said:

Yeah but how turrible do the Thunder feel tonight? From potentially having TWO top 5 picks in a draft with 5 elite talents to ending up on the outside looking in at #6.


Exactly why there is a lottery for teams that try to cheat the system. Lol. 

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Just now, AUhawksfan said:

I didn't even realize it was the draft lottery until the day after.  Normally I have that day bookmarked on the calendar.  Good problem to have.

Ya it is. First time I watched and enjoyed it. The rest of the years I’m way too nervous.

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