Start Reddish to guard Middleton?


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I like him off the bench especially if they don't have Giannis to start.  If Middleton gets hot early though I'd get him in quick.

If they don't have Giannis then maybe you see Bryn get the start.  Hawks could have JC on Middleton to begin the game.

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As @AHF said, it’s not really about starting. I hope Nate has a quick leash when our starting 5 changes due to injury and somebody struggles, but some players respond better being eased into the game.

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Gotta remember Cam is still on a minutes restriction. And in the post game media session Cam even said himself that he's not back into game shape yet. We can't expect him to play heavy minutes yet, at least not effectively. 

I'd say something similar to the last game. Maybe a few minutes more but not much. And this is assuming Reddish didn't have any swelling or soreness issues from the minutes he already paid in the last game. 

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