Who comes up with these trades??


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1 hour ago, JayBirdHawk said:


to PLAY..............

Let's Rob The HAWKS!!!


  • Every talking head that discounted the Hawks.
  • Jealous fans from other teams
  • Teams in Financial difficulties

Bird, I saw your purposed deal to get the Hawks Harrison Barnes. Did you make up that deal or read it somewhere? 

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5 hours ago, JCDBaptist said:


This absolutely HORRIBLE for us. A-TRO-CIOUS!!

Love our organically built squad with a few shrewd, overlooked moves. At this point it is not broken, why tinker with it. Maybe next offseason, some moves to get ahead of expiring but Beal is definitely not the star to get us over the hump with our squad gutted like that and team future handicapped.

H*ll to the no. 8 years of season tickets to the wayside. I suffered long games and seasons for this particular satisfaction. Even more as a fan. That would set us back.


lol this is a joke, i wouldn't trade hunter for beal straight up even if hunter was taking the same cap space, much less when him and OO are on rookie deals aka extreme value right now to our roster.

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So I just got a board warning on realgm for jokingly calling the Bucks the "Yucks". 

Like, seriously, I got a warning for making a joke with another team's name. I didn't even go for the easy word that rhymes with Bucks! 

Wow. I knew realgm was a cesspit but I didn't know it had gotten this terrible.

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