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Preface: This won't happen. It's too complicated. But I believe it makes sense for the three teams involved, of course, or I wouldn't post it.


Technically, this trade has to go down in a very specific way in order to comply with the regs.

1. ATL trades Dunn+Fernando to LAL in exchange for Caldwell-Pope (exhausting practically every last penny of cap space).

2. ATL trades Caldwell-Pope+2021 #20 pick to SAS in exchange for White (which allows ATL to use trade exception to accommodate the salary that otherwise was beyond their cap space) and the 2021 #41 pick

3. LAL trades Dunn+Fernando to SAS in exchange for... get this LWR_Recording.png ... the rights to our old friend and former Hawks draftee Giorgos Printezis who should be retiring soon from Olympiacos (Greece).



5. It's at this moment in time that LAL has ~$13m that they can use to get Caruso back, or flirt with McConnell or Dinwiddie, if Hollinger's "BORD" guesses are any good... before making a trade that couldn't be made with cap space and where they'll want to use a trade exception...

6. LAL trades Kuzma to SAS in a sign-and-trade that brings DeRozan to the Lakers.


Why LAL does it

  • Clearly, this is a team desperate for a legit 3rd weapon yet it's difficult to perceive how they would achieve that given what little assets they have; getting DeRozan achieves that about as well as could be anticipated
  • It's reported that they have strong interest in making cap space to allow them to re-sign, at minimum, Caruso. Granting the timing noted, that can happen

Why SAS does it

  • Replace a long-term commitment to White with a short-term commitment to Caldwell-Pope, and at a position of strength anyhow
  • The ripple effect to the rest of the trade is that it allows them some free agency flexibility beginning with next off-season
  • Re-balances their roster with Kuzma getting his chance to lay claim to the PF slot
  • Gains the #20 2021 first round pick

Why ATL does it

  • Team on a mission to keep their 2020-21 momentum, overcome the older teams standing in their way, and bring home ATL's first-ever NBA title--Derrick White, a starter on most NBA teams at PG or SG, completes the rotation in a big way
  • Adding the #41 pick from SAS allows the team to still add, with the existing #48, two players who Schlenk believes can be developed for the long term, perhaps at least one being a Eurostash--an important consideration as the team transitions to expecting to be picking late in the draft for the foreseeable future
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