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20 hours ago, sillent said:

At all? Memories are so short. Not only is that not true but with all the shooters we have it doesn't matter.

We're not bringing Solo back to shoot regardless. We're bringing him to keep the intangibles of a championship team. You can go down the line of every championship team and see a few players that wouldn't come nowhere to sniffing a ring if they weren't on that team.

All players have a role to play and certain intangibles that they bring to a team. Whether it's a mentality/toughness, 6 fouls, cheerleading/support. The things that don't get stats on the court but make the world of difference.

Solo is that guy for us. Plus he will play his heart out and hopefully this season he doesn't have to burn himself out playing his heart out all season and may be a little more serviceable during the playoffs if it's even necessary that he gets playing time at all.

This is important. Solo led the team in games played last season (71 of 72) and was actually fifth on the team in total minutes played last season. He played more minutes than Bogi or Gallo, and more than he'd played since his first year with the Pelicans in '16-'17. That only came out to an average of 21.3 mpg, but given how condensed the season's schedule was and how hard Solo plays, that probably felt like 30 minutes per game on his legs. It also meant that any bruises and tweaks he suffered never got the chance to heal. That seemed to bear out when his shooting averages dipped in April and May and then plummeted in the playoffs.

Solo shot 37% from deep in 2019-20. I don't doubt he can get back to that level if he gets the chance to rest his legs, which he just never got this year.

But even if that doesn't happen, like @sillent and others have said--we're not bringing him here to shoot. We're bringing him here because he's a tough veteran who knows his role, plays solid D on opposing forwards, and is a great locker room presence. I'm damn glad he's back in the fold.

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23 minutes ago, JayBirdHawk said:

Thinking back, this was such an underrated playoff moment! :laugh1::laugh1:.  



Love this.

I was honestly on the fence about bringing him back and wasting a roster spot. But the chemistry and toughness he brings is well worth it. I don’t think we ever had a guy that would what Solo did in the playoffs, he’s real. He’s got your back.

Plus, he’s really funny. 


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I think Solo taking up for Trae earned him another contract in Schlenk's eyes.

I love that he isn't some goofy try-hard tough guy either. He doesn't pretend to be anything. He is a smart and discerning vet. He stays in the moment and does what needs to be done., says what needs to be said. 

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On 8/15/2021 at 11:57 AM, JayBirdHawk said:



Skylar put in some crazy work this summer. I just feel by watching a bit of his play in preseason that he has put in the reps. When you do that it usually pays off. I think he will be a pleasant surprise and provide us some nice minutes when he’s called upon.

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