Official Game Thread: Hawks at Spurs


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52 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

The Pop-lar



55 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

Accidental Olympian Johnson

That’s my boy you’re talking about.. my uhhh fantasy boy :wacko: Glad it’s good.. 


58 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

The Spurs’ interior defense is ripe for peeling by the Hawks’ John Collins

Just one military man in JC ripping another in Pop. I dig.

Awesome as always gettin us ready to roll. If we show up the way we can, we should win this. 

Line has the Hawks at -4 and ML Hawks -165 Spurs +140 o/u 223.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁 

Go Hawks!

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4 minutes ago, Carmine said:

Poor discipline, we all knew that 3 was offline. Someone should have put a body on that Spurs guy

Boxing out is literally one of the first things u learn how to do and the Hawks can't do it smh

Cam go get that ball bruh. Don't stand in the corner



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