Cannot waste this opportunity

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... given the likelihood of too few and far-between such opportunities during the 2022 season.. and though, too, it's true that my interest in the sport of baseball overall has taken a decided downturn, given the open and unapologetic attitude in telling 1/2-ish of the fanbase to "Go F yourselves... we're doing offense-emphasis baseball, and you will like it."

But I digress...



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Nats beat up the Braves.  The Braves come back the next game and thrash the Nats.  Rubber game this afternoon.  One real star of the Atlanta team is still out, recovering from that terrible injury last season.  

Rookiee starter, his first, looked really good for 5 2/3 innings before his energy ran out.


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Well, that didn't take long.  Fried is, indeed, 0-2 and the Braves are 3-4 and under .500 again this year as they head west for their 1st trip of the season.


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3-4 after two series versus the two of the division's anticipated powerhouse rosters???

I. Will. Take. It.





And next 8 games vs. PIT and ARZ???


Dang. It's not out of the question that this team goes 9-6 out of the gate, and is looking for the moment down on some of our rivals.

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Going to visit former Brave Freddie the next three games.  Acuna is headed to AAA for re-hab.  Should be back and active very soon.

Braves need some timely hitting!


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It's early but the Braves may have to settle for the wild card, but it's funny or sad, or baffling the Reds have THREE wins, but took 2 from the Braves...

(Mehki Phifer facepalm)

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