Anyone notice Joe is not on the Hawks all time team on NBA 2k22?

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I just downloaded the game through game pass and I was curious who they would have as the Hawks all time team and I notice that Josh, Al and Sap are there but not Joe?

I know I was hard on JJ during his time here, but but he is the best Hawk after Nique was traded and until Trae was drafted if folks want to debate that.

That's a noticeable mistake.

The 60 win team should be one of the history teams also.

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50 minutes ago, JayBirdHawk said:

Joe not on the team would be criminal.

It has:

Bob Pettit



Lou Hudson

Cliff Hagan

Trae Young

Joe Caldwell

Steve Smith

Pistol Pete

Kevin Willis

Paul Milsap

Josh Smith

Doc Rivers

Al Horford

Tree Rollins


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