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Smart people learn from their mistakes.

Really smart people learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Def of dumb:  Doing the same thing, over and over, expecting di8fferent results each time.

Falcon's Prevent Defense does one thing.  It prevents them from winning the game.  This is not something new that this head coach and his staff are doing.  No.  This is the way we've always done it.  It always seems to work the same way.  Rush two or three.  Drop the rest of the eleven back.  Then watch as the opponent completes pass after pass between running 15 or 20 yards per carry, running out of bounds to stop the clock.  

Nothing recent?  Remember the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history?  Yes.  That game.  Falcon's Prevent Defense made it all possible.

We've always did it this way for at least the last 50 years.  With the same results.  Why change now??

Falcons will be a new team this upcoming season.  New players popping up everywhere.  I've been a Falcon fan since they ran their very 1st play in their 1st season.  Yep.  That long.  Can we try something different?  Please!  


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Pees, you had a great, 4th quarter prevent defense.  As usual, it prevented a Falcon victory.  Once again, Atlanta melted away in the 4th.  This time, it was against the Hated Saints.

It hurts.  3 quarters of great Falcon ball, only to see it all go away with our famous prevent defense.


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Falcons change!  WOW!  Instead of dropping eleven players 15 yards the team actually pressured the QB late in the game.  You know, Falcons didn't drop 11, but you get the ides.

Late in the 4th quarter in the last two games, both wins, the previous "prevent defense" was no where to be seen with greast results!  Pressure!  


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