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Filling out the roster


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14 hours ago, sturt said:

it is plausible that the front office wants to get a better read on whether any of the unlikely incentives could end up being earned before they make it harder on themselves to deal with that eventuality.


Did some analysis on this, and posted to the salary cap pinned thread...


Concluding paragraph:


11 hours ago, sturt said:

So, if my guesses are in the ballpark, the end analysis suggests Schlenk should budget for $500,000 in incentive payments, and be prepared to pay out as much as $1,000,000... all for DJM.

However, there's a not-good-but-reasonable chance that Clint could earn as much as $1,500,000 above that $1,000,000 for DJM.


In other words, if Schleilds is to be taken as paranoid to avoid tax, the current $1.78m of space beneath the tax line isn't sufficient... they need $2.5m of space.

"Well, they can just let Krejci go at mid-season since the second half of his contract isn't guaranteed, and get there."


Have to have 14 players minimum. Can't cut someone to get there.


That, then, should indicate that they're not paranoid.

Rather, I'm left to believe that the ATL front office wanted/wants to be in a position to ensure they're not paying taxes on a roster that has no good reason to expect to contend.... but that they're agnostic on which way that's going to go, and are content, then, to let things play out at least until February (trade deadline), and to be "in the vicinity" of the tax line so that they can make some February moves if necessary.

And the converse is also true... if they think they have good reason to expect to contend, they can't eliminate the possibility of going over the tax line with the roster as it currently is constituted. Thus, they are prepared to go over the line.


To the point here, adding a $1.6m vet minimum contract doesn't make a big difference in that big picture financially. On the court, though, the talent you're getting for that $1.6m could rationally prove to be a considerable net-positive.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I found a center from Duke in the last draft that I really liked.  Mark Williams went to the Hornets.  They have him playing G League right now and have for almost all this season.

Atlanta Hawks really, really need some size.  He qualifies.  He's over 7' just a tiny bit.  If there is any way we could pry him away without selling the farm, please at least ask.

Perhaps a future 1st and a second or two.  Any ideas about what would work?  Am I the only one who would be interested?


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