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Mike Krzyzewski Pushed for Jon Scheyer to Succeed Him Instead of Tommy Amaker


Jon Scheyer is the coach at Duke.   I have never been a big fan of Duke Basketball, however, I believed 3 years ago that when Coach K stepped down, it would be Tommy Amaker to replace him.  It felt like Amaker waited his turn.  Went to Michigan then went to Harvard...  Did a damn good job at Harvard considering what he had to work with.   And was Poised to become the Head Coach of the Duke Blue Devils.   And Then Coach K calls and says... "I can't let you have it"....

This is an are you kidding me moment.   I thought everybody knew that he took the Harvard Job to bide his time and learn.  He was the handpicked heir  to the Duke throne.   The President of Duke wanted Amaker...  Shows you the power of Coach K.   He named his own Successor.    However, this is the coldest part:


 In the conversation, Krzyzewski explained that if Amaker left Harvard to join Duke as an assistant this season, he would force the demotion of a Blue Devils assistant and “create an awkward dynamic with Scheyer.”


Damn.   "Tommy, we don't even need you as an assistant..."

You a cold piece of work coach K. 



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