Braves take the East for the 5th straight year!!!

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1 minute ago, macdaddy said:



I just died from laughter.  You gotta give my eulogy. 🤣

If you post that one with the Braves as the Freeze and the Mets as they bro who thought he'd won, I may come back to life just to die again.....




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3 hours ago, kg01 said:

Man how do you lead a division for like 800 days, then blow it with 3 days to go?  Yeesh. 

Congrats, Bravies.

And it shows tremendous personal growth that you didn't tag @sturt here, squd.  There's no reason to ....oh man, did I just .. my bad, stu.  Too late to edit it out.




... and if so, how many... and show me the catalog where I can pick out my prize. 😐


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I been on a man 👨 date :sarcastic_blum:  and coming back to this… 

The city 🌆 of HOTLANTA basically owning the 🏙 of NY


Seems about right.

Trae>Knicks+fans+ De Blasio 



Blooper>Mr. Met





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