Braves/Phillies NLDS

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1 minute ago, kg01 said:

PHI is a team that can beat the Braves.  They have 2 pitchers the Braves weren't able to do much with iirc.  Nola and Ranger Suarez(?).  Not a cake walk, imho. 

:aaa: But you boycotted baseball ⚾️ didn’t you? 



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Just now, kg01 said:

Eh, baseball is my side piece. 

:approved: So you gonna curse us with this Ranger Suarez bull$hit are ya? 

We ready, bring Ranger(s) Suarezes, bring Max’s old Scherzer’s, bring all the fuk Yuuuuuuuu (Darvish’s) fans. We ain’t cocky but we prepared and ready for this.

ATL against the world. #decaderun #till2030dominationandBEYOND

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Saw this in my Twitter feed, and copied/pasted as a public service. So the Braves so dominated that they converted Phillies fans, it seems. Did I get that right? Impressive.



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Wait. Is it true?

My second favorite team in the sport I used to follow religiously has ascended to the NL championship series?


Go Juan!

I'm not a baseball fan, but how can ya not be a Juan fan?

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They're set up well for several years, but I don't want them to have a repeat of the 96-04 teams where you win the division or go to the playoffs and don't even go the the World series. Thank goodness for last year.

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