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  1. Was gonna go with LeHurt but I have no idea if what he's got is painful or not. Tough break for the Pacers, but tougher for him. Hope that thing gets cleared up quickfastinahurry! ~lw3
  2. “Vatican just called. Il Papa wants the hookup on a case of BOLT24.” Tidbits Time! We won’t have Rudy Gobert around to spank us tonight! Dusting off the first double-digit L of the season, our Atlanta Hawks head to the Pacific Northwest. They’ll be thankful if the good sirs on the Portland Trail Blazers (10 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, NBC Sports Northwest in PDX) don’t have another paddling in store for them. Coach Lloyd Pierce conserved some players’ energies during the front-end of last night’s back-to-back, keeping every one of his Hawks (5-6)
  3. Meanwhile, in Washington, District of Corona... ~lw3
  4. I faintly recall the days of being barely 20 and reminiscing about my old, 14-year-old self. ~lw3
  5. Didn't see that coming! lol Oughta note here that former longtime Archbishop of Atlanta (now in DC) Wilton Gregory was just recently elevated to Cardinal, the first African-American so named. ~lw3
  6. 1:30 injury report's out. No changes for the Hawks, as Rondo's still listed as questionable (knee/injury maintenance). Favors remains probable for the Jazz. On Utah's game notes, our old friend Coach Quin is now already the Jazz's second-winningest coach all-time, passing the legendary Frank Layden with Win #278 after beating the Cavs earlier this week. Snyder's got a little ways to go before catching Jerry Sloan (1127 wins). Mitchell ranked 4th among all NBA players in clutch points last season (last 5 minutes of 4th quarters when games get within 5 points). Just behind 3rd-place De
  7. “I’ve got two turntables. But that’s all. I swear!” Tidbits Time! Last week’s storming of State Farm Arena remains fresh in the minds of many a Hawk fan. Wins at turns by the Cavaliers, Knicks and Hornets, much like Atlanta’s win at Brooklyn, furthered confirmation that major corners were being turned in the NBA East. But only Charlotte, who fell below .500 yesterday, still has reason to feel that way. And at least until tonight, we’re back to looking down at all three of them. After beating Atlanta, New York went home and enjoyed an even bigger margin of victory versus U
  8. Minor Comeback for a Major Set -- no, that's not quite correct... "Aside from that, Mrs, Beal, how do you like the Eastern Conference All-Star prospects?" ~lw3
  9. Not sure whether it changed, but the pre-Bubble definition of "close contact" was (stealing from ESPN): anyone who was within 6 feet of the positive-test person for at least 15 minutes and anyone who had "direct contact with infectious secretions and excretions" (i,e., coughs, sneezes, etc., eww.) Hopefully the staffer was limited in his interfacing and interactions, but I trust anyone on the plane within 6 feet of that person during the flight, or on the team bus for more than 15 minutes near the staffer, will be subject to the quarantine-and-testing process before being allow
  10. Sounds like it, although the players sound hopeful they've been isolated enough from the staffer for now. ~lw3
  11. I don't think the staffer meant he got a great deal on car insurance. ~lw3
  12. “I’m getting traded to the New York area? WHY???” “Baby, I’m a Starbury!” Georgia Tech’s one-and-doner couldn’t believe his fortune as he slapped on his purple-billed, white and green, exclusive NBA-issue baseball cap. Thanks to the 1996 NBA lottery and draft, Stephon Marbury was about to pair up with one of the NBA’s hottest young forwards in Glenn Robinson. What a combo! Whoops! Scratch that, Steph. It’s Ray Allen that Milwaukee really wants. But, guess what? You’re getting an even hotter, younger talent to grow with, in Kevin Garnett! Coming together for iconic magazin
  13. (Before anyone asks, no, I did not do that.) ~lw3
  14. I gotcha. Go Jackets! Beat Mercer! ~lw3
  15. “Whoo! Good Golly, Mister Molly! You sure like to ball!” Kuester’s Revenge! Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Chris Wilcox, Austin Daye were among the players fashioning a mutiny against their coach. Even withering legends Rip Hamilton and Ben Wallace were in on the boycott, petitioning for an overthrow of Detroit Pistons coach John Kuester. His days were already numbered as the team piled on the losses, but by February 2011, his increasingly DNP-CD’d players sought to grease the skids by skipping shootaround and showing up to practice late. T-Mac complained of a “headache”
  16. Back before Trae, LP, and John, there was… Tidbits! The Atlanta Hawks hosted three disappointing games over the prior seven days against fellow non-Bubble teams, but all were consecutive fourth-games-in-six-nights. After a couple days off to reset, practice, and engage in some intriguing film sessions, will the Hawks use their rest advantage to pay back the Charlotte Hornets (CORRECTION: 7:00 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast, 92.9 FM in ATL)? The Hornets (4-5) return home triumphantly after slow-boiling the Pelicans in a primetime Big Ball Brother bash last night in N’A
  17. “We’re the Atlanta Hawks. We are not a joke!” Let’s give some flowers to LaVar Ball, shall we? We are now well into our third week of rusty NBA basketball, and LaMelo Ball has yet to be named a starter in a Charlotte Hornets game. Playing ahead of the 6-foot-7, 19-year-old Chino Hills sensation on the Charlotte Hornets? A 6-foot-1 point guard, living off his breakout from last season, who is draining just 18.8 percent of his two-point looks. And a 6-foot-1 shoot-first guard, the established consolation for 2019’s loss of Kemba Walker, who is statistically and eye-test-ically a
  18. "I cannot believe how these Kangz family members are acting on Twitter!" - Tyreke Evans' brother ~lw3