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  1. Hornets dude is fun, he reminds me of what the late, great Fred Willard from Best in Show would be. Now, when I need to catch up on deep sleep, I go hunting for Pelicans broadcasts. It's better than turning the TV and the lights off completely. Not even Mr. Williamson can rev that PBP guy up. "And there goes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZion with the very nice slamzzzzzzzzzzzzz." ~lw3
  2. To offset the absence of Hayward, Borrego has been plugging Jalen McDaniels into the starting frontcourt, much like younger bro Jaden has been starting lately with the T'wolves. The Hornets' second-rounder in 2019, Jalen (also Juwan Howard's cousin) set his career high with 21 points earlier this week at OKC, following up with 19 points (5-for-9 3FGs and 8 assists combined in the two games) against Milwaukee's non-starters on Friday. ~lw3
  3. “I’ll allow one chair throw at halftime, Mel. ONE. Make it count!” Excuse the good folks of Charlotte, North Carolina if they’re tuning out of social media tonight, shortly after today’s affair between their Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks (1 PM Eastern, Bally Sports Southeast in CHA and ATL, 92.9 FM in ATL). Following up on great documentaries reviewing the NFL’s 1983 and the NBA’s 1984 draft classes, NBATV is airing “Ready Or Not”, the stories of the many noteworthy players who put on shiny, baggy suits and shook David Stern’s hand at the 1996 NBA Draft. Charlotte’s a lov
  4. "You should've seen the other guy!" ~t0nyt0n1t0n3
  5. Paint Points: ATL 66, CHI 46 The stat I had my particular eye on, Points Off TOs: ATL 18 (off 13 CHI TOs), CHI 4 (off ATL's 9 TOs). That was really the game! The out-of-town scores, tonight, emphasize what we've known: don't rely on other teams to dictate if and how quickly you clinch a desired playoff spot. We gotta make our own destiny by taking care of business and winning games like this, and just accept any extra gifts that come along the way. Go Hawks! ~lw3
  6. “Myyyyy kind of big, CAPELA is…” According to the tale told by the United States Golf Association, a former manager at New York City’s prestigious Waldorf Astoria hotel and part-owner at the Biltmore, was playing a round at a golf course where he was a member, the Country Club of Montreal. The native Canadian, David Mulligan lined up, swung from his shoe-tops at the tee, and was way, way off. Looks like no Masters for you, Davey Boy! His foursome buddies found it all the more hilarious that, instead of heading for the forest to play that ball, he reached for another one, and s
  7. Has anyone seen Dustin Rhodes lately? Seems I can't find him anywhere. ~t0nyschiav0n3
  8. “Hi, there! It’s me, Jaren Jackson, Jr.!” Taylor Jenkins gets it. This is no time for hibernation! The Memphis Grizzlies pulled themselves together in what was supposed to be the middle of last season. They climbed to 28-26 before the All-Star Break, then bounced back from a post-All-Star swoon, and the loss of Jaren Jackson, Jr. to a sprained knee, with a run that included a pair of games pants-ing the Atlanta Hawks to return to .500 basketball. The playoffs, in year one for rookie coach Jenkins and rookie star Ja Morant, were in full view. Then, in a series of unfortuna
  9. Hawks' Gamenotes indicates that if the Hawks pull off Ws against the Pels and Grizzlies tomorrow, then the eight-game home winning streak would be the longest since the wild 12-game romp in the middle of the 60-win season (Dec. 30, 2014 - Feb. 6, 2015). Also in the Gamenotes, Bogi has snatched a steal in nine consecutive games, a career high. Since giving the Hornets their history back, New Orleans is tied all-time with Atlanta at 19 wins apiece. The Hawks have won the last four head-to-head contests. ~lw3
  10. “Join me in Boston, Al, and I guarantee you, within five years, we’ll be going places!” Big Birds! Bears and Bulls! Bugs, Brontosauruses and Bucks! Over the course of this home-friendly schedule over the next two weeks, continuing with the New Orleans Pelicans in town tonight (7:30 PM Eastern, Bally Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, BS New Orleans), we can hope the Atlanta Hawks will be the busiest “Bs”, building up their hive while still delivering the biggest stings. Two Sundays from now, the 20th-winningest coach in NBA history may be able to don his Kool Moe Dee getup,
  11. Our Prodigal Son has returned! Meanwhile, this is what I call some high-class Shoe Modeling. ~lw3
  12. Nice try, Raptors. Play harder, next time! Tidbits! Welcome home, Hawks! I don’t know if Steph Curry will be a late scratch for this Sunday feast (7:30 PM Eastern, Bally Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, NBC Sports Bay Area in SFO, NBATV everywhere else). But especially if he’s a no-go, this return to State Farm Arena must be a winning one. No one needs to process the narrative of how a squad that consumed a 60-burger in Tampa, and left with a 50-burger in a doggie bag, pulled themselves together and won in Atlanta tonight. Trae and Gallo are available, for all the more rea
  13. Well, it's no 53-point win, but I'll take it. Safe travels! Go Hawks! ~lw3
  14. “Listen! Just form a (BLEEP!)ing levee around Skylar!” Mamas, please, don’t let your babies grow up to be podcasters. I kid. There are many fine podcast productions out there, featuring experts, humorists, special guests, and celebrities covering nearly every topic imaginable. It just feels like a good 28.7 percent of them are professional athletes just killing time. They’ve got ads now, too. According to sports radio during breaks every twenty minutes, Duncan Robinson of The University of Freakin’ Michigan has one called, “The Long Shot”, where he and a co-host get to ba
  15. Spud's avatar reminds me to add that Lou Williams' final game as a Clipper was on this floor eight days ago. 16 points (6-for-12 FGs) in 17 minutes of play against the Spurs. ~lw3
  16. Peeking ahead to tomorrow's game, there are a few key Pelicans sitting out today's game against what's left of the Magic. ~lw3
  17. “Even Denzel knew better than messing around with Godzilla! Kong doesn’t stand a chance!” So, this is gonna be it, right? Atlanta Hawks versus Gregg Popovich: The Finale? Ever since the Spurs’ GM hopped on board the team bus in Oakland after a loss in 1996 and stunned the players by declaring he was taking over for Bob Hill, it has been a long ride for Coach Pop. 1,301 regular season wins later, Popovich has three annual Coach of the Year awards, a sterling 5-1 record in The Finals, and a coaching legacy tree that looks more like kudzu. Aside from a couple years at Golden Stat
  18. One late subtraction on the Suns' end of the sideline: ~lw3
  19. Only Sun on the 5:30 boo-boo report is swingman Abdel "Don't Call Me Ralph" Nader (out, sore knee), who is already ceding minutes to former Buck and trade acquisition Torrey Craig anyway. For the Hawks, De'Andre Hunter (sore knee) remains questionable. Kris "Klax" Dunn and Cam Reddish remain out. ~lw3