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  1. True To "The Black Mecca", True To Atlanta!



  2. Half-Breaking, Half-Entering!

    Random crime abounds for our local athletes in this supercooled economy (see Hayden Hurst), but the details sound like VC was being targeted via someone he knows. Hope he can get to the bottom of it and sleep safely!


  3. Although they still wound up winning, the GSU Panthers gave us some Falcons-lite Fun Belt action on Saturday in Alabama. I was like, "Do y'all not, like, LIVE here? Go get the ball!" GSU bot bailed out because the refs questionably called illegal touching (pre-10 yards before recovery) upon review. But for that reversal of Troy's recovery, G-State and the Falcons' muff against the Cowpokes would've been side-by-side on SportsCenter all Sunday morning. ~lw3
  4. "In Case of Emergency, Hire This Guy." ~lw3
  5. Yeah, I'm 'a start taking my extra mid-day naps now. ~lw3