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  1. I’m not a fan of him at all. His defense is absolutely brutal. All his limitations on that end are only going to be amplified in the faster, stronger NBA. Just don’t like non defending bigs - especially when you have someone as exploitable as Trae on the perimeter. Those two are going to be ripped to shreds on defense. Teams are going to pick and roll them to death.
  2. Hayes or Okongwu. Leaning towards Hayes right now though. Really like what I see from him.
  3. Trading down for Okongwu here if Ball and Edwards are off the board.
  4. I'm taking Melo here 3rd pick Okongwu or Wiseman. Leaning towards Okongwu, I feel like he's going to be a high impact player.
  5. I am not a fan of Toppin at all. His defense needs A LOT of work it’s scary. Definitely an Okongwu guy if it came down to picking between them two. Shown enough flashes on offense and is tiers above Toppin as a defender. Love his defensive versatility.
  6. Lol Hunter was smirking at the line.. then proceeds to calmly hit 3 free throws. So clutch
  7. Trae wanted an extra quarter to pad his stats
  8. I'm actually on the LaMelo bandwagon myself. I think he's goona be special.
  9. Why are there 5 Bembrys on the floor for the Hawks?
  10. I never forgave those clowns for glitching out when Mayweather/Pac happened.
  11. Yup. Hawks are at their best when Trae looks to facilitate and get everyone involved.