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  1. Len needs to go. Liability on both ends of the floor.
  2. It's a shame Turner and Bembry are redundant on offense. I was actually lovin the defense with both of them on the floor.
  3. Even more sad knowing 90% of those misses are layups
  4. Cam just glides on the floor. Excited about his potential
  5. Cam looks good. Once that jumper starts to fall look out
  6. Hunter has some serious potential as a playmaker. He's making nice read after nice read when he gets to run it.
  7. Strength is Cam's biggest issue. He needs to get stronger, he's losing his balance way too much and when he goes into finish he bounces off everyone like they're body builders. Hunter didn't shoot well today but I like what I saw from him as a whole. His handle and vision are better than advertised. Multiple times this game he put guys on his hip and made some nice reads in the pick and roll. He's just not a catch and shoot guy, he can do a little of everything.
  8. Lloyd needs to start showing some coaching. Absolute mess on both ends of the floor.
  9. Lol how do we expect to defend anything with Collins and Parker manning the interior