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  1. Yeah the video sucks, I was just pointing out the trade which isnt bad. lol
  2. But Schlenk still sees him as part of the "core" for some reason..You cant count on this dude health wise...He has the same rookie body..And that shoulder still looks awkward ever since Jokic tried to take it off.......He better show me some massive improvement next season or he's "core" no longer in my eyes. It's not like he was a lottery pick....lol.
  3. Brad Stevens telling Gordon Hayward not to take the player option.
  4. Tatum is overrated too since we're talking about the hated Celtics. lol
  5. Boston fans: "Kemba and Hayward are stealing checks" 8:54 PM · Sep 25, 2020...........lol
  6. Celtics look horrible so far..And Kemba Walker has been non existent in the PLayoffs..