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  1. Its Trae AND Cam. Not just TRae. Just sayin..JUst wait until Trae gets better players around him..Be patient..
  2. If the Rooks can play anything close to how they played tonight, we're gonna be pretty good when Collins and Huerter comes back...
  3. ONly 1 turnover for TRae is a positive..Just wish his shots were falling..
  4. Best game from the Rooks tonight..
  5. WAs about to pass, then realized it was Len, and just threw it to anybody. lol
  6. LA is better than DEnver. And we were on a back to back..And we're young..
  7. And you know this how? Whats your definition of pan out btw? We were riding a fkn treadmill before the tear down..smh
  8. Meh. We're missing 2 starters and playing 2 rooks.