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  1. Springer is Malcolm Brogdon lite imo.... Kinda reminds me of Mays, so I cant see us going with him.......He is 5 years younger than Mays though....lol I like Duarte too..Hes a high floor low ceiling guy with his age. Kid can ball.I still think he can get alot better...Excellent 3 and D player..Might allow us to move on from Huerter/Bogi in the future(if need be), if we take him.(we cant pay everybody)
  2. One things for sure...We probably wont draft another player who isnt a good defender under Nate.. So Everybody can take all of the non defenders off their board..lol
  3. Houston GM said hes gonna try to re-sign him, so we'll have competition..lol...
  4. I like him alot also...lol. He's my guy if we go PG..
  5. Gleague is fine next season.Definitely worth it at #20.. With our injury luck, he may be playing sooner than later...smh
  6. If we go BIG I want Kai Jones at #20. I think he has one of the highest upsides in the draft.. He or OO will be ready to take over for Capela when his contract is up....... If he's gone, give Isaiah Jackson a look.............
  7. Does this have anything to do with Chelsea leaving? Kidding Kidding...
  8. The talking heads were talking about East condenders for next season today, and nobody even mentioned the Hawks..Not one word about our Playoff run whatsoever.smh..I actually like it that way though.....
  9. I know he loved Haliburton thats all....lol
  10. If this guy is cleared, we should definitely give him a look...Defends, shoots, and playmakes at high level. I see him having a Haliburton type rookie impact.. Just a winning player..What you say Gramps? lol
  11. terrell

    Backup PG

    The 76ers are open to trading Ben Simmons and would like “an All-Star-caliber player in return,” per @ShamsCharania.. "All-Star-Caliber in return"? lol... But seriously, he might be a good fit with us. Imagine the defense around Trae with Cam, Dre, Simmons, and OO... Send them Collins,(s&t)Dunn, and #20...lol
  12. terrell

    Backup PG

    Report: "Teams with interest in Ben Simmons; - Cavs - Wolves - Pacers - KINGS Toronto is also said to have expressed interest.” He or Fox might be on their way to Philly...lol