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  1. Bufkin +22 in 31 minutes over the last 2 games
  2. He knows where to be on Defense? Thats all I got.. lol I think Lundy should be playing over him..
  3. John "dapper" Collins doing what he does best.. Lmao
  4. Nique: "Hawks are trying to Hold it together until Trae gets back" We were on a 3 game losing streak with Trae Nique.. lol I get it though...
  5. Meanwhile JJ looking like an AllStar out there..
  6. Hawks held them to under 100..... Check!!
  7. Kobe 3!! No way Capela does that
  8. No agenda: the game is simple. Offense & Defense. Everyone cohesively contributes. No pecking order. JUST PLAY TEAM BALL ( ON BOTH ENDS OF THE FLOOR) It's a beautiful thing. Good win.. Bruno finish!!
  9. Hawks are about to hold another team under 100 pts..(hopefully)
  10. He's the future.. Dude could play PG tbh..
  11. Yeah but Murray and the team are playing way better defense since they dont have to babysit.... JJ may be our best overall player already.. When he gets stronger, look out.. Bufkin with the floater......
  12. G Matthew is horrible.. No way Lundy shouldnt be playin over him...
  13. The fk is Murray doing with these passes? Geez lol JC dribbling
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