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  1. Trae representing on the Pregame show..I dont think he missed but 2 deep 3's warming up. lol. He was drilling everything else...
  2. JUst sign Marcus Morris, Crowder, Moe Harkless, Derrick JOnes Jr. or somebody.. We need vets who know what the hell they're doing..lol
  3. REally? Half my friends in the hood in 70's and 80's were lightskinned and we couldnt care less. lol. I was probably the darkest one...haaa. There was only one biracial kid in school back then...NObody cared..
  4. LP press conferences starting to remind me of Quinn for real. lol
  5. But hes one of the reasons we can stop anybody. lol
  6. Cam REddish might be our best player all around already. lol
  7. I sure hope not. His focus should be on this lowsy team.