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  1. Sarah K. Spencer Nate McMillan says Danilo Gallinari didn't practice today. Trae Young got some shots up.
  2. He would've been fine with it, once he put on the Hawks hat..Pretty sure about that.. He'd be getting min too(over Kev)..lol
  3. 1 game at a time.........................
  4. NBA Central The Atlanta Hawks are 7-1 with Solomon Hill in the starting Solo is a star now..lol
  5. That game didn't help his case, that's for sure..smh
  6. What a win! Give Nate this job for crying out loud...
  7. We really needed Kev and Lou Will to show up...sigh
  8. I heard Nate tried to give him "confidence" by starting him.. Next...
  9. Cant wait to get this guy out of the starting lineup..
  10. Huerter is garbage Im sorry...Bogi trying his best to carry us but its not enough...