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  1. Who knows if Trae is a winning player or not... He doesnt have the vets to win much yet..Winning players show up in the 4th qtr, and hes been one of the best in crunch time so far..IM iffy on Edwards. I like Cam better..
  2. Reggie Jackson as our backup PG? Oh hell no.lol
  3. I agree..We need shooters BAD though....lol
  4. Which is fine, since their were only 2 or 3 "stars'"in last years draft..
  5. Crabbe had one decent year(contract year), got paid by the Nets, and said Fk it!..lol
  6. Sitting here watching the Hawks-Suns game, and our lineup right now is Goodwin/Bembry/Crabbe/Carter/Jones That has to be the WORSE lineup in NBA History or close to it. lol Please get us a bench next season Travis...........................
  7. I like him at the 2 also..Hes a perfect fit with Trae..Especially when the 3 ball is falling..Because Trae definitely needs shooters around him..
  8. Perhaps this was Schlenk's vision. Draft 2 SF's, let them battle it out for the starting position for a couple of years. lol. OR some people Ive talked to think he possibly drafted Hunter as a small ball 4.....Idk about that....Just sayin.. Btw, He might be a better fit with Capela than Collins tbh..The Collins/Capela fit is gonna be crucial to what we do imo...Even though Im sure Travis values Collins more than Clint..But still....
  9. And he hit a ton of HUGE shots as a rookie..