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  1. ......and ending games.
  2. Who would replace them though? Beside Cap who should have been on the floor, the other options were Rondo, Mays and OO of the guys who played earlier.
  3. We blew 2 timeouts and had a costly foul: the Hill challenge, Trae stepping on the sidelines and the foul Snell took for 'Galoo' (this is my new name for him, just cause) losing his shoe (Cavs were in the bonus).
  4. He knew the clock, just miscalculated the timing: "I knew we had four seconds left, so I thought I had a couple of dribbles and a pass to get it to him."
  5. This pretty much sums up the game:
  6. He took an elbow to the head from a Cavs player sometime late in 2nd, I think less than 2 minutes were left. I remember Bob saying he appeared a little shaken up, but he stayed in the game.