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  1. No game on FS southeast. I don't have NBA TV.
  2. I saw one (not so credible source) that is a torn MCL.
  3. Interesting! I do wonder who were the other teams and if TS explored those options to see if we could get something more for Baze. Happy for Baze!
  4. Let's guess the starting lineup without John and a limted Cam. Trae, Bembry, Hunter, VC, Len Bench: Turner (i still don'tlike his game), Cam (he'll be running point), Parker, Bruno. I expect Charlie Brown and Goodwin (he wasn't too bad last game, I'd rather him than Turner) to see minutes.
  5. I've seen this happen to other receivers and they stay in the game. Too many 3rd downs Julio is on the sidelines.
  6. That's premature. He hasn't had a chance to fulfill ALL our needs based on where we are in our rebuild. Some patience is required. 1st order of business after the tear down - draft a cornerstone player - Trae, done. 2nd - defensive focus since we think we have our 1/2 offensive punch in Trae and JC - add athletic, long 2 way wing players and a project Center - done. Next - focus on the Center position and rounding out the rest of the roster.
  7. I'm not searching for a Center for a playoff push, but rather for the continued development of our core players so Pierce can run his offense and defense the way he wants to. #DevelopmentalOverWins. If by the halfway point we are trending in the playoff direction, TS has said he takes no issue making a move to sure that up.
  8. FYI - John is out tonight with Flu like symptoms.