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  1. In order to trade for a star ypu have to have something a team wants. There was no one on that 60 win team that we could trade for a star.
  2. Not even a consideration unless Davis at least picked up his option year. Per his agent he will become a FA and explore his options at the end of the 2019/20 season. Hawks are not and were never on his first, second or last list. Yes, you can point to PG staying in OKC, or Kawhi possible staying in Toronto - those teams had bonified Allstar players and teams that are consistently playoff bound. Hawks have yet to show they can make the playoffs since the rebuild started. When adding a Superstar like Davis with one year left on his contract and the team is the Hawks, you absolutely 'slow game' it. Are you confident that the team above will win enough games to convince AD to stay? Are you confident that AD wouldn't sulk his way thru the entire season? Are you confident he will be healthy for at least 65 games? Well, I'm not - so I'll pass on this trade.
  3. What's the Hawks response to these queries? Sucks about Baze.
  4. I like this. Like you've noted teams are trying to take advantage since we have so many picks. Who are the draft and stashes in this draft worth selecting if we can't trade them for future 2nds or combine them?
  5. This describes the Hawks situation....
  6. #4 and Solomon Hill for #10. I'll add a 2nd or 2 if needed.
  7. Well shite....this good Sunday morning I think I might have stumbled across our missing Dokterr....
  8. How's his ball handling. I don't need another weak ball handling wing player. We've had our share.
  9. At least he was man enough to admit he was wrong and apologize face to face, unlike some people who run and hide when they are wrong...'cough cough Herr Dokterr' Mmmmmm......I guess everybody got hot takes.
  10. This guy said Trae would be a star...his take on Reddish.
  11. Yep, all the assets and they seem to be turning into duds.
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