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  1. Funny how playing on the Warriors all of a sudden Wiggins isn't 'terrible anymore'....lol. Perception is a bitch.
  2. The way I see it, having an adequate and reliable backup PG allows Bogi, Huerter etc. to remain in their roles and play to their best strengths. I take no issue with them as the 'lead guard' in spot duty - don't want it for an entire season because we HAVE TO. I'd rather it be an option only if needed in specific scenarios.
  3. We are talking about trading pick #20 for a backup Center. When we trading #16 what did you see as Clint's potential? At some point we need to look at guys past the proverbial 'potential' and look for guys that can give you 'production' that can give you wins.
  4. Yep Yep I've been an advocate of trading #20 for a young player on a long term deal (rookie or otherwise in the $10 mil range) I don't like trading it for RFAs, they perform well enough all it takes is another team to offer more than we are willing to pay and they'll be gone. I'd only offer the OKC 2022 1st for RFAs. For #20, I'd take a guy like Zubac 2yrs @$7mil per.
  5. I remember Jerome from his days at CNN.....Jerome Jurenovich headline news!!!
  6. Here we go: Portland TradesRobert CovingtonAtlanta TradesKris DunnCam Reddish#20
  7. I've completely given up on these folks expecting them to place any Hawks high on these lists. So I see it and just move on.
  8. They cannot extend him now. It has to be when the new league year start at FAcy. What Schlenk said was that they'll offer/negotiate a deal at the start of FAcy in lieu of having him try and find a deal which they'll match.
  9. Shouldn’t Get Minutes: 1.00 to 1.49 None End-of-Bench Pieces: 1.50 to 2.49 17. Bruno Fernando: 1.85 (0.62 down) 16. Nathan Knight: 1.92 (0.77 up) 15. Skylar Mays: 2.0 (0.23 up) 14. Brandon Goodwin: 2.46 (0.59 up) Depth Pieces: 2.50 to 3.49 13. Solomon Hill: 3.0 (0.43 up) 12. Kris Dunn: 3.31 (0.94 down) 11. Tony Snell: 3.46 (0.08 up) High-End Backups: 3.50 to 4.49 10. Cam Reddish: 3.69 (0.64 down) 9. Onyeka Okongwu: 3.77 (0.34 up) 8. Lou Williams: 4.08 (0.73 down) Low-End Starters: 4.50 to 5.49 7. Kevin Huerter: 5.23 (0.42 up) Solid Starters: 5.50 to 6.49 6. Danilo Gallinari: 5.54 (1.22 down) 5. De’Andre Hunter: 5.69 (1.62 up) High-End Starters: 6.50 to 7.49 4. Bogdan Bogdanovic: 6.54 (0.42 up) 3. John Collins: 7.15 (0.27 up) 2. Clint Capela: 7.23 (1.17 up) All-Star Candidates: 7.50 to 8.49 None All-NBA Candidates: 8.50 to 9.49 Trae Young: 9.23 (0.73 up) Lesser MVP Candidates: 9.50 to 10.49 None MVP Frontrunners: 10.50 to 12.00 None
  10. Serge is coming off back surgery though.
  11. A Look Back at our season: ....this was a season for the ages.
  12. My guess is, they determined the injury would not/could not get any worse by playing with it. We've seen that before with other players.