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  1. Trade Ideas: Patty Mills and Rudy Gay into capspace. Why for the Hawks? fills the PG and big wing/PF spot, still leaves flexibility for next offseason. Hawks still have $16 million to fill in the roster. Why for Spur - clears salary (if that's their route). PG - Trae, Mills, Goodwin SG - Huerter, Reddish SF - Hunter, Gay, (#6) PF - Collins, Skal, C- Capela, Dedmon, Bruno Pick #6 - have your choice and rework the position Question: How would you spend the $12 million (I guaranteed Goodwin and Skal) if this happens?
  2. @NBASupes....have you heard any rumblings that KAT might ask for a trade? He's not in the min(n)i-bubble with his team, he's hanging with the Kardashians instead
  3. @NBASupes. are you able to give us any more info on this yet?
  4. Now that's a Gotcha! moment.
  5. We should be able to buy a 2nd from the team with multiples if we can't trade for one.
  6. Who are the guys at #50? Or will we need to move up in the mid 30s-40's? And where does Goodwin fit in the mix?
  7. .....and Pierce is directly at fault for ALL of this? Please, Tell us more. He was more than likely given an offseason diet and workout plan by Chelsea Lane, you know the person in charge of health and fitness.
  8. I'd like to find an alternative first. If we cant, I don't mind bringing him back on a 1 year deal.
  9. This is the only thing I found regarding '7 years'
  10. How is that an answer to that specific question above?