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  1. Capella/Sabonis/Vucevic money is right where I have Drummond slotted. Since trading Russell Westbrook...OKC's ask for Adams was salary relief, a young player with potential and a 1st round pick. They won't get all 3.
  2. JayBirdHawk

    Ask Supes

    Len, Parker, Bembry - all 3 trade targets injured - are teams still interested?
  3. I'll just repost what I said... Let me repeat....HAWKS are rebuilding! This would make for a more appropriate discussion when we don't have guys like the Len's and Jones' of the world playing C.
  4. Len gets injured forces Jones and Vince to play, Collins shifts to Center - causing rotation disaster.
  5. 2-3. Next up 3 home games Wizards at Home on Sunday, then Sixers and Celtics.
  6. JayBirdHawk

    Ask Supes

    So Supes....about that Center? When is that happening? Len is out again which means, MORE JONES....AGAIN....I JUST CANNOT!
  7. He's trying to not get traded. 🤔
  8. I've gotta look up Nueritis...that's a first for me. Is that why he misses bunnies? Might want to check Len's hands too. Lol.
  9. JayBirdHawk

    Ask Supes

    Houston too, lol.
  10. I guess no rising star game for Trae this year. Will any of our rookies or Huerter get the call?
  11. JayBirdHawk

    Ask Supes

    What about Vince? Any chance he gets move?