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  1. So that's the plan....we going buck wild before the Go Braves!
  2. .....he's baaaack. As always...great history lesson @lethalweapon3
  3. .....for @lethalweapon3 epic Game 1 writeup? I know I am.
  4. Sooooo.....that didn't happen.. Two preseason games, 21 minutes, Zero points, 2 blocks, 5 rebounds, 1 assist.
  5. NBA.com #7 ESPN #8 CBS Sports #6
  6. operative word...........Might!
  7. Even looking back to last season - with the possibility of Clint not being available for opening night (Clint missed the 1st 2 games) and OO out...we did not sign any 'extra bigs' We rolled with JC, Gallo, Bruno, Solo, Knight on opening night. You keep referencing Schlenk's comments as if it was carved in stone forever and eternity that he was DEFINITELY signing an additional big. No grasping, just reading the tea leaves as they were presented by those that cover the Hawks, not saying they cannot and are never wrong but taking stroll down memory lane: Just seemed to me he had a greater shot at making the team over Okafor. You also made note via a podcast you heard that the hosts were 'sure' that TLC had the 15th spot locked up.
  8. Noted and discussed after final preseason game.