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  1. I think just like he did when he originally returned a few weeks ago, Hunter will more than likely be coming off the bench on minutes restrictions, at least for the first 2 games.
  2. This is not going to Work - NO Hawks until Monday! I'm already having withdrawals.
  3. Knicks at 4, they hold the tie breaker.
  4. This is the 'Everyone Gets a Trophy' mantra - so stupid.
  5. Rondo's Hawks stint did not go as well as I had hoped on the court but he was still a good Hawk.
  6. My cop out answers: If Hunter is back and ready to go - neither. Snell has to be hitting his wide open shots to make an impact. Solo has more playoff experience, he seems more tough minded as well.
  7. Mook n Smitty. Hopefully we will be able to include Trae/Bogi in the conversation at some point.
  8. Now we're back within 4, lol. I can't keep up, lol.