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  1. ....I expected some kinda reactions....just not this one....I'm dying!!!
  2. Any interest in ole Marvy Marv...
  3. This needs to be broken into 3 categories: SuperStar, All-Star and Star.
  4. Speculates Bembry, Jones, Graham won't be back.
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-draft-2020-guard-killian-154942803.html
  6. That's just about half a game day roster when you add KD and Kyrie.
  7. My daughter's school is providing 2 options - in person or remote learning. We have to make a decision by next Wednesday which option we will select. The option will be for that quarter, we'll have the option to switch selections for the next quarter. Masks: - school will provide 2 masks for each student - required for middle schoolers at all times - for younger elementary students required in common areas, highly recommended in classrooms. Students will not be switching classes. Teachers will instead, lunch to be eaten in classrooms, students bring their own lunch and beverage, including water (no fountain use). Remote learning is by electronic access directly into the classroom via live stream. They're purchasing video equipment to enhance it. We are leaning towards remote learning for the 1st quarter.