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  1. Brad Rowland @BTRowland · Follow Fields also said they are expecting to see more prospects this coming week. Also noted that the Hawks have brought guys into Atlanta and also traveled to see guys. Fields noted that, as of today, they are planning to pick at No. 1 1:28 PM · Jun 17, 2024
  2. Landry is supposed to have an presser today regarding the draft. He did the same last year and this is what he had to say last year:
  3. Just a reminder in the recent past Dell Curry also didn't want Steph to go to the Warriors. To the Hawks: If he's your guy, you take your guy.
  4. Believing? No. It's the season of rumors. Besides this rumor has already been floating that BI is looking for a max contract since the trade deadline. Which 'Birdfan' are you? Hawks or Pelicans?
  5. The issue with a BI trade is that his agent is telling anybody who will listen that it is going to cost a full max to keep BI beyond 2025. He is convinced someone will give it to him, and wont extend for anything less than that.
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