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  1. New kid on the block Oturu. Big who can move his feet and got a little touch but raw only 20 years old but a raw 22 to me.
  2. 1. Anthony 🐜 Edwards 2. James Wiseman 3. Onyeka Okongwu 4. LaMelo Ball 5. Obi Toppin 6. Isaac Okoro 7. Tyrese Haliburton 8. Killian Hayes 9. Deni Avdija 10. Devin Vassell 11. Aaron Nesmith 12. Aleksej Pokusevski 13. Cole Anthony 14. Siddiq Bey 15. Tyrese Maxey 16. Patrick Williams 17. RJ Hampton 18. Jaden McDaniels 19. Isaiah Stewart 20. Desmond Bane 21. Theo Maledon 22. Xavier Tillman 23. Paul Reed 24. TBD (trade down scenario)
  3. Consensus #23 final pick: Paul Reed
  4. Therein lies the problem. If he goes to the Pistons or Knicks he becomes Iverson. If he comes to us, could he be Manu Ginobili? I agree I have hesitations in him coming over and dominating the ball and taking us away from a team concept. I’m with you in that but at the same time I can’t deny the talent. Kid is a beast.
  5. Oh hell no not mine. I don’t really like many. Gwu would make me 😃. Later perhaps Vassell, Siddiq Bey or Paul Reed at the right price. Other than that, Edwards with the first overall and add quality vets.
  6. Ok but not us at our stage I don’t think. Perhaps a few teams.
  7. 🤢 another guy that I don’t want along with Knox and some others. Who was it that said Spud likes everyone? 🤔 Somebody said that recently this goes to show I don’t. Lol.
  8. No. Just no. I’m not saying I’m as high in Edwards as Zion no way near. Zion is like a Lebron, Jordan type but don’t sleep in Edwards. Again though he might be a guy that’s better off in Detroit or NY just to go nuts and collect stats but might not be a winning player like a Trae but we shall see.
  9. It would cost one of the Philly boys (Hunter), Huerter, Capela and 2 firsts for like Embiid and Shake Milton 😆
  10. Ok now Jamal is the type to get real hot 🥵 in a bubble and pull away with an Iguodala type MVP finals. Not that Iggy didn’t deserve it just sayin. Jamal lit 🔥 up the Magic for us in 2010 round 1, nice stuff I was going nuts in a bar one game 😆
  11. I went Giannis. He’s the one. If he’s smart he teams up with Trae in Atlanta and wins 7 championships! LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!! (I miss typing that 😞).
  12. STOP 🛑 IT JJ. I lost you bro. You’re going too far now. He’s saying people had problems with black men making powerful decisions? 😐 No you jerk, let’s not get it twisted. Lebron was a little bitch about his piece of crap decision to take his 5 head to Miami and tan on a banana 🍌 boat ⛵️ with Wade and Bosh. Cupcake 🧁 Durant joined a team that had just eliminated his team like a loser and a follower. JJ stop ✋ it I thought you were better than that. Dragging a whole issue of 2 bitches and trying to kiss their asses. 🤦‍♀️
  13. That cost you a podcast listen from me. First you give up on voting for the consensus series and now you neglect to read what I wrote at the bottom in saying I like our core. It was just an exercise and you came and 💩 on it! I hope you had a great podcast with the dog walker! 😡