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  1. I keep reading this thread as sexiest and expect to see a pic of me and Deke in it somewhere.
  2. Bamba seems to be lacking something I covet, heart … If you have a body like his and talent like his, there’s really no excuse to be this far behind the game unless your not putting in the work. Dude has size and all the tools, what’s his deal? He’s like a damn Hasheem Thabeet man, if you’re gonna have god given attributes please use them and don’t slide on by and coast. That’s my whole thing with Mo. Does this guy want to be better?
  3. You’re a real Zubac you know that.- Vince Cellini -2016 NBA tv Why do you love this guy Bird?
  4. Ya, say it to your burner (Marco) like he’s not you and we are more likely to believe you two are different people.
  5. Specially in this draft. They keep saying it’s a good draft but I feel it’s a weaker kne and lots of parity. Yup first round and second could be a minimal difference as far as the skill they bring to a team like us. I agree it’s a perfect 2nd round pick steal year for us. Let’s release our inner Spurs drafting here.
  6. This is the entire reason I didn’t go hard into studying this draft, something tells me we bow out.
  7. They were actually showcasing him and trying to fool folks. Is Wiggins getting better? Sure he’s playing with those guys he kind of has no choice, is he a different player than we though? Nah, still the same dude.
  8. ISE of.. The Warriors trying to swing Wiseman, Wiggins (still sucks don’t believe what they’ve set him up to look like in GS it’s all BS he sucks) picks 7 and 14, and get this, Land a Beal or Sabonis. Please boycott the Warriors. There should be no reason anyone deals with them or takes on their trash. I’m talking to you Minny, Knicks, Cavs, Kings and Pelicans and Wizards please don’t be stupid.
  9. I think Diesel might be watching too much first take with Skip and Shannon and that lady. That lady by no means sets an example for women in the biz. I get the notion that she doesn’t know $hit about sports and is there just for eye candy, that’s the one example I can think of off the top of my head. Many of the rest of the ladies have been great. It may not even be that lady’s fault sitting next to Skip n Shannon but rather the role set up for her by the pig men executives at Fox.
  10. I like her a lot. She’s my Becky.
  11. Don’t tell this to Stu, he said the chances are very slim. I still say there’s an 18% chance Gallo is flipped.