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  1. Wow I underestimated the scoring big time he came out baby Allen Ivy when I was thinking more Nashy/Stocky. I do believe this has some things to do with the absence of Collins. I still believe he’s gonna get double digit assists soon, next year if not this season.
  2. Two other teams that he fits well imo would be the Blazers and the Pistons. They both have a ton of heavy usage players like Lillard, CJ, Drummond and Griffin. They seem to need a sf pest like Bembry just to cause havoc. Do the Pistons and Blazers have anything we need?
  3. Craig Smith a bully...Torrey..not as much 😂 I would still like a Craig Smith, Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry bodyguard screen setter for Trae. Just some bully a$$ PF.
  4. Yes very much agree. Bembry would work really well with them. Both ways it works, nice one.
  5. Thanks I had him confused with this guy... https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/s/smithcr01.html
  6. If this is happening, I might buy a jersey that is currently going for $25. It’s an authentic Dennis! 😃 He would be an ideal and excellent backup to Trae. Just a guy that would keep pressur on the D and continue to wear them out while Trae gets a blow. Ya sign me up!
  7. I would jump at you Baynes to the Hawks deal and like the OKC one as well, both upgrade us in talent and production. To be honest, I know Craig but don’t know his game that well. Isn’t he like a stout 6’9” pf bully type like a Carl Landry or Chuck Hayes a bit?
  8. 😆 I dunno they are both extremely great shooters. I don’t think Korver went back twice did he? Wait no he may have actually...I can’t recall. I know Korver was drafted by the Nets and traded for a copy machine or something really weird, but not sure is he had two tours in Philly. Redick never played in Philly before last year I’m sure of that.
  9. ATL/CAVS Hawks get: Tristan Thompson Cavs get : Allen Crabbe + 2020 2nd round pick Why for us: Tristan gives us almost exactly what we need. A veteran big who can protect the paint on D and pick up loose garbage baskets on offense and from great feeds from Trae. Why for Cavs: Tristan will most likely be gone after this season anyways. This at least gives them something to show for it in the form of a second round pick. Crabbe expires as well. http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ucanbxx
  10. Preach on @sillent !!! A quarter of the way through...lots of time. Get healthy get wins!
  11. I’m now sad. Thanks Mac. Granted I probably shouldn’t be because Trae will get calls too... soon. I honestly don’t think Trae is currently getting away with things like 5 step travels. He might be hooking guys a bit but even that he doesn’t do. Lebron travels a lot .. Ya stars ⭐️ get away with calls and non calls like athletes get away with .. well I digress.
  12. What? No. I’m sorry his analytical team underestimated a healthy hawks team. Now they may luck out but that’s mainly on Collins otherwise bad prediction imo.