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  1. LETS GO BUD KYLE ERSAN AND THE BUCKS!!!! i swear I didn’t do this with their all Nazi 1988 Bucks squad That team was a weird roster. Stevie baby Henson the later Hawk. Miss those days. Giannis is gonna bully his way through this game like @kg01 does keeping squawk laughing! Shove it down their collective throats guys!!!!
  2. I don’t wanna go full .... evil today otherwise I’d dig for Supes misses. He’s the Lenny Wilkens of squawk. Lotta wins yes, due to many years played.
  3. He got Timmy Utep 2 step late, Spree in the 20’s I think 24. He took Richmond 5th but Mitch was a good prospect but still. He got Gatling and Ty Hill in the year we got Rumeal, I think one before after.
  4. LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t know who the hell im rootin for but I love basketball . Only wish it was Hawks! Time for some Budball. Look for Giannis to nuts. Kyle needs some 3’s. DJ baby Aug as our backup 1 next year? Enjoy.
  5. I agree ☝ please don’t. Toppin is a Curry and a generational talent? Holy moly.
  6. Definitely not Toppin. Whoever ends up with Toppin is gonna have some major defensive issues as a team. He reminds me a lot of Isaac Austin, a dude from the 90’s. I think Toppin is a bit better but not sure how much better. It’s a pretty solid and REALISTIC comparison. Toppin is like a poor man’s Melo. Melo was dynamic and a consensus top 3 pick. Toppin is a top 10 guy. Anyways, here is the guys he most reminds me of:
  7. Good stuff. Hey AHF, if I put someone on ignore, can they still read my material (and copy my stuff)? Thanks in advance.
  8. Wow. The squawk is off it’s game. You want someone to offer Smart for free. I said Smart not Horford.
  9. Nah bro it was Haze. I give credit where credit is due and not a sack chaser like Obvious she needs allies right now because I’m posting her up and having my way with her ina paint . Also, I’m an XXX large one day, a small medium the next? Hmm at least my story has been consistent with you and the sac.
  10. That doesn’t eliminate them from a trade to get Horford. Although you may be right he’s really a trash 🗑 guy now so even if you are a contender, you saw what happened in Philly. If he can’t excel in Philly and take pressure off Embiid then I think it’s time for Alice to get that sex change he’s always wanted and move to the Bahamas (ya I know he’s Dominican but that’s where they send their prisoners like England with Australia ).
  11. Only teams that fit Alice. East- Bucks HEAT Nets West- Rockets Mavs Suns (to extend career through facility and style of training) I got 6 suitors for him.