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  1. Folks loved the 2014 draft and hyped it hard. Wiggins and Jabari didn’t amount to much. I agree though with a point guard heavy draft, the best we could do is BPA but if it’s a point guard at that spot we might wanna trade with a desperate team looking to move up but has bad front office skills. I’d love a trade with the Twolves or Suns, they always seem to find their way back to the lottery. Maybe swap for an unprotected 2023 pick or top 3 protected and a young rising guy in a trade.
  2. 😐 umm I want sports back like everyone else but this is a stupid move. Can’t rush this process. We need to make sure we clear. Trump isn’t thinking clearly.
  3. Desperate for ratings... -someone who watched Trae vs Barnes battle in 2K 😂
  4. So you’d rather go with offense in any form other than the power forward? Makes sense. Wonder who fits that’s bill? 🤔
  5. I don’t know about you all and it might sound greedy with all the talent we’ve accumulated the past few season but I wanna win this lottery and get the 1st pick! Imagine that: Trae Collins Cam Hunter Huerter #1 pick 2020 draft Its funny we would be in an awkward position of really needing to make the playoffs on raw talent alone but having to groom that raw talent at the same time. Having said that, I think the NBA game is way different in the rookies and second year guys develop quicker than they did before. They better for our sake. My list pre draft of guys I like and liked: 2018: Luka/Bagley/Trae/Bamba/Mikal 2019: Cam/Culver/Clarke/Kabengele 2020: 🐜man/Wiseman/Okongwu/Okoro We added Trae and Cam. I hope I strike again in the 2020 list I’ll take any of those guys.
  6. Comon Thomas you know me, I don’t roll with the mainstream plus I’m a lil old school too so I don’t mind a few boo boos along the way. 😉 Keep the old school music too.
  7. It’s the green font. Here lemme show you where.. 6 feet 🦶 !!!!!!! 😱
  8. Robert Covington’s new nicknames I guess.
  9. I could ask the same (GIF) about your avatar 😃
  10. Yes! Please it makes more sense.
  11. F wrong with them. 🤦‍♀️
  12. He’s your Dragan Bender 🦅 😂 🐉
  13. 😢 a sad reminder of the Staff man 👨. I just don’t understand in any universe how Stafford would be the highest paid football player in any period of any given time. It doesn’t add up. We should have honestly cut ties with him and started building with the line and D first. Screw it if all these teams are getting top flight QB’s then pull a Gregg Pop and zag while they zig and load up on the D line and defense overall like...I hate to say it but the Whiners (forty eighters). Well Thomas, thank you sir for getting me hyphy for a nice workout 🏋🏿‍♀️ 😆