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  1. Oooh that’s a tough assignment. Hunter is a darn good defender but wouldn’t we need a big bigger defender on Randle? Stick King Kongwu in him he’s ready. Give that Kang 25 minutes! I dunno
  2. Wonder how a Mookie/JJ backcourt would have worked? Or a Trae/ Smitty? Mix n match everything is $2.. sorry I was buying candy earlier
  3. Oh wow really? I thought we owned it over Celts and Heat but NOT Knicks. Not sure though.
  4. Adam Silver likes money... a lot. 4 more teams generate what he calls “excitement” but it’s all for the filthy loot. Agreed. Some things need to stay and this is one of them. 1-8 make it. 16/30 teams.
  5. I’m sorry North but you already voted once for Mookie/Smitty. This isn’t a buffet.
  6. Bogdan, Bojan... I’ve gone as far as I can with Spud2nique. Apparently, the last name straight balls from the perimeter.
  7. Would land at 19. 2017: 19th pick: John Collins 2018: 19th pick: Kevin Huerter 2021: 19th pick: ? Hoping it goes to 20 or 21 though because that would mean we passed the Knicks, depending how other teams as well. Lakers are in the 20th spot, NY is in the 21st.
  8. 2/3 ain’t bad. The Heat got lucky they played Minny who should be trying to tank to be bottom 3 and a 14% chance at 1st overall. If they fall out of the top 3 it goes to the Warriors. Expecting Minny to drop the rest.
  9. We are officially within .5 of home court and 4th place. Alright Suns!
  10. This Suns/Knicks game is fun. Fiiiights all over the place. Taj n CP3, Crowder and Randle. Flashback 10 years they fought then too. Suns did it and helped us! Niiiice. Cam Payne came up big. We inch closer.
  11. If not watching them counts I’d go with Pistol and Lou, they were too damn dynamic on paper. I wish I could I’m have seen them. I saw the rest of the tandems just not them. 1. Trae/Bogi 2. Mookie/Smitty 3. Mookie/Plastic
  12. I lovem all but went with Trae and Bogi. Look to the future! @sturt roll with the future F the past Let’s go!!!!
  13. You like ordering off the menu huh? ..