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  1. Really? Dang by the time I get there it’ll be crazy loot.
  2. 1. Adams 2. Harrell, Beasley co signed : 🦅 😆
  3. Damian absolutely killed the momentum late 3rd. 😞
  4. Man, we fought hard. I’m really proud of this team. Trae is an absolutely ridiculous superstar. 42,15,6 is just nutty. We fought hard as a team and just came up short. The NBA isn’t used to the old full court trap. At least the Raptors eh? 😆 We should do it more often. Horrible sequence on offense and defense by Damian Jones, he made up later with a block but momentum killers. Trae megging another for a Huerter 3 was nice but airball 😞. Deandre Hunter played with some attitude and brought offense and swatted Lowry nicely, then Vince got Fred later with a swat. John Collins needs to continue to attack and be around the rim, good things happen for us when he does that. Almost had this one ☝🏾, we are getting a lot better, lot of live active bodies. Lets get ready for the Clipps. Happy MLK day everyone! ✌️ 🍑 #ATL 💗
  5. Sorry I’m too predictable. ps I drive right only. Can’t go left. 😆
  6. It’s mine but AHF banned my pics so I can’t showem off anymore. 😊
  7. Get well Chandler. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Basketball 🏀 is still only a game. 🙏🏿
  8. Same. I’ve never stuffed the ballots so hard in my life. Call me 🤙 Stanspud 😆
  9. Understood. But Harrell is a lot of boy 👦 too... just saying he sets wide screens he’s got a barrel chest like Harden but for a big he bullies.
  10. If you had to pick one acquisition: Steven Adams or Montrezl Harrell?
  11. Oh no 🤦‍♀️ please no.. I’ve been on Harrell early. He’s a dog 🐕 I like him a lot.
  12. 👏 lw3 😳 I always love the previews but they are extra special on MLK day. This is above and beyond. It’s hard to imagine that this all happened only 50 years or so ago. That’s insane. We are still working as a society to achieve MLK’s ultimate vision of peace ✌️.