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  1. That’s funny for a variety of things but the Bruno bubblegum thing is significant. Was it just me or was he fumbling around with some really bad hands 🖐 last night. Strength is all good and dandy but you gotta have a pair of mitts 🧤 to go with it. I don’t expect C Webb hands but if he collected a few balls 🏀 he had a few dunks. Again it’s preseason but last night seemed to be the best one by far as we got a glimpse of each dude and what they bring to the table in flashes. It’ll be interesting to see what they do tonight against a team in the Cavs with no identity...yet at least.
  2. What the? Why not. Clearly we aren’t rebuilding, retooling, I don’t know what we are doing. Fine, we will take him I guess. 😞
  3. You are really itching for that jammer dude huh? He’s all aboard since last year 😂
  4. Watched the game this morning as I was on the road yesterday. First off my apologies to Bembry. YIKES! That guy gets after it like it’s nobody’s business on D with a bit of improvement on O as well, made a nice couple dishes for easy buckets. Hunter is as solid a rookie as I’ve seen. On one jumper he made in the first I could have sworn it was Cam but it was Hunter with the smoothness. VC- 14/16 points for us are you kidding me. He’s a 3 point ball machine you feed it to him there’s it’s going up. Cam has crazy talent and moves with ease on the court. Having said that he needs to shore up his core and overall strength. Trae is an absolute MVP candidate. He’s a bad bad man. He’s as smart as they come. That reverse layup was magnificent. Overall I was quite impressed with our effort and expect to this regular season games to look more like this than the previous ones. LETS GO HAWKS!!! ps Lloyd has clearly been working on ball denial with these kids. I loved watching it.
  5. Anyone with nagging injuries please sit them. This game means nothing.
  6. Cam needs to bust ☝🏿 on RJ’s a$$ tonight. Show the Knicks they should have grabbed him at #3. Actually, save it for the regular season, don’t showem too much but show out a bit cuz we closin in on the real deal. Go Hawks!
  7. Lol very fitting at the end when Riley says that’s all you get for free? (Preseason)
  8. I still like both of them very much. I think we have a Trae/Luka thing here with these two where they will both thrive. I don’t put any stock into preseason games. Just try to see how players move on the court and if it’s fit for a pro game. Ya I saw the first game Supes where they played the warriors, Culver went 6/17 or 6/18, he was still making the right reads and passes. Killer Cam is also feeling his way. Nothing surprising I guess.
  9. No I meant the former. Like a superstar special type of player. I was actually going to mention Pippen. He has some Pippenesque attributes.
  10. Agreed he’s about 37% more smoother on the court than I envisioned in my mind when he hit the pro game. I was comparing him to the likes of Buck Williams not that I’m wrong on that but in a sf body. He’s lean, he’s quick, this kid might be special. Like really special. Broken record and too early I know but we did well in the lottery, really well.
  11. Wtf! It’s not there. On demand in the nba radio 📻 app? Huh 🤔 Ya, Steve Kerr feels like he has earned a coaching pass for the next decade and rightfully so...well I mean he was at the right place at the right time. ☀️ even shines on a dog 🐕 a$$ some days..anybody can win the lottery.( mind you 3 times with the roster) I can’t believe I used to actually think his insights were insightful? 🤔 Kinda like it would be now with Brent Barry but then he gets hired by Ainge and the Celts. I’d be like what a douche I hated him. Lol. But truth be told I was a Cavs and Kerr hater when he was a spot up shooter in the league you until he went on to add some much to his game oh wait he never did and rode the coat tails of the likes of Daugherty, Nance, Price, MJ, Pippen. Whatever he’s a 🤡.
  12. Btw Steve Kerr commented on how Curry will have the best individual season of his career. Without another shooter like Klay and Durant gone, this should be just plain fun to watch. Throw the box and one on 🍛
  13. Kg the Hawks season preview on NBA radio was last Thursday or Friday at 7pm est I missed it myself but gonna listen through the NBA serius app. Not sure who did it. If it’s Joel Meyers and some others like him then no, I’m actually hoping it’s Eddie n Termini (sp) . Ur boy Isola is by far the most accurate imo but not sure who does the team previews. Check it out.
  14. Why are you still here? This should be a badass song I’m playing rollin down in my caddie on sunset 🌅 Rhythm n Flow auditions. You got it inside you kg, even if you B-Rad from the hood sac kid peeps wanna know ur story ☀️. ps Patch things up with the BIL it’s a good time for it. Hawk could go crazy on them for a few years here.