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  1. Cam and Sekou niiiice. Claxton I don’t know much about. How’s his game Supes you like it?
  2. Oh Peo, no prolly not. He’s like Hotlanta he kinda says stuff and we just accept it I guess 😆. Clarke is a fan favorite starting day 1 and one of Trae’s besties. Kid is a freak. Trae’s passes are on point which makes Clarke an even bigger threat. Hoping Schlenk likes him as much as I do.
  3. 🤣 this guy is happy AD is on the Lakers cuz now they eye brow brothers! Interesting Hawks were the #1 seed in 2021 on his simulation. But we lost to the Raps in round 2.
  4. 😐 🤔🤯🤛💪🏾🏀 WHAT? The absolute latest he goes imo is the Celts at 14. He fits with them nicely but his best fit is with us or the Wolves 🐺 next to KAT as has been mentioned in many articles. If I’m KAT and he’s in the board at 11, I personally urge Glen Taylor to take this kid to cover for KAT’s miscues on D and allow him to dominate the O. With us he could just be his ruckus causing self on the O boards and D anyone 1-5 right away. I think the outside threat of our starting backcourt would take pressure off him and give him opportunities on the O glass in particular, not to mention the lobs from Trae and Huerter to Clarke. It would be the highlight factory 🏭 ☝🏾 mo gen.
  5. I’m banking 🏦 they don’t until the draft. You focus on you studies and stay in school 🏫 young man!
  6. Seems a lot are high on Goga. I’m on the fence. Skills look solid but the Euro 💶 is high right now. Lotta success stories with Jokic and L****. There’s gotta be some extra hype. Although having a stroke like his fits in with our offense and specially in a pick n roll scenario with Trae. Then again if you have soft hands or almost any hands Trae will find you, the three from our 5 is where it gets fun. Hope I eat crow if we pick him and he does well. Bol has a ton of skills I’m just worried about the frame and ability to stay healthy with the foot 🦶 issues like Rik Smits. But at 17, gimme Bol if he’s the BPA.
  7. We shouldn’t get rid of picks until the draft. As the draft approaches the picks become more valuable. GM’s get caught up in the hype as we do so the stock only goes up.
  8. Lol Braaaaaad with nothing to say yet wants to try anyways. C- for effort. I kid Jamal but don’t pretend you aren’t watching ...
  9. I’m not a Bol guy but after getting Cam and Clarke I’d take a shot at Bol with the 17th pick. At that point I’d take a swing and a risk.
  10. Hey bro 👋.. Ur Scrubs got FUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! 🤣 👏 #meant2be #yessir #byeayesha Raptors! Raptors! Raptors! 🦖
  11. 🤔 I’m with Peo Love offers absolutely nothing but a contract. A fat ☝🏾 at that. Easy pass.
  12. Hershel Walker haul. Again I’d hate to be the Vikings in any sport where you bank on one dude. It might pay off but it’s a huge gamble indeed. WHAT UP @Wretch I love how everyone is back I missed you all! 😊
  13. He gets paid and does a mediocre job in DC. That’s my bet. Ps If Masai takes over DC before the draft. Sekou is gone at 9, just saying.
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