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  1. So I assume you are @kg01‘s BIL? Its nice to meet you, we’ve ah, we’ve heard a lot about you. Well, welcome, come inside take a look around and let me know if @JayBirdHawk can get you some coffee or another beverage.
  2. I thought we’d game games 1 and 3 on Friday and Sunday but we took out Ryu and jacked up his sparkling era! As they say, 2/3 ain’t bad. 😊 Sorry about that marathon game you guys lost like 15-14...I watched a lot of it then got tired 😴
  3. Can somebody name 8 teams in the east that are better than us...sure the first 4 or 5 are easy but 8?... We might be a default playoff team because the east still sucks a bit.
  4. Reddish's win in the best career category may be the most surprising given Williamson's prestige. He averaged 13.5 points on 35.6 percent shooting last year and was considered a top-three pick for much of the pre-draft season before falling to No. 8. They said he fell to 8, it was 10. Comon BR get it together baby! Damn.
  5. Our boy Cam gets best career overall! YE YE! 😊 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2850238-nba-rookie-survey-2019-zion-williamson-to-win-roy-lebron-wins-favorite-player
  6. My boy working on a deal with the Wiz! I understand we don’t have much use for him but I would have enjoyed him as a 12th man. You can’t deny the fact that the guy comes in and goes 100! ✊🏾 Plus he’s a Virginia Cav! Hunter might have appreciated some college fam. https://clutchpoints.com/wizards-news-washington-justin-anderson-negotiating-training-camp-contract/
  7. 🤣 same. First it said, Lakers SERIOUSLY interested in Dwight Howard. a couple days later.. Lakers and Dwight have mutual interest... 😐 Jeanie Buss needs a new shirt 👚: Do you even tamper bro?
  8. 😆 ❤️ it. If he understands his role and accepts it, he is going to get about 82 oops 😬 upside ur heads a season from Trae alone. I wonder if our player development dudes just salivate at the potential of physically imposing guys like Damian and Hunter. Ps Again I just want to say again that Len’s shooting if much smoother specially from those corners but Damian almost brings everything Len doesn’t so they complement each other well. We have a good problem in Atlanta.
  9. Not to be mistaken with the original Ukrainian Vitaly Potapenko! Yeaaahhh baby!
  10. Hmmm 🤔 that’s where you lost me. Max is a household name and so is Greinke. Why does Max get a pass here in ur column? Seems like a little Nats bias comes into play.
  11. If you are going to say this then you can’t discount Greinke either imo.
  12. @hazer is capitalizing on this Clipps name thing like BR did with game of zones! 😂 love it!
  13. Did this come from the Charlie’s angels 👼 collection? This thing is beautiful.