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  1. If people can get healthy that team is coming along really nicely, @pimp! (He was the next guy in my queue. When Lucas was on the clock, it was going to be Fox if he wasn't picked then Porzingis if I was convinced he would be healthy. Saw he was practicing at the end of last season which seems pretty promising.)
  2. Bird is in now. She won't be doing the write-ups but will continue making the picks. Yeah, I was actually working on a write-up for Ja earlier this morning when you were deliberating figuring that Fox would be gone but Morant would be there and his upside was almost identical to Fox. Not sure about the age thing, though. They are only 1.5 years apart! Fox and Tatum are close enough that they could plan a sweet 22 birthday trip together early next year. I like the Ja pick for you but couldn't have passed on Fox for either of us. Fox definitely fits my team better, though, since his growing pains are already out of the way.
  3. When we made our last pick of LeBron James, there was one player we almost took that we figured would be gone by the time our next pick rolled around. We made a contingency board with 6 other names on it and say there would be good value still with guys like Dramond Green, Ja Morant, Victor Oladipo and others on the list. But sometimes it pays to be lucky. Sometimes you sit there poker faced and try not to smile as that targeted player falls on the board. All you can do is try not to break as you wait for those last picks to come in and then just raise an eyebrow as you find that special player still on the board. Only when the last pick has come in and you are free to pull the trigger do you truly get to rejoice that your young stud is coming on board. This young man could be described as Ja Morant -- after Ja is actually a proven breakout star in the NBA. In his age 21 season last year, he put up 17.3 points, 7.3 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game while showing major improvement in his 3pt shot - increasing both in volume to roughly 3 attempts per game and percentage to over 37% from range. He had the 4th most assists in the league and got after it on D finishing 6th in the league in steals. He has an elite vertical and may be the league fasted player but looks to set up his teammates first, unlike some guards with similar athleticism like Russell Westbrook. Best of all, he is well known for his ferocious work ethic and team focus which we think will translate nicely given the all-world wings he has to work with. With the 34th pick of the draft, the U-NJiques are thrilled to select: De'Aaron Fox (While this is a highlight reel worth watching, we are especially in love with play #2 on that list.) Ashley and I are very confident the best is yet to come for De'Aaron Fox. U-Niques PG: De'Aaron Fox SG: James Harden SF: LeBron James C.: Rody Gobert @pimpis on the board
  4. @JayBirdHawk is in to run the team going forward as neither @Nicholasp27 nor @Diesel have shown up to claim their team yet. So I'm editing the list to reflect that she will be making the picks and she will have the normal full time for the next one. (She has made 3 of the 4 picks so far). Either Lethal or I will be doing the write-ups for the picks.
  5. Team In Absentia sees a big value sitting on the board but unlike Klay Thompson who carries the big injury red flag after just hurting himself, this stud coming off his age 26 season will be fully rehabbed and ready to go for the 2019-20 season. With elite athleticism, rebounding, and passing skills he is a true multiple tool talent. How many other players have averaged more than 23 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals per game in a season? Here is the list: Michael Jordan Steph Curry Larry Bird James Harden Dwyane Wade LeBron James Russell Westbrook David Robinson Julius Erving Clyde Drexler Rick Barry Hakeem Olajuwon Chris Mullin Paul George Lou Hudson Notice anything about that list? Every single player (other than PG) is in the HOF. Ms. Bird sees the same upside for TIA's 4th pick who put up a nice 23.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and 2.4 steals per game in 2017-18 (and actually increased the rebounding and assists to 5.6 and 5.2 respectively before getting injured last year): Victor Oladipo Like many of the players on this list, Oladipo also comes with an impressive 6'9'' wingspan which translates into a killer tool for him on the defensive end of the court. Time to make room for Oladipo in TIA! @LucastheThird is on the clock
  6. Your posting privileges are going to be put on hold if you don't make that pick, Spud! 🤣
  7. It's why I'm higher on AD than Towns. I'll take injury risk in exchange for an impact player on both ends.
  8. I think Crabbe has value to our team next year with the deficit of proven shooting on our second team. So if I'm Schlenk, he really have to give back before I'd consider cutting. Both Crabbe and Parsons represent key pieces in hypothetical trades for stars as well so you don't let them walk for $1M in savings or something. Unlike when we let Crawford go, we are actually closing in on and perhaps stepping into the competitive phase of Schlenk's build. We've got the picks to do a big trade if we want. You need to have salary to go with it.
  9. Yeah, I think there is a very good chance his team can't win big with him as the alpha but wouldn't totally rule it out due to age -- some guys need to be a little older than he is before they commit to being defenders. He can definitely be a key part of a winning team but if the clear #1....then I'm not confident in where that team is going. I suspect that MIN is all-in with him as the alpha because they know they won't land any game changing FAs and they aren't going to get anyone better than him under any foreseeable path forward. If he wants to be more than Love 2.0, he needs to step it up on defense big time. At least his tools there are better than Love's but we've not seen the dedication on that end of the floor.
  10. Woj just reported that Spud is down to 2.6 players. Leaning towards the 0.6 but the war room is still going at it.
  11. You take Towns over Wiggins every day of the week. Towns does some things really, really well -- including scoring and rebounding. I compared him with Love like a week ago so I can't say that is offbase but I also think that there is still legit upside with him. He was 23 last season - same age as 2019 lottery pick Cameron Johnson. With Wiggins I think you know exactly what you are getting and he doesn't do anything particularly well. He volume scores but doesn't do it efficiently so you don't even get value from that. Beyond that? He is poor to mediocre at everything else. Wiggins is going to be a cap clogging liability for a championship contender. Towns could fit easily as a second or third best player on a contender.
  12. Should have been Shaq and then LBJ, IMO. First one was one of the closest MVP votes ever (and Nash had a more legit case although imo he won more because of how much fun the Suns were than him being the actual best overall player in the league). Second one was just an injustice as LBJ's season owns Nash's in 2005-06.
  13. This was actually a really tough pick. There are a bunch of young studs that I think would be great choices here. But there is only one MVP level talent who in an injury wrecked season still put up a 25.6 PER, .179 WS/48, 8.1 BPM, and 4.9 VORP. In this down season, he averaged 27.4 points on .588% TS% to go with 8.5 rebounds and 8.3 assists. A nice 2 steals / blocks thrown in as well. And there is only one reason you play this game...to bring home the championship trophy. While he is the ripe old age of 34, we think he'll still be a difference maker for the foreseeable future. And with Harden and Gobert already in place, adding a super versatile player who can still pretty much do whatever he wants to do is a no-brainer with our championship aspirations. With the 28th pick, the U-Niques select: LeBron James We think there will be someone we really want on the next pick and that our team will be much stronger for grabbing LBJ now. Welcome to the squad, Mr. James! U-Niques James Harden LeBron James Rody Gobert @LucastheThird is up @Nicholasp27 @Diesel please show up with your next pick after Lucas! ( @JayBirdHawk please PM me some ideas if you are still willing to put up with us)
  14. I’ll be on to make my pick in roughly 30 minutes. Sorry - just saw and have to get the family out the door right now.