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  1. Jalen and OO have played a lot of JJ's minutes together.
  2. This is why I really wanted to see an extended period with him starting. Career to date, he is playing against bench players a lot of the time and we can "hide" him by using CC for a lot of the minutes against the biggest centers. I wanted to see how the numbers would sustain with him playing against opposing starters for the majority of his minutes every game. There is no doubt we have been much better with him on the floor but I'm not 100% convinced that what we've seen would translate into a starter role. Would have been nice to see. Unfortunately, injury risk is part of the package with him.
  3. We'd have to be the one adding picks to trade DJM for that return. Which might be fine. I agree with you that you need to get an elite talent back if you are giving up Trae and neither Ingram nor Dyson are in that conversation. Just don't see many contenders that don't have at least one HOF type player. Feel like a trade like this would ensure we won't have a HOF player at any time which means we won't be contending either. One positive about this trade idea, though, is that if we are getting unprotected picks back then there is at least the chance that NOP could go off the rails since Zion is a constant health risk. At least I could envision a scenario where a pick in the next year or two ends up being high impact unlike teams like the Knicks who I think are absolute locks to not be in the lotteyr for a while.
  4. This is where I really hate OO's recent injury. Wanted to see him start the rest of the year and see how that went.
  5. The challenge with it is identifying the players that will really pop. Lots of guys who look like they have potentially to be very good NBA players but only a fraction actually will get there. Which ones?
  6. We still have yet to see an on the court return for trades of Huerter and JC. I guess we could add another player to that mix as well. Maybe we could actually have the player drafted from the Huerter trade join the rotation in the next year or two so a mere 3-4 year delay!
  7. Orlando without Banchero is a pretty bad offense but it was still a good game from the team. I want to see it against better offenses and some degree of consistency.
  8. I'm super late on this but thought it was freaking hilarious.
  9. Is that a sign that Gueye may be getting close to playing?
  10. All the more reason to play the young guys and let the chips fall where they may. No one is trading anything of value for our bench veterans. The only place to build value is with our good players and our young players.
  11. When he has been healthy, he has been having the best season of his career.
  12. How the offense performs when Trae sits has been one of the disappointments I’ve had with DJM. He has had some good games but the team has had many more bad minutes when Trae sits down than good ones. Obviously his defense at the off guard is the other big issue as far as playing with another point. The great thing has been he has been so much more efficient as a scorer in Atlanta than in SA. I’m sure some of that is the quality of shot improvement given that the defense is more keyed to stop Trae than him but I think it is also a skill improvement on his end. I was worried his ts% might be garbage but that hasn’t ended up being the case at all.
  13. KB "owns" his avatar today. You are the only one brandishing an AHF selected avatar. But the memories are still there.
  14. Agree to disagree. Murray never made the playoffs as a starter (let alone the best guy on his team) before coming to Atlanta. As a SA starter, he had 3 consecutive years of lottery finishes. He needs to be the #3 guy on a team with a strong Batman and Robin ahead of him. We all hoped that could be here but he also clearly needs to be a PG on that team.
  15. I'm not one who says he should always be coming off the bench but fully agree he has been great. A lot of starters would put up better numbers against backups but it doesn't mean it is best for the team in the long run. At least with our current roster construction, I think a healthy Hunter still needs to be our starter / closer. Maybe he plays more minutes in bench lineups to tap into this if he can sustain this dominance. (The 50% 3pt% seems unsustainable for anyone.)
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