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  1. I just think Trae is always going to be an edge case if the Hawks aren't making respectable playoff runs. If the Hawks hadn't gone 2-5 in their 7 games leading up to the selection and had instead gone 4-3 so they were 15-15 and tied for the 5th seed when the selection was made instead of 13-17 and 10th in the East I bet he makes it. If the Hawks become a perennial playoff team (even if not a true contender), I think Trae will be a perennial All-Star. IMO, it will be a rare year where he doesn't deserve to make the list but he won't actually get the traction he wants until the Hawks are
  2. AHF


    We've had guys we took on knowing they were bad players on bad contracts. Gallo has been outstanding the last several years and he was signed to add value. One of these things is not like the others.... Different situation from guys like Chandler Parsons but until Gallo returns to his normal self I'm with bleach about not playing him down the stretch and just limiting him in general (or sitting him if that is what we need to do to get him right).
  3. AHF


    If the goal was to take a late shot, then you really don't need Gallo's offense on the floor because Trae is going to create. If the goal is to take a shot with time on the clock, you need defense on the floor. Gallo / Solo D =
  4. I think some people are saying "All-Star Starter" like that means he would have been selected last season. All-Star Starter means the fans voted for you. I don't think Trae would have gotten in last year and would have been sidelined with Beal under the label "big numbers on bad teams." I do think Trae bringing the team to the playoffs and giving a respectable performance will earn him more respect, especially in things like All-Star selections. Teams that are viewed as playoff teams get the edge in playoff selections. Trae getting passed on tells me the selectors don't think
  5. I think we all want to make sure he isn't a one-and-done but I'd tell you that it wasn't a single year for Thomas. He was excellent from age 24-27. After he got hurt, he has never been the same again. I'm hoping Hunter has a longer career ahead of him but IT wasn't a one and done player. Age 24-27 he was 20.5 - 26.5 PER every year, .149 - .211 WS/48, combined >.580% TS%, etc. That is very good and a pretty significant sample size ( playing 297 games out of a possible 328).
  6. Trae needs to get this team into the playoffs and then he will get the benefit of the doubt. He has the opposite of that today - they go against him when it is remotely arguable. Really hate that he missed some good shots and some bad shots down the stretch as we had that terrible loss last night. Reinforces the bias against him (while every bad Boston loss does nothing to take the shine off any Celtic).
  7. AHF


    It is indefensible to pull CC under the circumstances last night. I’ve said LP has been sinking this season. TS has to think very hard about making a change over the AS break.
  8. That CC for Gallo sub was terrible for both ends of the floor. Capela was half our offense down the stretch and our interior defense.
  9. M***** f*****. Unopposed dunk.
  10. Ooh. Timeout. Nvm Steak was clutch. Can’t waste it.
  11. That looked a lot like an extension of what he has done the last few years. Since he returned, he hasn't been the same player as he started the season or how he has played the last couple years. Makes me feel pretty good about a rebound for him if he can get back to full health (or whatever state he was at last season given that full health is probably too much to hope for with him).
  12. Given that last year was his rookie season, he just hasn't had the time to show that. You should expect some real positive strides from where you start as a rookie and where you end your third year. He was doing everything he could do to show that for this year. He can't show it season to season except with time.
  13. Was going to post exactly this. Respect comes with winning in the playoffs. Right or wrong, that is the way of it.