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  1. Right now the only guys who matter Forn development are Trae, Cam, Hunter and Bruno. That is manageable.
  2. Given the way the season has gone, I would be looking for another lottery pick as GM. Any moves I made would be for a better environment for developing our young talent — not about winning more games this year.
  3. Golden State's mantra for this season.
  4. Paschall is also getting more production per minute. Paschall: 16.4 PER, 19.3 PP36 on .606% TS%, WS/48 0.086 Fernando: 12.8 PER, 13.4 PP36 on .584% TS%, WS/48 0.040 I would also like to see Bruno getting more time, especially on nights where Jones and Len struggle (which has been most nights for one or both of them). Bear in mind that Paschall is another 23 year old so this is not shocking that he is more NBA ready than most of the rookies in this class.
  5. "Get to", "Are forced to"....tomato, tomahto.
  6. Truth, This injury is a much bigger setback than merely 4-5 weeks.
  7. There is no fixing the current state of the team. The future state with JC, Kevin, Crabbe, VC, Turner, etc. all back is mmmuuuuuch more competitive. I don't think that team is a playoff squad or winning roster for 2019-20 but they aren't demoralizing. We need to get people back.
  8. Development is the name of the game for this season. After watching the play, 4-5 weeks doesn't surprise me at all. Get well soon, Kev!
  9. He is clearly more than a scrub. He is more versatile than a mere rim runner although he can do this. I don't think he'll be big enough to be a true bruiser but he should fill out to be able to hold his own. He is a potential stretch 4/5, although not in the "all I do is shoot 3's" mold of some stretch guys. Not comparable to big game as a fast break monster. I think he is going to be a solid rotation guy who has the potential to be a starter (solid odds here) or a borderline AS ala Brad Miller (ceiling). Hope I'm underestimating him but he has had a nice rookie season so far for a 2nd rounder who will benefit a lot from development.
  10. Jay's point is more that this is a very tough time of year to trade for value. Criticizing the summer is clean right now there may be no good deal out there. Can't criticize a GM for not doing a good deal now if there isn't one to be had.
  11. I'm not caught up in +/- on a game to game basis. You need a pretty big sample size to make that number relevant and it has to be taken in the context of the team rotations (who is on the floor with you and against you).
  12. And if they were willing to shoot those shots then the % would be higher. But they pass on a lot of them because they are legitimately bad at shooting from deep.
  13. Seems like this is directly caused by the number of bad shooters on our roster.
  14. Huert looked like he was finally rounding into shape those last couple games. If he played like that going forward, it would have been really big for this team. Instead, you are now left with broken shot Turner; wild and broken shot Bembry; broken shot rookie Reddish; a-good-3pt-shot-is-all-I-do Crabbe; broken Parsons; non-playmaker and struggling (of late offensively) Hunter as your choices for wings. There is depth that might be good on a given night but not much in the way of consistent, quality depth. Most of those guys can vascilate between productive, efficient offense one night and borderline unplayable garbage the next night.