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  1. Making Jrue the PG and having Trae do less passing is a bad approach, imo. Trae being a secondary playmaker is not the way to go. (To be clear, Trae is a markedly better passer.) I also see Trae's man going inside anytime he is on them if they are the opposing team's SG and standing 6'' taller than Trae. Like if we played against ourselves with that approach, Cam Reddish2.0 would be looking to abuse Trae inside and force a double team basically every trip down the floor if Jrue was marking Trae2.0. I just don't see that working in anything other than very limited stretches as a change-up to the normal flow.
  2. Bear in mind some of these guys are more trade candidates than FA signing. For example, Embiid is under contract for 3 more years and Booker for 4. Those guys won't be picking their home anytime soon. Their teams, however, might run into financial trouble or decide to hit the reset button. In that case, Minnesota needs to outbid Atlanta (and/or others) if they want to make that acquisition.
  3. Did someone say Chuck Hayes?
  4. AHF

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Agree that a "no Euro" or other foreign local would be a sign a rotten approach to the draft. That said, I can understand certain "biases" or "risk tolerance" or views on how other GMs tap into geographic regions (i.e., if you believe that other GMs are putting too much or too little emphasis on certain regions that would affect your view of that would lead to a GM weighting talent in different markets differently (due to developmental systems, level of competition, amount of available tape, etc.). That could result in some GMs ending up with more or fewer players from a particular region. It may be that TS feels like he can get a better read of NCAA talent given his knowledge about the level of competition, etc. Or maybe he just wanted Trae and a pick over Luka.
  5. I don't think I can edit any poll without wiping out the results and effectively restarting it so I'd say to just start a new thread if you'd like to break them out and then let me know if you want this one closed.
  6. AHF

    Clint Capela

    MVP is even 1/333? Shocked that isn’t 0%. Edit: (Fixed the fraction where I was low balling their chance for Capela)
  7. AHF

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    All the prospects come with blemishes this year. It is one of the tougher drafts to evaluate. Glad we've got a GM who has had a good track record with his top 20 picks!
  8. AHF


    Hopefully it won't go further than those 3 but once a crack forms in that screening armor, the nature of the game means a very high risk of spreading the disease. This is why the NBA isn't insisting people play. I don't have any problem with anyone comfortable with that risk given their personal risk profile and circumstances but likewise can't fault anyone who can't get comfortable.
  9. Just a limited time frame in which to vote and based on the way the poll was set up you can’t view unless you vote.
  10. AHF


    Official evidence that the fringe right and the fringe left basically circle around and meet in the middle together.
  11. Let's rock the vote here people. Make your voice heard for that all-important #21 pick!
  12. AHF


    I give up. Just go do some reading.
  13. AHF


    It can also be purely due to incorrect administration of the test or problem with the equipment, etc. in which case it will be negative no matter what the other circumstances are. The point is that a negative test is not a risk free situation but the testing will absolutely help to creat a much lower risk environment.
  14. I think he was very clear he was suggesting that Huerter is a tough fit with Trae defensively and that the notion the Hawks should not be eager to deal him but should consider trades was based on Huerter’s physical tools and potential future development and not based on his injured last season.