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  1. Here is my top 10: Giannis LeBron Durant Kawhi Curry Embiid Trae Jokic Luka Harden CP3 is the next one in.
  2. We could do worse than Dedmon. Did we ever hear why he was out for so much of this season? Seemed like a lot of teams could use him when Damian Jones was playing pretty regularly while DD was out.
  3. Why do you guys think the offense cratered so badly when Trae was off the floor? (Don't mistake my tone here - this is an open question not intended as a "come on" response.) I would get it if we went from an elite offense to a more average one with him off. But for most of the last 3 years we have gone from one of the very best to one of the very worst. It seemed like that dynamic was in play this season when we averaged 122 points per 48 minutes with Trae on the floor and then fell 12.8 points when he stepped off. Seemed to get much better once we traded Rondo for Lou and there were plenty of games where Rondo wasn't available before then for Huerter and Bogi to run things. I expect we will fall off some without Trae because he is an MVP talent but I don't see us as being adequate right now without him and that is why I still prioritize backup PG.
  4. AHF

    Is This Sexist??

    The main line of sexism I see in sports reporting is that a man can be a non-athlete and ugly and even have bad takes and still get a job. Women almost uniformly need to be beautiful. Like if you were recruiting a sports commentator from the Cheers cast, you could absolutely have Sam or Woody as a good looking ex-jock who doesn't bring a lot of intelligence or insight but know the game and have some good war stories from time to time. You could have Diane or Rebecca as beautiful commentators who know their stuff and hold their own in a "boy's game" (I'd put the women above in this category). All that is easy. On top of that, you could have schlubs like Cliff in the booth as long as he just came up with an enthusiastic catch phrase and you could absolutely have Norm giving his bar stool opinions. But you could not have Carla in the conversation even though there is a good case she is smarter and tougher than both of them put together. And that is purely about sex and looks.
  5. AHF


    I take the per minute for last season with a grain of salt considering he played against backups on other teams. What makes me sadder for him is that his attitude hurt his impact on the floor so that teams were happy to get rid of him and he ended up relegated to his current role. Part of that is interpersonal issues but part of it is also on the floor. He had the athleticism to play the PNP the right way, but never wanted to leave the paint so he became a defensive liability for key types of action at far too young an age.
  6. Yes - the Hawks should have interest. I think they have shown they don't trust Bruno so a situational / flawed player like these guys could be a good fit if we can afford them. In practice, I suspect we'll have tough choices to make around where we spend our money between backup C and backup PG.
  7. No need for you to apologize. Just take the # of choices people can make in each tier and multiply the % by that and it will be close to the % of votes in that tier. So LeBron's 20% x 5 choices in tier 1 = 100% who selected LeBron as a top 5 player. To get the total who voted in multiple tiers take the total votes for a player in those tiers and the total # of people who voted and that gets you the %. So 5 people voted for Dame in the 1-5 and 6-10 tiers and a total of 7 people voted so 5/7 = 71% of people who rated Dame as top 10. Etc. Just takes a little work but isn't terribly complicated.
  8. The match gets fuzzy but I think 7 people have voted and all 7 voted for him in the top 15. 1 in the top 5, 4 in the top 10 and 2 in the top 15. The reason it is confusing is that you can vote for 5 people per tier so if you were voting on top 5 players and you were the first person to vote and you voted for LeBron and 4 others then it would show up as 20% for LeBron since 5 votes were cast in that tier and 1 was for him despite the fact that 100% of people voted for LeBron.
  9. I'd say it is actually a pretty big difference. One is efficient scoring while the other is not. Trae's efg% on 3pt shots was 51% efg% vs 57% efg% at 38%. His TS% ignoring threes was over 62% but comes down to 58.9% with them. While Trae hasn't shot 31% in a season he did shoot 31% in the playoffs this year. Trae really needs to get to that three ball to 38% range season in and season out If he stays at 34%, that just isn't good enough. He can do that through improved shot selection, improved mechanics, new screen plays, etc. but I think it needs to happen.
  10. Embiid needs to be in the top 10 discussion. Simmons, Butler and Mitchel do not. Butler and Mitchell should be in the top 20, though. Simmons should not.
  11. The whole idea of a pyramid is completely arbitrary and is part of the reason for why this list stinks. Here is how I would put these names (in no particular order within tiers): Tier 1 - Giannis / LeBron Tier 2 - Durant / Kawhi / Curry Tier 3 - Embiid / Trae / Jokic / Luka / CP3 / Harden Tier 4 - AD / Dame / Mitchell / Tatum Tier 5 - Kyrie / Beal / Butler Tier 6 - Zion / Ja / PG13 / Booker / KAT Tier 7 - Middleton / Rudy / Jrue / Murray Tier 8 - Bam / Sabonis / Brown Tier 9 - Simmons / Capela / CJ / LaVine / Ingram / Grant
  12. AHF


    I'm perfectly good with neither.
  13. Gallo just finished his age 32 season and does his damage with skill and craft rather than athleticism. The two seasons prior to this one he averaged 19 and 20 ppg. I've got no worries about him in the near term. But we should look at him as being on a 1-2 year contract with either a buyout or expiration of his contract. The other thing is there is value in his contract expiring as it dovetails nicely with young players getting big raises.
  14. I think you are getting pushback more because there just really isn't a good match between Minnesota's assets and a possible trade for Gallo. The guys that are available are not worth Gallo while the other guys are too good for Gallo. Seems like a dead end but I'd expect TS to have the conversation and explore 3 party deals that make sense, etc. That really has nothing to do with you passing along intel that others are interested in our guys.
  15. AHF


    Dwight has had problems in a lot of locations other than where he has played with Dennis. I don't think a fan base has been sorry to see him go since he won his last ring in Miami. That is fair. I don't remember much drama with him in Philly in particular. I do, however, have a hard time seeing him being ok with being a third option. He was the clear backup in Philly and the (very real) possibility of him not getting minutes in a given game where Cap or OO are playing really well seems like a high risk to spark resentment for him.