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  1. Plus / minus is a highly contextual number. A single game also means nothing. It seems obvious to me that we are largely comparing +/- of a rebuilding lottery team against playoff rosters with much deeper talent pools. That doesn't translate well as a proxy for a direct comparison of Trae's style versus "traditional" point guards without accounting for that context.
  2. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Unfortunately, we left that season still never having won a game past the second round in the Hawks' time in Atlanta. I don't think your view on the team is unfair. I do question whether Ferry could have put anything together that could have beat LeBron. But I know I would much rather have seen his attempt at it than what we watched from Budcox. Ferry let guys walk rather than overpay - he wouldn't have re-upped Baze at that price. He traded guys who were going to get overpaid to get some value - I think he would have dealt Horford and/or Sap. Now would that have been enough to beat LeBron? Probably not but would have been more interesting. By the time Budcox walked away, the team was a shell of where it was under Ferry. An overpaid roster of mediocre players facing the decision to show creativity and resourcefulness that Budcox never showed, absolutely miss the playoffs by allowing some of the overpaid players to walk or being forced to pay through the nose to bring back the vets (here the key vets were Dennis, THJr and Sap).
  3. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Your definition of "competitive" is what you said above. You can complain about them not winning just like someone could have done that with Bud but you will need to acknowledge them as being competitive regardless of record...if they try to win and make moves with winning in mind.
  4. AHF

    Ask Supes

    I think your goal will be met next year. We don't even need to wait and see if they win any. As long as they try and make some moves with winning in mind, the definition will be met.
  5. I don't think everything he does is terrible and I do acknowledge he has faced a roster with limitations this year that left him choosing between only bad options....but I agree he has plenty of improving to come if he is going to be a good coach. Some of the rotation decisions make no sense even with the players who have disappointed and the ones who have been missing. So I'm not going to stump for LP for life or anything but I would like to see him with a more competent roster before making a call to boot him as well. This could happen still this season if we make an upgrade at C and don't lose key players for an extended period of time.
  6. I don't want to see Bembry again unless we are trapping like that. It reversed his constant damaging of the team today into a real asset. Put him in a position to succeed and don't keep giving him responsibilities where he will fail (i.e., half-court offense, running the offense, etc.)
  7. AHF

    Ask Supes

    How do you define "competitive"? Just want to make sure I understand how Bud's theoretical 2017-18 team (i.e., the team he would have had after the actual 2016-17 season if we stuck with him as President and kept trying to make the playoffs) that we both agree very likely would have been in the lottery and the next two years Hawks teams will either meet or not meet this definition.
  8. AHF

    Ask Supes

    He counts the first year the team stopped winning - not the first year they reaped the results of that not winning. I think he is fair to count this as year 3 as the price to pay for tearing down is a horrible first year. So this is year 3 of the losing by design and year 2 of adding players from that design.
  9. AHF

    Ask Supes

    So under your alternate reality, it is still Bud running the show without Al Horford coming into 2017-18. And likely missing the playoffs and picking around #13 without any real success in the draft to go on instead of getting Trae. I agree with you that Bud is an excellent coach but disagree if you think Giannis isn't the engine behind Milwaukee's success. He was on the path to superstardom before Bud arrived. Bud has done a good job there but has yet to actually get close to a title. This could be the year for the two of them. Not even Pops has won a title (or even made the finals) without his "tank you very much" MVP. That wasn't happening with him running the Hawks trying to compete with the remains of the 2016-17 roster which was constituted under his watch as President of Basketball Operations.
  10. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Like those Chicago Bulls. 34 wins, 28 wins, 27 wins. Drafted MJ. They then put up losing records for 3 more seasons, drafting Oakley (flipped for Bill Carwright), Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. I'm pretty certain it begat more losing until the end of time.
  11. AHF

    Ask Supes

    First, that is conjecture. Al may have bolted anyway. He was already talking to IT and other Celtics about joining mid-season in 2015-16. But let's grant you that. And....where does that get you? Ressler owned the team. He and Budcox worked together and made those calls. Are you now arguing that if Bud had bought the team that we would be in a different place and that him being owner of this team is remotely realistic? If Bud couldn't control Ressler's bad impulses then what changes in your "look-back" machine to get Al to stay? Is it that Bud is somehow able to convince both Al and Ressler to walk a different path if Doc Brown shows up? I don't get this at all. I get the notion that the team would have looked very different if TS wasn't hired and Bud stayed. But for Horford nothing changes! Bud is still the President. Ressler is still the owner. Horford still walks.
  12. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Bud may have wanted Al back but Al didn't come back. We were talking about the merits of TS's approach to team building and the theoretical alternate realities where the team decided not to hire TS and to keep competing instead of tearing down. There is no alternate reality here where TS's presence prevented the team from bringing back Al and so the removal of that presence allows Bud to retain Horford. Bud was the President of Basketball Operations when Horford left. Whatever authority he had at that time was as much as he was going to get and so if that arrangement didn't work to allow him to keep Horford, there was no alternate reality where "but for" TS Bud is able to keep Horford and this team becomes a contender.
  13. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Schlenk clearly steered this ship toward a losing record this year, projecting 30 wins if things went right. Then Kev was hurt, JC was suspended and the vets underperformed (which he already acknowledged screwing up). He reportedly is now looking to acquire more "win now" talent to finish the year on "more winning" trend heading into next season with a roster more focused on winning. So the big "will they actually compete for the playoffs if Schlenk's plan is supposed to work?" moment for TS is next season.
  14. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Word it however you want - there is no case to be made that Bud "would have" brought Al back because Bud was there and Al walked. They weren't able to stop him from walking if you like that phrasing better. My point is that with Budcox at the helm and running the team toward maximum wins, they sailed that ship into the 2016-17 season without Horford.
  15. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Cleveland was missing Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert and Anderson Varejao during that series so we weren't the only team missing major pieces.