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  1. That's right. Started 23 of 82 last year and started 26 of 69 this year. Obviously, started all 14 in the playoffs.
  2. AHF

    Ask Supes

    Agreed. His only option is to make it untenable for them to keep him around. It isn't like Anthony Davis where he could walk sooner.
  3. Not sure where his price point would be or how willing he would be to come off the bench. My read is that he signed that last deal hoping to win some big games and get one more big contract which would probably come with an expectation to start for a team like ours. Not sure if he would be willing to continue on in his role with the Lakers this year for a team that didn't have a lot of wins last year. He can definitely add value on defense and seems to have shot better in a more limited offensive role.
  4. AHF

    Ask Supes

    That is like a sign of the apocalypse for a basketball player where you are hanging out with reality TV (insert nicer word than initially comes to mind)s rather than spending key time with your teammates for the first time in months.
  5. AHF

    Resigning Teague?

    I think we could do better but we have done worse recently too. I mostly don’t want him back on more than a one year deal. I don’t mind overpaying for that one year but I see him on a pretty significant decline.
  6. Green had 8 solid seasons as a 3&D wing on some really good teams. You could do a lot worse in this draft if you knew you could lock on that level of rotation player. Definitely never even approximating a star but easy to incorporate into a highly functioning team and rotation.
  7. AHF

    Clint Capela

    Yes on how much we need verbal communication on defense!
  8. Another 6 or so games and he can probably call it a season.
  9. Can’t argue that. He seems to have gone over the hill and fallen off the other side this season. This team is Anthony Davis, LeBron James and duct tape trying to hold the rest together.
  10. I don’t need a quote just give me an article about how Bazemore hated playing for Pierce (and it was about him and not the rebuild). There are lots of articles saying that certain players and coaches hated each other or don’t respect each other, etc.
  11. Would definitely be on the phone if this is the case. Dealing Embiid to make the roster "D'Antoni Friendly" would not be smart but I'm not a huge Simmons believer.
  12. Who has ever said they didn't want to play for him? Garbage like Evan Turner turned out to be garbage.
  13. Maybe they disliked playing for him but I would guess not nearly as much as Atlanta fans disliked watching their worthless, overpaid selves lay eggs and collect their checks from the sidelines.
  14. I wanted Reddish, Sekou and then one of the big men at #17. Did not want any of them at 8 or 10. You have definitely been his biggest fan on the site so I really hope you are proven right on him being our best draftee from the class (because I think Hunter has a real nice floor and Cam is special so if Bruno ends up better then all aboard the northcyde express)