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  1. He was overrated into being an All-Star last year. He was definitely not worthy of making the team over Trae last year. Here are my big picture thoughts as of now: Simmons isn't a good comparison to Josh Smith. His BBIQ is good; Josh's IQ issues were taking terrible shots and Simmons doesn't do that. Simmons absolutely got scared in the playoffs last year. Not taking a single 4th quarter shot in 5 of the 7 games against us and shooting 33% from the line is all about how he was mentally taken out of the game. Passing up the dunk was a single play but it was emblematic of a big problem for Philly in the series against us. Philly bent over backwards to try to make it work with Simmons. They wanted him to play inside more because they thought the team would be more successful but let him be the primary ballhandler to suit his ego. I think there was resentment against him by the end of the Atlanta series when he got scared because it meant that he both wasn't playing the role they would want him to play in a white room and he was undermining the team by being unwilling to shoot in the PG role. Doc let that frustration boil out in the press conference which is inexcusable for a coach. Embiid showed some of it as well but that is not all that unusual or that big a deal, imo. Simmons made 3&4 much bigger deals by cutting off communications with the team over the summer and making it known he wanted out. This magnified the story of his struggles about 100 fold. Coaches and players sniping at eachother is nothing new and is usually good for about a single news cycle as long as everyone gets back on track. When Simmons decided to draw a line in the sand and not talk to anyone, it made it the story of the summer and fall in the NBA. MacDaddy nailed it. Simmons is a very good player. Not a great one. Definitely not a terrible one. But he is not the easiest player to build around and he has shown a hugely toxic ego since the end of the season in taking his ball and going home. It has to be cratering his trade value. Someone is going to get a bargain but that team really shouldn't be the Hawks.
  2. The Suns / Ayton issues can be smoothed over but sounds like that was a pretty rough go of it. Sounds like that supposed 4 year max offer was never made.
  3. Hope I don't hear you celebrating how you believed in him if he starts cooking like he did in the playoffs. The kid has played a career 84 regular season games in his entire career and was 21 years old when he last played. Of course he needs more time.
  4. Your point about Dre's health being a reason for concern is a good one for discussion. TLC is maybe a canary in the well on that but I think we are all going to be watching this very closely when the season starts.
  5. Trae definitely has a higher impact than Booker and it isn't close, imo. To throw out a few quantifiable metrics: Trae v Booker Career WS/48: .116 v .078 Career High WS/48: .163 v .143 Career PER: 21.0 v 17.4 Career High PER: 23.6 v 20.6 Career BPM: 2.2 v -0.1 VORP/season: 2.3 v 1.07 None of those are particularly close.
  6. Sounds like Ben is showing he is just not a professional and is so hurt feelings that he can't get over himself enough to just play some ball until he gets traded. Makes Harden's half-a--ed approach with Houston look like peak professional behavior.
  7. LMAO. I have not idea where you came up with this. What is the next question for me, when did you stop beating your wife?* I just told you that our GM announced that he had settled on our opening night roster the day before the NBA season officially opens and I'm ok with him having settled on TLC for that opening night spot rather than keeping the door open that TLC might be cut before opening night so that we could sign Aminu or something. What didn't hurt my head was TS effectively signaling that he isn't going to consider swapping TLC out for any of these recently cut players (or any players who foreseeably will be cut) before opening night (3 days later for Atlanta). TLC doesn't excite me at all but if TS thinks he is a better option for our roster than any of these other players, Travis has earned my trust. All of that has exactly nothing to do with Hunter being an injury concern. I'm not content with any of our players being a continuing injury concern. What I want or what TS wants for Dre's health is irrelevant. What is relevant for roster construction is his actual health. So it doesn't hurt my head if TS signals he is filling the 15th spot with TLC on an unguaranteed contract if Hunter is healthy and it actually makes even more sense if Dre is an injury concern so TS making the right moves to give us depth wouldn't hurt my head either. The bottomline is that the downside to this announcement is closing the door on signing available alternative players and as I said:
  8. I am recording this as a "none" prediction unless you want to flag one or both for first or second team All-Rookie. @sillent
  9. So you’re saying I need to have the ESPN app?
  10. Definition of a volume scorer. Some similarities to Iverson in that regard. But I feel like people remember the scoring if they know anything about him.
  11. This doesn't hurt my head too much. You are likely right that he wants a wing but we are very close to opening night and most of the dominoes have fallen now in terms of cuts. I would guess TS is pretty confident that there is no one out there who really excites him.
  12. He isn't at Bogi's level yet so paying him like he is wouldn't make a ton of sense. I'm very happy with the deal for fans and feel like he got treated fairly. Huerter's lack of explosiveness probably caps his contract value. He hasn't had a single month where he averaged even 15 points per game despite playing a lot of minutes. This feels like the right kind of contract for someone in his role.
  13. The reason it would be a bet is that the outcome would be uncertain. Kevin's per 36 numbers are good but not great (14 points on 41% fg% and 13.9 points on 43% FG% the last two years) and his minutes are likely to be reduced this season from the 31 mpg he has gotten over those last two seasons. Not certain at all that he would have gotten substantially more. My guess is any amount above or below this would have been nibbling around the edges rather than something closing on 50% more.
  14. Jay was just about dead on with her prediction of $16M per. I don't think that is a steal so much as clearly a good thing for the franchise and a fair price for both sides. If he was looking for Bridges money that would have been an overreach. $65M means never having to worry about money again in your life as long as you are remotely responsible and Kev seems like he has a level head on his shoulders.