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  1. AHF

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    You talking about Cam Reddish? Cam was epic level bad with his shooting splits in college. I've been very happy with his 2020 shooting splits with the hope he can be even better for the future. I'm not sold on Edwards personally but do see him having some intriguing tools in a draft where a lot of players don't have them. There isn't a perfect prospect in this draft. You are going to have to take on a profile that indicates more limited upside or one that indicates more risk than you'd really want from the guys taken in the top 10.
  2. That is a red herring. We don't know if he was even asked to become a high volume shooter. Again, he shot 50% fewer 3pters with the Hawks this season than his career average. (2.1 3pt attempts per game versus career 3.2 attempts per game). Why would he shoot significantly fewer 3pt shots this season once he came to the Hawks? I already noted that this was his lowest 3pt shot rate since he was 22. He might have been asked to do nothing more than his average output. In either case, I can't blame LP at all for wanting him to shoot them more often than he was. And a reason why you might ask him to shoot more of them is (a) because he has lost a step and can't get the same shots inside the arc that he used to be able to get and so you'd expect a player to adjust to that limitation with more 3's and (b) because he was a better alternative than a number of our other options and so you'd expect him to do more not less when too many of the Hawks' alternatives were not big threats.
  3. AHF

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Maybe you'd do the same with Edwards.
  4. Can already see a Boston player making sure their home court has a very forgiving rim.
  5. Teague shoots 36% from range for his career and shot 36.8% last year. For some reason, he took fewer 3pters for the Hawks per minute than he has taken for any team since he was 22. Let's not pretend like Teague doesn't bear responsibility for his timidness. I would have been calling for him to take more of them too.
  6. If they start back up, I am hoping they just do camps to get teams ready and head straight into the playoffs. There are 3.5 game and 5.5 game gaps between the 8th and 9th seeds in the East and West. That is a sizable gap. Just run the playoffs if you can finish the season. (And, yes, our playoff positioning is part of my motivation to say that.)
  7. AHF


    Kudos to the Kraft family for stepping in to supply masks to the first responders in Massachusetts. Kraft got 1M masks in on his personal plane. Not sure how impounding equipment ordered by the states fits with the matra of states needing to manage this themselves without the feds. https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2020/04/03/charlie-baker-emotional-response-kraft-mask-delivery
  8. AHF


    What a f******* moron. You guys have to vote him out at the first opportunity. It is like he is eager to put Georgians at unnecessary risk. This rings so obviously of the mayor in Jaws that I'm sure that it is being memed. What a moron.
  9. If you are relying on Teague becoming confident and aggressive with his jumper to succeed going forward then don’t sign him. You aren’t ever going to see it happen.
  10. He ain’t got no alibi. No excuse for not living up to his word.
  11. AHF


    We do have a board for politics so let's take any more political discussion (particularly political discussion that isn't directly connected to the coronavirus situation) to that board.
  12. Are we talking about when Kobe forced the Lakers to get rid of Shaq? Don't think Shaq would have left LA by choice.
  13. AHF

    Trae 2k

    Can they only use a team once? Trae might have used a big bullet to take out some very small game.
  14. AHF


    Yeah, that was what I was trying to say. Everyone regardless of political leaning thinks that was so stupid as to be unbelievable. He isn't teflon enough to be able to shrug that kind of moronic statement off.
  15. AHF


    I'm on conference calls with staunch Republicans from the Midwest and Kemp is such a laughing stock that they are bringing him up and slamming him.