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  1. I’m not weighing in on how the issue is characterized but I do think it is possible bleach is correct that the NBA just decides not to put this back in place. We’ll see where we are after this season and how things have evolved outside of the NBA with regards to legalization.
  2. We’ll see. You might be right especially if the trend continues of states legalizing it and perhaps the federal government doing the same.
  3. That change you saw was after the 5th game when Collins was suspended. In the meantime, all our centers proved themselves to be garbage and the team committed to throwing minutes at our core. And that lineup of youngsters was the best of any we put on the floor. Gallo will not see minutes at center this season. Given that we drafted a center and traded for Capela, I’m not seeing a problem with Collins being viewed primarily as a center from a roster construction standpoint.
  4. They'll want a concession from the players in bargaining before giving up testing for it. This for that.
  5. Watched a minute or two from the first garbage trade and closed the video sad that I boosted his view count. Garbage. Ignore.
  6. As a UK fan, I'm pretty fascinated to see what they get. Cousins has been so good when he's been healthy but hurt so much the last few years. As stated above, Wall looks good in pickup but he's been hurt for quite a while too. Big gambles that could elevate or decimate Houston's season.
  7. In fairness, that could be consistent with them asking to take any of four different young players like "we'd be happy to take any one of Bruno, Cam, Hunter, Huerter, we'd even be happy with Skyler Mays....jeez how many of these guys do you have?"
  8. This. So much of this. It isn't just a disrespect to Atlanta. It is a disrespect to MLK. This is his city. The one with his museum. The one where his church is still a vital part of the city's identity and spiritual community. And you continue to emphasize his assassination over his life? That is like celebrating the Ford theater over the Gettysburg address.
  9. Our star was the #1 vote getter among EC guards by a long-shot last year and #3 in the entire NBA. Why would anyone think there was interest in watching the Hawks?
  10. You know they tried this after we signed him to an offer sheet. Guess they are hoping for better deals now since they undoubtedly would have matched if they could have found a taker for Hield.
  11. I don't think I'd seen that definitively. So basically they had the OKC 1st / two 2nds and a massive TPE and chose nothing instead. Greedy.
  12. Seems like you guys could do a straight up WS or WAR, etc. bet for who finishes higher between Wall and Westbrook.
  13. I'm sure @bleachkit would be more than happy to do a bet based solely on the regular season.
  14. Sacramento Offseason Review: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/front-office-change-tyrese-haliburton-211718941.html
  15. It just underscores how well OKC did on this whole thing by flipping Westbrook for a ton of picks plus Paul and then flipping Paul for value while Westbrook was basically exchanged for another under water contract. Both of these guys are talented enough to earn their money but I'm not betting on either doing it this year. Really interested to see if Westbrook and work with Beal or not.