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  1. 90 around Atlanta just means following the flow of traffic.
  2. I can't divorce myself from knowing what the 2014-15 Hawks actually were so I'm not going to pretend they were only a decent team just because they were projected to go 47-35. They were in fact 60-22. Likewise, I don't hold the low projections most in the media have about the 2019-20 Hawks to mean anything about what they will actually be like.
  3. This is the 60 win Hawks against a young developing team. Even if the current roster of Hawks will end up being much better in the future (which I think is very possible), this is high school aged big brother against middle school little brother. Easy win for the 2014-15 Hawks over the 2019-20 Hawks.
  4. AHF

    Lineup Porn

    Looks like all of us are seeing the same lineup as "must see TV."
  5. Again, my door is open for PM but I'm not having a debate on any posters or moderators out on the forum.
  6. Moderator Hat On A couple quick points on this exchange. First, moderators are free to post their personal views on topics just like they were prior to becoming mods. They are not free to abuse their moderating tools by locking threads, editing posts, deleting content, etc. That isn't what this disagreement is about. Second, if you have a problem with a moderator then bring it to another mod. We aren't going to debate someone's fitness out on the floor. This is the rule on practically every site and certainly the rule on every site I've ever moderated which I've done in some fashion for about 15 years now. My hope is that this will be addressed through PM with the affected individuals and we can move onto one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory for the Hawks. Thanks! - AHF
  7. Where you will see that is not in steal numbers. It is looking at who he could guard (especially the amount of time they spent checking 2's and 3's) and opponent FG%. On offense the biggest difference is Mookie .488% TS%, Payton .528% TS%. That is a huge gap.
  8. My view is that this is a temporary gap filler and if people really want to discuss these players during the dead period then have at it. If the number of these threads was trampling on other conversation then the moderators would step in. So if you don't like the threads, I'd suggest just skipping them and starting a thread on a topic you find more interesting. I suggest avoiding jumping on those threads to complain about them. You can complain on this thread or one of the one or two other threads started to complain about them. Very soon we'll have pre-season action and some legit news to start chewing on!
  9. Agree with everyone here. We would have gone from being swept in humiliating fashion to a more competitive defeat. Would have won our first game beyond the second round in Atlanta.
  10. Rice was amazing in Live95. 3pt shooting was worth so much.
  11. Agree, Spud. It will be about our youngsters. See the last line of my prior post.
  12. He was elite in the NBA as well. Rice could shoot.
  13. I agree it wasn't near the finish line but it is an interesting "what if" since the idea of two stars wanting to play together and having Al already there is not that big of a stretch given what we've seen for the last decade. Maybe in an alternate universe it happens and I'm waiting to see it play out.
  14. I put Hunter down for a couple minutes at PF but expect that time to be really dominated by Parker and Collins until Cam busts out and forces us to need to find some minutes at PF for Hunter. Otherwise, I'm just putting him in there for a couple. Collins should only be doing more this season and I've got Parker at 21 mpg despite his career 29.7 mpg average (26.9 last season). As for why we might not be a top 8 team, I guess I see us having a lot of depth but also a lot of guys who are interchangable and of secondary or tertiary impact. Turner, Parker, Crabbe, Parsons, Bembry, Hunter, Bruno, Jones and Cam could all give below average performances on any given night and all of them are either really young or have significant flaws in their overall games. Basketball is generally a game driven by your elite players and we have lots of "contributor" level depth. I think our playoff hopes will hang on whether we get guys making the leap to standout players (Trae and Collins continuing to grow and others making the leaps they did last year).