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  1. Super teams are borne out of players who simply aren’t built to contribute to a great team defense outside of LeBron under Spo and Vogel who demanded it. So they wanna out score teams and leave the tough defensive assignments to some role player who gets paid a fraction of what they make. They leave coaches who didn’t demand anything from them on that end so they could “save energy” for offense. Half-ass players all of em. Nate holds all his guys accountable, after his coming out party Trae is solidly entrenched, and The General, like John Horst, is far more concerned with fit and team-building than being a leading topic on horrible ESPN morning shows.
  2. What Tucker does through angles, anticipation, sneakiness, and center of gravity with his super limited skill set is a sight to behold. I don’t understand why he was such good friends with Harden, Giannis is the absolute antithesis of that dude.
  3. Bruh. Who said this? Put them on nuclear blast lol.
  4. So happy for Bud and Darvin. When the mics caught Bud telling Darvin he loved him in a pillow talk voice I felt that. I always felt team rebounding was a sore spot for Bud teams. After out rebounding us by 5.3 a game then the Suns by 7.3 it’s no longer an issue. Doesn’t hurt when you have an absolute maniac in Giannis leading the charge. I guess the Bucks are a newly added destination for Dame Lilliard now bless his heart. I’m sure he thinks he’s a vastly superior fit to Holiday
  5. I adore all 3 of the guys you have before CP3. I gotta go with that little bastard #1 tho. Pound for pound none of them can match his combination of shooting, defense, longevity, and his assist to turnover ratio (virtually 4 to 1!) that I still don’t quite believe. He’s called The Point God with good reason. As awesome as Magic was his size was at the foundation of his rebounds, steals, and vision. CP3 is all heart and head. Off topic but compare LaMelo and Magic’s rookie seasons. Eerily similar… I thought Jimmy Butler had the best offensive/ defensive rating for any player I’ve followed/ studied (120/ 106) until CP3 made my eyes pop with 123/ 105. He’s it. Gotta shout out Oscar Robertson tho who gets the short end of the stick all the time in these All Time debates along with The Cap. I just can’t vouch for a guy I never saw who played under primitive statistical analysis and no tracking data.
  6. I’m no fan of Monty (led some god awful teams) or Ayton (poor core use, butterfingers). Neither had any notable stock before this season. CP3 bathed both of them in gold with his generalship.
  7. I learned so much about modern ball from Bud and the way he built an offense around a journeyman was pure genius; I’ll always rock with him. Always been indifferent on Iced Teague lol. He did used to go ham in the fourth quarter, those were some great moments. Was he the last great in-game small dunker? I’ve always liked Book and the way he’s never really given credence to the vitriol he’s gotten from fans over being the premier “empty stats/ chuck” guy. I also love watching Cam Johnson (not Payne!) just casually let the game come to him. CP3 has joined Jimmy and Steph as one of my absolute favs. His career arc is just unbelievable. Stepped in elite. 16 years later, still elite. I’m Suns all the way. The Bucks roster just doesn’t do anything for me. Granted Giannis is Giannis obviously but I like watching their role players (Connaughton/ Portis/ Divencienzo) moreso than their main guys. That boy Middleton with 1 FTA a game gtfoh.
  8. benhillboy

    Backup PG

    Nice, seems you’ve followed dude. I don’t know Derrick White from a can of paint, I don’t think I’ve watched a full Spurs game since Kawhi left, even against the Hawks. Glancing at his numbers he had an insane FT rate of .606 as a rookie which exploded his win share per 48. I don’t expect him to ever get back that high but the style of attacking the paint is certainly there, Nate should pull it back out no problem. The career .522 eFG and nearly a block per game at 6’4”is all I need to see to welcome him into the fold. His on/off splits are wonderful, has played a healthy dose of 3 positions, and has nice corner 3 splits. You got me wanting to follow this kid now lol (but he must get a haircut and shave first). His injury history is troubling though especially with Trae’s ankles but the fit and versatility is crystal clear. I wouldn’t worry about the grumblings of his attitude. Pop is kinda worn-out and the chemistry of this team is solid. I’m hoping Mays can take a leap and have great competition with Goodie for the 3rd spot. I love Dunn’s defensive prowess but it can’t begin to account for his putrid offensive exploits: a 97 rating for a guy who’s started 126 games is overseas level. I was so excited for dude but if he’s gonna be oft-injured he definately ain’t it. The PG luxury we had with Teague/ Dennis/ Mack was awesome with all 3 shooting over .400 with a combined 2.5:1 assist to turn and solid defense. I want that back.
  9. I don’t know what the hell he said to Khris Middleton about hitting the glass but it worked. He had as many rebounds as Trae, Kevin, and Bogi combined. I got a newfound respect for Holliday as well. He wasn’t f&@kin around with a .541 eFG and 3:1 assist to turnover for the series. I always rocked with Bud but I’m gonna be rooting for the Suns tho.
  10. Our Hawks have taken advantage of the edges I thought they had coming in of FT shooting (+.094) 3 point attempts/ variance (+7) and 3 point shooting (+.038, even shooting well below normal). The turnover margin has even been very impressive despite a few too many unforced ones at -2 per game. Where I figured the series would be won or lost was on the glass. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the team getting out to a +6 edge after Game 1. Props to Bud, I didn’t think he’d nip that in the butt but they aren’t the #1 rebounding team in the league for no reason, as we’re now -29 (fudge!). We could squeak by Philly being out rebounded by only 2 a game with those same shooting edges and superior bench. NY was +2 as well but the talent gap was far too wide and they knew it. Getting killed on the offensive glass one more time for a -6 total margin per game will surely send us home. I just wanna see everyone box out like hell and let the chips fall. Like the Great @lethalweapon3 detailed a few more un-rushed post ups for Johnny and 2K Gallo shouldn’t hurt. Win or lose, this season has been sensational. Lets Gizzo!
  11. Lopez picked a fine time to beast up. We definitely getting back to Wisconsin for Game 7 tho let’s go.
  12. That franchise just chews up and spits out young players no matter how much promise they may have. The contributions they’ve gotten from their draft picks over the last few years is depressing even for a non-Knicks fan.
  13. People sh*t on James Wiseman a lot but he’s still quite raw. From what I’ve seen he has promise for sure but a bright red flag for me is when front court players with high usage commit more fouls and turnovers than field goals made. That’s the Dwight IQ curse.