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  1. The new format was phenomenal but seeing the same lineup gasping for breath in the fourth was a bummer. Nurse and Walker are definitely gonna be the goats of an otherwise PR slam dunk. Definitely would’ve liked to see Trae and Jimmy more. You could tell guys instantly realize that receiving a pass from Trae is just different like Peyton at the Pro Bowl. The buzzer beater, the nutmeg on Harden, and the blow by on Westbrook were all memorable highlights. Classic Trae stat line in 16 minutes lol.
  2. I don’t believe Pop believes that one bit. I believe the Spurs were innovators of following +/-. Duncan’s game was predicted on all the things that make +/- explode.
  3. Dedmon deserves a medal for making it out of that game with a +1. I hope Capela is 110% goddarnit.
  4. This should be a fun narrative as Trae is plastered all over AS weekend. “Yeah but his team just lost by 22 to the Cavs.”
  5. Bruh I just accurately guessed Trae’s (-10) and Sextons (between +4-6) +/- after their stats were shown. I’m good.
  6. Sexton face looked bleached. Edward Scissorhands face ass boy
  7. That boy Zion look like he’s in the wrong era. He can shoot threes yet decides to demoralize in the paint.
  8. Good hard foul by porter on John. Good FT shooting by John
  9. I can’t think of a much worse trend to ever hit the NBA than the awarded flop three. If I’m not watching the Hawks and I see two of them in a short span I have to turn away.
  10. It ain’t over man. Cavs 13-40 for a reason. Cam better get his ass back up Hell yeah he do
  11. Yeah I was just thinking how ugly this would’ve been with Kevin Love sprinkling in some threes.
  12. A nice consolation prize had Cam flushed on Thompson.
  13. Goodwin with some energy. It’s amazing how momentum swings in your favor just by getting over a screen.
  14. Vince with the best defensive possession of the night lol
  15. Vince dunk contest win 20 years ago? Damn I’m old. The reactions to the arm in the rim were priceless.