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  1. Too many times we focus on what the Hawks did wrong. Half the time you just have to tip your hat to the opposition. A reigning (deserved) First Team defender in Caruso, a questionable HOF candidate in DeRozan (46% per BB Ref), and a young, rapidly improving guard in White in a class of many who will give the Hawks fits for years to come trust me (Suggs, Anthony, Sexton, Pritchett, Ivey, Merrill, Podziemski, Wallace) is simply too much for the Hawks to handle, as both teams were without 3 key rotation players (Jalen. OO, Bey, LaVine, Ball, and Patterson all Top 100 players when healthy). With no leadership it’s simply impossible to play at a playoff level through injuries. Anyway I enjoyed watching Bogi’s steady improvement, Jalen’s big jump, Dre’s career -best three point volume and shooting, & Bruno, Vit, and Methamphetamine Bogi finding their ways in the Association.
  2. No Clint. We saw the uptick in his play late in the season. He’s been over playing with Trae fior a couple seasons now. It’s easily seen by how rarely he sprints to and from screens above the arc on offense now, same with his tags out on the perimeter on defense. I described the poor chemistry dynamic that Trae earns the lion’s share of years ago, then Jackie McMullan reported multiple sources with the team lamenting it a couple months later in one of the few large pieces ESPN has done on the Hawks when Nate took over. It hasn’t changed. Clint’s not even a great player, tons of offensive holes, but he’s been arguably the most impactful since he’s been here looking at his offensive rebounding, paint anchoring, screening, and experience. Hawks are 139-133 all time in the regular season with him, 19-24 without.
  3. Hali is that dude tho. He had an extended slump and still is top 5 in efg amongst lead guards and the gap between him and everyone else in terms of lead guard assist to turn is massive. Awesome floor raising job for him, that roster is full of young, mediocre individual players. Deserving of a few MVP votes no doubt. I apologize for the font lol
  4. The Hawks brass doesn’t gives a sh@t how he affects the score and wins and losses. I been documenting how his contemporaries at the high usage guard spot (and some lower ones) were gonna pass him in impact for years. Just keep the arena gift shop full and they good.
  5. I know Haliburton airballed that three but that coverage was a microcosm of the season.
  6. The Pacers are pressing the inbounds pass up 13. One of the many cultural differences between the two teams. Hawks don’t even press down 13.
  7. Quinn to the ref: “please explain why Gueye wasn’t fouled, even though I know your explanation is gonna be some bullshit.”
  8. If I can quote North, “shoot the ball Trae!” This had turned into a helluva game.
  9. Vit just knows how to play, nice brush screen after the handoff to make sure DJ was free. I don’t know his backstory but I’m sure he played with grown ass pro men at a young age.
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