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  1. Oddly enough Harris was one of my go-to bets last postseason for block + steal props. Is Jokic an indictment of their strength and conditioning team? He’ll never be an All-Defense candidate but he looked much better at moving and positioning last season. I think Pablo Torre dubbed him “The Stretch Mark 5,” instant classic lol.
  2. This fool got 14 steals to 10 fouls. Patrick Beverly you ask? 16 to 34. CLP The Don is doing an outstanding job of managing and tailoring his defensive workload. I’ve never subscribed to the idea of “hiding” a guy on defense, especially someone you expect to be at the point of attack and navigate screens but Coach is doing it somehow. His assist to turn is currently 1.73:1. I fully expect it to be 2:1 after John gets back acclimated. I just can’t believe he’s an elite pure scorer off of pull up bombs, mid range floaters, and frozen Big layups. The kid is out to lunch.
  3. Bembry played 30 minutes with only one foul? I figured Jabari would kill it with us but he’s been even better than I expected. You don’t post 4 O boards without getting your hustle on.
  4. Who else loves those Shriners commercials? Not mad at the ad at all.
  5. Gary Harris told Trae “I hope I never see you again.”
  6. I’m from the Crazy 80’s and certainly no PC policeman or moderator but this is a tight-knit online community. No need for referring to people who don’t agree with your volume 3 pointer premise (which is pretty much everybody) as “idiots” Supes. We know you get passionate about your stances. Just watch some tape of Al and cool out.
  7. Stacey had a bigger issue than anyone. I see why most dislike him but I always appreciated his candor. I got a soft spot for Bulls Dynasty Scrubs as well.
  8. I don’t know man. Vince moves better than Gay, after years of practice Aldridge has perfected his ho-hum demeanor, and DeRozan hasn’t hit a single three and is almost doubling his career TOs. Murray and White have gotten off to great starts in terms of win share but I don’t think that’s gonna get them an 8 seed this season. I would half kill someone for Patty as our BU PG.
  9. I’m sure someone has mentioned it already but doesn’t Satoransky usually ball out versus Trae? I forgot they acquired dude. Always liked him, efg and assist to turn currently on swole. Add in Arcidiacono and White and I’m guessing they’re moving on from Dunn.
  10. And my NBA betting career comes to a close.
  11. That last point swing hurt like a stubbed toe.
  12. It took 96 year old Vince to force a much needed trip to the line. We need more in the second half
  13. “High Percentage Parker.” I like.