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  1. He’s considerably better than his advanced stats suggest (-2.1 offensive box, -.5 defensive box, .032 WS/48, O Rating 104, D rating 116). With consistent 17 minute games instead of spotty 10 minute ones he should be around -1, .5, .060, 105, and 112. He doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses with his dribble/ pass/ shoot IMO just noting above average, the team has to lock in so he fits well on that end; in turn his confidence can carry over to his defensive strengths more consistently. He’s one of the better non-foul full-court pressers among BUs. An integral ingredient to a contender
  2. I’m so glad Nique was in his prime versus Jordan in his, I was never really in awe of Jordan like that. Jordan was the superior two-way player of course but I think Nique had better shot selection and didn’t mind getting off or playing off as much as Jordan. I always likened Jordan under Doug Collins to MVP Candidate Westbrook. Legendary athleticism that no doubt leads to wins, but big enough holes in their team ball approach to contribute to losses especially in the playoffs.
  3. Good looking. I was guessing around -5 to +2 per game. -2 is a small sample but it ain’t bad. Rondo’s on/ off numbers are as bad as he looked, I hate we couldn’t stabilize a respectable second unit with Goodwin being baptized in fire. His shooting would undoubtedly look much better with more reps. No way a dude with his hunger should be DNP-CD’d for stretches. I hope that baby is pissing and earling all over Lloyd. Schlenk is the one who signed Rondo to a horrific 7 mil with much better options let him babysit a couple days and get some too. I’m outta the loop but when the hell is
  4. Our point differential is +2. The highest in the East is Milwaukee at 5.5, which isn’t dominant by any means and they’re already a shaky team when it comes to playing style and consistency of effort. The Nate Dogg Hawks don’t have that issue. I don’t like anyone in the East down the stretch more than us outside the Heat if Dragic and Oladipo are healthy. Which is a big if. No one would be surprised if Embiid or Cupcake miss playoff games or Kyrie has a sex change.
  5. Bruh you don’t even need to discuss Clint anymore. Just say Clint gone Clint and be through with it. I agree with Renee, he and Nate Dogg the real MVP. That dunk by Bridges is probably the craziest I’ve seen this year though along with Kawhi a couple nights ago.
  6. I rock with Goodwin all day. Freaking Lloyd stunting his development but Nate Dogg know what’s up and what his energy and toughness brings. I admit I didn’t think Lou would take this job seriously. I was dead wrong. He and Brandon form a nice 1-2. It appears Bogi was hampered early in the season but now I see what Schlenk saw in him. He keeps mistakes to a terrible minimum. .566 eFG and an almost 3:1 assist to turn, sign me up. I keep sleeping on how freaking big he is and he uses his size smartly; his defensive rating took a hit early with his nagging injuries but now he’s sho
  7. Put me in coach! I got parking and your refreshments.
  8. You like Nique’s calls. That’s cool. Like I said it’s still very rare a team has 3 color guys on its local telecast and it’s a clear indictment of Nique’s skills (or lack thereof). Most former players who commentate have far more charisma, wit beyond a forced laugh in response to Bob’s jokes, player facts, applicable stats, and eloquence in talking the nuances of the game beyond the blatantly obvious than Nique. Let alone basic grammatical and pronunciation skills. He’s a$$ bruh just accept it.
  9. Good back to back box outs by Capela and Looney.
  10. It’s very rare that you have 3 announcers during a telecast. Love him to death but I wish they’d just let Nique go. Trying to give him a crutch in Stinger (who also is long in the tooth) and Vince is tough to hear.
  11. Jimmy nor Steph has played versus us this season so I haven’t been a frenemy yet. It all ends tonight. Draymond should be at Johnny’s crib cleaning his draws with a toothbrush tho.
  12. Don’t ever trust the Clippers again bruh. They have no chemistry. What’s their record against the spread anyway?
  13. Marvin over CP3. Where’s Billy Knight I wouldn’t mind giving him a Nique 2 piece.
  14. Booker is such an exquisite shooter from midrange but it’s like he isn’t strong enough to shoot 3s they’re usually flat. He’s kinda struggling but I’ve seen him cook late too many times.