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  1. Lol sounds like a Frenchman or German saying the N-word. I don’t know why I was expecting to see discussion of Devin Booker or Michael Porter in here.
  2. I like him a lot (defensive energy, streak shooting, FT shooting, 2:1 assist turn) but his evaluation is an incomplete. He’s at 50 games 9 minutes per now, hopefully we get to see 50 more games at 15. I think he’ll prove to be kinda stuck between pretty bad BU and elite 3rd op. I don’t care if the 60 win team fizzled out late. The three-headed PG monster we had was just one of the many aspects I sorely miss. Ideally I’d love a distributing starter who’s at least mediocre at shooting and defending, backed up by a plus defender, who’s backed up by a shooter. It provides variety and injury compensation in roster-building, something necessary for playoff berths.
  3. I may have seen 20 minutes combined of Dunn’s and Melton’s games so I can’t speak to their tape display. I do know they both had superior comprehensive ratings to Dennis last season, who had an outstanding year and who I‘ve always considered the leagues best BU (Van Bleeth’s ascension notwithstanding), but both with much less offensive talent/ skill than Dennis. I take away that they both screen, cut, and take reasonable shots. A handling guard who can play plus defense without hindering the offense (looking at your Pierre) is of paramount importance for this squad.
  4. As a Rookie Tatum fanatic I can barely stand the kid now. He went from being an exemplary off ball defender, FT forcer, and movement god to a chucker who cries for phantom fouls. On what planet can a guy’s efg and defensive rating decrease and be considered a better player, let alone some ascending “superstar”? Just because he plays 4 more minutes and once every two games he hits a contested three from 3 feet behind the line with 12 seconds left on the clock?! Right. And Isaac definitely shouldn’t have explained. But he did. He’ll learn. Hell, I was mad at Pop for explaining that he didn’t have to explain lol.
  5. One of the most poignant moments from the season for me is when Clint got pissed at the team’s effort from the bench. I’ve never seen a player who hasn’t suited up for a team bark on his teammates. For a guy unfamiliar with everyone I just found it concerning he felt he needed to fill a toughness/ leadership void at that moment. You would’ve thought he was the team leader of 5 years.
  6. Lol. I wouldn’t let a woman in a Prince jersey blow my dice.
  7. All the minutes he, Kuzma, and JR get are direct obstacles to a Lakers title.
  8. I saw a woman with a Taurean Prince jersey t shirt about a week ago. I was blown away.
  9. I’m sure Giannis remembers his team beating the Hawks by 26 without him. He’d need his head examined leaving Bud U and I’m assuming the highest possible max from Milwaukee.
  10. You know I would lol. Gimme the foul too.
  11. All of em hard as nails. The part I’m not looking forward to are the pink and green shoes these kids are gonna ruin them with.
  12. Great point. It gives him the best floater this side of Tony Parker as well. I’m not cool with the handicap tho lol.
  13. I would’ve sworn his playmaking would be high or at least mediocre. Jokes on me lol.
  14. This metric looks at mid .300 percentile volume three point shooting the same way I do: useless. Check that boy Luka’s wheel lol. Im fascinated by the guys who have higher overall defensive than defensive activity (Middleton). It speaks to the value of size and IQ, leading to versatility I’m guessing.
  15. After seeing Tatum’s first then checking Trae I already can see this dude’s metric is rock solid. I love the cumulative spherical view of a players game but off ball proficiency on both ends has to be factored in as well. I think the dude who coined “floor raising” and the WOWY score explored this first correct? As I suspected you probably can’t find a wheel more complete than Jimmy Butler. Ben Simmons’ is probably up there too.