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  1. Trae was clearly the main catalyst for the rule and it is a considerable issue for his production. He averaged 9 attempts in 34 minutes last year. 5 attempts in 48 minutes this preseason. I haven’t been watching because I’m a baseball nerd as well but obviously he hasn’t gotten the three point foul when defenders go over screens. I no longer have to hear Nique try to clown opponents for fighting over screens and actually defending shots thank you Jesus Christ, God, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, sacred cows and chickens, whomever. BRef now has projections. It expects Trae’s win shares per 48 to drop considerably from .163 to .139. That’s not good. His usage has to drop from 33 to about 29-30, same with his minutes by a couple. What’s more troubling though is Coops FT rate. After looking good in SL, 2 attempts in 54 minutes during preseason.
  2. I figured as much, you don’t just start pressing in the NBA unless you’ve shown you can do so. I was going off the draft reviews, none of which touted any of his defensive traits from what I remember. I may have seen something about good anticipation, which was accurate, but everything else was rated no bueno. I just know every time he posts 5 boards/ 3 steals/ block my heart will warm. And I’m a pretty cold dude.
  3. I think he would/ could at 25 minutes. It isn’t impossible. Smart, CP, Pat Bev do it. Sharife seems smart enough to pick his spots as far as energy conservation and matchups. A strong handler who’s a mediocre passer, he’ll give ground and play passing lanes more. A great passer with mediocre handle, he’ll press up on em. He seems to have the makeup mentally and physically and the coach who will reward him handsomely for it.
  4. Y’all watch way more college ball than I do (which is none). But even I know it’s terribly uncommon for a PG to have a superior defensive profile/ motor in the NBA than he did in college. Its usually the other way around, best illustrated by Dressbrook. I can’t think of any since Steph, who peaked at 13th in steals per game in college to first in the NBA 7 years later. Sharife is next in line, but with a more rapid growth curve. This kid is that deal man.
  5. The great FT shooting carried over from last year. That’s something eh?
  6. Damn Trae. Feel free to get over the halfcourt line at your earliest convenience. Same ole indifference to the offense without the ball.
  7. I just appreciate players who raise their hand immediately after a foul. Good job Trae. Love me some Bam man. He knows he’s in the second tier of Cs behind Jokic and Embiid, dude trying to get to the top.
  8. Delon has a sixth sense for pacing. Never in a rush. His handle could be tighter tho.
  9. I didn’t realize the Heat signed Caleb Martin. Very nice get knowing Lowry and Oladipo’s injury history.
  10. Bam taking this shit more serious than the Olympics lol.
  11. Nice to see Trae’s first floater flowing like fluid.
  12. John Crotty is already better than Nique 4 minutes in. You think Nique knew the first game Nate coached and the score? Hell no.
  13. If I had to pick one announcer who probably would’ve phrased it that way it’s Stacey King. Dude don’t care. “Got caught up with one of them Vice City Vixens I see!”