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  1. 1. The doctor, KB, starts posting here again when we have a losing streak. 2. Our record will be close to last year. 3. Hawksquawk will freak out when Reddish and Hunter get off to a slow start. 4. Bruno will be on the bench mostly during first half of the year. Everyone will beg LP to give him minutes. 5. Trae will be featured more in NBA promos. He will move closer to becoming a star player in the league.
  2. I’ll take the bait. To summarize the OP, we will spend next year’s cap space via trade by February. Basically a Kristaps Porzinga type deal. To me that is a bold prediction, and a wild guess. What makes you feel certain that will happen?
  3. Something about a Trae Young to Josh Smith comparison rings hollow to me. Definitely need more time to see how this unfolds. Right now I think Trae is benefitting from defenders respecting his shot based off of reputation.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. Is the net effect of taking long range 3's positive? If the best part of his game is actually dribble drive dish, the long 3's give him more space to operate. It's still too early for me to have a firm opinion, but I'm hopeful he improves his percentage. Maintaining his threat to sink a pull up a 3 early in the shot clock helps out the rest of his game.
  5. I think Cavs win. Usually teams play well the first game after their coach is fired.
  6. Setting another trap: I agree with Sturt. Tanking is a fool proof strategy.?
  7. I picked us to win 23 games, but I’d rather bet $100 on us winning over 30 games. Winning less than 20 games is statistically unlikely.
  8. It's not so much that we have the absolute worst starter at every position, but we are probably bottom 10 at every position next year. Dedmon or Collins on their own will not get a lot of wins. Collins is still too young. Dedmon will never be more than a good role player. So, we may not have the worst player at every position, but we also don't have an all star or true impact player anywhere. We hope we are developing a couple impact players, but they are not ready to win games. I'm expecting 23 wins and for us to be in the bottom 3 teams in the league.
  9. This is definitely a thread to revisit. The analysts aren't hating out of spite. Most people project us to be a bottom 3 team next year. What happens if we win 23 games and Bazemore or Dedmon get traded mid season? Are they still haters?
  10. I have hope that we will see moments of good play and flashes of greatness in a couple of our players. Josh Smith got you out of your seat at times in his rookie season where we won 13 games. We will win games, but very few. The new players will learn a lot this year. I think they can learn how to win, but we will lose a lot of games before they learn how to do that consistently.
  11. The point is you can find other vets that don’t cost $20M. Late round picks are less likely to become rotation players, but it happens all the time. If you do find a player they have a 5 year rookie contract plus the option to match their RFA contract. I like Kent Bazemore, but I’d rather take a shot in the draft.
  12. To hear you talk it’s like the draft doesn’t exist. That is where virtually every NBA player comes from. One year of Kent Bazemore has nearly 100% certainty to make no impact on our franchise. A first round draft pick has more potential.
  13. The money is a sunk cost. It's about getting something for an asset. The prize is not Anderson, or whoever makes the salary work, it's the pick or picks in return. You have $20 Million and two options. 1. Pay Baze and have a good vet to provide leadership for a season. 2. Pay someone to sit on the bench, like Anderson, and get a couple assets. This is more of a question if you would rather spend Baze's salary on a solid locker room veteran presence for a year or a draft pick that you control for 5+ years. Sorry, I don't think a season of Kent Bazemore, amazing buddy and vet, is on par with the draft pick.
  14. You shouldn't need to pay $20M for a solid vet to be a role model. I would take a late first over the value Bazemore provides. Get a vet min guy like Vince Carter to fill the same purpose. First round picks can be used as trading chips, and you can find actual rotational players in the late first round. I don't understand the concept that we should keep Bazemore at that cost to be a mentor. The Spurs and Warriors find players all the time in the late first round.