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  1. If we hit on the #19 pick, there is a financial benefit to our cap situation. You can move on from someone like Gallinari or Lou Williams more easily. Just let those contracts expire and you are reloaded. I think a decision to trade depends on the who falls in the draft and what teams are willing to trade. No reason to decide right now with certainty if we should trade or make the selection. If we get someone who will make Nikola Jokic level impact, make the pick.
  2. I actually like what they are doing. The 7 and 8 seeds lose their series 95% of the time anyways. This gives teams extra motivation to get a top 6 seed, and it gives teams that might otherwise be tanking a reason to shoot for the 9 and 10 spots. So, the Wizards will actually try to win these next two games against us rather than tank them. As a fan I'm more roped into the final 2 weeks of the season than ever before. It's just basketball, how fair does it need to be? Anything that adds to the playoff like atmosphere of the last few weeks of the season is a benefit to the league. Thi
  3. I think we also win a 3 way tiebreaker if we have same record as Knicks and Heat. Hawks hold division tiebreaker over the Heat and then division winners win 3 way tiebreakers. There is an amazing possibility that Hawks, Heat, Celtics, and Knicks all have the same record. Which we should win that tiebreaker as well.
  4. Move Huerter to the starting unit and play Hunter with the second unit in limited minutes.
  5. This is a first for me. I got two screens up. I’m watching Lakers-Blazers and Suns-Knicks. Really enjoy listening to Clyde Frazier. What a cool dude. He just has fun.
  6. Celtics losing is a huge help. Miami plays Celtics twice then they play 76ers and the Bucks.
  7. Oops. 12-0 run for Chicago. Dagger by Lavine! Bulls up by 20.
  8. I’m locked in watching the last 5 minutes.
  9. So glad Lavine is back tonight. Bulls up by 21 late in the 3rd quarter.
  10. Exactly, last night was a loss. This is the NBA.
  11. 1. Home court will not be the deciding factor. Got to predict a Hawks win, but that wasn’t my main point. Mainly saying losing home advantage isn’t the end of the world. 2. We still have a good shot at getting 4th seed. Knicks could easily lose 3-4 games to close the season.
  12. We were humbled. This was the first bad loss under Nate. The Detroit loss there was a lot of injured and tired bodies. We had our full playoff roster, but came out flat. When we got back in the game we missed critical open shots in the last couple minutes and Sabonis and Lavert hit tough shots. Lessons learned. We can come back from this, and I'm not convinced that: 1. Homecourt advantage will decide a series with NY. ( I think the better team wins) 2. We are out of the running for 4th seed. (NY has to play at Clippers, Lakers, and Phoenix. Then play at home agains Spurs, Horne
  13. So much went wrong. They fought back, but couldn’t get over the hump. Still in a good place overall. We have to look ahead, not down.
  14. That’s it. See, the game is 4 quarters.
  15. They still have to close us out in the 4th quarter.