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  1. What do they even have to offer?
  2. We have seen leads go up in smoke when Trae sits. To me K'Von and Bogi are not the answer. We should have strength at backup PG. Plus Trae usually does not play 40 minutes. It's usually 34-36 minutes. Too much time to be at a disadvantage. I'm amazed at the support for Dunn. He looked like he wasn't a pro in the 78 minutes he played last year. I would be content with bringing Lou back if nothing better materializes.
  3. I think of Mario Chalmers, Rondo, and Schröder. You can have a rookie PG on a playoff team. I would rather have a vet, but I would give the right rookie a chance. I disagree with Hollinger that it is an 8 minute role. Trae was playing 34-36 minutes. And Lou would play with Trae at times. Easily at least 14 minutes/game, maybe 18.
  4. I thought you didn't care about his shooting? I wasn't gonna comment because you seemed disinterested. You demonstrated that by losing interest in our team when he came back from injury in March and shot 46% from 3 through the end of May. In that stretch the Hawks went 27-11. Did you watch those games? Not sure that North's post proves his shooting doesn't matter. In 44 games, Bogi made 5 threes 14 times per his comment. We went 11-3 in those games. Over the course of an entire season that means he could win us around 20 games by hitting 5 threes in 30% of all games total. That's enough for me to want him on the team. I'm not saying that shooting is the only skill that matters, but players who are elite at shooting help your team win. I'm not in favor of trading away this guy to give minutes to a career 30% shooter. Reddish has to show consistency before we move on from Bogi.
  5. If he was in my head that much it would dictate how much I post on this board. His performance would never mean that much to me.
  6. I think you’ve demonstrated that you really don’t care when he shoots well and you only care when he doesn’t. I mean he could shoot 50% from 3 for months and you would have nothing to say. One stretch of bad shooting and then you are suddenly interested.
  7. The stats actually show we win when he shot .438 from 3 for the entire season, which you completely ignored. He was injured and hobbled his way through the playoffs, but you ignored that as well. I say it showed grit. He was willing to play as well as he could even if his stats suffered. I’m out.
  8. It contributes to winning, which is the whole point of playing games.
  9. If we trade Huerter for #10 it means we know we can’t spend the money to keep Bogi, Hunter, Reddish, and Huerter. It would sting but I would understand.
  10. I don’t believe in gotcha questions particularly when you ignore the main point. There is no shooter to replace Bogi and you need elite shooters to win in the NBA. Your question is irrelevant.
  11. That must have taken you a lot of time to put together. We all knew he was physically off but played anyways. Does not change: 1. Hawks record with Bogi >>>>>> Hawks record without him 2. Bogi as a shooter >>>>>>> Reddish & Hunter
  12. Great. So cherry pick three games and ignore all the other months of games. We won games with Trae playing bad, too. Would you want to trade him?
  13. Have you been following the NBA recently? Elite three point shooters are essential for winning. Follow the wins and losses, then. Bogi comes back from injury and we win with Reddish and Hunter out. Bogi is out and we have a losing record. We’re not gonna win with Hunter and Reddish if they can only hit 32% of their threes. Especially if no one on the bench can shoot either.
  14. Listen. My only point is if you are going to bring in career numbers, none of our wings have had numbers comparable to Bogi. Until Cam Reddish starts hitting close to 40%, he's at 30% for his short career, we need a guy who can shoot like Bogi has statistically demonstrated he can for his entire career. When you brought up Klay Thompson, I only pointed out that he came close to matching Klay's best year as a 3 point shooter. He's not Klay Thompson, but he's the closest thing we got. Especially since no one is even advocating for bringing in another guy. I want to see if Bogi can come close to his numbers from last year. If he can hit at 40% on 7 attempts a game, why trade him?
  15. This is crazy, yes. Booker is proving himself as a superstar. I think after Cam’s last game and our playoff run we have reached peak drunk with love for our players. We’d rather have 3 good wings over Booker? I think we are forgetting the importance of having the best player on the court in the NBA.