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  1. parfait


    I dunno. This is the same query posed to me by my non-Hawks-fan friend last night. But he doesn't watch them play. Last I checked it was Trae putting pressure on the organization to acquire more talent for the sake of winning. And it's been Trae night after night setting up his teammates, only for them to clank shots off the rim. Sure, he could stand to play some defense. But he's busting his butt every single night in seek of victory, with, until now, teammates who weren't all capable of the same. Trae's ready to quarterback a winning team. We just finally added a te
  2. Couldn't the same be said for Tony Ressler? I think they are two pretty similar owners: emotionally, and financially, invested, and trying to find the right balance between involvement and meddling.
  3. I think that every time I see him. And, speaking of Billy Corgan: “Today is the greatest, day I’ve ever known!”
  4. I agree with this. If Okongwu steps up through the course of this season, I think you will see Capela moved by draft time next year, for expiring salaries and a pick. Then you potentially open up a max slot once again. I believe that this is the tentative plan already. And all the more reason to go ahead and lock up JC this offseason.
  5. I actually would like to see JC Re-signed this off-season. But if he asks for even close to max money then wait till he is an RFA next year and then those teams you listed can PROVE that they would pay him, and then we match.
  6. So, when the game is on the line, you give the ball to Collins to take over, the same as a Tatum or a Mitchell? I think that’s the barometer for a max deal.
  7. Thanks for all the info @NBASupes. Sorry, who is TT?
  8. parfait

    Ask Supes

    I agree. I think it'll be in the $20-$25 million per year range for Hayward. Hardly breaking the bank, for a well above average starter in his prime.
  9. parfait

    Ask Supes

    Pacers gotta clear cap space, deal with Oladipo, and figure out where Hayward would play in relation to Oladipo and Warren. It's a lot more seamless with Atlanta. But, we have been jilted at the altar before, so there's that.
  10. parfait

    Ask Supes

    Then that's free entertainment for you too. See, there's something for everyone, lol.
  11. parfait

    Ask Supes

    I may not be in the biz, but my understanding is that the majority of leaks come from the league office and from agents, rather than from front offices. I believe @NBASupes connection is in the first category.
  12. parfait

    Ask Supes

    I actually agree with you, fundamentally-speaking. But I believe that this does not matter in this context, since there is no money being charged, there is no official business being carried out, nor any sort of certification or licensing being claimed. This is all being done in a sports entertainment context. So one can individually decide if the information provided by @NBASupes and @thecampster is worth their time and attention, or not. I believe that the vast majority of squawkers feel that it is, and I for one am thankful for it, especially at the trade deadline and during the draft and f
  13. parfait

    Ask Supes

    Pretty strong words. Admittedly it's hard for us rank-and-file Hawks fans to verify @NBASupes info as being Inside Stuff. But it is equally hard for you or anyone to prove that it isn't. So with those realities in place, why choose the path of mean-spiritedness, especially in the context of a fun, festive message board?
  14. parfait

    Ask Supes

    Agreed. He's had legit info. And it's a helluva lotta fun. Oh, and it's certainly preferable to the diesel-puter!
  15. parfait

    Ask Supes

    @NBASupes does this Chris Paul trade KILL the 5 team deal? Or are there attempts underway to modify it to a 4 team swap?