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  1. Hopefully Nash wouldn't screw over his college backcourt mate like that.
  2. I kind of agree with @marco102 I think Killian is big enough, and enough of a scorer, to play alongside Trae. Although, his spot up shooting numbers would need to improve.
  3. Yeah, I think DraftTwitter, at least, buys the shooting from his high school/EYBL days. That's why DraftTwitter has Maxey generally in the 5-10 range, unlike the sourced draft projections.
  4. Sounds like a job for...Isaac Okoro! Same here. He's such a skilled finisher. I suppose his floater numbers don't count as being around the rim.
  5. Haha, that's what I figured. Maybe DeWayne Dedmon can get him to develop an outside shot out of nowhere just like he did, lol.
  6. He's been pretty awesome so far, but clearly a DH. Hopefully they can lock him up for another 2-3 years.
  7. Is it pretty much sounding like the Hornets take Wiseman at #3?
  8. Does anyone have even an inkling of hope that Capela could flash a semblence of an outside shot? Is his shot pretty much broken?
  9. But do you think he has enough of a handle to be a 2. He's definitely a wing. But I'm not sure his ballhandling allows for the 2 position per se.
  10. I wouldn't mind grabbing Maxey if we get an additional mid 1st round pick.
  11. The type of thought process in this article is what stalls rebuilds. Gotta take the BPA!
  12. Booooooo! Where's your aspirations, man?!
  13. What did you think of Maxey? I think he's got real sleeper potential. And don't all those UK Cats usually bust out in the NBA after being held back by Cal's system.
  14. I think if Schlenk had taken over a year earlier, in 2016, he could have made those moves and still traded Horford a year or two later to further fuel the rebuild. We wouldn't have lost an asset for nothing. Hey, at least a busted wristwatch is right two times a day!
  15. Yes, I like the idea of Hampton at that point in the first round also. Rashard Phillips is super high on him.