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  1. No doubt. he's the perfect fit because he can be a sniper off the bench at first. then we have an embarrassment of riches and can make a contender deal in a couple years.
  2. I know four different people who have been trying to get covid tests in GA but having a hard time. And then the mayor of Atlanta has to wait 8 days for results? wow. I guess it's good she's not getting preferential treatment? I have one co-worker who's family has been exposed but he can't get a test. went to the county health department yesterday, with an appointment, but the line was so long they just gave up. Have another friend who works at one of the biggest hospitals and she reported they are out of tests. Crazy times so stay safe everyone. If you're in GA please let me know if you are aware of testing and i'll pass it along.
  3. i think that's it. I actually said Booker, not so much because i want him, but i think he's the only one to be realistically available to us at some point.
  4. The yelling is probably justified but not because of Jordan Clarkson. I mean we would have been significantly better with a guy like Clarkson vs Turner/Crabbe/Parson/Graham/Bembry.
  5. A new thread? Getting exciting around here. i haven't voted yet. There isn't a 'none of the above' but i will pick one despite Gobert being listed as a star.
  6. It's concerning in GA. 7 day rolling average and current hospitalizations are at their highest point since they started tracking it on May 1st. I think people on every side of covid issues agree on one thing. We can't overwhelm the hospitals. Hospitalizations are trending sharply upward in GA. If they continue that track, sending kids to school may not be possible. I'm hopeful this can start going to the other way.
  7. This is really good stuff. Some districts aren't as on top of it i don't think. The best part i think is the live stream from the class room. Regular, live classes are the way to go because the assignments only or recorded classes are just abused (at least by high schoolers). I'm not sure what we are looking at with high school. Right now it seems to be on but without specific accommodations announced yet. GA colleges are now requiring mask and making bigger classes online so that's a positive. If they give us the choice for high school i'm not sure what we pick.
  8. So just on a personal level (hopefully not too political), If you have kids or yourself or spouse are going back to school in the fall how is everyone feeling about it?
  9. I know what you mean but i don't know if it's the concerned ones who have tested positive.
  10. Sorry man. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
  11. Damn. That should be easy money. Here's question. How many teams in the east on average don't make the playoffs that want to make the playoffs. I'd say the average is 1
  12. Changing my name to ArthurFather.
  13. Bleach said the next Lebron will be fat so be proud. Well maybe he didn't but still.
  14. no argument here. Take over the whole country at this point!