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  1. I watched it and then rewatched what he said after game 7. He's full of it. They asked if Ben could be a PG on a championship team and he said exactly "i don't know the answer to that right now". Which is way different than what he is now claiming of saying "I'm not going to answer those types of questions".
  2. Exactly. There is so much they need to clean up with the officiating. They are wildly inconsistent at calling illegal screens and even kicked balls. Not to mention there is constant exaggerrated contact by some in the league that goes unnoticed by the league flopping office for some reason.
  3. That's because it ruined our most fun running gag
  4. I'm going to answer them. 1. How much better will Trae Young get? He will continue to improve mentally. He's done it every step of the way and already has a mastery of the offensive end that few can keep up with. His mid range game and floaters are going to be devastating this year. 2. Can De’Andre Hunter continue to look as good as he did? Yes if he is injury free. 3. Is this the year Cam Reddish emerges? Yes. For sure 4. Will the Hawks lock in Kevin Huerter to a new deal? No 5. What’s the next stage of development for John Collins? JC is who is which is damn good. Defense is probably the big improvement to make 6. Can Bogdan Bogdanovic be one of the five best 3-point shooters? Yes 7. Can Clint Capela be just as dominant defensively? Yes. 8. How will Jalen Johnson look alongside other pros? Good. Folks will get frustrated with the lack of playing time for him i think. 9. Who makes sense to fill the 15th roster spot? I don't know. Okafor i guess 10. How will the Hawks handle high expectations? They aren't scared of nuthin. That's the beauty of having guys all in similar stages of their careers and a few vets like Lou and Solo who don't have easily bruised egos.
  5. It's coming i think. I'm a big believer in Steph and if Klay is healthy they will be a playoff team but they aren't going to the finals without some help.
  6. No issues here either. But look how much having one guy, Perk, who has real knowledge of the Hawks forces the others to actually educate themselves. Finally! I agree Bogdan had an up and down season but he did have covid plus a knee injury. Can you imagine what his shooting is going to look like when his inconsistent season he shoots 44% from 3? I'm as excited to watch Bogdan this year as just about anyone. In a lot of ways he's the perfect mate to Trae in that he can hit really tough shots and handle the ball well. Trae is the best passer in the league but sometimes that two guard gets stuck with some tough spots when Trae gets forced into using a lot of the shot clock. Bogi was the best at making something out of it.
  7. Man look at this. What is he thinking? First he takes a swipe at Simmons and then is he really going to avoid tampering just by not mentioning him by name? Being rich doesn't mean you're smart. Warriors owner has harsh comments about Ben Simmons (
  8. I guess Lakers practice looks like a lot of this?
  9. Starters vs bench Trae/Bogi/Hunter/JC/CC vs Wright/Heurter/Cam/Gallo/Dieng Starters are better for sure but this would be a fun game to watch.
  10. Zion's numbers are pretty gaudy and half the time i watched them i couldn't figure out why he didn't get the ball more. You got a guy who will get a bucket 61% of the time i think you go to him a bunch. He's in a tough spot there. Pulling for Willie Green to have a good year. SVG combined with a bad mix of players really sunk them. This year looks slightly better to me.
  11. LOL. You still got one leg draggin off the Trae wagon? Come on man. We don't mind that you were 3 years late. There's room for everyone.
  12. I agree about Zion's prospects. He's really going to need to get in elite shape to keep it up. Barkley did it. Glen Davis sort of did it. Enough to have an ok career. In this day and age it seems crazy to think that any NBA team, agent, coaches would let Zion NOT get in shape. I know it's up to him ultimately but they have an investment to protect. I see what you are saying about Zion and JC but it would still be off the charts exciting to have Trae and Zion together. We'd be the hottest ticket in the NBA.