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  1. Teague is not the level of player that is going to block a trade. If he refused to play he doesn't get 10+ million dollars. I don't see that happening.
  2. Backup PG who can shoot is the biggest need by far. We need defensive rebounding but Collins will help that. A vet who can play both forward positions and shoot would be nice too.
  3. Eh. Hunter is what we thought but honestly i can see where he could have some serious game that i didn't think would be there in the NBA. His size and ball handling is could enough to score well in the paint and his shooting is really good (most of the time). Cam. I mean who projected him as a solid 3 & D guy this early in his career. And we didn't take Cam to be a 3&D guy. We took him to evenutally be more than that. The fact that he is showing flashes in early december at his age is a great sign.
  4. I'd like to have him back. He'd be a A+ backup PG. Plus i can break out my Teague tshirt again.
  5. I mean if we needed one more player to brick a bunch of shots then i agree. Otherwise I'm not sure what difference he would have made.
  6. I mean we were one horrible coaching decision away from beating the Heat who are top 4 in the league. We were right there with the sixers before Collins got suspended. Beat Denver The guys were tired but also game out with a bad attitude as a result of last nights game.
  7. Not many other stars got told they were too cocky or flashy or whatever. Trae is and has been very unique. Lead the NCAA in points and assists and half the people think you're no good. It's really strange.
  8. Trae/Heurter/Cam/Hunter/Collins/Jabari/Jones/Len. That should be the bulk of the minutes with Bruno, Vince, and Crabbe in there for short stints.
  9. Positivity? Read the room dude! (just kidding)
  10. PIerce has mostly done a good job despite some in game issues. Firing him now would be dumb. If we had depth and real vets then maybe you could bring in a vet type coach to make a difference but the next guy will just be in the same boat.
  11. Let's shorten the rotation. We played 11 guys and 10 of them double digit minutes.
  12. Man almost everybody who played 20+ minutes is double digit minus +/- except for Heurter who is +4. Even Hunter was -17 and Trae -24. Geez.
  13. Well he's not even defending that well. Jimmy missed a 15 footer that should have won the game because Bembry couldn't even stay close to him.