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  1. Thanks. I missed that. Clippers isn't a great name but what's the point of changing it.
  2. What? The logo is going to be a commercial product? What the heck is he trying to say here. Spoken like a true, arrogant, billionaire. Why is it once in a lifetime? Just because he owns it?
  3. Our best player improved a lot last season. I agree with Supes. It's fit. Baze and Prince were poor fits for this offense. We have legit rotation guys and a lot of young guns who are good fits. Whether we can play any defense I don't know but we were terrible on defense last year too.
  4. I honestly wouldn't trade Trae for Luka straight up right now but i'm sure there are plenty that would. But yes, where are the folks saying we lost the trade? Trae+Cam for Luka is going to look really good I predict.
  5. Welcome Sarah! Why is C-viv excited? What else does he cover?
  6. 1. Trae will be an all star 2. Heurter will be in the running for most improved player 3. 8th seed 4. Turner will be an important addition (not very specific but didn't know how to put it) 5. Bruno will look like a steal.
  7. VC coming back is all up to VC I thought? Who was the last player to be out of the league 2+ years and come back to contribute to an nba roster. I can't think of any and if there are any they probably weren't 35 years old.
  8. No thanks. Is there evidence that Amare is a good leader?
  9. Assuming they are healthy i think hawks fans will realize that Crabbe is an upgrade over Prince (in this system), and Turner is an upgrade over Baze. I love Baze and Prince but they were built for a Bud type system. Parsons and Parker i have no expectations but i think they'll provide some production off the bench at times.
  10. How did the Knicks not go after Cousins?
  11. This is when you get a lightly protected first in 2022
  12. I still think Len is better in the Hawks offense that Dedmon. And remember at the age Len is now, Dedmon had played in about 100 nba games, hadn't yet attempted a 3 pointer, and was averaging about 4/4.
  13. I think i'd do it. seems like we should get a pick or two.