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  1. Well that sounds pretty good. Baze was a mixed bag with good defense and shooting and poor playmaking.
  2. That doesn't mean we could have had the center we wanted on an acceptable deal. And it doesn't mean we didn't try.
  3. Where's the evidence that TS made 'no attempt' to sign a better center? This is a work in progress. Getting desperate to address needs with bad fits / bad contracts is what kills teams.
  4. Turner will be fine. I think we will come to appreciate him. It's a new system.
  5. I'm definitely worried about our frontcourt. Jones and Bruno don't seem ready to give us much. If it wasn't a defensive liability I might start Parker / Collins at 4/5. I think Len will be ok. We're just going to have to really defend the perimeter well to keep guys from attacking the basket.
  6. TS is GM'ing. We didn't bring Crabbe, Parsons, Turner or even Vince in here as pieces of the championship puzzle. These are guys to flip when the time is right to plug holes at center etc. Well maybe not Vince but the others.
  7. I think the lions are pretty good this year. seems like they got jobbed in GB. Plus i like the lions so i'm happy to cheer for Julio there.
  8. It's tiring running around in circles and then occasionally trying to catch a ball thrown too high and behind you. I was done with DQ a long time ago. I can't believe we're doing this for another season.
  9. Julio maybe my all time favorite Falcon but i say trade him to Detroit. We're wasting his career. Stafford will find him.
  10. Agree on Trae (of course). The dude is still seriously overlooked. I love Bembry but not sure why he gets a pass on missing/blocked 10 shots at the rim. Hustle is great but at some point you have to be under control enough to convert. Still I love the guy and think he'll have a big year. Cam is an NBA player. He's green but he'll get there. We need Heurter back and we need some bigs. Collins/Len/Carter/Bruno is not a great frontcourt rotation right now.
  11. One misconception i think is that we, as fans, think this is our year to make the move into the playoffs. Ownership isn't as concerned with that. They'd be happy to make it but they aren't going to go searching around for vets to help the cause.
  12. Every year it's the same call to way overpay for a 'true center', and every year the contenders are trotting out washed up 7 footers or never-great bigs at center. In today's nba I put 'great center' pretty far down the list of things needed for a championship.
  13. I couldn't agree with this more or at the very least taken a shot at that punk Molina. Cards suck.
  14. These games have been glorified playground ball. Collins excels when we're actually running plays. I think he'll be fine.