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  1. Apparently Lebron would prefer to be playing youths. I gave up on him growing up on the court years ago. At least he's a decent human being regarding non-basketball stuff.
  2. I get frustrated with teams like the Hawks getting short changed because of previous Hawk's failings when we have a whole new team. But I think some of the concern on Utah is based on these same players not getting it done before. But they are all still pretty young and they certainly have gelled this year. You obviously watch more Miami than me but I guess my uneducated criticism would be that Dragic seems a step slower this year and Herro/Robinson seem like they've underperformed maybe? Also, not sure i want to depend on Iggy and Ariza at this stage of their careers but i do like
  3. As I remember, the thing that was working in the last Knick game is that DRose can't guard Trae or Bogi. There is no where to hide him on D. Yeah he's a killer on the other end but we have some options for that.
  4. Snell's form is pretty repeatable to me but i'll go with Bogi because i think even more than the rest he doesn't like to lose.
  5. I want to see us challenge Randle. Make him work on D and pick up fouls. Last game we didn't do that until the second half. I think he went the first half without a foul.
  6. Maybe we should make a poll but does anyone here think that the ECF WON'T be Philly/Nets? I don't. West is also setup to be LA/LA. That one is less certain but if Playoff-P's the bed then I could see Utah.
  7. The fact that these guys were in the same draft is nuts. The fact that they were traded for each other is just bizarre.
  8. Bogi and Lou are going to be key in this series.
  9. If i hear one of these announcers say 'the nba is better when the knicks are good' during our series i'm going to absolutely lose my mind.
  10. Huh? You realize we have the exact same record right? 41-31. And since Nate took over we have the best record in the east. Post all star they are 22-13 and we're 25-11.
  11. By most measures Hawks and Knicks are equals. This is a toss up series despite them having homecourt so it's not like the sub .500 Bibby hawks against the #1 seed. We should expect to play well and win this series. Honestly we have more weapons but of course they are more of a traditional playoff style team. We'll see. Should be a great series. Can't believe i have to wait a week for it but glad we can prepare.
  13. The 2500 generated some buzz in the arena. I think there's going to be close to 8000 for playoff games. That should be enough to make some noise. Not the same i know but it will help.
  14. Here's the fight from another angle (too much?)