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  1. I've had many 'stress reactions' in my pelvis. Never missed that much time.
  2. how do you embed tweets? It never works for me.
  3. macdaddy

    Ask Supes

    I'm just feeling like there won't be anything of significance involving the Hawks. At least in terms of adding talent.
  4. Shawn Kemp made the transition pretty well. And that was with horrible conditioning. It'll be interesting to see for sure.
  5. The whole stat padding argument is a joke. You know how easy it is get rack up points and assists on the worst team in the league when you are the sole focus of the defense.
  6. macdaddy

    Ask Supes

    Ah crap. I hope they give you some diminished value money although that may only apply if there is non-cosmetic damage to fix.
  7. Vuc and Horf are more modern Cs though. Jordan was just a one year deal right? I'd pay Drummond big bucks on a one year no problem. Plus Jordan is there cause he's KD's buddy right?
  8. If Marcus Smart doesn't like you then you're in a big club. Kris Dunn. Who gives a flip. Trae will definitely piss people off and guys will come after him on the court. Doesn't mean they don't respect him. Folks make a big deal about the nutmeg passes being some how taboo but think trying to leap over guys for dunks is cool. Despite the fact that it usually fails and is 100 times more dangerous. Hell Lou Williams was getting pissed at BG getting in his shirt in the fourth and then after the game told the media the Hawks need to pay him big money. What's on the court is different
  9. macdaddy

    Ask Supes

    Dang. I hope it's better to fix than total. That's always the issue. Scary stuff.
  10. For 30 million I want to give them the ball and have them get me a bucket in crunch time. Drummond's great at a lot of things (well one thing), but he's not that guy.
  11. I can't wait for the supporting cast to be better. It's going to be epic.
  12. You can't tell me what to do!
  13. Look at this BS. How can you screw this up:
  14. macdaddy

    Ask Supes

    Damn. I missed this yesterday. I'm glad everyone is ok (hoping they are). Hopefully the insurance treats you right. Good luck with everything.
  15. Man I don't know if it's the cream or the clear but you've gone crazy lately.