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  1. Classy. Of course I"m much older so i'm thinking this:
  2. One more time. It wasn't that he left, it was the way he did it and the comments he and his camp made. I never had issue with him not playing hurt. In fact he came back for the playoffs at way less than 100% for us.
  3. Kawhi bringing a title has to make teams more interested in rolling the dice on AD even as a rental. It's making me think....
  4. macdaddy


    Or "A Princely sum Netted by Hawks". ok sorry. i'm not lw3
  5. I'm not disagreeing with you, i'm just saying that the press was acting like they were the first team ever to deal with major injuries in the playoffs.
  6. macdaddy


    Same here. Although that's the way i feel about most threads.
  7. macdaddy


    I like Prince a lot but not seeing what in his game would make him an all star.
  8. True. but Cousins and Thompson did play most of the series. Their injuries were definitely a drag and altered the series but it wasn't like it was some unheard of calamity....well at least until Thompson went down with a torn acl.
  9. That's certainly a screw up of poor execution but there were 28 other teams who weren't even looking at him so at least the evaluation was spot on. Water under the bridge i guess.
  10. Which third star are you talking about? Remember one of the Warriors championships is over a Cavs team missing Love and Kyrie for the whole series.
  11. I like Len. I think he fits really well on this team.
  12. That was awesome. When I saw Mark Davis officiating i thought the fix was on for a game 7 but W's just didn't have enough in the tank. Man I got tired of hearing how hard it was with all the injuries they were dealing with. Come on. most stacked team in the NBA and going to constantly talk about injuries. Anyway, Kawhi showed who the real MVP is. Lowry and the rest were clutch. Well except for Danny Green.
  13. If we turn 8/10 into #5 and unprotected 2020 from Cleveland! well that would be a friggin genius move.
  14. I'll say this about Travis. At least he makes the offseason interesting. After years of rumors and no action.
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