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  1. This is absolutely right but my point is not who was playing the 5 but the fact that Gallo was in the game because Collins was NA. Gallo is the only sub for Collins we have. If collins was available we would have been looking at Trae/Heurter/Snell/Solo/Collins on that last play. And possibly same result but at least Collins might have fouled him.
  2. I can't even understand this sentence. How long does he think a couple dribbles and a pass take?
  3. I agree with this but this is what good coaching is supposed to overcome. If you have Magic, Worthy, Kareem out there then anyone can coach but there aren't enough of those types of guys.
  4. Gallo will revert to being the player he always has been. He's being asked to do too much right now.
  5. Yeah. I mean that makes sense but then you've got Ingram last year, Randle, Vuc, Lavine that it doesn't apply to. Although i have no issues with Randle and Lavine this season. they deserve it.
  6. There's a lot of revision going on here though. First, while Gallo looked like an idiot on that play, it's not his fault. The total clusterwhoops on the perimeter was to blame there. You can't expect Gallo to become a rim protector out of the blue on this play. As to why Gallo is playing, it's not his contract. He's the only serviceable PF on the roster behind Collins. I'm not even talking about healthy. All this talk of whether to keep JC continues to ignore the fact that we have no one else. Plus I think there was more than one person on here before the season claiming
  7. I don't honestly think playoffs will even matter. Trae is irrationally hated. I mean he improved in every way including defense and 'winning' and went from all star starter to not making it in his home town. That's not just 'well there are a lot of deserving guys' that's 'we're going to show this guy up'.
  8. Yep. Trae went too soon, we were outcoached.
  9. Simmons and Brown are a joke to be chosen over Trae. I like Brown but we all know if he was a Hawk he wouldn't get one single vote. What a friggin joke. I saw a tweet yesterday. Out of the top 10 scorers in this league only 1 didn't make the all star game. Oh and that one also is averaging 10 assists a game and shooting better than he did last year when he was a starter.
  10. I just don't believe they will let him go mid season. Right or wrong.
  11. Crummy day to be a Hawks fan. I was so pissed about Trae not making the all star game and then they fold to the Cavs? And not only do they fold blow an easy game but it took boneheaded plays from like 5 guys to make it happen. I love Trae but after throwing up 30 shots you're going to pass the ball to snell with 1 second on the clock? good lord. Almost seemed like we threw the game to be honest.
  12. Nah. No cares about the peds at this point. But the gm doesn't get to pick the leader. The leaders emerge on a team and JC has done that. I could be wrong because i don't know what goes on in the locker room but he's the only guy i see really rallying the troops.
  13. Snell should start but i'm guessing Solo looking for LP right now to lobby for the job.
  14. If I remember correctly we did this very thing, in the offseason, with assistants. Refused to let them interview because they were under contract. I think it was Bud's staff but could have actually been before that. Might have been LD's assistants or something. Anyone remember?