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  1. This is stuff that the feds can prevent. They just won't. We will slap tariffs willy nilly but won't stop american companies from abandoning us during a crisis.
  2. I'll admit I'm a control freak. I'm just really sad about the whole situation but even more just infuriated at our government response. Kemp saying he just learned you could transmit without showing symptoms, for some reason Kushner is now involved despite having no experience, and he says the federal government stockpile of supplies isn't for the states? So they are giving the federal stockpile to private companies to in turn sell to the states. But politics aside people are dying. And people are dying and getting infected because of lack of access to critical supplies and care. And even if you think the feds have the best of intentions there is no way to deny that we aren't effectively battling this thing and don't have enough protective equipment, ventilators, and treatment facilities. So after that long intro my question is what the heck do we do? I know the answer is that there really isn't much but i feel like we're just waiting around and praying that we or someone we love doesn't have to go to the hospital and be rationed care and that the front line folks won't start dying in big numbers. It's a helpless feeling, I guess because i feel like that we as a country and a government could be doing so much more.
  3. That is unbelievably shocking and I'm guessing the CDC loves being thrown under the bus. This is the new strategy. Blame the CDC when the whole friggin world knew months ago that this was the case. The hubris here is what's so shocking. He thinks we're idiots.
  4. From January 1st until the season was halted Hawks #7 in 3 point attempts, #21 in 3 point percentage Bucks #5 in 3 point attempts, #24 in 3 point percentage
  5. Thanks @sturt. Best of luck with everything. I wouldn't even describe myself as traditionally religious but i know prayer works. I'm praying for the best possible outcomes for your family.
  6. My point is that the system is for trae, heurter, hunter, cam, collins. And they are good 3 point shooters and they will be here next year. I think 4 of the 6 guys mentioned as bad shooters won't be here next year.
  7. I don't disagree with this but obviously i'm willing to give him another year (or half if he loses the team)
  8. Again, you can't say that there were 6 threes a game taken by these players. That's just untrue. They weren't all in the same games.
  9. give me a break. you've convinced yourselves that there is some magical 'better' coach out there that would have done more with this roster. I've said multiple times that i think LP deserves plenty of criticism but doesn't deserved to be fired for not winning more games with one of the worst, youngest rosters in the nba. what i've heard is a lot of fuzzy math, arguments about how Goodwin and Bembry were allowed to run amuck jacking 3s, and my favorite argument: LP runs no system at all and just lets Trae make up the offense. Nice facts.
  10. If Len goes 1 for 5 from 3 in one game and Dedmon goes 1 for 5 from 3 in another game you can't say: "these guys are taking collectively 10 3s a game and shooting 20%"
  11. I think i'm getting confused with who and what argument we're talking about. To just address this, I don't see how all or even most of the blame here is on LP. The lack of energy / effort I will definitely put on him. Trae still having 'a ton of flaws' in his second year when he went from a supposed bust to an all star starter seems a curious argument against LP. Collins putting up offensive numbers that no one in the history of the nba has done also seems very suspect as an argument that LP didn't use him enough. As far as the others, i think our collective (and i'm guilty) expectation of Heurter maybe too high. And Trae is playing off the ball to learn how to play off the ball. It's something he's never done in his whole life and he's supposed to be immediately good at it on an nba level? But LP is doing it because of his numbers hitting 3s from that position are great.
  12. Just following up on what the feds could be doing more than they are. The whole article is good and highlights the difficulties states are having and the so far inconsistent help they are getting. Trump has begun using the DPA in an extremely limited fashion. Its broader use could go a long way toward helping state officials access the materials they need, however. But with no guarantee that federal assistance is at the ready, states may have to continue their efforts to figure out how to protect their own — even if that’s to the detriment of the collective United States.
  13. For me the bottom line is there were lack of quality options available. I don't think that's an opinion that many disagree with. It seems like some of the same people who have issues with Cam and Hunter being allowed to make a bunch of mistakes in an nba game somehow think Bruno would have played like a solid vet if given the chance.
  14. This is really. wrong. math. That aside. These are for the most part the scrubs of the team and guys who played part of the year being cited as examples of bad coaching. There are plenty of better examples of bad coaching on LPs part. This was is the biggest stretch i've seen.