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  1. I hear you but he hasn't been a regular starter the last two years right? Maybe the appeal of coming home will help. If he doesn't want to continue with the Lakers there could be worse places to go. East is wide open and we have a ton of talent.
  2. Seems like KCP would be nice off the bench for us.
  3. That actually makes sense. I understand your point about JC and CC but i'm guessing they'll be plenty of time on the court without each other too which means Trae will always have that pnr big to go to whether we're going small with JC at center or small 1-4 with Hunter or someone at 4 and capela at 5.
  4. I'm so happy now to have Clint. I have to say i wanted Adams but after watching Adams a lot in the playoffs I'm happy we didn't get him. I've never seen a guy with so much size be so uninterested in scoring. don't get me wrong, he's great at a ton of stuff but he is capable of doing more.
  5. yeah something happened. strange though because it didn't think there was anything wrong with his 'old' teeth.
  6. I guess she's lucky she didn't get shot.
  7. I love new orleans the town but after the falcons super bowl debacle i'll root against the saints all day every day. it's embarrassing how much the revel in the Falcons super bowl loss to this day. Totally classless. But we still have this :
  8. No Dedmon is a shocker. the others a free agents so no point in them getting hurt.
  9. Well since i never get the chance to be that guy i will do it now. i called it and one of you morons told me the NBA would never give up xmas day. So ha! Oh wait a sec....this sucks. Boston, Miami and LA are probably already whining about the short offseason for their guys.
  10. We aren't going to sign anyone who expects to be a full time starter. Right or wrong i think that's our mindset.
  11. It may have been the most ridiculous play ever. The thing is i can only assume that Dallas expected the Falcons to play it that stupidly. Otherwise it's the easiest kick possible to field if you don't sit there and stare at it.
  12. Yeah it's a joke but i'll be honest. Not once did i feel like we were going to win that game. Yeah the offense put up points but we were basically gifted 2 TDs in the first quarter and our offense couldn't keep up the rest of the way. I know the D gave up a lot of points. 39 should be enough to win but the truth is that the Falcons never put opponents away when we have the chance. And it puts a ton of pressure of the D which is average at best. I don't know why i watch anyway. I agree with @PSSSHHHRRR87 it may be time to get behind a new team. Only thing i have now is to roo
  13. I feel like Travis is going to quietly try to move up for Deni or Edwards. Edwards maybe wishful thinking on my part but i could see him making a deal to get Deni.
  14. Such a sad story. ABC promo makes it sound like some kind of entertainment soap opera we're supposed to enjoy. It's people's lives.
  15. Right. Sorry, I forgot about that.