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  1. I keep forgetting Houston signed Cousins too. A couple massive gambles on Wall and Cousins which could pay off. Probably not but it's possible. If Harden is traded then they are screwed.
  2. sorry. didn't realize this thing was 2 weeks old.
  3. Not sure how Orlando is ranked ahead of us.
  4. Yes exactly. Which is often the only option.
  5. Seems like a lot of folks should love the Rockets and Wiz 're-tooling' vs. tearing it down.
  6. I like Westbrook A LOT more than Wall for sure. I'm not sure that matters at this point though. I mean DRose was an MVP. To your point Westbrook maybe the better player but Houston had to get rid of him. This may have been the only way.
  7. Rondo may end up being our best signing.
  8. I like Westbrook and have always hated Wall. But this still seems like a decent deal really for both teams. Wall is a better shooter despite both of them sucking. I think Wall is a better compliment to Harden too. Someone said Wall's deal was worse but i think they are the same right? Either way it's probably a gamble worth trying for both teams.
  9. Well that's an interesting point because despite this quote Travis already said Collins is starting right? I think it is more guys like cam/hunter/heurter. Those guys are going to be heading to contract negotiations in the next few years and it makes a big difference whether they are a starter or not.
  10. To Pbird's point LP is kind of a run on talker. I can relate. so pulling out a succinct quote for the media from the stream of consciousness has got to be hard.
  11. I read it as he understands that starting means something to the players. It has ramifications to their career. His message to them is he understands that but you have to earn it.
  12. John Wall is a better fit with Harden. Still not a good fit but better. I'm still baffled that Westbrook didn't get to Cleveland or NY. I fear the Wiz more with Westbrook than with Wall. Which is to say I went from not fearing them to
  13. I'd throw in a top 30 protected 1st to be fair.
  14. They are working on it though. Not sure how far apart they can be unless he's just decided max or bust.