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  1. First year I haven't bought 2k in almost a decade. They ruined the park experience with too many micro transactions. It's about one step a way from NBA Jam at this point game play wise. The mode you're playing is still good though Supes. I used to do an online league every year but I would have to fight you for the Hawks. 😁😁
  2. I did, but I was trying to get 4, so I figured that was why. I did see 200 level games right around 7am. I ended up taking the Orlando game because it's right after my birthday and on MLK day, and the Timberwolves game.
  3. Great fair and balanced article on Trae. I agree with this article he has to be elite offensively to make up for his other short comings, but even if he is elite offensively we could struggle like Damien Lilliard in the playoffs because of his D. Trae is a better playmaker than Lilliard though so that should give him an avenue to contribute more to winning and be more impactful than Dame. Secondly roster construction will be key; you can only have one bad defender in a championship lineup. Dame would look alot better with Draymond and Klay on his side. If Trae is going to be the designated defensive liability then everyone else is going to have to be solid. Trae has to give better effort though and quit the olay crap. If they shoot over his short arms fine, but he's quick enough to not give up constant dribble penetration like he has. Right now this team has too many offensive only players. Trae has physical limitations, but I'm looking at Taurean and others and asking what's your excuse.
  4. Great post. The only thing I'll add is he's more than a spot up shooter, and can finish at the rim. He seems to be overly worried about the rim protection in the NBA. He's getting by his man easily with a nice first step, but is getting turnovers passing too quickly before he fully draws the help defender. I expect him to poster someone soon. He needs to work on his dribble pull up in between game if he feels he can't finish. I think he can finish though and needs to do a bit of both to keep defenders guessing.
  5. I actually think there's a decent chance he'll be the best player from this class. Great instincts does everything well no real weaknesses imo except not being aggressive on offense right now. I'm thinking that's mostly because he missed a lot of time with the injury and is unsure of where to find his shots and where his teammates will be.
  6. Basketball is positionless, but defense matters. I would say it depends on what highest rated PG can defend. Imo you can play whatever positions you can defend. Trae is unfortunately a 1 position defender only and that's being generous because he's not a good defender at that position. If the highest rated player is a pg and can defend SGs and Pgs i would say yes draft him. There are other factors but that's a start.
  7. Hawks still Hawking. I thought this cover your a$$ gotcha culture was limited to the ASG. I'm not a fan of airing internal dirty laundry in the public to try and make yourself look better. This is the culture that empowers a clown like Michael Gearon to put his personal agenda ahead of the well being of the organization . Trying to throw this all on Bud and Wes when they are not here to defend themselves is cowardly. This is 100% Reseller because he's was in charge and the owner. It's like a CEO having a quarterly earnings meeting and blaming everyone around him for under performing expectations. His answer to the analyst and investors is I was a dope to higher these guys. If you were a dope then why aren't you a dope now, and what kind of confidence does this inspire? I would hate to work for the Hawks when your there your the best when your gone it's character smearing. Buds a moron now that didn't put the Hawks first. Al Horford never gave his all for the Hawks and was saving himself for a decade for Boston. Both left because of organizational dysfunction and both are looking good in their next stop.
  8. Looking forward to seeing how this team progresses on defense this year. I think that will determine the trajectory of this team. I don't want to be Phoenix east all offense no D. I think this should be a game the Hawks win easily. Figured I would get that in because I don't know how often I'll be able to say that this year. Go Hawks!
  9. Fran Fraschilla was literally one the highest experts on Doncic and even he doesn't believe he'll be a Superstar. The people that think he's transcendent will be highly disappointed. I think this is a balanced opinion of what he can be that doesn't write off all his flaws by saying hey but he was Euro league MVP at 18. Being MVP at 18 is impressive, but lets not act like he wasn't in position to play more Euro minutes than any young player I can remember. Young Euros even when good usually have their minutes capped by vetrean seniority system.
  10. ATLien_

    Pumped for Trae

    Very nice. If only you weren't giving it to the man with the record for most 1 star post. I kid!
  11. So you're going to put that all on Dennis? This team was unbearable last year; I could barely watch 10 games and I normally watch 82. Who was he going to pass to? If it's true that the team was 15-17 when he scored 20+ points than I can see why he thought he was doing the right thing. Their record was ass when he wasn't scoring. The coaching staff and GM should have control here not the 24 year old. If they wanted him to change and play differently and he didn't respond they should have benched him or traded him then. Dennis as a I mentioned is not a prefect player, but I'm not going to crap on him for being ball dominate on last year's team. He played fine when he had better players and leaders around and Dennis did not destroy the leadership structure he desperately needed that was Schlenk and Bud. I can't believe you guys have me on here defending Dennis. I've been wanting to trade him for 2.5 years when he had value. Everybody that leaves the Hawk's seems to be in a better situation. Horford, Korver, Millsap, Bud the list goes on. I guess a Hawks fans only recourse is to hate on them. I want to see the Hawks win not hate on players that helped us make the playoffs for a decade even though that's not good enough for Hawks fans.
  12. I love that he wanted to win. We don't have normal rebuilding youngins; these guys are used to being in the playoffs, and playing in big games. I would hate being Taurean and Dennis and being this bad. Taurean probably won't mind because he'll get more shots to inflate his value for his next deal, but Dennis already had his deal. I want guys that aren't ok with losing.
  13. I've had a love hate relationship over the years, but he actuality won me over at the beginning of last season. I thought he played well and was setting teammates up better than in the past. I stopped watching about 10 games in because it was some of the worst basketball I've been subjected to in a while. A bunch of broke boys taking primarily 3 pointers was not something I could stomach, so I'm not sure what went off the rails in Dennis season to make, so many on the Squawk turn on him. Firstly, Dennis wasn't a prefect player, but I believe he's the type of player that can make the Hawks look silly in this trade. He still has tremendous upside, and this may be the kick in the arse he needs. I think Dennis plays better with a chip on his shoulder and he now has a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sized chip. I can't wait to see the first time he faces Trae Young; I'm going too order my popcorn now. Secondly, Dennis has dog in him, and has no back down in his DNA. When the lights shined brightest for key matchup or playoffs, Dennis game elevated. That's why he put Teague on the bench in crunch time even as a backup. When Al Horford and Paul Millsap where wetting the bed against Cleveland, Schröder was putting in work. When John Wail was going ham he was cooking bacon in the corner. I think this is what I'll miss most about Dennis and is his best trait. Best of luck in OKC Dennis and thanks for everything.
  14. It amazes me how you guys want to close the book on guys in their early 20s. If you can't see the potential Parker has that's a you problem. His defense is not good, but it's silly to argue with you about rather he can score or not. He averaged 20 points a game in 2016/2017 shooting 49% from the field and 36.5% from 3. Not inefficient chucking. Now if you want to talk about D you have an argument, but I never mentioned his D. Plenty of room on a team for an offensive only star, the league is littered with them. The good teams know how to hide them, and get more out of them defensively.
  15. D Anthony Melton can play and guard 1 or 2, but unlike our current PGs actually projects to be a very good defensive player. If we draft him maybe you don't trade for Lin. When our point guards are getting worked every night I guarantee we will be looking for a defensive compliment to Trae when John Wall is eating him alive. Definitely need a defensive big, but I question does Schlenk want a big that can't shoot. Early results say no with Dedmon and Spellman. I think Melton has more upside too, and we are in talent acquisition mode. There was a lot of talent in this second round. I think there will some ballers.