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  1. Looks like Teague & Graham will be able to play on Saturday according to this link from CBS Sports
  2. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Darn those three were the main guys people wanted on this Board. I guess Lloyd is tired of dealing with projects. I don't see the Hawks winning enough games to fall all the way to the 8 range. I guess if the Hawks got a top 3 pick they would look to trade down in the draft, unless Ressler wants someone like Edwards on the team.
  3. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Any info on College players the team has an interest in?, similar to Cam last season?
  4. Found this over at Hoopshype. Says Atlanta is interested in Dedmon but Sac wants too much in return. Elsewhere in Sacramento, big man Dewayne Dedmon’s hopes of getting moved have yet to come to fruition. Sources say the Hawks are among the teams with interest, but Kings general manager Vlade Divac has thus far been setting the asking price too high for Atlanta’s liking. 1 hour ago –
  5. I doubt we win more than 18 or 19 games this year unless a trade(s) happen. Even though there is still around 3 months left in the season, we can't win the "close" games.
  6. Westbrook is sitting tonight's game out. Eric Gordon will be in starting lineup. Does Trae guard Eric Gordon or Eddie House?
  7. From the Highlights I have seen of Obi Toppin he is a good player but he doesn't necessarily wow me. He looks like a combination of Jabari Parker's post game with AL Horford's jumpshot and defense.
  8. Realgm article states Blake Griffin is pondering having season ending knee surgery.. If Blake is shut down will that have an affect on the Pistons trading Drummond at or before the deadline?
  9. I would trade off Huerter before Cam & D. Hunter
  10. The offensive sets & Defensive schemes are trash.
  11. What did Trae say? Did not stick around to hear the post game comments.
  12. I have seen games where Vince is clearly angry with the loss. He is the only one off the bench who can hit some three pointers.
  13. I have only watched a few highlights on Wiseman, but I see him as being similar to Marvin Bagley just taller. Is that a fair assessment?
  14. I like Steven Enoch, guy has a nice stroke for a Big guy. If our pick falls outside the top 5 or 6 I would give him a look.