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  1. What's the harm What's the harm in bringing in a few extra bodies? I know Travis said we would probably go into camp with 17 players but that was before the MRI results. For all we know someone else could get injured before the 11th.
  2. Keep tracking Free Agency signings on Wojo's twitter & Hoopshype.
  3. He only signed for $10 mill a year, and he is a true 3/4.
  4. If we were going to get Rondo, we should have signed Crowder instead of Dunn.
  5. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Supes why would the Hawks be interested in Avery Bradly?, he isn't as good defensively as he use to be.
  6. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    I would only give Hayward a 3 year deal. I don't think he is worth tying up our money for 4 years. 3 yrs @ 75 million.
  7. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Why, Snell is a 2 guard. He wouldn't play unless Cam or Huerter got injured.
  8. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Hey Supoes Sarah Spencer just reported that Jones, Brown Bembry & Skal will become unrestricted Free Agents. Does this mean we are not bringing Skal back? Also Brandon's contract will become fully guarantee.
  9. We already know the Hawks won't invite player(s) whom were supposed to get drafted to training camp. Always invite undrafted players that no one hardly knows.
  10. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Supes are you hearing anything that Deni's draft stock has fallen over the past 3 or 4 days? updated Mock has him going to the Spurs at #11. I know it is just a mock, but NBAdraft has to be hearing something to put him down that far even if it is just their opinion that he doesn't go top 5.
  11. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    He may not be a great shooter, but he hit some big shots for the Celtics during the playoffs this past season. IMO they do not make it that far in the Bubble with out Marcus.
  12. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Supes you stated that Joe Harris will probably end back up with the Nets, but why would he choose going back there if we offer him more money than Brooklyn? Money talks, I don't care how much said player likes a city.
  13. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    Hey Supes any interest in Patrick Williams? I see he has risen in the Mock drafts, has him at #6. Also the "Insider" guy on the Hawks forum on reddit stated Travis Shlenk likes him, but the guys in scouting department are not as fond of him.