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  1. Why don't teams send double-teams at Lukawhen he's handling the ball? when I watch high lights of him there is always only 1 guy guarding him.
  2. Article on Realgm says Anderson was waived by the Rockets. Could his 3 point shooting help us? or is his lack of defense not worth putting him on the floor?
  3. If I was Pierce I would go ahead and insert Bembry in the starting lineup and send Cam to the Bench. At least Bembry can get to the basket to score or play the passing lanes which could lead to fast break points. I am sick of the slow starts in every game.
  4. I don't want any more unproven players unless they can be a franchise player. I would even trade the Hawks 2020 pick for a Young Veteran if it is not in the top 5.
  5. It's crap like this why a lot of people stop watching the NBA.
  6. The Refs called that Flagrant foul on Cam which his elbow barely grazed Baynes but the other night Jokic hacked the Heck out of Huerter's arm and no Flagrant was called.
  7. Does anyone know what" Personal Reasons" have cost Vince to miss the last few games?
  8. Cam needs to work on his frail body. He can not take contact when going to the basket.
  9. Yeah probably not because it would make Schlenk look like he made a mistake with picking Cam in the Lottery.
  10. If they don't send Cam down to the G-League it will probably be Vince who's time is cut.
  11. Allen Crabbe needs to hurry back so Cam can get some time down in College Park.
  12. Well Shlenk now can throw a bunch of money to Andre Drummond next offseason. Collins will be gone by 2021 or even the summer of 2020.
  13. It might be that Luke Walton isn't that good of a coach. Dave Joerger had them playing pretty good last year. Divac decided to change up things and fire him.
  14. All a Hawks player had to do was blow on Herro if he was at the 3 point line and the Refs would blow the whistle.
  15. Sarah Spencer of the AJC must have reported the Height of De'Andre Hunter wrong, when she said that he was 6'7 1/2 just like Cam. The chart above says Hunter is a flat 6'7.