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  1. No one knows how well the draftees will adapt after their 1st year. However, like you stated no one will unseat Trae in this draft & I dont see Haliburton having the overall skills & Athleticism of Reddish. So imo he would always be a bench(maybe 6thman) guy unless a major injury happens to Trae or Cam. He would be a safe pick, but we do not need tobe safe.
  2. I don't think it is wise to spend a top 10 lottery pick on a Backup PG. I have it down to Toppin, Okoro or Okungwu if we stay at #6.
  3. Guess that guy ain't a Hawks fan.
  4. All the old school wrestling fans knew who he was. Plus the guy was born in Marietta.
  5. Supes do you know if we decided to take a PG in the lottery(Haliburton or Hayes) would we still look to buy back in to the late lottery to get a wing or PF?
  6. There are channels on Youtube who don't think that highly of Okoro has Hawksquawk. I have heard him being compared to Stanley Johnson and Justice Winslow. There was one Channel that stated Issac Okoro's best potential would be Caron Butler. Does anyone have any worries that we could be over evaluating Okoro's potential? is he a big gamble for the 6th pick?
  7. What do yall think about Silver saying " December 1st feels a little early, " to start next season? 1# priority is to have fan's back in person for next season.
  8. I found this over on the Falcons message board about the Hawks.   I don't know if this is you or if it is someone else who has inside information.  A good bit of it is what you have already told us with some new information.  I wanted to see what you thought about the information.


    1. NBASupes


      That's Jay from here. That's her name there and on realgm. That's fine with me if Jay wants to share that info outside of the squawk.

    2. Blunt91


      Oh alright I should have made the connection by the username 


    3. JayBirdHawk


      Hey Supes.  I've posted your stuff there before (throughout the season) and I made clear this wasn't my info.

  9. Don"t know, 25 people with in 9 days is still a good bit off people. I just think it's more to it than them being worried about the Virus as to why they don't want to play.
  10. Does anyone find it Hypocritical of these players saying that they are concerned for their Safety with the Season starting back in Orlando, yet there have been 25 players to test positive for the Virus since June 23rd. Evidently they have not been following the required guidelines or else there would not be this many positive test.
  11. Toppin's defense is "Jabari Parker before the Hawks" bad.
  12. According to Tankathon there is a 25.7% chance for the hawks to land the 6th pick and 2.2% chance at the 8th pick. So there's very little of a chance of the Hawks falling pass the 7th pick which is 16.7%
  13. The NBA can come up with another plan if they really wanted to do so. I don't see how it is that the NBA is making this process to play so difficult yet The Ultimate Fighting Championship were able to go out and secure locations and start back to work. The UFC president stated it is costing them a lot of money to have everything in compliance with CDC standards but they still got it done. The NBA makes more money than the UFC so it should not be that hard to rent a facility/ hotel in Arizona or Vegas and put on a mini tournament similar to Summer League play for the 8 teams left out.
  14. Jerami Grant fits that description.