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  1. Any current Intel on what the Hawks plan on doing in the draft?

  2. Supes is there any info yet from your source on what the Hawks plan to do with their pick?
  3. I would prefer Trey Murphy over Ziaire Williams if choosing a 3/4 Forward.
  4. Looks like Coach Nate is starting to add his "new" assistants to his staff. Per HoopsHype: Jake Fischer: Longtime assistant coach Joe Prunty and former Pelicans player development assistant Jamelle McMillan are expected to join Chris Jent on the front of Nate McMillan’s bench in Atlanta next season, per league sources. Jamelle, McMillan’s son, spent 7 years with New Orleans. 39 mins ago – via Twitter JakeLFischer
  5. After watching highlights on him, I think he has the most upside & versatility that we can get a 20. I feel we can get a backup PG that fits our needs in the 2nd round with guy like Nix & Washington Jr most likely being available.
  6. I wouldn't mind picking up Daishen Nix in the 2nd round, even if we have to move up 4 or 5 slots to get him. I know he is a poor 3 point shooter and not very athletic but he is 6'4 225 with very good passing ability. He is someone that could play next to Trae in the Future. He can be taught to improve his 3 point shot.
  7. Finally some Hawks Pre draft News: via Twitter ChrisKirschner Chris Kirschner: Prospects (so far) I’ve heard Hawks have/will work out: Ayo Dosunmu Daishen Nix Kessler Edwards Cam Thomas Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Josh Christopher Joel Ayayi David Duke Joel Wieskamp Luka Garza Moses Wright Justin Champagnie Sandro Mamukelashvili John Petty JT Thor Carlik Jones
  8. Good stuff, I wanted to know your opinion on Dashien Nix, as far as his future potential. Haven't heard any one critique him yet.
  9. Seems like Sharife Cooper is popular among a lot of posters. I think he is a good player but don't know if he is right for the Hawks. I am not too concerned about his size as more of him thinking he is "The Man" already. I don't see him playing behind Trae more than a year or two before he will want to start. Watching his interview with Mike Schmitz I can just tell that even though he seems like a "Good Guy" he still has a bit of cockiness about him, I don't see him playing 2nd fiddle to Trae for too long. It would be similar to the Reggie Jackson when he got tired of playing behind Westbrook. Oh yeah, he also unintentionally slighted the city of Atlanta. Mike Schmitz asked him about his "Game" he brings to the court and he said something along the lines of I think I bring that New Jersey style of play to the court. Cooper's family moved to Atlanta when he was 6 years old. Better put some respect on the Atlanta & the state of GA.
  10. I also wanted to say it seems like Lou needs a decent amount of minutes 20-25 minutes to be effective. It seems like he can't find his groove when he is only playing sparse minutes.
  11. I think that he should have been pulled after it was evident that he wasn't himself (missing so many 3 pointers and even a few free throws). However, Nate let him go out on his sword, because he knew how important it meant to Trae to be out there with the team in a do or die situation.
  12. There were rumors of him retiring last off season, but he still felt that he might want to play. Don't know if any team called his agent about playing this season or whether he just decided to sit out the shorten season like Kyle did.
  13. I know some will say he is old "trash" but what about Tyson Chandler? Yes he will turn 39 years old in October but he is still 7'1 with long arms. He may not be as athletic as he use to be, but he is still not a stiff and most importantly he knows that he can't demand a lot of Playing time and we could sign him for the Veteran's minimum.
  14. Guess I will just past the link to the workout schedule.
  15. Looks like you will get your wish. Found this over on Hoopshype. Atlanta Hawks