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  1. Blunt91

    Vince is Back!

    Don't know if this tidbit has been posted but Vince signed back for 2.5million. Looks like he might have a clause in his contract that allows him to block any trades not to his liking. Did not know Vet Minimum was over 2 million this offseason.
  2. Joe Hit the game winner for his team@ 2:54sec. Somebody get Joe an NBA deal even if it is the 9th or 10th man on the bench.
  3. I wish the Hawks would give Jordon Vernado an exhibit 10 deal. They brought him in for a predraft workout. I watched him play while he was at Troy University and the kid has talent, but he is undersized at 6'6 playing PF.
  4. Q & A with Jabari from Hoopshype Nice read
  5. I think Jeremy Lin will be heading overseas. 19 mins ago – via Sportando Jeremy Lin is CSKA Moscow’s top target at guard position, a source told Sportando. The EuroLeague and VTB League reigning champions need a guard to finalize the roster for next season and they made an offer to the NBA champion who is actually free agent. He himself a few days ago stated that he would consider playing in Asia. So I guess it is either Russia or Asia.
  6. It would not have been as bad if we had of kept the 27th pick in the trade and drafted Tony Parker.
  7. Anyone against Pau Gasol joining the team? I think he probably wants more than what we are willing to pay. He probably is looking for a 1 year contract in the 6 to 7 million range, like that of Markieff Morris who signed for 6.5 million on a 1 year deal with Detroit.
  8. Guess I got my answer from a comment I made in the Free Agency thread.
  9. I hope Travis signs someone with more skill and veteran leadership than the Daniel Hamilton's of the World. We only have 1 true Veteran with leadership ability on the team right now and that is Evan Turner. Collins & Trae are good character guys but they are still learning and maturing. Crabbe, Bembry & Parsons are not Leaders. You need proven Vets such as Vince Carter, Pau Gasol & Devin Harris for that Leadership role.
  10. When have the Hawks ever went into camp with only 13 players signed to the roster? Furthermore, it was reported during Summer League play that they were searching the Summer League rosters for a 2nd player to sign to a 2 way deal.
  11. Are there no Rumors of whom the hawks are looking at for the last roster spot? Can we at least fill the other 2 way spot, Summer league has been over for a full week.
  12. Never mind getting Stoudemire, this fool was trying to fight someone who made him mad on IG.
  13. Well from the things Schlenk said when the trade announcement was made official he will be a hawk for the foreseeable future. “Allen is a proven veteran in this league and adds another three-point threat on the wing for us. We’re happy to welcome him to the Hawks,” said Hawks General Manager and Head of Basketball Operations Travis Schlenk.
  14. He seemed like a pretty Mature Guy during the interview, he said all the Right things. Stated he could mentor and also show the Young Guys how to work hard. Also be fore he left the Guy who asked the question about the teams gave him 3 teams he think are up and coming and Atlanta was on of them. Stoudemire was very Coy when he responded he just said Atlanta was a Good team but did not say anything else. The other 2 teams were Indiana & Dallas.
  15. I am watching First Take on ESPN. Amar'e is the Guest for today. One of the Guys asked him "what team right now in the NBA would benefit most from having you?" He stated the young teams that have the next wave of Great Players. He said he thinks he could mentor them a lot and does not mine being the 9th or 10th player off the bench. You ask me that sounds like Atlanta. Your thoughts on adding Amar'e?