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  1. A good bit of those players are or were recently part of "Big 3" Basketball. I guess Joe and Josh were smart enough to stay out of this scheme.
  2. Sounds like Goodwin is being immature about not being able to play. The Hawks medical staff job is to keep you safe & Healthy they are not going to " bend" just because you say you are feeling well now.
  3. I guess Cabarrot is still stuck in France with Visa issues?
  4. Is it safe to say Jahlil is Jabari Parker with no Athletic ability?
  5. Why not bring in someone decent now if they are available? It doesn't have to be Hamilton it could be someone else, Hartenstein etc. I just don't like being thin at a position, but that's just my opinion on it.
  6. I don't think Hamilton needs to blow everyone's mind to get an NBA deal, just be able to rebound and play some solid defense. I doubt he is looking for a G League deal since he played there in 18/19 season. If he is that bad, then Shlenk needs to bring in another "big" because Capela & Dieng alone will not suffice until OO gets back. We never know when Capella might get injured or have to miss some games.
  7. Teams are starting to sign players for camp deals. Maybe by the end of the week Atlanta adds the last 2 players for camp. Hopefully 1 of those will be another Big who can compete with Hamilton for that last roster spot. Johnny seems decent enough to hold down the 3rd string center position till Okungwu gets ready. Would love to have He & Hartenstein battle for that non-guaranteed deal.
  8. A big that can play the 4 or 5 position
  9. I still think the Hawks should add another Center. We got Dieng, but you never know if Capela may have to miss some games. We should lock up Isaiah Hartenstein to a vet minimum deal.
  10. Any current Intel on what the Hawks plan on doing in the draft?

  11. Supes is there any info yet from your source on what the Hawks plan to do with their pick?
  12. I would prefer Trey Murphy over Ziaire Williams if choosing a 3/4 Forward.
  13. Looks like Coach Nate is starting to add his "new" assistants to his staff. Per HoopsHype: Jake Fischer: Longtime assistant coach Joe Prunty and former Pelicans player development assistant Jamelle McMillan are expected to join Chris Jent on the front of Nate McMillan’s bench in Atlanta next season, per league sources. Jamelle, McMillan’s son, spent 7 years with New Orleans. 39 mins ago – via Twitter JakeLFischer