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  1. How about Etan Thomas? He didn't do much for the Hawks, but managed to play 11 seasons in the NBA.
  2. BG is still more reliable than Solo from 3 point range.
  3. Dang why is Snell listed as out?, when he was doubtful for the Heat game.
  4. Sarah K. Spencer @sarah_k_spence · 11m Danilo Gallinari (right foot soreness) is available tonight.
  5. At least Shaq & Ernie are taking up for us.
  6. All Trae needed was the Ronald McDonald shoes to go with the outfit.
  7. I don't see Solo getting any playing time if Hunter & Snell are fully healthy. My question is can Hunter get back to playing well enough to unseat Snell as the Starting SF? Would it be advantageous to use Snell off the bench or have him to slide back in as the Starting 3?
  8. The Hawks will have 2 days off after their game Thursday. If Dunn doesn't practice during that time, and he isnt a go for Sunday I think he won't ever be ready this season.
  9. So Supes or Camps, any new info on whether the hawks will look to waive Bruno in order to sign a available veteran Center/Forward?
  10. Nate said that they expected Hunter to have a little set back, but that this isn't something long term and that hopefully he could be ready in Denver. Also on another note, don't know if this has been posted but Dunn is suppose scrimmage with the team on Monday. Travis stated that if every thing goes well he could be with the team by the end of the week. However, knowing Nate, if Dunn gets through the scrimmage okay, I see Nate playing him in a limited role Tuesday night against Phoenix.
  11. Yeah, but I would still trust Rondo over Goodwin & Mays in the playoffs, since he is an experience Veteran who has a Ring. Dunn isn't a Facilitator.
  12. Supes if Rondo is moved(I don't believe he will) what will Atlanta do for a Backup PG? We don't know how healthy Dunn is or will be for the rest of the season.
  13. Yup, Bagley is on shooting 56% from the free throw line this year. They would need to throw a 1st rounder in there as well.
  14. Hey Sipes, just read an article that said The Kings offered Bagley for Collins, any truth to that? I still want to keep JC, doesn't make sense to mess up the Chemistry with he & Trae.
  15. LoL, I bought his MLK jersey Shirt & have not even worn it yet.