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  1. Jerami Grant fits that description.
  2. Blunt91

    Ask Supes

    If we miss out on guys like Joe Harris & Bertans, what about a cheap signing such as Justin Holiday? He was shooting 42% from three this season.
  3. Watched some Highlights on Hofrichter and the Kid looks pretty good, he has got a "Leg" on him.
  4. Lynch & Shanahan screwed the Falcons. I wanted Kinlaw since Simmons & Brown were well out of reach.
  5. Blunt91

    Good TV shows?

    1.Chicago PD new and old episodes 2. 60 days In 3. The first 48 4. The confession tapes documentary on Netflix.
  6. Well since the NBA season is up in the air and the NFL draft will happen in the next 4 weeks I put together my version what I would like the Falcons to do for the draft. 1st round pick number 16 Falcons select: K' Lavon Chaisson(Olb) out of LSU 2nd round pick #55 Falcons select: Jordyn Brooks(ILB) Texas Tech 3rd round pick #78 Falcons select: Cameron Dantzler(CB) Mississippi State *The Falcons package both 4th round picks to move back up into the 3rd round 3rd round pick#90 Falcons select: Clyde Edwareds-Helaire (RB) LSU 7th round pick#220 Falcons select: Josh Metellus (S) University of Michigan I used current Mock drafts out there to gauge where players I want will be available. I really wanted J.K. Dobbins or Johnathan Taylor but the Falcons would have to use at least a 2 round pick to get one of them. Now that the Falcons have Gurley i do not think it would be a good move to pick a RB in rounds 1 or 2. I really did not want to trade up for Helaire but he may not be available in the 4th round. The guy is short but powerful and has good hands when catching passes. What players & positions would you address in the upcoming draft??
  7. He seems to be a Bembry type player. Is he any better than "Pierre?"
  8. Bump it up to at least 72 games. At least the Hawks would play 5 games.
  9. Don't forget your Megaphone too.
  10. This could be a sign for the World to Repent and change their wicked ways.
  11. I am surprised that the Corona virus is all that an employee at Waffle house has.
  12. Lebron said he would not play if he showed up and no fans are in the stands. Also MSNBC is the worst with fear mongering the Corona virus.
  13. Hawks still have a chance to win 27 or 28 games this season, if players would stop getting injured. The team could make a jump to 40 or 41 wins with key free agent additions & having Capela for the full season and Collins not missing 25 games. Capela & Collins could be beasts next season;.
  14. Trae will not play tonight. Flu like symptoms