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  1. Maybe Bamba needs a change of scenery. Perhaps he just needs to be somewhere that people believe in him. Hawks, as a team, believe in each other. Wouldn't want to break the bank or anything, but, if he comes cheap enough, go for it! Other places I keep reading about other teams wanting Gallinari. Trouble is, we want him too and it's going to require major stuff to get us to move him. Also, seems that several clubs want John Collins if we would just turn him loose and let them sign him. Nope. We didn't take any stupid pills. Another very costly move to get him. Probably not even then. One draft thread I saw had the Hawks taking Jaden Springer, guard, at #20. I still want us to sneak in and steal Tyrese Haliburton from the Kings. That, instead of drafting a guard.
  2. Hernangomez is cheap. Steal of a deal if he's making under $2 Mil. per year.
  3. I thought we were talking about sports heads. I know. Eye candy. Do any of us watch the weather report on our local TV station? Usually some really nice looking male or female. We all expect this. Advertising, has for many, many years known this.
  4. Nothing wrong with eye candy! I'll bet, not a male poster on the Squawk has ever said about any one of these, "I really wish she was ugly." Nope. Not a one of us. And, all the female fans everywhere haven't ever wished the male announcer wasn't so good looking. We've all heard those dumb blonde jokes. These gals don't fit. They all seem to know what they are talking about. They didn't get their job simply on their good looks. This didn't hurt, for sure. But, they take their job seriously. They bring a new, different view that might escape an all male group. I believe we are all better informed because of it. And, most of us male listeners pay more attention when it is a good looking gal. Admit it. We do.
  5. 1-Enes Kanter - Portland 2-Nerles Noel - Knickerbockers 3- Willy Hernangomez - New Orleans While 0017 recovers from surgery, Hawks may need someone to step in for a bit. We still have Bruno and Nathan. Should the Hawks have any interest?
  6. Gray Mule


    Dwight was unhappy when he was here. I doubt he would be happy if he was here now.
  7. Because he was once the draft pick of Atlanta and they simply "gave him away" for Trae and Cam. (I would do that trade again right now!)
  8. Hawks are still living up to the old Hee Haw song: "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."
  9. HOOPSHYPE has this rumor under - - Rumors- Minnesota....
  10. Aged King James didn't make it to the finals. He's still alive and well. But, the king? Who plays so much like the old king? Compare the two. So many things alike. Newly crowned King Giannis! Yep. Look at all his current awards. Looks like the new royalty of the NBA, doesn't he!
  11. Gray Mule

    Backup PG

    Just been reading Kings posters. They are saying, they have too many guards. Yep. I know. I continue to beat a dead horse. I wonder what the Hawks could add to our two draft picks in exchange for Tyrese Haliburton? You all know that I wanted him in last year's draft. I'm happy with our own pick, OO17, but I still want my man from last year's draft. I've watched film on the players in this draft. Plenty of guards. A great defensive player or two. A dead eye shooter from deep. May even find that elusive 7 foot giant in round two. But, I'm thinking, if they have too many, we might relieve them of one! - -
  12. I noticed the add here about copper. In the south east corner of Tenn. is a town named Copper Hill. For many, many years it had a thriving copper mine going. Our school and their school have been rivals in football for many years since we are both small rural schools. Not the same conference - different states. Several years ago the mine was closed. The mine owners and the union couldn't agree on wages. Huge. I've been told by men who have worked there that, underground, they have trucks that are used to haul the ore from one end of the mine to the other, all under ground. I know. This has nothing to do with the Hawks or the NBA. I just thought it was interesting after reading the advertisement here.
  13. Remember, before last season, I mentioned other teams wanting us to trade __________ and throw in Huerter to make the deal work. They still want a Huerter clone. But, we've got the original!!
  14. Apparently, we're still looking for a "Tractor Trailer" type player. Remember him? A big, immoveable object. Someone who doesn't cost a lot, doesn't play a lot - Just huge.
  15. Another thought: Who, when we were in the playoffs, hurt us the most? If you said Giannis, then you have another reason to choose him. He would no longer be a Buck. But wait. The problem with this: Who do we have to give up to get him? Probably a lot more than we would want to.