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  1. Hawks greatest weakness beginning last season was at center. Into the season, Capela became a Hawk. He was out, injured. Hawks believed him to be border line all star before the injury. He has healed and ready for the rigors of the NBA. If he is as good as we have been lead to believe, why would we trade him before we even get to watch him preform as a Hawk? If a bunch of our team didn't like him, that might be a reason. But, it can't be. They all like him! He's a vocal leader on the floor. Hawks need this. I know. I know. I see trade ideas. Hawks give up one or two o
  2. Need to edit? See the three dots above the time posted? Click there. It should pull up edit !! I know. I have to use it frequently.
  3. A homer believes that his team's players are pretty good. A real homer "knows" that they are really good. I know that our starting five, as projected, are good players. However, the Hawks have been down so far and so long that, apparently, other fans for other teams seem to believe that we are also a little light in the brains. Some of the proposed trades we see here and on RealGM blows the mind. Once upon a time, Atlanta wanted more and more future draft picks and was willing to take on other team's unwanted, high priced expiring contracts. But, we didn't offer to give up any of
  4. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    @NBASupes - - Life is great when you are 7 ! Enjoy it all now... They all grow up too fast. JAYBIRDHAWK : You do know that, once they become a teen ager, they automatically know everything! You have 10 months to prepare! Supes: Any news worth sharing??
  5. Someone recently inquired about KB21 and what had happened to him. He is a MD and, when he was on here earlier in the summer, was fighting this Covid 19 full time. This is terrible stuff. It's scary to all, but, for senior citizens, it is worse.
  6. We, the fans of this Hawk team, have waited and waited. We want to see what our team plays like with a real, genuine NBA center. Our weakest link to start the season last fall was at center. Second, our bench and third, experience. We believe that we will have a genuine NBA team this upcoming season. The draft, free agency and the trade deadline awaits! GO ATL HAWKS !!
  7. Although he's far from a starter, our young core consider Bruno a part of their group. Having Capela and Dedmon on the same team should be a plus in his growing. Travis has wanted Skal on his team for a long time. We read about how well he seemed to fit on the very brief get together that the NBA allowed recently. Knowing all this, expect him to be on the final team. For Atlanta, it's been so long since anything has happened. Now, suddenly, or so it seems, the draft, free agency and the start of the season (December) is just a short time away. Pre season games in one month! Tra
  8. Falcons and Lions - 10/25/2020 After the Falcons final TD, I was yelling at my TV: Go into your prevent defense now. We all knows what that means- It means this defense prevents the Falcons from winning the game. And, it worked to perfection. Don't you dare blitz. You might stop the Lions if you do this. DON'T DO IT! They didn't. Lions easily marched down the field, scored the game tying TD with 2 seconds to go, Falcons again would not dare blitz. With no time remaining in the game, the true kick for that important extra point prevented the Falcons from winning again.
  9. Huerter isn't very good but everyone wants to trade for him. Wonder why??
  10. Tyrese is #2 with 15 in 22 games!!
  11. Last season, after our starters, we know things didn't look too good. We have some of the same bench returning. Yet, we feel that the upcoming season will be much better. Writers who do not closely follow the Hawks believe we will only be slightly better. Last season, our bench was a disaster. We had expensive players who really didn't want to be here and didn't care, apparently, whether we won or lost. Yes, we have returning bench players but none of these guys are here. They were moved or released. Those who remain, for the most part, are keepers. Three young players f
  12. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    Time flies! And, it doesn't slow down. In just a few very short years she will be bring you your future son-in-law to meet you. Then, in the blink of your eyes, here comes the grand kids to visit Papaw Supes! I know. This week I gained a great grand son. I now have 2 and a great grand daughter. My late wife was once told, "Once you have children, you never run out of children," Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter!!
  13. Maybe all this will allow him to still be available at #6. He's not supposed to be the greatest, end all draft pick. He's obviously not. What he is, in my opinion, a piece of the puzzle that makes up the picture of the Hawks that fits. I believe that he is exactly what Atlanta needs. He fills the description. As the roster is currently constructed, what is their greatest need? Help for Trae. Tyrese Haliburton is the answer.