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  1. #4 is my personal favorite. He has a high IQ and he hits his free throws !! Tyrese !
  2. He's a player that our GM has been keeping an eye on and grabed him when the opportunity arose. Travis has a good eye for talent. If he believes in him then I do too. We haven't had the opportunity to watch him. Being out for so long because of the covid19 has given him and our new center plenty of healing time. I expect him to be on our final roster. Some posters believe he will be a total flop - that he has no talent. I really like his hi light film. I personally like having him as a Hawk..
  3. Angel's Aces won but the Dream bounced back and won the next one! Atlanta had 2 come from behind wins Friday night. Dream was behind at the half and the Braves were down by a lot before their victory!
  4. Finally, I get to watch Dream as they won their second game of the season. We have NBA fans who will have some really, really exciting lawn this summer. They have said that watching their grass grow is more exciting than watching WNBA games. Carter is indeed the Dream's answer to Trae of the Hawks. Exciting, at least for me, seeing these gals as they played last night.
  5. Some NBA fans here will find it necessary for their grass to really step it up. You know who you are. "Watching my grass grow is more exciting than watching a WNBA game."
  6. Over the week end, I heard one of the "talking heads" on TV state that Dallas won the trade with the Hawks, hands down. While Trae made the all star team, the player we traded for him was already one of the top five players in the BA and would continue to be. No mention of the "other" player we got out of the swap. Cam Reddish must be figured in when we make our case. Question. Would you do the same swap today, knowing what we know now? Yep. That's us. No respect.
  7. I like the CBS mock draft. Hali the Hawk !!
  8. Back up for Trae. Remember, how the entire team dies when Trae sits? If Atlanta can draft Tyrese Haliburton, I feel that he is the perfect fit for these Hawks. Has good size, has high basketball IQ, able to hit the three ball and he shoots a high % of his free throws!! Also, he is a great passer with either hand. This is a bonus...
  9. Why? Because he's good! He has a very high basketball IQ. And, he can make his free throws! We need him. Just think of what a nice 2nd string the Hawks are building and he fits right in... Make it happen Travis!!
  10. I want, #2 PG behind Trae, Tyrese Haliburton.
  11. Bruno will be a part of our much improved bench when he's not in G League! Also, Skal !! We didn't have a great bench last season.. I like the thoughts of a great bench..
  12. Luka Doncic = the new elite, King James type player. Why is he all the way down to 5th. ?? Trae Young is a mere human. And, after all he IS an Atlanta Hawk. He's so lucky that he got mentioned at all. This is the apparent thoughts of the Bleacher report people. We Hawk fans probably over rate our players. We all see most all sports writers under rate all Hawk players on a regular basis. Hopefully, come December, all our Hawk players will be 100% healthy and we will be able to watch them playing with all the enthusiasm of youth. With a rebuilt bench to carry us when the starters need a breather, look for these Hawks to explode! Drat, like a kid waiting for Christmas, December is a long, long wait...
  13. Do I believe Skal will be a Hawk for next season? Yep.
  14. Draft, as backup to Trae, Tyrese Haliburton. PG problem solved for many years!!
  15. I still maintain that Spellman is a talented NBA player who can't stay because he can not - - will not, control his weight. 6 more years, and then we collect !!