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  1. This Hawk team is Trae Young's team. Whether they rise or fall rests on him. Second year slump where a player hits the wall? Yep. Timing for this is just a little bit off. Trae has played a season and a half season. This is, for him, just the second half of his season two. Add to this all the down time between the Hawks sudden end of last season and the start of this one. Remember how Trae's rookie season began. Terrible summer and terrible opening of the regular season if I recall correctly. Not making excuses for him. As Joe Friday on Dragnet would say, "Just the facts Maa
  2. Yep. Just proves, again, that a star player has more power than a head coach. If Trae wants him to stay, chances are, he stays. But, if Trae doesn't like him, his staying on as head coach is slim to none.
  3. Lets all agree. Agent 0017 is over 6' tall and weighs over 200 lbs. He's our draft pick from last fall. We would like to see him in a Hawk uniform and playing, maybe very limited minutes. Please. Get well soon! Will he be a good rotation player for Atlanta or a complete dud? Playing late at night, on the west coast? Who cares. Heal up and head out.
  4. Covid19 is the reason for all this. Shots for everyone. 50 per team would probably cover everyone close, including coaches and officials. Supposedly there is millions of shots going out.
  5. Hawks game tonight postponed. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dallas visit the Hornets nest and are a four point favorite. Really! I may be all wrong. I have been once or three times before. But, the Hornets are not going to be an easy game for the Dallas lads, Should be interesting. Hornets to cover and win! I'm gonna keep one eye on this team.
  6. All these rookies in the NBA making hay. Having their name linked, with good reason, to rookie of the year. We see, posted right here on the Squawk, that our own agent 0017 is listed as probable for our next game! How exciting. Gves Hawk fans a reason to "set up late tonight" just for the opportunity to catch a peak at our very own #6 draft pick. Wow! Starting center, Capela, is listed with an injury that may keep him out. Now, not such a terrible blow as we now expect to have three back up centers available. Bruno, Nathan and agent 0017.. GO ATL HAWKS !!
  7. Both. Hawks looked more like the Hawks are supposed to look. Then, late in the game, 76ers just ran out of players and our bench played their bench in the 4th quarter and held them at bay.
  8. Keeping an eye on the Hornets. They win again. Kings and Haliburton win. Both the Kings and Hornets have very good rookie players making early noise about rookie of the year award. Atlanta is still waiting to see their #6 pick. Get well soon, agent 0017 !!
  9. Changed the defense to double team the big all star and it worked! Nice to know that the Hawks can make adjustments in game. Hawks have players out - injured. 76ers have players out - injured. Trae's slump ends. Goodman has a very good game. Hawks defense looked better over all. We got to see our 2 way players and they looked like real NBA players. We may have a real steal in our undrafted center. Good Knight! He's not playing but we hear about the influence of Rajon Rondo. We needed this. On the road west for three. Is there any chance we get to see or hear anything a
  10. We have a great, back up center. A rookie that no one has laid eyes on. Yet, we are assured by those that know stuff, he does exist. Hawks have gone from "A pretty decent NBA team to what we see now. Injuries have rocked this team right down to it's core. And, instead of improving, it just gets worse. Bogo is out now with a twisted knee. Seems that all the new Hawks who were added after last season have felt this injury bug. Then, if that were not enough, Trae hits a terrible slump. He can't find, borrow or steal a three point shot. They refuse to fall. Someone rightfu
  11. Agent 0017 was drafted #6 for a Clint backup. We await his coming out party! Looking for this to happen this week. Other rookies are already making their mark in the NBA. GO ATL HAWKS !!
  12. A cameo appearance would be so much nicer than "Out." Hopefully, this will be greater time than what our 2 way center has been getting - - one minute, in and out.
  13. Check out all the talk about "Rookie of the year." Hawks never mentioned because agent 0017 has never set foot on the floor in any game. This hurts. He's our #6 pick this year. Another Hawk rookie, Nathan Knight, enters the game. Has a great block. Exits. These one minute games are using up his games as a two way player. Why? (And he wasn't drafted) Trae in a terrible, terrible slump with his 3 point shots. Now, he has a two game with -0- 3's. He's tight. Hawks depend on his scoring. Haliburton was available but we passed. Hornets have a great rookie PG and Atlanta doe
  14. Come on Hawks. Draft Haliburton. We really, really need a good back up for Trae..
  15. Trae still ice cold from downtown (0-5) tonight.