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  1. Braves on a roll ! Toppled the Phillies and now have a 2 1/2 game lead, all alone in 1st place. Keuchel should be finished with his minor league tuneup and ready to come to Atlanta and join the starting rotation.
  2. Travis says that Zion is his top choice in this draft. What would Hawks have to do to get him? After all, we have three 1st round picks, and two are lottery and three second round picks... Any ideas? And, Hawks just might have an extra player or two already signed they would trade...
  3. And now, there are more questions that have become now current. Ripple effect of the injuries to KD & Klay + the fact that the west didn't win the title this summer. All these things will have to be on the mind of all those teams and players that have any pick in the draft. Then, the free agents. Will KD & Klay be able to play in the upcoming season? If not available to start the season, who will replace them? Toronto now has the trophy. What does this do to the western division? What about us in the east? Then, in the back of our mind is that question about "The King" missing the playoffs this past season. We all know how much he wants to get his team into next season's post season. What they do will have some effect on all the other teams, depending on what free agents they may chase after and who they draft. Whether they move in the draft or not. Almost all of us Hawk fans believe in our GM and our coach and his staff and our scouts. All these things have added to their thought process. They must think of our future, both next season and several seasons ahead as they erect our future. Thoughts ??
  4. Look at our complete roster at the end of the season. We know that the Hawks have 6 draft picks coming soon. Who will we keep from last year's Hawk team? Will there be trades? Will there be free agent signings? Who will we draft? Hawks can send 2 players to our G League team but that leaves 4 new players, providing we keep all our picks. What if we don't? There must be new players added to our roster. Who will leave? Prince is gone and we have another player in his place. Move up in the draft? Fall back in the draft? Gain future draft picks and pick up unwanted? Stay where we are? So many ?????
  5. 1-4 Dream can't shoot. 15 points per quarter -1 = 59 for the game. Missed about 9 in the final 3 or 4 minutes of their last game. They moved their TV coverage and now I can only watch replays on my computer. Boo.
  6. Braves sweep Miami! WOW! Pirates coming to Atlanta tonight. Keuchel rained out with Stripers….
  7. Keuchel starting for the Stripers (AAA) tonight!
  8. Gray Mule


    Baseball axiom applies here: The more at bats you get, the more likely you are to get a hit. The more draft picks we have, the more likely that the Hawks grab a star player who is much more than just a starter. But, if we only land starting caliber players, we are still good.
  9. Gray Mule


    Nets win because: They get immediate cap relief, the cap hold for a first round draft pick and the $18.5 million for Crabbe and only adding the salary of Prince. They get immediate play from Prince and have hopes of signing two great free agents. They are in the "win now" mode of their team. Hawks win because: They have Crabbe, who, if they keep him, should play well with the current Hawk team. He will expire at the end of this season and will be much in demand, either now or at the trade deadline. At the end of the season, if he is still a Hawk, he can either sign for a lesser contract or walk. Then, there are all the draft picks. First round this season AND a first round pick next season. Hawks now have three first round picks and three second round picks this summer. Two pockets full on potential great NBA players. Hawks now have their work cut out for them. Who to draft? Trade up or down? Swap a first and some seconds? What to do? What to do?
  10. Really old time fans will remember the slogan for the starting pitchers - Rotation - "Spawn & Sain & pray for rain." Apparently this year's cry is, "Starters go five and pray for rain with the Braves in the lead." Sad, isn't it. And, suddenly, our starters are now having a hard time lasting five.
  11. Austin Riley, a 3rd basemen, called up in the middle of May to play left field. How is he doing? He won rookie of the month, that's all. And, last night he hit a 3 run homer, his 9th of the year. Pretty good, I'd say.
  12. Huerter. I notice that, every time I see a trade offer, the opponent wants us to give them Huerter. No! He and Collins were both "later" draft picks for Atlanta. If they had "a do over" of these drafts, you can bet that neither one would last as long as they did. Personally, I believe both are lottery picks! These type players you don't trade just to make a deal.
  13. 1/2 game out of first place today and the Stripers, their AAA team, in first place in the International League..
  14. Plumlee + a second round draft pick would be all I would offer. How about you?
  15. Easy Spud. I remember the words of a hit song, "Everything is beautiful in it's own way!" Let's go back to those 30 gorgeous chicks. They are, you know. 30 chicks and all WOW!
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