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  1. Hawks really need a couple of these big men that are going to be available when our turn comes. Hope we get good ones!!
  2. Waiting to see M. Gueye in the play-in. Sometimes you're the windshield - Sometimes you're the bug. Wonder which one our Atlanta boys will be tonight?? GO ATL HAWKS!!
  3. Being a fan of the west coast Kings, I thought that they looked good in their victory last night. Hawks draft pick #2 is still in play! Meanwhile, a late-nite game in Chicago tonight.
  4. Some way, somehow, the NBA sure knows how to take a simple problem and make it very complicated. Leave it to the Atlanta Hawks to get caught right in the middle of everything. Do they plan this, or do we always seem to get burned for no reason?
  5. When the Hawks are far behind and their rookies and youth take over and our opponent "suddenly" decides that it's time to put their starters back in the game before things get out of hand, I just grin to myself and say, "Our future looks bright!"
  6. Sounds like the Atlanta Hawks when they play the Pacers!
  7. LEARNING: The act of accumulating knowledge and experience as you strive to become better. "The past season was a real learning experience for many of our young Hawk players."
  8. When I think of the Hawk's future the foremost thing that comes to mind are our very talented youth. Example: In our last game of the season our starting center was out. Our #2 center was out. Our #3 center started and was backed up by our #4 center, a very inexperienced rookie who missed most of this season with injuries. He may end up being a PF and not a center. Where have we heard this before? Kobe Bufkin has looked like a keeper. AJ Griffin has hardly played this season. We've heard rumors that Atlanta has been offered a 1st round pick for him. He's still very, very young and talented. Whatever happens in this summer's draft, we hope to obtain a useable big man. Some end of the bench players will either be let go or traded. Hawks can have just so many players and no more. Two or three two-way Skyhawks.
  9. Nate took all the players and coaches that Lloyd Pierce had and he used the same plays that LP had. Hawks went to the EC finals with this arrangement. That off-season Nate dismissed all of LP's assistants, replacing them with his own. We've never sniffed the EC finals again. Give the idiot LP some credit. We live in hopes that the experience that our young players gained due to so many Hawks being out with injuries will be a great help to next year's team. Our GM, along with Quin Snyder, know what the team needs. Three different avenues will be open for this Hawk team to gain what it needs. Trades, free agency and the draft all await us after a brief pause for the play-in.
  10. In my mind, at least, the team award for the most improved lies between him and JJ. I know. Neither played enough to be considered for the NBA award. For the Hawk's award, however, this is them!
  11. Whether we get it this summer or next summer matters not. Hawks have a first round pick of their own this summer but have none next summer unless they get one in trade. Impressive young Hawks played in the 4th quarter last night. We've got them and at least one draft pick coming!
  12. Why it doesn't really matter. If Atlanta wins their last two games, where will they be in the standings? 10th place. If Atlanta loses these last two games of the season, where will they be in the standings? 10th place. They can't move up or down. What really matters was resting our present starters and seeing our other players as they finished the game...
  13. I'm very, very proud of last night's Hawk team! WOW!! Most of the 4th quarter of the game found Atlanta's starters all resting on the bench. Remember who we already have out when we see the starting five. Dang! Who do we have left to play? End of the bench players, including rookies, this is who paraded on the floor. How good were they? So good that our worthy opponent who ended the night tied for 1st place in the west, found it necessary to play their starters against them. We, the regular Squawk posters knew who all these players in Hawk uniforms were, but casual fans must have ask, "Who are these guys?" I just thought, "We're seeing the future on the floor right now." Did they make mistakes? Sure. Did they force mistakes by their opponent? You bet they did! Hawks left the final outcome on the free throw line. Officiating was questionable by both teams. Notice, late in the game, how our opponent had to challenge the calls? Both teams had players with a high # of fouls, yet no one fouled out. Tell me again how many foul shots that our beloved Hawk team missed. Give me those points to add to the final points that we had. Then we win! For once I didn't mind that we lost this game. We scared our worthy opponent with our 3rd string so bad that they had to play their starters and then, with the final outcome in question, managed to squeak by. I'm so very proud of our Hawk team!!
  14. Houston, the 11th place team, are out of it. Whatever happens to these three, all will be in the play-in games. They can't fall into the 11th place and the lottery. Guess the Hawks will be looking for two extra-small guards! No? Seriously, perhaps not.
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