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  1. I remember when he was in G league and the Hawks needed a back up PG. I thought then that Goodwin would be what was needed. He came in, played well for a game or two, then kinda faded into the background. He still seems to fit well with our starters. Not as well with the bench, where he is. Still, what we really, really need is a PG who can come in and fill in when Trae is out. Goodwin has proven that he is well up to this task. He ain't great. But, by golly, he's pretty good, ain't he!!
  2. NBA - East We have the big three, fighting for first place. Then, we have a middle ground with six teams. Let's look at their standings, considering only their losses because, once a game is lost, it can't be changed. LOSSES ----- TEAM 25----------- Hawks 25----------- Heat 25----------- Hornets 26----------- Celtics 27-----------Knicks 27---------- Pacers As we all can see, these 6 teams are bunched up as close or closer than the big three. With two losses we could be tied for 9th place - - It's that tight. Someone posted that we have 18 games y
  3. Who gets fired? Probably will be from some team that runs into the Atlanta Hawks....
  4. Being an old country boy: HAWK MANURE !!
  5. What was that they said about the Hawks not having any players able to play?
  6. Really, I suppose most of us view all pro players as some sort of super person, able to do all the wonderful things that we, mere human, are unable to do. They shouldn't get injured and if they do, they are fine for the next game. It's worse now than it's ever been. We know more. We expect a lot more.
  7. HORNETS - - - :27-24 .529% HAWKS - - - - -:28-25 .528% Atlanta has played 2 more games and are only .001% behind our next opponent. Thus, they have 4th place and we have 5th place. Somewhere along the line, Charlotte will play 2 games while we simply watch.
  8. Note on Bogi: When he became a Hawk, he was in recovery from Covid-19 and did not get completely well until he was out, injured. Then and only then we get to see who we really have. He's pretty good... \
  9. Atlanta wins BOTH home games tonight !! Had to come from behind in both games..
  10. Bogi was injured earlier this season. But, did you know, when he came to Atlanta he was in the process of recovering from Covid-19? He did not fully recover from this until he had to miss time with his injury. This means that, only then did we get the real Bogi. Who is/was the smartest Hawk? I have no idea. Some of you may confuse natural athletic ability with basketball IQ and with over all IQ. My grand kids have this expression: "Dumb as a box of rocks." Some people can have a very, very high IQ as far as book learning goes but be completely lost when it comes to common sense.
  11. Hawks have a starting five that would have given our opponent fits last night: KRIS DUNN CAM REDDISH DE`ANDRE HUNTER JOHN COLLINS CLINT CAPELA AND WITH DANILO GALLINARI ON THE BENCH. Hawks would have had better defense, I believe. Imagine starting the third quarter with these players, all well and rested by not playing in the 1st half. I don't see this lineup getting run out of the gym by last night's opponent. Lots of defense and fire power there. And, all six are current Hawks!
  12. Whew! Oh, what a relief it is !! Braves FINALLY win two!
  13. Who wins, per ESPN? Memphis - - - 55.9% Atlanta - - - - 44.1%
  14. So far, so good. Our tanking has worked. We had to get bad in order to get better. Hawks passed on my choice in the draft and I followed him to the Kings. There I discovered how much they liked Bogi. Did you know? He had Covid-19 and was still trying to recover when he arrived here. He didn't fully recover until he was out with his injury. As he recovered from his injury he also finally recovered from Covid-19. Now, we are seeing the real player that Travis brought here. Years and years ago when I first got on line, I met Walter and Diesel on another Hawks cite. I followed t