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  1. Big if. If, due to this virus, NBA can't play next season, how will the teams pay their players? Baseball season has been delayed for how long? Will they play at all this summer? All spring games for High School and College have been canceled, I believe. NFL and this virus are in odds about the start of the season. NBA season is over. We all want for everything to be back to normal. It's not going to happen any time soon. Because major sports will be unable to take in huge $$$$ money, huge payrolls may be at an end.
  2. @sturt - - Prayers for you and yours....
  3. Good question. Let's hope that they are....
  4. We didn't get to see Skal play any minutes as a Hawk. One thing that this stoppage of play due to this terrible virus has done for the Hawks is give our two new, injured players extra healing time. Since we now have no sports of any kind, live, to watch, here is your assignment: Watch the film on Skal at the beginning of this posting. Then give your thoughts of Skal being one of our big men off the bench. If Capela is as good as we have been lead to believe, we have a pretty good starting five. Hawks bench was very weak this last season. Part of this was due to our GM trading for high priced, mostly useless players that their team gave the Hawks draft picks along with these players just to move them and get $$$$ payroll relief. We could do this because we weren't expecting to win it all last season. Hawks bench already looks much better. If Capela starts, someone moves to the bench. If he doesn't start, then he becomes a big bench upgrade. If he and Skal comes in healthy and our youth improve, great things could be in store for all of us, the beaten down Hawk fans.
  5. Since we have not witnessed him playing in a Hawk uniform, Skal may be one of the missing pieces that we need. He is a Hawk and our GM likes him. We just don't really know what we have. Film that we have on the Squawk sure looks good. Thing is, film on any player always will look good because good is all that they will show. Never the less, we wait and hope that everything will clear up by this fall so we can watch next season on time. Worry is, we may still be waiting. This virus isn't going anywhere any time soon....
  6. If no income is available to meet the payroll, cuts must be made. If the players strike and refuse to play for a lesser amount they will kill the NBA as we knew it in the past. If you are forced to pay out two or three times your income for a long period of time, all your assets will melt away and you will be without. Same way with the NBA.
  7. This will have the payrolls being adjusted when they ever get to return to play. It could be a very long time.
  8. With all that's going on right now - All sports shut down for at least several months - No team earning any money any time in the near future - This probably will mean paydays will have to change. When will the NBA resume play? Will baseball play any season at all in 2020? What about soccer and the NFL? Things are expected to get worse before they get better. Don't want to panic any one but we must take all this into consideration. God bless and stay safe!!!
  9. If things get worse before it gets better, and it will, huge $$$ payroll for NBA players and all professional sports players may be history. Unemployment is going to explode. Until this corona virus is under control, attendance to sports events will be ancient history. Just think about where all the $$$ money to meet those payroll comes from. TV payments are huge. But, if they have no great income from advertising, they will have no huge $$$ payments to share. Right now, players with big $$$ contracts for future years may be required to cut their guaranteed pay check. Right now, all those "little people" that work to make everything go well are out of work because the pro sports are not playing. March madness is gone. Scary thoughts, isn't it. But, sadly, history is changing so fast that we can't keep up. Stay safe and may God bless you all.
  10. Being a Baptist Deacon, I really enjoyed a great book and movie: THE SHACK It is different, for sure.
  11. I resemble that remark!
  12. Driving Miss Daisy (and sip your tea!) The Young Riders (Pony express adventures - series) Couple of good movies.. Any John Wayne movie is pretty good Bruster's Millions - Old black & white or newer colored film.
  13. Hawks lose final game of this season, in overtime, because they couldn't hit all their free throws. What a way to end it all, still missing Skal and Capela. On the question of signing new players and re-signing our own, what about the $$$ money, now that everything is now in question???
  14. But, but where do these game changing talents come from? Chances are, 100% of the time, in fact, that they came through the draft. Someone must draft them. Someone's favorite team. Hawks have a chance, perhaps a very small one, but a chance to draft that player that makes us a good team.