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  1. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    Just think @NBASupes, in 2 weeks, the trade deadline will be in our rear view mirror! Time is a relevant thing. 2 weeks is a long time (Try living under water, alone, for two weeks) or it can be a very short time (You only have 2 weeks to live). Many things can be accomplished in two weeks. Trades can be made, players can be released or, heaven forbid, a player can suffer a career ending injury. Enough of the morbid thinking. Hawks are stirring up a lot of smoke about new players coming here. It may happen. It may not. We await. Two weeks...…….
  2. THE CLOSER Baseball begins spring training next month. Almost every team has their closer. A pitcher who comes in, late in the game, and under the pressure of the end of the game, closes the door. They are not always successful but the great ones usually are and that's why they earn those big $$$ bucks. In the Hawks last game, Brandon Goodwin came in to start the 4th quarter and stayed to close out the game. He was a success. Hawks won! Is he capable of being our closer? Maybe. Maybe not. But, the evidence indicates that he might be. He was hot, really, really hot in our game against the L A Clippers. He wowed us! If he could do this every game, there is no question. He would be on the floor at the end of every game. Trae and Jeff could play into the 4th quarter, then turn it over to B G to close it out. He can't do this. Not really. Impossible to think about it. Still, he did it in our last game. But, but - - Trae is the all star starter and Jeff is a former all star. Brandon is a two way player. Get real. It ain't happening. In the NBA, they just don't do things that way. Why? Because, no one does it this way. That's why. Really? What if someone did it this way and it worked, then what? Ages ago, baseball would have never done it this way.. NBA ain't going to do this. But, but - - - - -
  3. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Hawks have won 11 games this season. They had 2 early wins before Collins' suspension. That leaves 9. Two of those wins were because Trey was out and Brandon Goodwin carried the winning hand! What does this prove? That BG is worth keeping! Teague time! Like breaking in a new pair of shoes, he's not ready yet for prime time. He must work with the team in practice and in the actual games. He will come around and we need all three point guards. With Trae out last night, both were needed. We come closer and closer to that trade deadline. Alex Len, mentioned, is back from injury. Crabbe is gone. Candler Parsons' career is shot, probably over. Evan Turner is a candidate to be traded \ bought out - gone. Lots of smoke out there - - Looking for the fire!!
  4. Clippers missed 12 free throws. Lost game by 7 !!
  5. Could it be? Naw. He ain't off to some place else. Is he? Nope. Guess not. Maybe?
  6. Drummmmmonnn may have a new destination. Dallas seems to have lost their starting center for the year, due to injury....
  7. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    If Atlanta is going to replace our senior Hawk next season when he retires, this seems to be a logical choice. Hawks might need one old guy to hang with their young lads. (I believe he's 10 years younger than our oldest Hawk) Is he any good? Is his payroll hit large? Is he worth his $$$?
  8. Remember the old movie: "The gang that can't shoot straight." A comedy western, if I remember correctly. Seems that this describes out beloved Hawks..
  9. That's OK. That call got him out of the game. That's all that mattered!
  10. Today = A day to relax, have a team practice and get to know the two new Hawks. Should help with our next game. Bruno is improving, Len is back and Damian is still as good as he ever was! We may be all right for our next game.
  11. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    I'll take the $2.5 Million and they can release me !!
  12. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    I believe it's only 16 days, then the trade deadline is over. Sooner would indicate by the trade deadline and not this summer. Right?
  13. @Thomas Current Hawk starters are 22 years of age with all having 10 years NBA experience. Right??
  14. 23 terrible turnovers. Hawks lose by 5 as they leave 10 points at the free throw line. Powell, singlehanded put the Atlanta team in deep do do in the 4th. Hawks truly fight to the finish but come up short.
  15. Gray Mule

    Ask Supes

    No question, Hawks have needs right now. Other teams have players who want to move. These teams would like to have good draft picks if they are going to lose their player. If, and that's a great big if, a player that fits our need is available for one of our draft picks and he is willing to come here and play for years and years, make the deal unless he costs too much. Don't break the bank on him. Now, no matter how great he might fit, if it is for a short time, then he's gone off to greener pastures, we don't need him here.