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  1. @JayBirdHawk Just glad you're O.K. Papaw Gray Mule
  2. Less than 2 hours and it's here. Hawk's GM is at his desk with a sign - "Open for business!" Question: Will Atlanta be a buyer or a seller? Hint: They have released - waived one player which means that they have one open roster spot. Might become handy if someone waives a player we like. Or, Hawks have some high priced, little used vets on expiring contracts if someone is looking for tax relief next season. And, the Atlanta team may have another vet or three that they would trade, IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT! What do you have? What do we have that you want? Anyone want to make a deal? Make us an offer and we'll see what happens !!
  3. PITIFUL !! Couldn't hit a three at all until, finally, in the second half they hit a few. Missed too many free throws. Couldn't make so many shots, and it didn't matter who was shooting, Trae was ice cold. God, through Moses, parted the Red Sea and the people of Israel went through on dry ground. Question: Who parted the paint for the Pacers to pass through for the dunk? It happened all game. Everything that could go wrong, did. PITIFUL !! Don't try to blame it all on L.P. He gets his share, but he didn't take, and miss, all those three point shots or any of those free throws that the Hawks didn't make. Bruno should get some time at PF. Not this "Did not play, coaches decision" This game qualifies as a stinker! We all hate this....
  4. S I reports that the Nets have waived SG Iman Shumpert. Would the Hawks have any interest? Reportedly, he is a good defensive SG and runs hot and cold from downtown. Can take over the scoring when he's hot. He's a 29 year old veteran.
  5. 12/10/19 - Bulls did not play, then were at home, safe and resting in their bed. Atlanta Hawks in south Florida, playing a tough team who had not lost a single home game. Fought the Heat to a stand still in regulation before getting blown away in overtime. Then rode bus to airport, flew to Chicago where they landed at 3 in the morning. Before this game was over, the tired was showing all over the Atlanta Hawks. Trae, after his untimely "it's over" comment, looked as if he was trying to live this down. His scoring was off. Bad. Bulls defense was getting to him. Pierce acted as if his brain was in somewhat of a fog, doing things on automatic pilot. I feel that some of the criticism that he is getting should be directed to his assistant coaches. True, he is the head man but his assistant coaches are there to be of help. Are they really doing their job? NBA didn't do Atlanta any favors with the schedule. Then, Collins did his dumb thing and got caught. Seems like a mighty hard sentence that he's under. Non starters who are not rookies have not held up their end of things. Defense if terrible. Whose fault is this? Lloyd is supposed to be a defensive coach. Yet, he must play the game with the cards that he has been dealt. Not too many ace defenders here. December 23rd is coming slowly closer. December 15th is close. Will the Hawks make any changes before the time Collins is due back? Hopefully injuries will be completely healed and things will finally be looking up for Atlanta! GO ATL HAWKS !!
  6. The Butler did it! He missed that game winning shot that sent the game into overtime. The Hawks missed 7 free throws, 5 in regulation. Make just one and Hawks win! Free throws count and those missed shots will kill you in a tight game, like the Heat game. Huerter had used up all his allotted time. Killed us late in the game. Hind sight is always 20-20. We can all look back and see where we went wrong. Hawks had a good game plan and executed it well. That's why we ended up with that 6 point lead in the last minute. Otherwise, Hawks would have been long gone by that time in the game. Yes, we lost again. Played the Heat a much better game than before, didn't we. This one hurts so bad. Along with Nique, we thought that 6 point lead would hold. So did Trae. Lesson for all of us. As Yogi would have said, "It ain't over 'til it's over." This was 10 in a row, winning at home. Seems that other teams haven't won there either. We start all over again tonight. GO ATL HAWKS !!
  7. MOOVIN' ON UP! Just checked it out (under Hawk news section) where they talked about the NBA power ratings. Hawks have moved up! They are now #1 in the sorriest NBA teams ratings! Ready to move up to the next section? Maybe. Since injured Hawks are improving and schedule has let up just a little, we may show improvement! GO ATL HAWKS !!
  8. BLOATED - EXPIRING 2020 - HAWKS PARSONS - $25,102,511.00 - - - TURNER - $18,606,556.00 - - - CRABBE - $18,500,000.00 Will any one of these three be moved by the trade deadline? Crabbe came into the last game after recovering from more surgery and actually looked like an NBA player. All three of these players were, at some time, believed to be worthy of their contract. Not any more. Therefore, the question arises, how much are they worth now? I believe all three come off their contracts at season's end. What are they doing for the Hawks right now? If they were all truly worthy of their $$$, Hawks would be in the playoffs, without a doubt, if all were healthy. Turner has played some. Parsons has made a token appearance. Crabbe looked good Sunday. Hawks have needs. Would someone trade with the Hawks for an expiring contract? Interesting thought. Any way, at the end of this season, Hawks are all set to have $$$ room. Nice thought.
  9. The game in N.C. looked like his help had arrived. 14 days without Collins, then he returns! More help. Trae is just like all the Hawk fans. We want to be better.
  10. A blow was struck for us older. VC proved that he ain't dead, not yet! Way to go! Coach said that Trae was involved in the defensive effort of the Hawks. Using his voice and helping players on the floor know. Like a QB on a football team. And, Crabbe showed up. Still missing Collins, but otherwise getting healthy and having our full team on board. Played some of the best NBA teams in November while being very short handed. Things are easing up a bit in December and having a healthy Huerter along with all three rookies available should make a very exciting time as we wait for Collins. Also, there is always the thought that our GM may have a deal or two up his sleeve by the trade deadline. He may await the summer, the draft and free agency. Maybe not. He might jump at any time. Wasn't it great, watching VC go off again !!
  11. Dang. Crabbe may be out. What can we do now …….
  12. Potential all star players, coming into free agency, love to demand, and get, super star pay. It's always so hard to say "no" when, what we most desire is right there, but too expensive. Many a payroll has been wrecked by this. Example: Look at the bloated, one year remaining on their contract, players on our payroll right now. We took them, along with future picks, to relieve their former teams. We all want to spend wisely and improve greatly. Wisdom required by our GM and his staff of scouts.
  13. Shane Battier. When he was playing, he was my favorite non Hawk player and I always hoped that we would trade for him. Just to think that Hunter may be a clone of Battier is an exciting thought to me. A rich man's Battier! Add Cam and Bruno to the other young Hawks makes me believe the future of the Hawks will be much better than the present. Hurry up and grow up, baby birds!!
  14. We, the Hawk fans here, are still waiting. Parsons has been on the floor, very briefly, for Atlanta. Not enough for us to decide what we want to do with him. Our Speedy Claxton of the 2019-20 season? Just as we forget about our draft and stash players, here is a player, on our roster, that no one ever thinks about. What are we going to do with him? Any ideas?
  15. Ha Ha! I noticed, every shot, he crosses the line, making every shot a two point shot and not a three! But, all Hawk fans tend to forget any and all draft and stash players we have. Could it be that they really have someone hid there that might be of help in the future, either as a player or a trade piece?