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  1. Opening day is here! And, naturally it comes with a real problem for Atlanta fans. We all want to watch every minute of the Hawks game. Hoping to open the season with victory! We want to watch every minute of the Braves game as they try to win tonight and advance to the World Series. Tonight could be a great game for these guys! GO ATLANTA HAWKS AND BRAVES!!
  2. We have a current back up center. Gorgui Dieng ain't great. But, for a back up, he's pretty danged good!
  3. Up to this point there has been a lot of trash talk on both sides. Neither will move at all. But, now it begins to be serious. He refuses to practice. Team suspends him. Play for real is here right now and he's not there and won't be there. He can't get a pay day. The team is caught short handed because of him. Now. Not next week. Not some future date. Right now. He wants out - - bad. His former team wants rid of him - - bad. Now would be a fine time for some western team to make that offer that they can't afford to refuse. Just give us a player to replace him and please just sweeten the pot a tad and we trade.
  4. Refs under pressure. New rule, the Trae rule, to be enforced on Trae. But, if they only apply the rule to our PG, they will surely be called out right away. NBA rules must apply to all NBA players. What this change means is, all those NBA players who have, for many years, operated this way will now find that it is against the Trae rule. Refs must enforce the rule across all of the NBA. As if they didn't already have enough to worry about, now they must force all these players to change or face the consequences.
  5. One thing for sure. Squawk posters can all declare, "WE BELIEVE!" Yep. We can all agree that Travis done good in this year's draft. Before it's all over, some NBA fans whose favorite team passed on the Hawks picks, will be asking, "Why didn't we draft him?"
  6. Squawk posters: Do any of you really believe that Cam Reddish is headed for the scrap heap?
  7. NBA season opens up tonight (Tuesday) but Hawks 1st game is Thursday. Atlanta will host Dallas and the Hawk's roster is all set. Could change. Not likely, but you never know who will release what players in order to get down to 15. Travis will be listening.
  8. Nope. We didn't do it. Hawks didn't already spend all that money. They now have, under contract, those players who will receive the amount over time. They will have enough income to cover these, I'm sure. There will be a lot more fans present. Remember our record. With the new TV contract bringing in mega $$$ in the future, don't panic. We're good!
  9. Walter: Good to hear from you! Travis has all of us dreaming of the chance to win it all. Hawks are now in the upper half of the NBA. GO ATL HAWKS !!
  10. What do I want to see from this season's Hawk team? 1- Healthy roster. 2- Cam becoming 6th man of the year. 3- Capela making a high % of his free throws. 4- Overall improved defense. All this leading to the NBA championship! What else is there to say??
  11. I had been married 10 years and had 3 children.
  12. THE TRAE RULE Yep. Players have been doing the same thing for many, many years. Then, along comes Trae. Media makes a point of talking about what he is doing. A head coach in the NBA joins in. All Hawk fans were aware of all this because so many "talking heads" of the NBA continually harped about Trae "hunting fouls." Flustration because these upstart Hawks were winning. Trae continues to hit his free throws. In an effort to stop all this, a new Trae rule is made. But, other players in the NBA in pre season get called for breaking this new Trae rule. Oh, darn. We didn't think about this. Really. The Trae rule. Others did the same thing before Trae. But, he is the cause of the change. Thanks NBA!
  13. This was his answer to all those who had yelled what they did at Trae.
  14. This! Not only to Cam but to everyone on our roster!