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  1. Love this! Thank you for this. Never heard of them before. I will have to check out more of their music.
  2. I love covers. 90s grunge was/is my thing.
  3. UGA vs Clemson? First prediction. Then overall record prediction (including clemson game) @kg01 What you think?
  4. I think this is one of the greatest songs.
  5. Imagine JJ Watt and Shazier God bless that man.
  6. We all rely on music to dictate or relate to how we're feeling that day. First thing you do when you get in your car in the morning? Adjust the seat (if your damn wife/husband was driving prior) and then make sure they didn't change the station you had on the radio, or just go ahead and plug in your favorite tunes. This thread is to post your music you're feeling. Would love to see some music from yall that I could possibly add to my playlist. I'll start with a few uploads
  7. Blessed with that Steel Curtain history as I think we have the best defense again this year. TJ Watt going to be better than his bro JJ? He should had won DPOY last year but blah
  8. Yessir. Straight up. I can't wait till my son is old enough to understand sports (4 months right now). I hope I'm not like my dad where I ask a question about what's going on and I SHHHHH him LOL like my dad did. And yeah, totally understand. You never know what you have until it's gone. Nique was amazing. My dad made me watch pretty much all of Hawks games. I heard the Bird/Jordan stories. Good shit. I hope I can pass down the same greatness stories talking about Trae to my son. I think we will. Trae is the real deal.
  9. Hawk: Nique/Trae/Young Josh Brave: Chipper Jones hands down Falcon: Jamal Anderson (Not a Falcons fan. Steelers fan here. He got everyone doing his dirty bird dance in backyard football)
  10. Fair enough. I'm not old enough I guess. I do remember as a kid, we would always sit at the coffee table when Bulls & Hawks played. Only time my dad allowed us to eat in the living room ha. I always remembered asking my dad, are we a Hawks fan or Bulls fan? He said, |we're Hawks fan but I hate/love Jordan. We will never witness this again!" Glad I grew up a Hawks fan though.
  11. You gotta imagine though 80s-90s Hawks, Braves - GA producing best rap/country in the country up to Vicks Era Falcons had the whole country eying down the state of Georgia.
  12. Dominique playing for UGA and then playing for the Hawks had the city wild. Nique would be considered top 20 if social media was around then. Imagine if Jordan was in the time with social media? Internet would be broken every night. Good question though. A question I cannot answer since I am only in my early 30s. It is nice to see our owners make some signings now that we have Trae, something we haven't seen since...Nique? They both bring different excitements. Nique is what we hope Josh would become as far as highlights + defense. Trae has made ATL one of the most exciting teams. So many people love Trae + Hawks and expressed how they're one of the most fun teams to watch due to Traes swag.
  13. Not going to lie. Who the hell is Delon Wright?