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  1. This team is very hard to watch when Trae is not in the game when we're missing our key players. I am surprised Trae doesn't have more turnovers than he does at the moment due to the lack of awareness from the rest of the team. Trae would be easily in double digits assist as well. I can't wait till John and Kev are back.
  2. Rudolph was not fighting with him. Rudolph was trying to get him off him because Rudolph was already down from avoiding the sack. If anything, Rudolph just showed the league how tough he is by being blind sided by a helmet and tackle afterwards. Props to Rudolph although he played a crappy game. Goodbye Garret!
  3. What? How do you assume 'he thought he was tough'? Garret just proved he is the biggest pansy on the field. I think you got Rudolph and Garret mixed up LOL
  4. Trae is a different breed. Literally going to start keeping my hands under my face to prevent my jaw from dropping on the floor all game. 🤣
  5. Glad to be reading these awesome write ups again. Awesome job! Any update on the chatroom? 😀
  6. Crazy our young guys are stepping up, and our Vets are going MIA. Freddie is definitely injured. Never see him look this bad. We were 0-9 with RISP. We had bases loaded 2x in a row and the following inning a lead off triple and no runs to show for. I hated the bullpen managing by Snitker. We should have kept Tomlin in (ground ball pitcher who retired 4 in a row) verses bringing in Shane Greene. Please ATL don't upset me again. I'm assuming we have Folty on the mound on Weds at home field . LETS DO THIS BRAVES
  7. Can't (Or can I belive the Braves? UGGHHH) Nice Hunter! Where is the chatroom at? 😞
  8. What a game. Braves clutch hitting comes through again! Let's get the W tomorrow
  9. Gray, I'm sure you won't hear from the Tennessee fan(s) on this site, but I'm sure they would like to wish you a Happy Birthday as well. Go Dawgs!
  10. Happy Birthday Gray Mule! Hope you day is amazing!