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  1. Trae Young - Starter - 16 mins Lowry - 28 mins Walker - Starter - 29 mins
  2. Can we get Reggie Miller off TV?
  3. Can someone possibly start a "After ASG prediction W-L "thread? We never expected John to be suspended for 25 games. I think the "After ASG prediction W-L " thread would be more fair since none of us predicted John to get caught with HGH or whatever illegal substance. Maybe throw in some other players/stats that can break the tie breakers.
  4. Happy Valentines Day Gray! Hope all is going well.
  5. Bob trying to as well. Talking about Trae has been perfect from the line tonight as he is shooting crunch time FTs.
  6. Ahh I see. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of him putting it out to the media but I don't think it's something to worry about.
  7. These are grown men. I think they can handle hearing it and as they should.
  8. Also heard a bunch of fans bickering about KAT. Seems like a lot of fans are not pleased with him ha
  9. Saw a decent amount of Hawks fans at the game tonight. A lot of people around me where talking about how bad their team (Wolves) team is and the only reason they showed up was to see Trae play. Tons of kids with Trae jerseys wiith their parents wearing Wolves jerseys. Was nice to see and hear.
  10. Trae with 10 assist and 12 points already. Wow! Unbelievable. Despite Simmons points, I honestly do not see the hype in him.
  11. Hey @Sothron, our Acie Law 2.0 not going to get a 2nd contract is an All Start starter in his 2nd year! I kid, I kid. Sorry Soth. 👻😬
  12. I will be at the Hawks vs Wolves game. Let's just hope the streak is still alive by then. 😂
  13. What a GREAT team win. Cam played lights out as well. Great defense by Cam on that last Spurs possession. Love seeing our main guys all play well.
  14. AHawks89

    Teague 👶

    I'll be there!