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  1. As bad as we played and we end up only down 2 at half? Hopefully that means good things to come in the 2nd half.
  2. Embiid went out of his way to run into him then acted mad. LOL
  3. "Most experienced NBA officials in the NBA" you know what that means.
  4. 4:40 tiime - "Bob da Bob Don Bog Don Bogdonasjdlfkvich, you know what im talking about." LOL
  5. Great WIN today! I was at work today and had the game on my phone but was to busy to catch majority of the game. What the hell happened at the end? It looked like 76ers were at the line a lot and we were getting screwed by the refs by no calls? Was that the case?
  6. This is what refs do. Change the momentum of the game with these bs calls. If we hit our open shots theres nothing these refs can do. Come on Hawks!
  7. We would be up 30 points if someone could hit an open shot. It's not even NYK defense. We literally cannot hit an open shot. Sad