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  1. 10 years ago I would have told you no. Then I started watching reaction videos on youtube to music and classic sports. My favorites are always the energetic women with permanent "shocked' face. Looks be damned.
  2. I should have read your post before speaking. How the hell can anyone not love Renee?
  3. I'll touch this but from a different perspective. I hate, absolute hate the double standard. These sideline reporters, hires are promoted by the team not only on their talent but their looks. They almost always hire lookers, encourage them to dress in ways that wouldn't be okay for men to dress, post photos of them, promote them based on their looks (from photo shoots to not hiding them behind a table. Then they tell people to respect them as professionals. You didn't! Start letting these ladies show their talents before you shine them all up and parade them out. I'm disappointed by the double standard in the league. In the last few years though, I've seen a titanic shift in competence from sideline reporters, professionalism and show prep from the female reporters/anchors. and this gives me an opportunity to cheer on the Hawks once again. Renee Montgomery is better at basketball, smarter about basketball, better prepared as an analyst than 99% of her male counterparts. We've honestly struck gold keeping her in the Atlanta family. It doesn't hurt she's a looker but I don't even find myself paying attention to that when she's talking. She's brilliant.
  4. I love me some Wiseman but I'm not sure I'd trade anyone. I'm not trading Cam, I'm not trading Hunter. I'd be hesitant to trade Huerter (but depending on Wiseman's health, I'd go straight up or some low draft capital). He's just had a bad history of health and needs 2 more years to really start tapping his potential. But Cam, Hunter, Young are all untouchable in my book. Huerter is weird. He's not as good or have as high a ceiling of any of those 3 but great team guys, great glue guys, the guy everyone loves is really hard to come by.
  5. I'm seeing mocks sending him to Philly at 28. Size is a real concern. Stamina won't be since he'd be coming off the bench.
  6. FYI, neither of my big men interests are on that list. Kai Jones or Neemias Queta
  7. Any interest in Mac McClung in the second round?
  8. Its just a salary thing and his value is pretty high right now.
  9. If he'll accept the 20 minute a night role, I want Cousins.
  10. I refuse to comment on this list until Westbrook is a choice.
  11. I advocated at the time to draft Markkanen. I think he's improperly used on Chicago. I think Chicago's system has been a mess. They had more talent than their record.
  12. That final non-guaranteed year carries a $5 million guaranteed rider for the year Young/Huerter come due. So release him and its still $5 mil against the cap and you need another player. Keep him and its diminishing skill $21 million + on the ledger. Good for a rebuilding team, not for one taking on internal salary.
  13. I took a hard look at it and you're right. Without draft assets, there really isn't a good fit without a 3rd party. I do like Culver more than most but understand he's a risk. I think people are overvaluing Gallo right now though based on performance. He is an aging vet and it has to be looked at as a futures market. Again, there were no less than 3 teams interested but Minny is the one that put out the leak to the press which told me something was stirring.
  14. Its been done. I don't mean to be salty but this happens a lot. You give info and people come at you as if you're proposing it. Its meant to start a discussion. I'm not saying "oh we should do this". What I'm saying is, "hey community this is being discussed by people who matter and I don't have all the details. Here's something that matches salary wise, what does good value look like to you." I don't have info on the specifics except a Gallo swap was mentioned and due to the cap situations of both teams, it requires similar salaries. So its gotta look something like XYZ. So what other compensation would you want, picks, swaps, etc. I didn't do it, its not my idea but it was discussed, it happened and the information is mostly guarded. I spoke about it a few days ago as making sense. I saw the rumor on hoopshype, made a few calls and said what I know with a "I'll say more when I know".....mistakes were made!
  15. Again, I'm not advocating for anything, I'm not on any particular side. I think I'm going to save this exchange and the next time someone questions why I don't go into more detail on something I've heard, I'm going to just direct them back to page 56. If you have a genius idea what good value would be, by all means post it but there is a long line of people waiting to just crap all over other people's positive input. The internet just lets you jump the line. Put yourself out there or stop just crapping on everyone else who is just providing you real info on what was actually discussed or is possible.