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  1. thecampster

    Ask Supes

    He doesn't fit what LP wants to do. But never say never.
  2. I pointed out the kicks to my wife and she says, "huh? Periwinkle!"
  3. 1st 7 points given up off offensive rebounds. I may have to stop watching.
  4. People really aren't understanding the cap position next year for the Hawks. Assuming all options are accepted and all free agents are renounced and not counting the rookie cap holds, we would have almost 80 million. Keeping the rookie cap holds its 69 million. For the love of all that is holy, You can absorb a player like Drummond at $25 million and the real cap hit is only $22 million because you lose the cap hit from the lower rookie contract. You still get a top 3 draft pick and still have $47 million to spend in free agency. A bit of that goes to keep Jeff and you can still sign a max player to go with Drummond and company. That lower 1st has zero real value to us. What we sign in free agency will play in front of it....with a first and 2+ free agents...that #18 ish pick isn't seeing the floor.
  5. thecampster

    Ask Supes

    They are holding Len to package with Turner as I understand it. They aren't interested in flipping Len to a contender without a ransom. Len is valued around the league for teams with great 3 and D.
  6. I heard the same and the sticking point was the filler and a chance to talk to Jones. As I understood it, they wanted to include enough salary to take us right up to the Cap and limit us in other trades. They wanted to include the bench garbage and we wanted Morris or Sekou. We pulled because they didn't want to budge.
  7. We completely gave up driving the lane and wouldn't double Rose...every time we did Drummond got the flush or offensive rebound and put back
  8. For all of those crapping on giving up a mid first rounder for Drummond...I really hope you watched the game last night.
  9. Let's try to address the post please and not the poster.
  10. Those 1st quarter rebounds, 2nd chance points stats drive me insane.
  11. thecampster

    Ask Supes

    It matters more with a player like Drummond. I was mostly listing it for informational purposes based on the ask. We obviously aren't resigning Jeffy for more than he currently makes.
  12. thecampster

    Ask Supes

    One big part of the value in the Drummond trade was the ability to compete for him once he enters free agency. This is why you sometimes see stars resign with their current team late in the signing period. So if the Hawks were to resign a player like Teague for 8 mil per, but wait while he feels out his value, our cap hit is 28 mil while we wait, holding up other deals.
  13. thecampster

    Ask Supes

    Think about this though. Until we resign him or he signs elsewhere, his cap hold will be $28,500,000. We will be waiting on him. This was part of the hurry in trying to work out the Drummond deal early. His caphold would have been north of $40 million. So they tried to get the trade in before 6 months before the deadline. Once that passed, it became harder to justify.
  14. thecampster

    Ask Supes

    Agreed. Most of the rules relate to teams over the cap or the LT threshold. However, there is this o e consideration as it applies to Teague. " extension. If a team acquires a player in a trade, then for a period of six months following the date of the trade, the team is prohibited from signing the player to a contract extension for a longer period, higher amount, or higher annual increases than would have been permitted for an extension-and-trade." I had to look that one up to get the right wording. So basically, any new contract Teafue might get after July 1 would have to wait till after July 16 if more than he gets now. Because he is a free agent and will certainly test his value, his cap hold will be huge next year until signed. This may hurt our negotiation ability once the signing period begins.