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  1. They do. People are calling them as much as they are calling people. The problem is its moving pieces and people keep inquiring about the players on our roster we have no interest in moving more than asking about our picks. If they're calling about our picks, its an attempt to fleece us.
  2. If we get that 4th 1st round pick, I'm 99% sure its because Bruno falls and the Hawks want to develop him.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/anthony-davis-is-heading-to-la-but-the-trade-details-are-getting-complicated-195914183.html I love when writers write an article on something I've been preaching all day.
  4. Why people are jumping the gun on the Lakers trade. Post trade they look like this. Lebron 37.4 million Davis 27.1 million Wagner - 2.063 million Kuzma - 1.975 million Deng owed 5 million a year for 3 more years but not on roster. They have 5 players with a cap number of a little less than $73 million with $35 million left to spend and needing 10 more players. Basically, they're gonna try and buy one more top player and then fill out with minimum players. Free agents they can resign of their own. KCP Rondo Muscala Stephenson Bullock McGee Chandler Jermerrio Jones the Lakers have 2 great players but they are handicapped by that Lebron contract and that Deng waive/stretch.
  5. https://www.nbadraft.net/players/nicolas-claxton They're stating top 25 which I think is a few picks high.
  6. Claxton (assuming you mean Georgia) is going late 1st early 2nd and will be a 6 fouls hit the weight room guy but will be on a roster as of right now.
  7. Open but A) they need to be wow'd with value and B) they'll need another solid ball handler as Bembry actually spelled the ball handler as a point forward for stretches last year after Lin left.
  8. Oh and a little buzz being created for the guys from Tennessee guys Schofield and Williams. Both once seen as being 2nd rounders....people have started to question trusting they'll be there in the 2nd. Some now have Williams going top 20 and Schofield going as early as 23. Bone is projected as a late 2nd rounder (if at all) but because he's very athletic...he's a perfect draft and stash type of player in the developmental league.
  9. The one everyone knows is Tacko Fall....nobody wants to draft him and put them on their opening night roster. Everyone would like to try and develop him.
  10. Also, there is interest in Bembry because of how friendly his deal is/the pest he is on the wing (same with Huerter) and teams have inquired if he can be included in deals. There is zero interest in Plumlee right now and he would have to be a toss in for a very big contract and would greatly reduce the value of the deal. Baze played himself out of interest from other teams in the 2nd half last year. His value is mostly dead.
  11. Well the big thing here is the Hawks phones are ringing off the hook but its from 2 perspectives. 1. Can we take advantage of the Hawks because they have too many picks? and 2. Can we dump a contract on the Hawks? They have so many options, there really isn't a consensus what the roster would look like going into pick 1. For example, if they take on a good wing or 2 in trade while giving up 2nds, they 'll have less need for a wing at 8. If they can move the 2nds for a decent backup point then they can go all in for the wings they prefer. If they get one of each, they can use 8 or 10 to take a big. They really do have so many options, there is no reason to zero in on any one player in the draft.
  12. Oh....and that the Hawks aren't zero'ing in on any one player at this time because they are looking at trade scenarios that would change their needs based on who comes in and who goes out and or what picks they end up with.
  13. That Portland would be willing to trade 25 if someone would help them clear salary. Harkless and Evan Turner are the names. They're not trying to get under the cap, they are just trying to make sure they don't go over the LT again so they can reset. Boston would trade 2 of their picks for a good low priced vet. They are all about clearing any room they have for signing vets to make one more run if Horford and Irving opt in which would mean their hands are tied because of the LT. If either opts in but the other doesn't, they still won't have enough room to sign anyone of value. Their 3 picks are holding $8.5 million of critical room. There are too many variables. The rumor here is the Kyrie and Horford are playing their future close to the vest as their agents put out feelers. The Kings are willing but not desperate to move Harrison Barnes if he opts in. They would entertain resigning Cousins again but don't think he'd sign. They would also like to acquire a 1st round pick. If Barnes opts out, they're not sure how they could sign enough salary to be even close to the cap. If Barnes opted out and they renounced all their free agents they'd have 80 million in cap space and no one good willing to take their money. The Knicks are a mess and they know it. The rumor isn't that the Knicks rejected the Hawks interest in 3 because they didn't like it, the rumor is they didn't know how it helped them attract talent outside of the draft. If they waive their non-guarantees and renounce their free agents, they have $67 million to play with. The rumor here is they want to move #3 for a player that moves the needle for possible free agents or use future assets to trade for someone to move that needle. The Hawks assets were outside the range for the players they're interested in (all of which fall 4-7). They are all done developing talent. They want out of the lottery treadmill. They want players who move the needle now and are willing to move their picks if that's what you have. Miami will again look at trading Whiteside once he opts in and will dangle #13 as long as they get something of value back in return that helps them round out a roster. They have asked Whiteside to make his decision predraft so they can explore options and include him in the process. Whiteside hasn't opted in yet as he's asking for considerations in where he can go (all private conversations)" "As for Whiteside, he came to AmericanAirlines Arena to work out in recent days. Miami is expected to again explore trading him once he opts in. 1 week ago – via Miami Herald" Most of this comes from people I know in different cities listening to local sports talk or similar. Some from tweets and such cobbled together. Charlotte and Cleveland want their picks and have ideas on who they want at this point. Lastly, there is only minor interest in the Hawks bevy of 2nd round picks and such. They have too many assets and teams know their supply issues and are trying to take advantage of it.
  14. I knew I wasn't the only person who loved Joe Dumars the player and hated anything wearing a uniform next to Bill Laimbeer.
  15. Still not sure how offering Al a 4 year deal starting at $23 million is disrespecting him or how getting a true center to play alongside him was an insult. Fans here loved him, he for 2 million more reasons a year to go live somewhere more expensive in a new city to chase a championship for self validation. Had he stayed we probably would have offered to trade him to a contender once the rebuild began...but no.
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