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  1. So for the last 3 weeks or so, my adult son and I have been talking about the future fallout of this crisis. Instead of hammering what leader did what and who to trust, etc. We've talked about different countries and how it would affect them. The conversation returned time and again to how China was not truthful from the beginning. About the time the first cases were reported in New York, China started trickle reporting. They overnight jumped their cases to meet what foreigners were seeing. Then they expelled foreign journalists from the country. Their case numbers broke 80,000 and then poof, they started trickling and stand at only 83000 4 weeks later. He and I have been discussing when the backlash for 1) China hiding the virus at the start, 2) Their initial under reporting of numbers, 3) the known human rights abuses that followed and 4) the return to under-reporting following the expulsion of foreign journalists. This morning, I got this article in my FB feed. Its about to begin and the world is going to get tense in the coming weeks as the world turns on China. I'm very curious to how our media is going to cover this going forward. Sean Lennon seems to think they won't.
  2. I may not 100% agree with the conclusion of the author but the full timeline is interesting.
  3. The above article does a real good job of summing up the timeline and refreshing our memories of the changing attitude of the virus. Most striking was the following excerpt, " On January 30th, the CDC confirmed the 6th coronavirus infection, also the first “known” human-to-human transmission within the U.S. Thankfully, the CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield let us know that "the immediate risk to the American public is low." Nevertheless, on that same day the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public health emergency because their “greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker health systems, and which are ill-prepared to deal with it." Thank God we have a strong health system and are well-prepared to deal with this kind of outbreaks. The clowns at the World Health Organization urged countries not to restrict travel or trade in response to COVID-19 on January 30th as well. On January 31st, the CDC confirmed the seventh coronavirus infection, a male who traveled to Wuhan. “We are preparing as if this were the next pandemic, but we are hopeful still that this is not and will not be the case,” the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Dr. Nancy Messonnier said after this news came out. Very comforting!! On January 31st, Trump also announced that all foreign nationals who had traveled to China except the immediate family members of US citizens or permanent residents won’t be allowed into the U.S. effective February 2nd, 5 pm (EST). Better late than never, though why just China? The virus had spread to around two dozen countries by the end of January." I remember when this all began people were acting very cavalier like it was a them problem. I remember when Trump banned those flights from China people screamed and howled at the xenophobia. Amazing the changes in attitude seen as the timeline progressed.
  4. So when I said I bought extra flour and sugar, we already had 2 full containers but I bought 10 lb bags of each. There are also extra boxes of pancake/waffle mix, powdered milk, etc. Basically, anything that can be used in baking including binders besides eggs. Baking and know how to bake will save your bacon in a time like this. Also, skillet baking (look it up), being able to make naan (more skillet stuff from india), learning very creative cooking with rice (see the Ancient near east cooking sites) and protein substitutes. The super market aisles are all empty for perishables but there are cans and bags of nuts, beans, etc all available and all technically non-perishable. An air fryer and/or a toaster oven can help with meal prep and make your life easy. We have an insta-pot and if you're creative with soups and stews, beans are your friend when times are tough. most importantly, everything mentioned here takes up very little room in a pantry and is packed with what you need to keep going. And now for my favorite recipe (meat or not doesn't matter). 1 lb beef (browned and drained), 1 can V8 juice, 1 packet taco seasoning, 1 can (large) of bush's chili beans will make some of the best chili you ever had. yes taco seasoning...its pretty much everything + v8 that chili is. Cook for 5-10 minutes on medium heat. Done. Very good for you, easy to make and very inexpensive.
  5. First, I need to go back up and like your post Northcyde. Will handle that after this. Last year at the end of the year, it was announced my group was moving into a 20x20 glass enclosed room we refer to as the command center. I threw up objections as the room is poorly ventilated and we'd be sharing desks (hot seating). I was belittled. Once we moved in, I ended a meeting during open discussion about people being responsible and at the first sight of illness, stay home. The response was the same. A few weeks later Covid-19 hit China and after about a week (5k cases ish) I went directly to my supervisor and asked him if anyone had started looking at the BCP and work from home options. He stated we aren't there yet and this thing is in China. It will blow over, probably won't get here. I took him aside and told him I did not believe it was nothing but I didn't think it was the end of the world either. We just had to be real about it. He told me if I was so concerned, I could make sure all of the team tested their VPN access from home and that we the team contact list was accurate. A few weeks later he comes to me and says, "hey did you handle that stuff?" I hand it over and he tells me I'm on the test team for a week for work from home. I tell him I'm not coming back. We'll all be home by next week. Well we aren't there yet he says. 4 days into work from home, we all got told to stay home. I think this pretty much sums up why we are where we are today. Way too many people said...meh...not me. I'm not a prepper, but I was raised by 2 WW2 parents. They always had a stocked pantry and I learned it from them. I always have extra TP and always extra paper towel. I don't run out of hand soap, laundry detergent or dish soap. Its just secnd hand WW2 mindset. When I went to the store and came home with a few cases of water, restocked the pantry and bought everything from a few extra cases of soda to extra flour and sugar, even my wife rolled her eyes. I've been following the stories online about how this will change America's mindset for years to come and have been thinking about the same things. I'm just glad I'll stop being the weird one who prepares and constantly thinks in terms of risk.
  6. I am sorry to hear that but thank you for taking the time to respond. I've asked this question a few places and what I'm finding is a number of people with a similar response. "I know someone ill, but couldn't get a test or something like that." My daughter-in-law runs a lab in Indiana that is handling testing. She and my son are adamant about social distancing right now and they've been talking about it since February.
  7. Well the stay on topic thing is more about people who take anything and drive down lanes unintended. I was talking with my son about reach today on this. Estimated infection and death rates and then said...if it infects x number of 100 people and kills y of x. You should know someone if you have Z number of friends in your circle. Got me thinking about my big it was and we were listing it. About halfway through it hit me this site fits my circle. Which is why I wanted first hand, not inferred knowledge. Yes but that fits your circle. That's a first hand report and I accept it.
  8. I have a very strange question. Try to stay on topic with this. Does anyone here actually know someone who has it? Not knows of or heard about or read in the paper. Does anyone on the board actually know somebody that has it?
  9. No words here. These things always leave us wondering what to say. Do me a favor and keep me updated one way or another if you're able. Side note here, I'm the youngest of my siblings (a whole mess of them and they all live up north) and I keep calling my mother every few days with any excuse I can to check up on her and them. It becomes very real when its someone you know, someone you love. Here's hoping for some good news.
  10. On a side note, I am always supplied with things for a crisis (habit from having older parents from their WW2 days). So always have pasta, canned goods, frozen foods, a few cases of bottled water on hand. Wife and I are good bakers (me okay, her pro) so we can make our own breads, etc. Having flour, yeast, sugar, etc > having food stocks. Basically I'm the worlds most casual extreme prepper so we're alright. Besides, not only did I already have a stock of toilet paper, but one of our toilets has a bidet attachment. So I'm good coming and going 😉
  11. So I'm out in Paulding and we've only had a couple of cases out here. I've been working from home for 2 weeks now. Wife got the work from home order as of Friday the 20th. Adult son was laid off a few days before that. So its shelter in place whether we intend it to be or not. Managed to buy get a used Kinect for the X-Box One and that really took the edge off. Able to move about in place and play a bit. So you can still get out and about out here in Paulding and the Silver Comet and a very big public park are both within a mile or so of my house so I can get out and walk without incident fairly easily. Rarely even pass anyone. It hasn't been bad.
  12. those are the 2 names I immediately thought of and when he stated Nash over Stockton at the point I was WTF? Or Oscar Robertson, Magic Johhson?