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  1. final record for the "winners" 39 wins = 10-8 40 = 11-7 41 = 12-6 42 = 13-5 43 = 14-4 Games left Home (12) - Mil, Ind, Orl, Mia, Mil, Chi, Por, Pho, Was, Was, Orl, Hou Away (7) - Tor, NY, Det, Phi, Phi, Ind, (Pho - makeup).
  2. Dunn will need 2 or 3 games to get a feel as well but knowing he'll be there for the last 10 games or so and the playoffs really makes me feel better about our chances.
  3. because we changed course as directed by the owner
  4. I wish I was as strong, young and verile as you. It must be backbreaking moving those goal posts all day. Right about the tank and right about Philly are not the same thing. Quit trying to lawyer everything. Tanking sucked! Love the young guys we got out of it, but they were losing nightly before the vets arrived and a certain coach started playing to their strengths.
  5. 12. Atlanta Hawks (↑Previously 20th), 26-24, +1.7 net rating Weekly slate: Loss at Suns, Win at Spurs, Win at Pelicans, Win over Warriors How do the Atlanta Hawks deal with missing John Collins for a short time? Initially, this doesn’t appear to be a problem for the Hawks. The ankle issue has cost Collins the last three games, and the Hawks won all three of them. For the season, this has proven to be an issue. The Hawks are plus-5.
  6. start here: Then maybe read here: Include a little bit of this: Stir gently and top it off with this: He was off by a year...its been 4 years and we had to pay out big bucks in F/A to get here. He wasn't wrong...not one bit.
  7. time for me to dust off the way back machine there was a series of KB21 leading the charge and me in quiet line stating tanking was not the way to go, but to flip cap space for vets other teams needed to dump that could still play. Myself and KB21 were advocating for the type of cap space use that was used on our acquisitions this year. We were never in line with tanking. You flip assets for high draft picks (like Boston), you do not purposely lose hoping your scouting department is smarter than everyone else. I'll find the posts.
  8. I'm not crazy enough to believe this young squad is going to win it all this year...but nobody and I mean nobody wants to play us for 7 games.
  10. I grew up listening to Harry Carry. Nique's an orator comparably.
  11. See this old article of when the Bulls fired Doug Collins after reaching the Eastern Conference finals and turned the reigns over to Phil Jackson.
  12. For those with short memories. Atlanta Hawks (2012–2014)[edit] On July 12, 2012, Williams signed with the Atlanta Hawks.[13] On January 18, 2013, against the Brooklyn Nets, Williams landed awkwardly on his right knee and had to leave the game on a wheelchair. It was later revealed that he tore his ACL and would miss the rest of the season. Williams missed the first few games of the 2013–14 season while recovering from his knee injury. He made his debut on November 20, 2013, scoring 6 points off the bench. On December 14, 2013, Williams scored a season high of 27 points. He
  13. Don't be 100% sure of that. They are considering waiving one of Goodwin, Bruno, Mays and signing a big.