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  1. The below article contains a list of the players "not" extended. Some really interesting names on this list. Ayton, Bamba, Bagley, Bridges, Sexton...... Gives some perspective on just how good Schlenk has been as the GM. I think its possible at least 3 people in this list find new homes by the trade deadline.
  2. dig deeper on next year's expirings, and consider that 1 or 2 of Bogi, Gallo, OO, Cam, Kev, Hunter could be packaged at the trade deadline.
  3. From what I'm hearing, they've been close for about a week now but Bridges deal threw a bit of a monkey wrench into this. You have to think about the effect on next year's cap (forget LT). As long as Kevin is not extended, he is a better cap hold next year ($12.76) million than his prospective salary would be. So extending Kevin at $13 mil to start actually puts the Hawks $.25 million worse into the salary cap at the start of next season (and by extension...every dollar after that has the same effect). Bridges' deal supported Kevin's team's case about value and gave them hope that betting on Kevin could play out well. Make no mistake though, Kevin is not a lock to get paid next year. An injury could derail his potential salary as could another sub 37% shooting from 3 year. There is incentive to get a deal for Kevin done from both sides but that $12.76 million cap hold for next year is your hedge line....the Bridges' deal might have moved that for K'von's team and that may have changed the Hawks' plans for what to do next season.
  4. Given Bridges got 4/90 yesterday and that Bridges played about 3 minutes more per game last season, grabbed 1 more rebound per game but produced 1 less assist while scoring 1.6 more points per game, you'd think he and Kevin would be closer. But there are 2 very important stats here. Bridges shot 11.1% better from the floor and 6.2% better from 3 (not to mention 6% better at the line). Bridges also gave us .3 less turnovers per game than Kevin while blocking .6 more shots per game. These "differences" are the difference why Bridges has a 4 point higher PER and contributes significantly more to winning. Remember that most NBA games are within 5 points in the last 5 minutes. Those nudges can be the difference between 5 or more wins per year. Bridges did enough last year to boost himself from a 4/50 player to a 4/90. Kevin did enough to go from 4/40 to 4/60 with his improved defense but his metrics don't pan out to much more than that.
  5. 1. 58-24 2. Just 1, Trae 3. Hill, Williams, JJ, Cooper 4. Zero (just not enough minutes to go around). 5. JC, Bogi, Kev, Gallo, Trae (42, 40, 39, 38, 36).
  6. Next offseason, Kevin will be a Restricted Free Agent (RFA). As an RFA, any team can offer anything to him up to his max slot. Most teams don't do this unless they are sure the other team won't match because once you make that offer, that salary is locked on your salary cap and you can't use it to sign anyone else. An offer sheet works just like a cap hold in that way.
  7. FYI, go back 18 months ago and look at my posts. I was stating back then that JC's numbers dictated he'd get a near max contract. I'm usually pretty close on these things. JC's last 3 season average - 19/9 on 57% shooting and he shot 40% from 3 the last 2 years. Kev's last 3 season average - 11.2/3.3/3.5 on 42% shooting and 37% from 3. You can argue usage vs per36 vs floor companions all you want but comparing JC's restricted free agent year to Kev's extension year is very much apples to smoked cod. I love me some smoked cod but you can't compare the 2. Offering the guy a 4 year deal starting at 13.2 and ending at 16.8 is hardly sneezing in his coffee. Its what you pay if you want to keep him. It isn't what he's earned (stats wise). Consider Bogi on extremely similar usage. 14/3.3/3.5 on 43% shooting and 37.5% from 3. The are almost the same player with Bogi being more mature, more aggressive, scoring 2.8 more ppg. He got 18 million on a compete to keep you contract (signed away in restricted free agency). The contract is less on an extension and Kev is younger, putting up slightly less in numbers/%. 15 per is right where he fits. His agent should take it and smile.
  8. Per 36 for Korkmaz is 17 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 2.8 apg on 40.1% FG%, 37.5% 3FG%. Per 36 for Huerter is 13.9 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 4.1 apg on 43.2% FG%, 36.3 3FG%. I wouldn't argue against Huerter having the better defense, upside and intangibles. But like you said, Korkmaz just signed for 3 years at 5mil per season. People are so eager to spend other people's money. Giving Kevin 18 or 20 per is madness.
  9. A list of shooting guards with similar PPG and PER numbers to Kevin. Let me know how many of these guys you would pay 1/2 of a max salary to. 24 Kelly Oubre Jr.GS 25 Gary Trent Jr.POR/TOR 26 Devonte' GrahamCHA 27 Kendrick NunnMIA 28 Josh JacksonDET 29 Duncan RobinsonMIA 30 Shake MiltonPHI 31 Alec BurksNY 32 Seth CurryPHI
  10. Per 36 doesn't really get affected by usage. It normalizes your numbers over a 36 minute playing sample. PER is a similar stat. I'm using projected stats, not realized.
  11. You get more per year (a bit) when you sign shorter term.
  12. I love me some Kevin but his numbers just don't justify anything over $15 million. His per 36 last year was basically 14/4/4 with a PER of 12.1. He's a 4 year - $60 million player right now (early extension numbers anyway). Anything over $70mil will be an overpay IMHO. The only stipulation here is Hunter's knees. If Hunter isn't a long term solution, they'll need to lock up Kev.
  13. I still need to swap out the fans for the Lian-Li AL120 unifans and figure out why I can't get a sync'd color on the strimmer cables....but its done. CPU temps dropped 7 degrees at max....GPU temps are over 20 degrees cooler. Its glorious.