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  1. Huerter, Bruno and Dedmon seem to be the players people are inquiring about. Teams also ask about Hunter and its quickly spun to Huerter. This isn't because they prefer one player over the other, but because Hunter is locked up for 1 extra year at a low salary. Huerter vs Hunter is about cap flexibility for the Hawks. #6 and 2022 seems to be the trade package. The starting point to flip with Minny is 6, Huerter and 2022 unprotected 1st. There would be other moving pieces. Atlanta would absorb a contract from another team in exchange for them sending an asset to Minny. This conversation
  2. 2021 is going to be in the mid teens at best (barring a Trae injury). We'd give it up to get the right player.
  3. Okay there is the preview article. Should have been out last week. Supes, call your boy. See if there's a bit of fire under the smoke.
  4. A smidge late but this is that trickle of information we were expecting last week. Looks like there is still confusion over when and how to announce things. Make no mistake, there has been stuff already done in the background. Some of it was in place 2 weeks ago.
  5. To all interested, please read the above article on Lamelo Ball. An excerpt: "“Primary initiators need to have a respectable pull-up jumper to lead a great half-court offense. LaMelo (Ball) requires a complete overhaul in his mechanics. Not having a quick first-step will make it all the more challenging for him in the NBA." I've been pushing only 1 or 2 players in this whole draft and this article shows why. Ball is now considered the best prospect in this draft but as you can
  6. I reserve the right to hijack any thread of my choosing to vent my own personal grievances. You have been warned. Also, what's up with airline food....Am I right?