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  1. Yeah, either we hear about a trade for Buddy and they match or its crickets until midnight because they couldn't get anything done to ship Hield out and they don't match.
  2. I don't see a situation where the Kings don't match. Even if the org made a very conscious decision in the past 48 hours to start tanking, there's no reason not to match. You can run shitty lineups and lose games while giving Buddy/BB lots of minutes to rack up stats and "value". Hield's contract gets much easier to trade next year and they could ship BB next year as well and get assets for a rebuild in return. Letting him go sign with the Hawks really doesn't help them no matter what their trajectory is.
  3. You're doing some real mental gymnastics here to discredit reggie lol... all-star games...? come on
  4. I'd take under on the top 3 and hope to win 2 of those bets. Winning 68% of your games is no joke. Historically, there are usually 2 teams that do win at that rate, but there's no guarantee it will be the Bucks/Celtics/Nets. I could see the 76ers or Heat making a big regular season leap
  5. I agree with you... we should have signed AD this off season what have we been doing?!?
  6. been tied up at work all day but just seeing this... yeah i must have watched the one bad game he had, i didn't check stats before throwing that out there. I went to a game versus the bucks and remembered that one well... but I look forward to the games this year and watching our squad compete for minutes
  7. I don't really disagree with your points, but if I'm being honest, the answer is I want to see him in the playoffs. I don't really worry about Trae underperforming in the playoffs, but I could definitely see it happening for Collins. This is really my hesitation... college feels irrelevant to me because of the type of player he is -- he's bigger and more athletic than those college players and can bully them. I don't know if that will be the case in the playoffs. I watched him a lot last year and he struggles against dominant rim protecting bigs. He put up like 8 points on Milw
  8. Meh, this forum overrates Collins pretty hard imo... the guy gets spoon fed buckets, which is why he's so efficient. He's a really good shooter for his size but Gallo is better there. I'd like to see Gallo run in lineups with Trae before claiming Collins is better offensively. I personally believe Collins would be easy to shut down in the playoffs since half his points are dunks/oops/put backs. Gallo seems to be able to get buckets from anywhere.
  9. I agree with your definitions here 100%, but it does get somewhat muddy. Klay is ELITE at moving off ball, getting open, and releasing his shot lightning fast. Any system where he's not standing in the corner waiting for a catch and shoot he'll probably be a great scorer (in addition to shooter). With that said, I'm nitpicking your example but still agree with you on there being a distinction. I haven't watched Hield enough to really give an opinion on him...
  10. Agree 100%, I love this move even if thecampster is down on it. I gneuinely don't think the deal is overpriced given what we've seen other guys go for. My favorite thing about him is he lets it rip from behind the arc, no hesitation. Like you said, defenses have to respect that which really opens things up.
  11. I appreciate the stats ans analysis but individual stats in team sports are never near perfect. I think what separates an average GM v a good one is the guys that understand how to contextualize the stats and have a vision for the team's pieces and how they fit together. Bogdonavich could come to Atlanta and put up better stats because of better spacing/plays/schemes on offense, being a part of better defensive schemes, etc... and he will still be the same player, despite his stats improving. I'm not saying this WILL happen, but it COULD happen and I trust Schlenks vision for the team.
  12. Pistons basketball operations team must have taken next week off for the holidays
  13. Time to stat pad Fox, gotta get that all NBA selection
  14. JeffS17

    Ask Supes

    I don't love it but I don't hate it either...really depends on the deal length for me.
  15. Because they've been shopping him and he was likely a piece of the mega trade supes was citing. If I had to guess, they've had talks with him about extensions and they don't agree on price.