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  1. Sounds like he was afraid of having to compete for playing time with Rondo/Heurter/Cam. I can see why he'd think it's not a great fit here if he wanted immediate minutes.
  2. Seriously lol there's no guarantees regarding your second NBA contract... I'm pretty sure the TWolves would have been my first choice... then GS... then the Hornets... etc. Even if you know you're not a top 3 pick or anything, it still doesn't make sense to want the ...Kings? IMO Hali was better than a 12th pick, and now he's getting 12th pick salary, and he's on one of the worst franchises in the NBA
  3. Looking back on this I like that I got the accolades correct (most likely) but what the hell was I thinking 40-32 would only get us to 7 seed in the east
  4. True, Lou is a nice punch off the bench but a serviceable backup center would have been really nice. I hope eventually OO gets to a place where he can play 5 well enough to cover but that's likely a long ways away. I didn't realize Memphis was on a b2b as well -- that's a bummer. We really just need to get healthy across the board. Can't complain much right now as we had a nice 4 win streak before this loss.
  5. I agree it's our biggest hole on the bench but I also don't think it's a huge deal IF Capela is playing. Running smaller lineups isn't the end of the world, especially when it's the bench squads that won't be up against the elite centers of the league. With that said, it's so painful when Capela is out... guys are compensating all over the place on defense without his presence in the paint. We also looked tired on the 2nd night of a b2b with lots of rotation players out, so I'm not taking too much away from that game. It does annoy me the Grizzlies seem to always have our number.
  6. Of course, I'm not trying to speak in absolutes.
  7. I agree with you partially but I think there's a case that if you decide to center your franchise around a guy and heavily invest in him in multiple ways (training, minutes, coaching, time and patience, etc.) you can produce a star. I don't think everyone has the talent to be an all-star, but I firmly believe that most guys in the lottery can be developed into all-star caliber players if they're given the right situation and resources. There's no scrubs getting drafted in the top 10. The X factor is the work ethic of the player you choose. I don't know if I'm verbalizing the point I'm
  8. Wow, what a game... Trae's most impressive stat for me tonight was a 4 assist:turnover ratio. When he is locked in and not making lazy TOs, we're so dangerous. BOGI BOGI BOGI!!! To add to the first point, when Bogi is playing like this, it opens up Trae's game so much. The past 10 games of Bogi is why I was pumped when we signed him despite the aggressive contract Capela is such an anchor for this team... the guy is worth more than what he's getting paid right now and I think even when he gets praise we underestimate his value. Half a season of Capela and my PTSD from wat
  9. lmao thats crazy, super close on both games... my streak ended tonight (happily though!)
  10. A lot of shots getting blocked on lazy drives... hope we have better movement and shot selection next quarter
  11. Love OO but yall can't forget Zion is the league's golden boy. Breathe on him too hard and refs blow the whistle.
  12. I don't see us winning this game if Capela is out. Zion will abuse Gallo/Solo or whoever else we slot against him, and if Gallo is in foul trouble, we really don't have a strong lineup to putout. Hope Capela can play
  13. At this point, I just want Hunter to be healthy for most of the offseason so he can continue to work on his game. I would love for him to be 100% for the playoffs, but his situation makes me nervous
  14. Capela had a really solid night. I took Gallo as MVP over these 12 games which is also looking nice
  15. He's been nice but I do wish he'd work through the offense a bit more. It's not like the guys he shares the floor with can't score.