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  1. His body language wasn’t great. Anyway, is BI the answer? I don’t think so. We need a complete defensive overall. Now Alvarado? Sure I’ll take him in a heartbeat Alvarado Murphy and Jones for half our roster… come on griff
  2. Pace might be a difference maker if we had a good defense. We have a terrible defense so no matter how fast we shoot the ball we will let the other team score on fast breaks and 3 pointers on the other end.
  3. If I hear Landry or Kyle say "we like our core" one time this offseason I'm gonna blow my state farm arena roof
  4. Don’t care about star chasing … we need defense if we are gonna get out of the basement we finished 27th in the league in d rating
  5. The catch is.. DJ is actually a really good player and had a great season. it’s the other areas of the team that were severely lacking
  6. This season is a disaster. Whatever plan this FO had last offseason it was terrible
  7. Vit and Forrest aren’t difference makers. Making a big deal about them getting long term deals isn’t it. This team needs some defensive rebuilding for next year. No way we go deep in playoffs this year. i think they are signaling they need to mail it in and focus on next season. They aren’t prepared for a deep postseason run and they know it.
  8. Edey has the ceiling of Shaq and the floor of Tacko Fall I'd take him just on the pure fact of having him against Wemby
  9. People are people.. full of opinions, all of them
  10. Nah, Hunter has done a great job fixing his rep this year https://www.espn.com/nba/player/gamelog/_/id/4065732/deandre-hunter
  11. Defensively speaking how does a New Defensive Center - JJ - Dre - DJM - Trae lineup work next year? do you think we can get into the top 15 defensively.. I wonder what’s in store for Dre if he can translate back to starting or we embrace his 6th man role and slide JJ to 3 and find a great PF-Center combo.. like Clayton
  12. Ingram would be a nice addition.. JJ however IMO is a large 3, not a PF. Bey is moreso a PF he had more post moves.
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