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  1. If you run, I'd vote for you .... in exchange for a pre-pardon if you win.
  2. Monte McNair looks over at Ranadive (who's breathing down his neck). *wink* *wink* MM - "Watch the master in action, boss. Sure, you can have Bogilivich, just send us Reddish 'n Heurter an a 1st,Traaav." (sits back, puts his feet up) *click* Mm - "Hello, Travis? Uh, Mr. Schlenk?" Vivek- "...... Stauskas?"
  3. Eh, as you said, we shall see. Unfortunately, there's no way to see who's right on this. WAS is a bad team regardless so spouting a bunch of numbers at this time next year won't be a referendum on Westbrook individually.
  4. Wall can't play off the ball, Westbrook ultimately did in HOU. That's why it started to kinda work later in their season.
  5. Hey, you and I have a couple of things to be tracking on the 'I told you so' front. I'll just add this to the list. Once they found a role for him, Westbrook was excellent for HOU until he got hurt. Are you thinking Wall and Harden will play together? I don't. I'm expecting Harden to be traded. Until then, they'll just roll the ball out, results be d*mned. Once it's Wall's team, they're gonna basically be Wizards-Texas but in the West. Which is not a good thing for Rockets fans. There, now I told you so.
  6. Sometimes people just be sayin shish. At least when I do it, I'm semi-entertaining.
  7. Can we understand something on this Wall v Westbrook thing? Westbrook's worst season far exceeds Wall's best, prime season. And it's not all that close. At his best, Wall is a fringe all-star. At Westbrook's best, he's an MVP.
  8. I already told our Kentucky-fan brethren I'll be uttering that very phrase if the Jackets happen to hit the first basket in our upcoming tilt.
  9. Yeah I figured I traipsed into sacred cow territory. You've roped in both sides' arguments well, I think. See, that's why you won the mod elections.
  10. What does this even mean? The NBA and NCAA are both basketball but they aren't the same. It's no slight to acknowledge that what it takes to be elite in the WNBA is not the same as what it takes to be elite in the NBA. Suggesting otherwise is disingenuous. How does it matter that he was 29 when he was injured if he's 31+ now? We're living in 2020 not 2018. I can't believe you're even arguing with me on this.
  11. Definitely a more apt comparison. My only add would be Wall's age is also a significant factor.
  12. Well you're not blinded by an agenda so ....
  13. I can't tell if you're joking or being serious when you cite a WNBA player as some level of "proof" this injury won't impact Wall. Speed and explosiveness are the hallmarks of John Wall's game. Period. He's into his 30's now so was going to see a natural regression there regardless of injury. If you were telling me he's become more of a player that attacks the angles and relies less on explosiveness, I could see your argument. But that doesn't appear to be what you're saying. You seem to be saying, and correct me if I'm wrong, that he'll return and not miss a beat? Sorry, two fa
  14. Eh, life is better when you and I disagree. Michael Beasley looked great in that run too, huh? I suppose you're proposing that, for the first time in history, a guy who's game is predicated on speed/quickness will come back from multiple devastating leg injuries having not lost several steps. Ok.
  15. I think there's almost no chance Wall is as good as we last saw him. Dominant leg? Recessive leg? Doesn't matter because of over-compensation. I think he's on the road of recurring injury now. Agree on Cousins. ETA: And furthermore on Wall, you don't get better by not playing for 2 full years. I don't buy these reports that he went out and suddenly became a plus jump shooter. Incremental improvement? Sure, but that's about it.