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  1. Haha, I was waiting for the bluegrass villain to chime in. Aunt Davis is in the role that was meant for him. Bosh 2.0 Look on the bright side. Maybe now he won't lead the league in trips to the lockerroom unbearable pain for an apparent broken leg only to have the training staff confirm he just stumped his pinky toe.
  2. Is anybody having a worse off season than the Knicks? Haha, they sold hope (of Zion, #1 picks, Kyrie, Durant, AD, etc). Now it's looking like they're onto plan B and free agency hasn't even started.
  3. I vote we never say his name again. Besides, doesn't kg01 roll off the tongue a lot better? 😃
  4. Don't be fooled by stats and hype. School 'em, peo. AD'll do well as the new Bosh but folks need to recognize he's a follower and a second-fiddle player, not a superstar.
  5. Why do some idiots believe we'll trade 8, 10, 17+ just to get the 4 pick? Idiots. Wtf is the difference between 4 and 8 in this draft? But we're gonna give all that up? Smdh
  6. Speaking of elite GM'ing, I thought of another loser from last night. Dan. E. strAinge. Masai makes a bawse move and uses assets to grab a guy capable of leading a team to a title. Meanwhile, ol' sticky-hands strAinge is still hoarding assets(sic). BOS could've had Kawhi quite easily but ol' Dan wanted to low-ball the Spurs so's he can hold on to his precious assets(sic). Decided to hitch his wagon to Kyme which ended disastrously. Can't hitch no wagon to that selfish mule. One year later the Rapts have a title. The Selltics are still on Oregon Trail. Tatum drowned in the snake river and Marcus Smart has dysentery. Congrats, Dan E.
  7. Agreed. It should also be mentioned that a lot of people think Kyler is a hack so TIFWIW.
  8. You got a few other all timers too, mayne. Think Sacramento .. twice. 😋
  9. I think you're right. I also think, any team that thinks Davis can do that for a franchise, is dead arse wrong.
  10. Totally agree. Next time Durant hits the court, he'll be 32 (I think), he'll have missed a full year and he'll be coming off an achilles tear. He'll still be good but he won't be worth the max that they'll be paying him.
  11. (Too far?) Haha, seeing Klay go down changed him ... and maybe me too.
  12. Dang, now you walking 'round all ...
  13. kg01


    The latter (obviously) ... or not so obvious .... Disappointed it isn't a new trade. We all know, due to the volume of picks we have, at least one more is coming.
  14. kg01


    To be fair, he is breathing just like every all-star before him. Prove me wrong. Name me an all-star that wasn't breathing during the game. I'll wait. Also, I can't be the only one that sees this thread title and goes ...
  15. Am I the only one that thinks this doesn't sound like the real ma$e at all? Sorry, something's off here. Do we have a Misery situation going on? Ma$e, blink twice if this is really you.
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