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  1. Captain Agenda aka peo stepped in one that time. His comeback will be, "Bwah a better coach would've went to Kevin's house and slapped the ho ho's outta his hand. Blah, blah, blah ..." The supposed culture leaders in the league is Miami. They have guys show up out of shape too. But, get this, they put them on a plan to get back in shape and set benchmarks for getting back to playing ... which is exactly what the Hawks have done.
  2. So the Hawks, after Heurter came in overweight, put him on a plan to get better conditioned ... but you're saying they won't do that for embiid?
  3. What's this even mean? Don't answer. I don't need another peo rant this late at nite.
  4. Brown was this guy in high school tho. I remain optimistic on Hunter ... I remain optimistic on Hunter ... I remain ...
  5. I think Maxey will be a good NBA player. I low-key like him for us.
  6. And can we be honest about something? The level of pressure in these playoffs is virtually non-existent compared to "normal" years. So color me unconvinced that some of these dudes are showing they have playoff mettle. This is basically empty gym basketball, so they're not having to deal with role-player shrinkage, home-crowd pressure, travel, or any other phenomenon that impacts playoff performance. I'm not going full-asterisk but we gotta understand this isn't the same.
  7. Yikes. Are you as low on that board as I think you are? I know I am.
  8. Jaylen Brown > Jason Tatum There .. I said it. He doesn't get the hype but that dude plays hard and delivers everything Tatum does without the golden boy leash. I wish we can somehow psychologically convince Hunter to play with this level of aggression at all times.
  9. I could kiss you for posting this. Agree on all counts. This may both please and dismay you. I hear your concerns but you'd be in the minority on taking Capela over Embiid. I think a right-coached Embiid dwarfs Capela in terms of impact. When I say "right-coached" I'm thinking him being in shape and not floating on the perimeter like a tall-a**, fat-a** guard.
  10. The bolded is wrong. The rest is right.
  11. He thinks we're the only team that retools in the face of perpetual mediocrity (despite some in the fanbase who still wanna run it back). That OKC team overachieved in a clearly unsustainable way. It's no surprise that they'll likely be a lotto team in the near future.
  12. ... and the money which reinforces the confusion why so many want Hield here.
  13. The important thing here is my man peo always takes the bait.
  14. Players, and people in general, have all kinds of reasons for making a team or job change. Maybe they take a liking to our coach and want to play for him. (Take the bait, take the bait, take the bait ...)