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  1. Inb4thalock Somebody get the guy shakes a Squawk account! I regret nothiiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!!!
  2. Heh, Jake Fisher reporting the PeliCan'ts didn't know about Zions surgery til he showed up for media day. Haha, probably went "cott-dayum!" when they saw him waddling in.
  3. You like the mcflurry reference, huh?
  4. I'm sure there are plenty of Great Gatsby-ian forums that would be more than happy to have this conversation with you. The questions are misplaced here.
  5. I agree his issues were always there. I feel, once they decided to ignore them, they gotta own it. Don't wait til now, when the issue becomes plain to everyone, act like "Whhaaaat, thats new information. I. Am. Out. Raged." to make yourself seem innocent. It'd be like the PeliCan'ts actin all brand new when Zion ends up on Bravo, or whatever network has the fat people show, gettin cut outta his own house and carried away on a forklift. David Griffin all, "Whhaaaat, Zion has a weight problem? Shame on him." Nah, mfer, you knew he was chasin' them Krispi Kremes with m&m mcflurries for breakfast. Shame on you too.
  6. Yeah. But he ain't Ricky Davis out there.
  7. This isn't true. We're magnifying that one stupid play. Overall he's a high bbiq player.
  8. No need to apologize, stu. I agree the pendulum has swung into Simmons. But, like it or not, the organization is supposed to be the 'adult in the room'. As the adult, they tried to get cute with this whole situation. As such, the blame lies at their feet no matter what Simmons does. Doesn't mean Simmons is exempt from criticism. He should be a pro. But he's told them he's gonna act an a**. They can't act all brand new now. And for anyone saying Simmons is an entitled a**. Yes he is but so is JoeLLLL. So is GLLLLen Rivers. So is Daryl Morey. So is the Sixers governor. On and on. Don't pretend they're all innocents here.
  9. See this is fair criticism, assessment. What I bristle at is this idea that Simmons is a child or afraid and all the other talking points pushed forth by the sixers. Thats wrong. If they truly wanted him back, they wouldn't be doing that to him.
  10. Seeing Trae in the NBA75 stuff and watching the other dudes made me think of one thing.... How trash were those old Selltic teams? I mean, really? Havlicheck was trash. Dude could only dribble with one hand and his shooting makes Josh Smith look like Steph Curry. And Bill Russell ... yeah I'm going there ... a 6'6" dude that couldn't shoot or pass? Best winner ever? Or best winner .. in the lesser league since most of the best players weren't in the NBA while he was beastin'? Tell 'em, Meryl. Don't mind me. Just gettin' shots up. Gettin' ready for the season.
  11. Ooooooh, this bump was ... Man where's ol' cyde to defend himself ... Who knew, after SL, that the rookie that'd need GL time most would be Jalen and not Coop'r? I mean dudes were planning on Collins trades. Now they'll have to settle for #Trae'dYoung
  12. I hear you but, objectively, Simmons on our roster would make us a title contender. The problem in PHI is his role, not his game. Don't let the Sixers stupidity cloud things. He should've never been a primary ballhandler. If Draymond can spur a title team, so can Simmons in the right role. He's basically a bigger, faster, better version of Draymond but them dumbarses have been asking him to be James Harden. Then actin' all brand new when it doesn't work.
  13. The character assassination of Simmons is disturbing. No, he's not handling the situation the best. But folks, he didn't "run because things got tough". He reacted to his "family" quitting on HIM the second things got tough. As soon as they lost, they couldn't wait to pin blame on him. They didn't even dig the hole before they started burying him in the media. At worst, there's equal wrong on both sides. Don't let the side with the most media firepower sway you. Look at the facts and decide for yourself.
  14. JoeLLLL's become one of my least favorite players. Freaking fraud.