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  1. I could see that. I really like that dude. Mark this post, @marco102
  2. If Schlenk shows up in a purple suit with make-up on and a cue stick broken in half, them dudes will know whassup ....
  3. Isn't Wendell kind of Okongwu-like in terms of size and lack of paint-pro though? At least Bamba has size. I think he needs a change of scenery. I think Wendell is just what he is. Booooo. This is exactly what I said just with a slightly rosier slant. I hate when bigmen highlights focus on guard stuff like shooting. That's a nice add-on to your game but I'd rather see a bunch-a dudes with pads in the lane and you foamin' at the mouth grabbin' a tip-in or something. Or straight drillin' some baby hooks with either hand. Or showin' off some smoooov footwork on defense. Them spot-up'sll be like 6% of what the team needs from you, although it's nice to see you doin' it against no-cones. Ah, don't be mad marco-polo. Who would I be if I weren't the 'down on the draft' guy?
  4. That's how I feel about our existing players. It's not how I feel about the 20 pick. I wouldn't mind trading that thing for a useful player. Full disclosure though, I don't see much difference between pick 13-50, really. Fit will determine the player's progression, imho. Not many players in this draft that I'd lose sleep over missing out on.
  5. The concept is sound though. And what's that dude done to command any kind of money on his 2nd deal? Shiiii, has his rookie option even been picked up?
  6. Also feel like a draft where the guy we get in round 2 could be as impactful as some dudes taken in the teens.
  7. That could be. I'm sure that happened a lot for him there. But he also had some good performances in some games they needed to win so I imagine that shows at least a little bit of confidence in him. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you that he's not some great player now. I just think they'll miss him more than they know especially with questions about what Klay will be once he gets back.
  8. Maybe they're expecting to trade it?
  9. I'm afraid WAS is gonna look to rebuild so I can see that trade happening, unfortunately. But is Curry really capable of another year like he just had? Is Klay actually gonna come back healthy? They scoff at Wiggins but there were a lot of nights he contributed for them at a high level. The rest of their roster is still trash. This might be a loud move that doesn't really move the needle as much as it seems.
  10. I've been waiting for over a decade for some other network to rise up and topple them from the throne. They're the King Joffrey of sports/entertainment. Everyone knows they're the king but no one wants them there. On another note, I've been tracking a lot of players folks tried to say were better than Trae. Yeah, I'm being Petty LaBelle on this. Guys I recall folks saying would be better or have a better career than Trae: Sexton, A. Holiday, SGA, Donte Divincenzo, Grayson Allen, Anfernee Simons, Jalen Brunson, Morant, Garland, Coby White. The bolded are all the ones, so far, that have already been traded or who are (allegedly) on the block.
  11. I must say, based on the little I've read/heard of Duarte's story, I'm really rooting for him to make it. Not keen on bringing in old rookies but I hope he finds a good spot in the league. I feel confident, if he's our pick, he'll help us right away.
  12. If we end up trading Gallinari, anybody think making a short-term run at Derozan would be a good idea to replace his production?
  13. Maybe a guy like Harry Giles, who comes with his own injury concerns. Though he seems to have been ok lately.
  14. I don't think I have a quarrel with anything you're saying. It's pretty frustrating to see a guy get pushed forward by giving him credit for what "could" happen. I see fans still touting guys like SGA and Fox over Trae based off .. "oh you just wait, he'll be able to do xyz. Then he'll be better than Trae." Like, how to you give someone credit for something imaginary over and above the actual accomplishments of another dude? Makes no sense but that's how people are. Biased. I don't care about bias among fans. But once fans cross that threshold into "journalism" they must leave bias behind. That's the problem for me. Too many of these guys get paid off their biases.
  15. Honestly, I'd be ok with touting a player's greatness without the requisite postseason success. But you can't then knock another player and cite "lack of postseason success" as the main reason. That's where I have my issue with the eggsperts. Can't change the rules to suit what you want. ETA: And I don't even look at is as "disrespect" anymore. At this point, folks' credibility is eroding when they craft lists like that.