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  1. It should be a legit concern. The saving grace is that the Hawks have weapons at multiple levels now so if Trae can relinquish control, which he's shown the ability and willingness to do under McMillan, the Hawks should still be fine offensively. The 3rd game, which is the only one we had under McMillan, showed some positive signs as the Hawks had taken over the game until Trae went down. Even afterwards, the rest of the group fought back to force OT. That didn't happen under the prior regime.
  2. Oh, it's happening and you know it. Curious though. Would that talking head be suggesting the NBA has sucked for 3 decades then?
  3. Like I'm not sure what about this escapes people. Supes put it plainly, we are not the same team under McMillan. I'd expand on that to say, even though the record is the same as the Knicks, that's misleading based on your second point. Consider McMillan didn't have a training camp to set up his 'plan'. He did it on the fly, which is a tremendous accomplishment.
  4. Playoff avatar, baybee. That's Tommy Boy's look when he realizes this ain't the regular season Hawks he got used to.
  5. "ICE!!! ICE!!!!": - T. Thibodeau Oh, Tommy Boy ...
  6. I never get how folks get to the point where they hate their own team. I mean, I absolutely hated Malcolm DelaneySucks (darn autocorrect), but I never took joy in rooting against him.
  7. Sellltics pump-faked the heck outta you and @hawkman. No way them scrubs were gonna make this look like a game.
  8. Haha, today's theme will be how GREAT(sic) NYK is looking while defeating the mighty Selllltics (who literally don't care anymore)
  9. Don't hold your breath. Seeeees have absolutely nothing to play for so they'll probably sit everybody. Even at full strength they're a pretty gutless bunch.
  10. Sad but true. I cringed in the WAS game when the Matthews scrub body-checked Jollins outta the air on a lob attempt. Its like Con's muscles are pumped full of air like balloons. Like why is he so easy to knock over? Thats a killer against a player like Randle who relishes contact. That said, the key to this series will be Rose, not Barrett. Guy's in his first playoff too. He'll be adjusting just like our youngs. That Rose dude? He a killer.
  11. My only issue with kamla is he bought into the notion that Gallo meant Jollins was gonna be traded. He bit into that hard.
  12. That screeching sound is the goal posts continuously moving. Give him a break though. He's just upset that his Seeeees took three swings at trying to find another Trae Young and have come up snake eyes so far. Carsen Edwards, Tremont Waters, and the Pritchard kid are all homeless man's Trae Youngs. The only thing cuter than his Trae jealousy are the Nix fans that hate the way Trae plays but are all gaga over the Quickley kid ... who's another poor a** man's Trae.
  13. Scalabrine said they jettisoned Theis to minimize luxury tax, not because of confidence in Williams, which makes it even more egregious. Want to hear something even more blood-boiling? Scalabrine was discussing Hawks and Isola was trying to explain how dangerous Trae is, etc(in a good way). Scalabrine explains that he's hearing some bad things about Trae as a teammate - IOW a regurgitation of the stuff that came out last year via "sources" aka Evan Turner. Wanna guess who probably fed Scalabrine that outdated nonsense? Guess what organization Turner now works(sic) for? Evan Turne