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  1. Man I'll be glad when the real benhill gets control of the 'light' again.
  2. In under a day, we went from #RevengeTour to #PleaseDon'tBeAPeppaPigNight
  3. Nah, it's just the coach. Haven't you been paying attention?
  4. This post makes me sad, so I'll share a secret with you. I'm a GT basketball fan and, spoiler alert, we've been losing a lotta games over the year. I mean, a lot of games. What I've been doing is, once it's clear we're gonna lose, turning the TV and watching Peppa Pig and Bluey on Nick Jr. Don't laugh, I'm serious. We usually play around the same time, so the timeslot usually lines up pretty well. Peppa Pig is freaking hilarious and Bluey will put a smile on your face. Guaranteed.
  5. That's .... exactly what I would say if I were impersonating the beloved figure that is , er, was benhillboy. You're not fooling me, imposter.
  6. I'm starting to see the problem. You only want to see the coach fired. Nothing else makes sense to you and you expect others to agree with whatever TF you are talking about. Duly noted (ETA: The funny thing is you and I agree on basically everything except this one issue. It's pretty hilarious.)
  7. Collins should play all 48 minutes, I suppose. Pretty simple concept.
  8. Agreed. Scathing indictment of everyone. This game was lost well before the last few minutes. Hawks played around all game long. Didn't deserve to win. Game shouldn't have been close.
  9. And, while we're talking 'bout Gallinari .... how 'bout forcing Snell to take a foul to stop the play since Gallinari had lost his shoe and, instead of putting his fkng shoe back on, he chose to b*tch at the refs over a call he didn't deserve and was never going to get overturned? Did I forget to mention the Cavs were in the penalty so the forced-foul gave them shots late in the game? I guess Pierce should've "coached" Gallinari to not be an idiot in that moment? Press the "Z" button next time, I guess.
  10. I've come to realize that some people think of coaches as video game players who make shots, passes, and decisions for players. Responsibility all falls on the coach.
  11. I get that he's another who's being asked to do more due to injuries. But dang man, have some professional pride. And how in the world is, for example, Trae considered the worst defender in the league when guys like Gallinari are still drawing breath?
  12. Just gotta grit yer teeth and laugh, macd. Laugh like I laugh when I see Gallinari floundering into off-balance, dumb-a** shots and remember eggsperts claiming he made Collins expendable.
  13. "Coaches rewarded winning in their ASG selections, blah, blah, blah ..." - Eggsperts Vuc (ORL: 13-19) makes it over Sabonis (IND: 15-14) Lavine (CHI: 14-16) over Middleton (MIL: 19-13) BOS at a whopping 15-16, when the eggsperts expected a Finals appearance, and who are floundering in the absence of a 6'2" version of Draymond Green get TWO ASG reserves? TWO?! So you're telling me, if they only had ONE all-star, what? They'd be 2-29?! Good thing they've got them two all-stars to scratch, claw, and drag them to that below-.500 record.
  14. What the ...? Who are you and what have you done with my benhillboy? Don't look away, look at me! Whatve you done with benhillboy? I know he's in there. Benhill? Say something, benhillboy!