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  1. *yawn* Wake me up when he dons a Hawk unit. 🙃
  2. I.S.E. - Victor Oladipo edition ..... Hol' on, hold on, hol'd on .... lemme get this straight. You've missed the whole season. You gimp'd your way back onto the court, looked like hawt gah-bage and your team still let you work your way back? And now you're sitting out? "Oh but kg, he's just trying to stay healthy. You know the bubble, kg. The bubble?" - Jr. Squawker The bubble? Well, *heh* lemme burst your bubble, Jr. Squawker. We're also hearing the Pacers knew nothing about his rehab or the deadline he set to come back. They just went along with it. They certainly knew nothing about him setting until he decided to let them in on the secret. Now all we're hearing is 'Dipo is eyeing the Heat in free agency and that's possibly part of the reason he's sitting. Wait a minute. Let's not forget, Vic is gonna be 29 by the time his next contract starts. Let's not forget, Victor has really only had 1 good year. One. He just stopped being fat 'round the belly. He just stopped being called a draft bust. Shiiii, I just stopped calling this fool "LOLadipo". Who does he think he is? Did he win a 'chip for the Pacers and I missed it? Or is he trying to cash in one one good series vs Lebron like 2 years ago? Come on, sun. kg's seent enough. 🤠
  3. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    That's assuming he figures out how to play basketball. That's where I have my extreme doubts.
  4. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Funny thing is, here would be the best fit for Edwards. But it wouldn't be the best fit for the Hawks. He needs a place where he wouldnt be a focal point. If he was, his suspect ballhandling would be a problem.
  5. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Otoh, I heard some positives on your Precious. Shld be a high level defender ... as long as you can convince him he's not a wang.
  6. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    @Spud2nique, heard a new comp for your Antman guy: Dion Waiters. Yikes
  7. The problem with Giannis is he has low/no incentive to leave MIL. He has more incentive to try and attract someone there. So, on this Giannis/Trae pairing, y'all better be careful what you wish for. 😒 On the other hand, my choice has been boo'd by his home fans, he's been passed over as the franchise "savior" there although he's the more complete player, he's been forced to play for a gard-awful coach, and they ain't winnin' nuthin'. He has every incentive to leave.
  8. kg01

    De'Andre Hunter

    I only charge $1 for the Battier reference. Or, you could give me a podcast shout and we'll call it even.
  9. I went strategical. Voted for the next guy I expect to demand a trade who's not a guard. Joe-L M-biiid
  10. Yeah, I agree somewhat. An argument I heard some podcast dude say is we need a guy that can guard Embiid or stte. The other guy shot it down saying you could find some girthy guy for cheap to absorb 6 fouls long enough if you had to face PHI. Plus there's only one Embiid. Against every other team, you need a switchy guy. I'm in the latter camp, I think. Yes, I hated watching Embiid bully us but it doesn't really scare me because it's rare. Plus, we handled PHI pretty well overall even in our dysfunctional state. So I ain't scared.
  11. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    I do bash everyone. I need to reevaluate my draft stance. In my defense though, some of that is me messin' with Supes. It's like those Messin' with Sasquatch commercials. 😄 And, be fair. I hopped off the Sexton wagon late in that draft. Way, way late but still.
  12. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    I got no problem with reporting on it. I have a problem if anyone takes a leap on him based on it. Dang, I took the bait. I'm not supposed to kill these dudes anymore. Curses!
  13. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    This is basically like falling in love with a guy that had a great NCAA tournament but was pretty 'meh' during multiple seasons. Have fun with that, burd. Man, I gotta stop killin' all these dudes. Hawks gonna draft somebody. Chances are, I got 100 posts totally bashing whoever it is. Heh
  14. If you're looking for more names, I think Jalen Smith will be taken around this point.