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  1. Couple quick hitters to revive ISE .... - Sure, Conley has stank like 6 day-old cabbage for UTA, but I still expect them to right their ship and be a tough out in the WC playoffs. Its not like they're toast even now. They're basically 5th in an improved West despite their struggles. Last year they were 4th. - Anybody seent the Nunn guy's numbers lately? So I guess he's ... not the second coming of Wilt Jordan? - "Oh Knicks, thanks for taking the media heat off our craptastic play." - Hawks - Pull the chute, San Antonio. Sure you could recover and eek 'n squeak into an 8seed but .... why, bro? You gonna have to rebuild at some point. Make like Nike. - The lottery is stalking PHX like Freddy Kreuger. They been able to stay awake the whole movie but, for some reason, they just sat on a cushy couch. It's raining outside. The fire's flickering brightly over that bearskin rug. Don't fall asleep, Phoenix. Phoeniiiiix. Phoenix? 🕵️‍♂️
  2. I used to like him too but, again, that was pre-Heurter/Redd/Hunt. I think we're at a point where we're needing to see how them guys pan out. It's not like Ferg has done anything to distinguish himself over them. I think we need bigs n' backups. Energy/defense guys. What Bembry is supposed to be. Now that Bemb is tryna earn a contract, he's tryna do too much. He's being real offensive in a lotta ways.
  3. It was pre-Heurter so that's why I no longer have interest. The Hernangomez dude may be a fit for us if he weren't set to become a free agent and we could just sign him in a few months.
  4. This criticism is not unwarranted. We should be better just based on effort alone. Brendon Haywood said something about us that I thought was salient. Basically said, defensively, just find what you do well and ... just do that. Even if you can't do it all well .. just find what you do well, do that and build from there.
  5. Haha, what is ... sleep? Still though, I ain't wrong. And 05 is doing great.
  6. Could we be the third man in a trade where we take on salary in exchange for a piece? Ex. Like netting a guy like Beasley from DEN if they trade for Gallinari or something. No, I'm not saying specifically Beasley, just a player like that
  7. F*ck that bullsh*t. Mother f*ck that bullsh*t. How many times they've had the PeliCant's, _arriors, Knicks, Bullets, Blllazers, and other crap arse teams on? And, all of a sudden, they discover the flex option when it's time for us to be on? R u kidding me?! Congrats to MIA for having a nice season and all but y'all ain't no contenders or nothin'. Have fun once your rookies hit the wall and Jimi starts gettin on everybody's nerves (again). Why don't y'all figure out who gave Waiters them weed gummies? Just wait til we get back to fill strength. The hawks finna show y'all chumps. In the immortal words of Andre 3000, "The South got sumthin' ta say!"
  8. In fairness though, you don't have a 'decent basketball mind' so who cares what you think. 😐
  9. Yeah, we should've hired Pop when we had the chance.
  10. Odd. When I told folks he was a year away from being a couple years away, they said I was just being a uGA hater. Odd indeed.
  11. Nope. They both suck. Not enough rebounds. Try again, Bruno.
  12. This is how I read your post in my head. 🧐
  13. Tryna see how thin Fournier's hair can get before he gives it up?
  14. That's true but, to me, that's limited thinking. Making the playoffs ... in the east should be our floor. To set our sights higher, we need to build on a culture of good habits which means a player like Jabarme is a piece you add via buyout as you progress towards the playoffs. He's not a guy you build with and he's not a guy you want around for very long. That's like signing Jamal Crawford to be a starter just because he can drop 50 in a game or 2. Well yeah but, what's he doing the other 80 games?