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  1. Anybody seent the MIN collapse, or Minnesota Avalanche, from last night? And y'all still want Hello Kitty on this team? Not saying it's his fault, per se. But ... well, let's just say he was in the car so he gets arrested for murder too. I know, I know. Saphron and AH are gonna kill me (again), but I'm just sayin, man. Some dudes just can't get right. Hello Kitty is one of 'em. It's not always Wiggins' fault.
  2. What you've done is misrepresented what I said. Didn't say they weren't passionate. I said they were annoying (well, not likeable is what I said but you get it). It can be both, btw, annoying yet passionate. I'll give you a chance to re-read my post then realize you actually agree with me.
  3. Man do we owe TOR one? We had their a**es until something called Norman Powell decided to morph into Lebron Jordan with Reggie Miller-range for a stretch. ETA: And is there any fanbase less likeable than the cRaptors? Acting like they brought Kawhi a title, not the other way around. I still remember Lowry having to go to the lockerroom to compose himself during a playoff game. I still remember them coming up schmall in the clutch. I mean, good job being a solid team this year but don't ack like y'all all that.
  4. First, I hope the checks in the mail for you use of "Trae-ters"? 😏 Seriously though, the new narrative will be stte: "ah, somebody's gotta score on a bad team, I guess it's him." Totally ignoring that Trae is a walking Chernobyl out there.
  5. I'm the same age as Kobe and kg02 just turned 13. Geez, this hurts on all kinds of levels.
  6. I'll wait for confirmation. "Reports" also saying Rick fox was onboard along with his 4 daughters. But only 5 confirmed dead. Doesn't make sense.
  7. Prayers for his family. Hope his daughters weren't in the copter. So sad.
  8. kg01

    Ask Supes

    Perchance or perhaps (perchaps?) we can net a useful player or a 2nd via rerouting Galleria? (No, I was not auto corrected. That's just what I call him.)
  9. kg01

    Ask Supes

    Who wants Parker? Will he be dealt?
  10. History says this is untrue as nothing in his high school, college, or NBA career suggests this will ever happen. He lacks drive and bbiq. I agree Adams is not on Drummond's level because Adams is better w.r.t. contributing to winning. Drummond is a better rebounder. That's it.
  11. kg01

    Ask Supes

    Not my problem. - Hawks
  12. If Parker were playing, we'd be 0-12 instead of 5-7 in 2020. He gives up more than he gets. His absence is addition by subtraction. No, it's exponemtial multiplication by subtraction.