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  1. Heh, I just read that the Lakers may be interested in Dwight Coward. Headline was "Lakers Seriously Interested in Dwight Howard". It should've read ... "Lakers Interested in Dwight Coward? Seriously?"
  2. Now it's legit to question if he'll ever substantially come back. Doubtful these injuries aren't related in some way. Actually sad. I'm rooting for him to get back.
  3. Haha, TeamUSA gonna get ran ... Shout out to Justin Anderson and coach Matt Hill (who?). Hawk connections. JVG is a fantastic coach. No one is talking about what he did to get the USA qualified this past summer. Basically took a bunch of castoff players and won an international tournament which allowed the US to even be able to play in this. He's a great coach and it's a shame he doesn't get sniffs in the league anymore. So we should maybe hold off on the Tatum hall o' fame speeches? Maybe? Perhaps? And another thing to look out for, players pulled out of this deal mainly due to the timing of it. They basically won't finish until like a week or so before training camp. Not ideal. Boston should be concerned that 4 (now 3 if not-so-Smart remains out injured) of their guys are involved. Look for the Seeeees to falter late this season. That enough Selltic-hate for ya, @AHF?
  4. Ya know, you make a lot of good points and your post is based in logic that I think most of us agree with and understand. But ... kg wouldn't be cagey if he worked based on logic, brolio. So ... ... who are you to tell me who-ta hate? Do I walk in your living room and tell you to stop hatin' on the L'ville Cardinals? Do I tell you to stop hatin' Tim Couch and Jared Lorenzen (RIP)? No, I don't. 'Cause it's none-a muh bidness who you hate, AH. (I'm kidding, knowing my history my hate will propel the 'Can'ts to the freaking super bowl.)
  5. I can't tell what I'm rooting for more. For the Hawks to get to the Finals or for the PeliCan'ts to fall flat on their faces this year. Right now, it's a toss-up.
  6. We should be on national tv though (NBATV don't count), not freaking Memphis. Again, and I say it every year, WHY ARE WE SHOWCASING WHERE HE WAS KILLED INSTEAD OF SHOWCASING WHERE HE LIVED?!
  7. Ironical? Spud, I got major BIL drama goings on (not the MIA fan BIL, the other one). I may need to call in that 'murder my BIL' favor. Shhhhh
  8. True, true. On another note ..... the fact that Baggs dropped out as soon as it seemed clear he'd make it, should remove him from consideration in the future. That's a mitch bove, mayne.
  9. Kuuuuz is Chandlier Parsons with a tan. Lightly drafted guy has some early success, gets vastly overrated, let's it go to his head.
  10. Sorry, I can't comment much on the schedule. There aren't enough curse words to express my dismay. I hope the PeliCant's go 0-83 and ... [offensive comment(s) redacted]
  11. But is Kuuuuuz still on the team? Oh ok. *whew*
  12. What, you don't think Bagley can be the GOAT? 🤣
  13. I guess Supes doesn't appreciate glistenin' thighs?
  14. Yeah. The last thing a lotta dudes gonna see before they get JBaptized is some tighty short-shorts struggling to contain his glistenin' muscular thighs. You're welcome for that imagery, @JayBirdHawk and @Spud2nique?
  15. Agreed. Suns folk speak of him as if he's great. Eddie Johnson likens him to Jordan before the 6 rings. Yes, that Jordan. Yikes. Truthfully, we don't really know what he is. Unfortunately, he's been paid at this point which likely screws up his trajectory. Seriously, how would any coach tell him he's got a lot to work on. He'd probably be like, "Uh, have you seen my paycheck? Work on that. Now hol' on, lemme call James Jones so he can fire yo' a**." I really hope we see some level of winning before we have to pay our guys.