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  1. You're gonna be insufferable with this aren't you? I'll give you RoLo, maybe, but I'm not gonna drag them for failing to get the guy to not sign to play with his brother. Them other dudes aren't even as good as Len, certainly not the Wood guy.
  2. I'm an unabashed Parker hater but he shows flashes of why he was considered a top prospect. I may have to eat crow on him. Collins, at this point last year, showed hints by now that he was in for a good year. At this point, this year, he may be showing that he's gonna stagnate. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. I actually agree with everything the last poster, who I'm not on speaking terms with, said. Bruno looks like a guy, if he ever started chewing bubble gum and walking at the same time, can be really effective for us. He's just really green right now. Hope he's a fast learner. "Green" is also how I'd describe Cam (to steal a bit from my pal @macdaddy). Like Heurt last season, he's coming in late and didn't benefit from SL and a lot of practice(s). If he can show growth like KH did, ooo-wee, we cookin' wit grease. ( "Oh you jus' gon' steal my line, kay-g?")
  4. Am I the only one that came away from that wanting French Frank in our guard rotation? Just as a defense/toughness guy. Bembry can be that for us but he's gotta stop tryna showcase his offensive offense.
  5. Holy premature whining, Batman! Nix wanted that w bad. No dice! What a crap butt team they have. Yikes
  6. Agreed. We're not good enough to flip any switches. Hopefully we get on a winning track starting tonite. I didn't realize this was a national telecast so I too hope we have a good (i.e. winning) showing.
  7. I hear you, but I'm thinking "problem" might be a little skrong. Losing would be mildly annoying imho. I think the Nix are going all out in preseason games on their tour of trying to convince folks they meant to sign all these bums instead of Kyme/Durant. They want to win more than we should, at this point. Again, jmho. It's not like we're the Cavs who just went out and got whupped by the Selltics minus they're top 6-7 guys. Sexton played all game. Love played. Yikes. CLE gonna stink hard this year, folks.
  8. Sheesh I was hoping we'd build off last season. No dice. Ah well, guess we'll have to wait for the mid-late season bump as guys start to get it.
  9. Allow me to translate this one ... "Yeah I'mma let Curry jus' jak up shots all year. And, when we lose, I'll just let y'all blame injuries so's my coaching skills won't be under fire. 'Cause, ya know I've out-talented everybody the last 4+ years so people really don't know how good a coach I am." - S. Kerr ETA: Apparently the Hawks preview isn't yet available on demand, btw.
  10. Mind sharing the podcast, and others that may be interesting? I'm wanting some Hawks talk and I'm finding NBARadio to be woefully lacking. It's all China talk with some Zion worship sprinkled in.
  11. The sad thing is, that actually does sound like some lyrics to some of these songs nowadays. You can be my hype man. We'll make our debut at the next 'sac block party? Spud n kg? I like the sound of that.
  12. You speak truth. I think we'll be fine in the long run. I greatly underestimated how much work our position groups needed to switch. The OL is just ... how do I put this lightly .. terri-bad-awful. Even if our QB's were good at passing, it wouldn't have mattered. Ah well, at least we don't have Russell uniforms anymore.
  13. Nah, sadly, my heat-fan BIL and I are not on speaking terms lately. I'm sure these whuppins' we're about to put on them this season won't help matters. Remember, Ice Trae was a Heat-killah last season ... whoa, mind blown ... Ice trae/Heat killah ... Ice kills heat .... whoa.
  14. Yeah, as a GT fan, I know the feeling. At least our tire fire can be chalked up to our system change(s) to a large degree.