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  1. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    When? Definitely not next year, which is when we'd need it.
  2. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Why would you want a bug in the rotation that's bad defensively? Shouldn't we be going away from that?
  3. I'd rather trust 'sources' over actual quotes. Oh dang, forgot to turn on the sarcasm-inator
  4. kg01

    Trae 2k

    My gard, Barnes sucks. Is he playing with his eyes closed?
  5. Then folks just propagate the same baseless rumors over and over. All it takes for one little false theory to come to fruition and suddenly whatever is said is considered gold. It's ridiculous. Brian Geltseiler reported years ago that MEM was firing their coach. He literally said that day the owners were boarding a plane to fire the coach. Well, it didn't happen. Months later, after a poor season, MEM did indeed fire Joerger. Geltseiler poked hi little chest out as if he was the MAN. Well, no, his report was very specific and also very wrong. That it eventually happened does not vindicate him. But nowadays, it doesn't matter. Just fire sh*t at the wall. If any sticks, you're a genius.
  6. Show us quotes or admit we're all just going off our "beliefs".
  7. Didn't mean to imply you'd said that. The myth is that all free agents love Miami. That's simply untrue. It's also untrue they choose NYK. They may not come here but they also don't typically sign in NYK or MIA. What's true is that they use us, NYK and MIA, when they have capspace, to drive up the price for the place they really want to end up.
  8. I guess you can claim Shaq but even that's questionable. Lebron absolutely does not count. He tried to get them to Cleveland. When that failed, he settled on going to Miami. Riley didn't 'win' him there. They decided to play together on their own. They just happened to choose Miami because Cleveland was untenable for Wade and Bosh. The myth is all free agents love Miami. It's just not true.
  9. kg01


    It's like, if you're gonna lie, come up with a better one. 'Uh, we didn't know', when like everyone knows, is a horrid excuse. And it's not even a political thing for me. I reject idiocy no matter what gang you claim.
  10. kg01


    It's so frustrating seeing incompetence at so many levels of "leadership". Here's another example ... Any wonder GA is now expected to be a next "hot spot"? And the governor gets on yesterday saying they didn't know asymptomatic folks could be passin' this thing around. Ok, people have known that since January. If he says "duh, we di'nt know til the las' 24 hours, blah, blah, blah .." then he's either a f*kng liar or a f*kng idiot. One or the other.
  11. Who? Allen Crabbe and Evan Turner? Ok. Let's play 'where are they now'. This is the danger of these "reports". Now people are quoting them as fact.
  12. There's no way you're cool enough to get that reference. Either you got more swag than I thought, or I gotta knock PE down a few pegs in the swag-factor-meter. Eh ..... I'm leaning with the latter. 😒
  13. In some real 2020-era "journalism", here's another anti-CLP article(sic) ... The folks among us who want us to follow the Suns/Knicks/Kings model will cite this as further evidence for their agenda. But the reality is, speaking of citing, Feldman's basically built "content" based on reading Kirschner's original piece. IOW, this ain't new or news. It's just a guy with no actual sources or quotes trying to trick folks to produce clicks. And furthermore, what in the actual F is a source(sic) "with knowledge of Young's thinking"? How does that keep passing the smell test for journalistic integrity? Why are writers comfortable using made up stuff? The guy selling popcorn has knowledge of Young's thinking ... with regards to how much butter he wants on popcorn. Does he now qualify as someone to build rumors off of? Again, no one is saying CLP is above reproach, I'm just cautioning folks not to buy into hype.
  14. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    @MaceCase absolutely wears ascots. He wears cumberbunds into the office on "casual" Fridays.
  15. kg01

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    The "Of course" got me. 😆 Super when he read that ... Nice ascot game, bro