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  1. Just poor effort from the Hawks.
  2. Hard fought win. On to the next one.
  3. Joe Harris should be a top target for the Hawks. The Hawks sorely need talent on the wings.
  4. Will do @Spud2nique (clears throat) On to the next one...
  5. Not worried about Trae. He's sick and some of the ridiculous usage has caught up with him. He'll come out of it. I hope Cam is alright and it's just "cramping". He's clearly the best wing player the Hawks have and it's not close.
  6. Yeah, he's still learning so I'm not really concerned about the turnovers. Some of those turnovers were because he wasn't strong with the ball. That should continue to improve as he gets stronger.
  7. Cam is going to have to tighten up that handle, but he's consistently attacking the rim under control and getting to the foul line more. Really nice game for him tonight!
  8. There wasn't anything that any one guy could have done on his own tonight. When the entire team plays that bad on both ends, you're going to lose and lose bad.
  9. As soon as I saw that he signed today, I knew he was going to roast the Hawks as he always seems to do. Oh well, hopefully they bounce back Friday.
  10. I mean, Trae hasn't had a great game tonight. But, if you're objectively watching what's happening when he's been out of the game...I got no I idea how anyone's faulting him for this.
  11. This game was not about Trae vs Ja. It was pretty much a well coached Memphis team doing whatever they wanted while the Hawks gave an extremely poor effort and made mistake after mistake.
  12. The Hawks really miss Cam Reddish tonight. He is the Hawks best wing player by far.
  13. The takes on Trae's nutmeg being "disrepectful" are soooo lame and disingenuous. So when Chris Paul netmegs somebody, is it "disrespectful"? When Luka fakes a pass behind an opposing player's back and makes them look the other way, is it "disrespectful"? Had this been ANYBODY else who did this, everyone would be saying that Ariza's foul was unnecessary. But, because it's Trae, "oh he's being disrespectful and we have no problem with the flagrant foul!" Miss me with that clearly biased foolishness.