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  1. They haven't watched Hawks' games, but it wouldn't matter if they did. They hate Atlanta sports and it seems as if they're offended that a player for the Hawks has been this good and has this kind of fan support.
  2. If Trae makes it into the all star game, it will be because of the fan and player votes. The media is on an all out campaign to keep him out of the game all together and it really is sad.
  3. Yeah, when I went to the app yesterday, the easily accessible link to vote had been replaced with the link to google. I had to navigate directly to the game score in the NBA app and finally was able to vote.
  4. Giving up so many offensive rebounds. Smh.
  5. And all of this is just another example of why I don't buy Trae Young's name being removed from the allstar ballot for a day as a "glitch".
  6. That game was a refshow colored in green. Disgusting.
  7. I don't know about this. Sounds like this report leaking might be some leveraging going on with other teams.
  8. Awesome. I voted for him four times today...on the NBA app,, on Google and using Google Assistant.
  9. Trae would have more votes if it weren't for that "mysterious" glitch that had his name off the ballot yesterday. I don't think that glitch was "mysterious" at all though.
  10. Not having Huerter in OT was a big loss. That makes the wasted possession in the 4th look even worse.
  11. Simply put, the Hawks have got to close that game. The game is NOT over until the clock is on all zeroes. And not calling timeout to get your offense back in....smh. On to the next one.
  12. Yeah, I agree. Very little context on what is meant here.