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  1. Unfortunately, it has not. It looks like Sinclair is developing their own Bally Sports streaming app and plan to launch it next year.
  2. Jody23

    John Collins(Max)

    No, extending the qualifying offer just means that his status in free agency will be that of restricted instead of unrestricted. The Hawks will try to negotiate a deal when free agency begins, but should he actually sign an offer sheet with another team...the Hawks have the right to match it and retain him because they extended the qualifying offer.
  3. Nothing but respect for the Atlanta Hawks. Great effort by all to make this season what it was. You know what it is. On to the next one.
  4. I'm sure Trae will play if he has his way, but they gotta be careful here. Win or lose, the start of next season is literally right around the corner. You don't want to jeopardize that by forcing things and making an injury worse.
  5. Agreed. I wouldn't use the word "missed". They deliberately swallowed the whistle on several plays.
  6. Tough loss. The officiating was not good. When Gallo got hacked on a three attempt right in front of the ref and no call? And that's only one example. I have no words on why the ref was that close behind Trae. Just infuriating. On to the next one.
  7. That would be best after a night like this. On to the next one.
  8. Jody23

    LouWill Love

    Got to give Lou his props. The Hawks are not even in a game six and seven without him.
  9. Jody23

    Palming Call

    Trae got hit on multiple drives in the fourth quarter, but no call. And the most ridiculous call was the offensive foul on Lou. Smh. It's hard to overcome those kinda things in a tight game.
  10. I hope De'Andre Hunter will be okay and that they take care of his knee properly.
  11. Not sure how the Hawks are supposed to play basketball when the other team is openly allowed to play football. On to the next one.
  12. Nice team effort. On to the next one.
  13. This is another reason why the game 2 loss still looms large. Basketball aside, I hope De'Andre is okay.