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  1. That offensive foul on Trae was garbage.
  2. The effort defensively just isn't there.
  3. Trae can be a little more patient before taking that long three.
  4. Goodness man. Can they get a loose ball?
  5. These guys keep getting stripped. Man.
  6. As Lloyd Pierce said, every team has a few of these games a year. With all the missing players the Hawks currently have, I'm not suprised by what happened last night. The Hawks are not as bad as what that score indicated.
  7. Well...this stinks! Hate to see this happen. Also, the Hawks are sure to lose alot of games which will negatively impact Trae Young's bid to make the All-Star team. 🤦‍♂️
  8. The Heat really hit on Nunn and Herro. Those guys can straight ball.
  9. These TNT guess reaction to John Collins rolling his ankle is nauseating.
  10. Great effort by all the guys tonight. Nice win. On to the next one!1️⃣
  11. @Spud2nique Lol, I was just lurking after the nice win last night bro. I'm doing well and hope you are too. And yes...on to the next one!1️⃣ Tomorrow's game against the Magic will be real challenge for these young guys as they are a tough matchup. Vucevic gave the Hawks fits last year. It'll be interesting to see how the choose to defend him.
  12. Dallas beats Utah 118-68? What? I think the Hawks will be getting that pick, but maybe it won't be top ten.