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  1. How is Capela not in the game down the stretch?
  2. I'd play Mays off the ball to get some offense going.
  3. Randle always cooks against John Collins.
  4. LP was brought in to be the development guy. But, Trae being better than anyone thought in year two changed the timeline and expectations. The Hawks are no longer in the developmental stage because of Trae. LP is simply not the guy to lead the team at the level the Hawks want to be at right now. They're giving him the opportunity this season, but they know he's not the guy.
  5. There were definitely much better options, especially offensively. Dunn I get, but Rondo made no sense.
  6. Trae was the reason the Hawks had a chance in this game. The Pacers did a good job trying to take him away tonight, and Trae made all the right plays. He didn't try to create something that wasn't there. We can't expect him to always be Superman, especially on the second night of a back to back. Other guys and the coach have to step up.
  7. The Rondo signing was inexcusable from the jump. Not having a backup point guard who can actually play has been a big problem again this year. Trae can't get the rest he needs because the offense falls apart without him. Travis should have known better.
  8. Not saying I disagree. I just don't think it happens until after the season.
  9. They won't do it in season. They just won't excercise the option year on his deal for next season.
  10. Absolutely. But, even with that the Hawks aren't playing sound basketball. And that's why I don't think LP is back next year no matter what they do the rest of the season.
  11. Trae has played the right way tonight. Getting off the ball when doubled. But, nobody else could do anything with the ball. Not having DeAndre Hunter has been brutal. And it took way too long to pull Huerter off of Holiday after he got cooked on several possessions.
  12. And now Goodwin in for Mays? See, this type of stuff is why I don't think he returns next season.
  13. Why is LP playing Mays on the ball after last night? Where is Brandon Goodwin?
  14. What kind of lineup is this?