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  1. Trae has to learn to play off the ball. I'm not sure it's in him to be honest. It's something he's never done and it takes a commitment to do it.
  2. You have to have the patience of a Tibetan monk.
  3. Dennis rookie year he looked like he had literally never played organized basketball before. He was awful, like beyond awful.
  4. Who cares who starts. It's about minutes.
  5. Cant have Hunter and Kevin both playing bad and expect to win.
  6. SGA is the real deal. I would love to have him.
  7. He's having his best season. One of the best 6th man in the game.
  8. OKC playing really solid team ball. I bet Billy Donovan felt liberated by the Westbrook trade.
  9. How are we down 14? I feel we played kinda ok tonight.
  10. Um, he said Luka would be no better than Hedo Turkolu and had Luka at #14 on his big board. He's an a blatant Euro hater.
  11. Dismissing Sekou would be like dismissing Cam. He's a 19 year old highly athletic high upside guy. He's could be a really nice player in a few years.
  12. I was just giving different scenarios depending on preference. You didn't mention Herro cause you know his shooting is legit.
  13. I actually really liked BC and TH coming out of the draft. I'll a skill guy moreso than a measureable guy. Sekou is quietly showing a nice skill set in Detroit too.
  14. At 17 id take Brandon Clarke. 8 and 10 could be Rui and Reddish, or Reddish and Herro, or Reddish and Doumbouya, depending on your preference.
  15. I haven't given up, but I'm not as bullish as I was.