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  1. Gallo hasnt even been practicing, he's not going to be back.
  2. Could thing Trae, JC and Dre weren't eavesdropping when he said that.
  3. Another thing we should give Trae credit for is, even though he may have slumps, he never misses games.
  4. Defenders really don't have a lot of leeway. Defending without fouling is an art unto itself.
  5. If not it's Trae, CC, JC and Kevin vs the world.
  6. Please tell me Cam and Dre are back Friday. This is not sustainable.
  7. With JC and CC, do we have...dare I say, Twin Towers?
  8. That could have been a charge. Not sure if Trae was in or out of the restricted area.
  9. I think CC has helped JC on defense, because now JC can gamble a bit more and play the Josh Smith role with the weak side shot blocking.
  10. We sure could use a Cole Anthony, a Tyrese Maxey, a Tyrese Halliburton, a Payton Pritchard. Our back up guards are playing like pure shit.
  11. That left handed pass to Capela was sick. Only other player on the team that can make a pass like that is Trae. (Rondo doesn't count, he looks 45 out there)
  12. OO, 6 boards and 3 blocks in only 14 minutes. He came out to the perimeter to guard Grant at one point too.
  13. We have a deep bench. I think they are on sabbatical in Europe.
  14. Cant believe Solo played 40 minutes.
  15. Solid game from Kevin 6-12, 17 pts, 4 assists, 5 boards, 2 steals.