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  1. Kevin was shooting the light outs, and they had to keep him to out for competitive balance of the teams.
  2. Cavs organization thinks they got a steal in him.
  3. Sexton, Garland and Edwards together. One basketball. What could go wrong?
  4. Teams are worried about Edwards' drive and enthusiasm for winning, and according to a source, the Golden State Warriors aren't a likely landing spot due to these concerns. Despite media projections and upside that everyone acknowledges, he has a shaky reputation within NBA circles. Dion Waiters has been used by skeptics as a comparison or low-end outcome for Edwards, an inefficient scorer at Georgia whose Bulldogs finished 13 of 14 teams in the SEC. Scouts and executives have mentioned that his teams haven't won at any level, and that he even forgets plays and actions.
  5. Wasserman claiming Wolves want L.Ball. Cant blame them if it's true, Antman is a really scary prospect to me.
  6. The draft is very fluid this year. Aside from Antman, no one is an absolute mortal lock to go top 3. Even Wiseman and Ball could fall, not very far and still millions of dollars in difference. I like players better on themselves instead of sitting out.
  7. At this point, he's only good in the playoffs. He completely dogs it in the regular season. That's a good point, I hadn't thought about that.
  8. If Lakers role players are hitting threes, they are damn near unbeatable.
  9. Their play in the bubble has made me a believer. Bam is very unique, not many teams have a guy like that.
  10. Good job Miami Heat, I like the way their team is constructed. Bam, picked #14. Herro, picked #13. Robinson, undrafted pick up. Traded for Dragic, signed Butler. Brilliant work.
  11. Josh Smith once hit 50 in a row in practice., believe it nor not.
  12. In summation, draft for talent first and foremost, but the fit is important and must be taken into consideration, and under no circumstances do you reach for a need.
  14. I agree that Boston is more talented. Tatum and Brown are a formidable pair. But Miami has gotten better guard play offensively in the series, and Jimmy has helped close games with some timely plays. It's going to hard for Boston to win two strait, but it's certainly possible. It's basically 50/50 odds each time they play.