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  1. bleachkit

    LaMelo Ball?

    We are already in "OMG Trae is leaving" mode? A little early for that, don't you think? We got at least 2 more years before this needs to be addressed.
  2. It's not likely any of those guys become Hawks unless things change. We need to be legitimately good next year to even get our foot in the door.
  3. Schlenk's heir apparent.
  4. I know Schlenk is big on the pre draft work outs. That's where he has zeroed on his guys previously. If I'm not mistaken Luka didn't do much pre draft stuff.
  5. That might just be coincidence. At least I hope it is. Any GM with xenophobic tendencies should be dismissed. Schlenk seems like a smart cat, no way would be one those "Euros suck" morons.
  6. I would prefer everyone tested and not social distanced, vs no one tested and social distanced, if only given those choices.
  7. Bottom line, this is a disease that appears to not pose great risk to young healthy people. But better to be safe and sorry. So NBA has gone greats lengths using isolation and testing to mitigate the likelihood of a spread. Nothing is absolutely full proof. If you cannot accept the risk of a car accident, you could never drive. You can't accept the risk of losing money, you could never buy stocks or real estate. The only alternative is wait until a vaccine is available, that could be a very long time. So let's play ball!
  8. Testing reduces risk considerably. Going to Walmart is probably riskier in many respects.
  9. I'm assuming the NBA is using the latest and best tests. Some of the high failure rates previously were from inferior tests. Wouldn't surprise me if the NBA is using more than one manufacturer.
  10. It's theoretically possible. If the disease is still in a prodromal phase or the test is faulty. Nothing is 100% full proof
  11. I think I read that even many of the staffers will get tested if they are going to be in proximity to the players. Most staffers won't be near players though.
  12. Unless you're a player who has been strictly self isolating and avoiding going out entirely, the bubble poses no greater risk, if fact less risk, than other settings. I would venture to guess not many players, not many people period, have been strictly self isolating during the entire course of this pandemic. The bubble is one of the safest, perhaps the safest, workplaces in America.
  13. Why would an athlete be more likely to contract Covid 19 in the bubble, where everyone is tested, than elsewhere? They are more likely to contract it going to Walmart or to a bar than they are in the bubble. The bubble is literally one of the few workplaces places in the country where everyone is tested for Covid-19. Virtually no other employers are providing that level of safety.
  14. "Does anyone find it Hypocritical of these players saying that they are concerned for their Safety with the Season starting back in Orlando, yet there have been 25 players to test positive for the Virus since June 23rd. Evidently they have not been following the required guidelines or else there would not be this many positive test." I don't thinks fair to imply the ones who tested positive were being irresponsible, or had behavior any different than anyone else. Unless you have been strictly sequestered to your home this entire time, and at this point almost everyone has been out to some extent, there is a chance you can catch it. There are factors like immunity, geography, and luck, that play a role in whether you contract it or not. But I bristle when I hear athletes talk about personal safety in terms of Covid-19. I think it's disrespectful to our seniors who are at much, much greater risk.
  15. I completely disagree. It's actually the opposite. We have done our seniors a tremendous disservice by not emphasizing how much more vulnerable they are to Covid-19 than other groups. Take a look at the data from the CDC, it's pretty damning. Also the notion that players are more likely to get Covid-19 in the bubble playing basketball than elsewhere does not stand to reason. The bubble has testing and precautions unlike virtually anywhere else. People are not scared doing ordinary things because they blissfully unaware of the ubiquitous Covid-19 asymptomatic cases all around them.