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  1. I still think season will resume. My timeline is something like this. Late May: team practices June 1st-June 20th: finish season June 23-August 23: playoffs Late August: draft December: start of new year.
  2. Dac Prescott is insisting on being the highest paid player in football. Cowboys are going to regret that one before the ink dries.
  3. NBA and MLB have some of the dumbest contracts ever. NFL seems to do a better job of avoiding insane stupid contracts.
  4. Still think NBA can have games in May if they use a cordoned off centralized location, with only team, coaches, doctors, and a skeleton crew of media. By then point-of-care tests are likely available. The key is testing prior to arrival, before entrance into the hermetically sealed basketball bunker. Maybe itll be college tournament style. Every game on the same court. Make it a one-and-done, best out of three. Get creative, whatever. Just do it.
  5. Don't want to delve to much into politics but could you imagine if a (D) president engaged in the unabashed nepotism that Trump does? The republicans would be howling. Kushner's main qualification is being the nephew of Donald Trump, not really anything else.
  6. The Trump administration has been giving the CDC the cold shoulder throughout this whole thing. There is clearly some friction there.
  7. In theory, but it's an extremely fluid situation. There are a lot of variables. But yes by May 1st, there will be more clarity, be it good or bad.
  8. Wait, so you mean you don't want another long, contrived free market vs. government debate? Those never get old.
  9. Certain medical personnel. Not sure if a team doctor would qualify. League would probably have to hire an infectious disease specialist(s).
  10. It's supposed to be available within a week. They are shipping out 50,000 tests a day. Symptoms have no bearing on the outcome of the test. It either detects the presence of the Covid-19 virus or it doesn't.
  11. Perhaps not his job at this point, but his legacy. I'm not trying to impugn the guy, I'm just looking at the back of the baseball card.
  12. He seems like a well meaning doctor but his forecasts throughout his career have been way off the mark. It's like a weatherman always calling for thunderstorms. I suppose he has to do that, because if he under guesses on an eventual pandemic he will get lambasted and his career could be over.
  13. I'm looking forward to Abbot laboratories portable 5 minute test being widely available soon. I think that will be a game changer for the NBA. They could test all players, coaches, staff and camera crew on site, and do it daily. The test is molecular, not an antibody test, so it catches it early. With that knowledge in hand they could have games with a very negligible risk of spreading Covid-19. I would see no reason why games without crowds could not take place.
  14. Some were predictions millions dead, so these numbers are actually a significant improvement.
  15. I think it should be at least be noted not every nation is taking our approach. Sweden, Brazil and Mexico are not practicing social distancing very much, if at all. I'm curious to see what happens in those nations over the next month. Another thing about Dr.Fauci, he has been wrong often throughout his career. His predictions about HIV turned out wrong, so did his predictions about H1N1. Earlier in March at a congressional hearing he said Covid-19 has a fatality rate of 2%. That number will prove to be way too high. Any honest look at the data and the nature of highly contagious viral infections will show a rate of well below 1%. I'm not saying this shouldn't be taken seriously, but I think it's irresponsible for so-called experts to use highly questionable numbers to make their case.