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  1. You know who had both Trae and Luka in his top 3? Kevin Pelton. Keep an eye on his rankings.
  2. Saying Trae wasn't top 5 was a reasonable position. Saying Luka wasn't a lottery pick was not a reasonable position.
  3. Rashad Phillips is also the guy that said Luka Doncic wasn't worth a lottery pick. He doesn't know ish.
  4. He will probably opt in to the last year of his deal.
  5. I hope Schlenk does not make the mistake of collecting too many draft picks, like Ainge has. At some point you have to establish a core and there are just only so many minutes to go around to develop guys.
  6. Looks like Ujiri he is in trouble with the law now. Punched a deputy at the game last night.
  7. Who was the guy you were wrong about?
  8. ACL tears aren't as bad as they used to be with better surgical techniques. He'll be back in 9 months. KD's Achilles is a more serious injury, but I don't think he was coming back to GS anyways. But KD still has that length and a one of a kind stroke, I think he'll beat the odds.
  9. Hayes could end up a better shooting DeAndre Jordan. That's kinda nice.
  10. Word is Wiz are going to steal him away from the Toronto.
  11. They aren't trading him. He would easily go 3 or 4 in this year's draft.
  12. Draft the two best small forwards on the board, and let them fight for Taureans minutes.
  13. Unless we are are cutting the baby in half, biblical style.
  14. One of Hunter, Cam or Culver (maybe not Culver) will likely be there at 8.I dont see the need to trade up unless it's for Barrett.
  15. Yea I agree, there are no prospects worth trading a star for at #4, but I still dont think our deal is enough.
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