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  1. I wonder if those Hawks fans that were interviewed at here at the squawk.
  2. Troll me if you want. He didn't magically grow an inch out of nowhere in the last 3 months. Yes, agreed.
  3. Dude, pictures are all how someone is standing, what shoes they are wearing, angle of the photo, etc. Another thing, Zions height has been exaggerated, he's not really all that tall. It's highly unlikely that someone as physically mature as Cam Reddish, nearly 20 years old, grew another inch. Also he was the same height at the Nike Hoops summit a year ago as he was at the NBA combine. He probably stopped growing at age 17 or 18.
  4. Nas-era Suns, with a sprinkling of Bad Boys Pistons.
  5. He hasn't grown since then, he's the same height he was in May.
  6. Let's all wear different shoes of varying size heels, or maybe, we could actually go by our biological height.
  7. I do not consider the shoe part of someone's height. Should I start wearing platform heels when my height is measured? He is 6'6.5. that is his height man. He was measured by NBA staff.
  8. I would bet $1000 right now Cam is the exact same height as he was in May. Guys that are still growing have that skinny adolescent look, they do not look like an Adonis like Cam Reddish. I'm not hating, this is just the science of human growth.
  9. He is 6'6.5". People always add couple inches to their actually height. CLP claims Trae Young is 6'3", which is laughable.
  10. At his age, from when he was measured in May, it's highly unlikely. Usually someone still growing has that skinny not-filled- out look. Cam's chiseled physique and age (almost 20) suggests he is no longer growing. I'd gladly make another bet on it if we could measure him.
  11. Dude, no. His measurements at the draft combine are his measurements. He measured 6'6.5" in May. That is his full adult height. That is not a dope ass post, that is idiocy. He has been measured, no not by pictures and conjecture, but by the NBA teams. He is 6'6.5", with 7"0.5" reach, solid size. I like Cam a lot, but disputing objective, verifiable measurements is not kinda unnecessary.
  12. I think it's safe to say LP lobbied very hard for Hunter. We paid through the nose but we got our man.
  13. These things are popularity contests more than anything. But at least it shows Cam is well liked. The truth is players are horrible scouts, especially young players.
  14. I think it was too soon. Can we at least get a winning season first? Geez.
  15. Of course it's Stan, ESPN isn't letting JVG walk out the door.