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  1. There are no game changing free agents available. But there are guys who could help our bench and improve our depth though.
  2. For me it's not the points differential so much as the eye test. It's looks like it's hard for us to score, and it's looks like it's hard for us to stop them from scoring.
  3. Bring Cam out of the bullpen. We have literally nothing to lose. Solo/Snell are giving us nothing.
  4. No question, Tobias has a green light to the basket.
  5. Philly still probably beats us with Hunter, but I think it's a close competitive series. Add the points Hunter gives you on offense, and subtract the points he saves on defense. It's a huge difference.
  6. That's the quandary NBA teams face. You can overpay a guy or let him walk. Usually teams opt to overpay because who else are you going to replace him with?
  7. You could do a voluntary self ban, like the college teams do when they find recruiting violations.
  8. Game 4 is do or die for the Hawks. Season is on the line.
  9. Korkmaz was +24, he is also a free agent this summer.
  10. I dont want to say the series is over, but what can we do with a black hole at small forward? We have to get hot from three to stay in it. Also, to win this series now we need another win in Philly. Tough hill to climb.
  11. Bey was a steal. Great pick by Detroit.
  12. The guy we need is Deandre Hunter, hit fits this roster like a glove.
  13. I know a big part of it is the Knicks are bad offensively. But that series was the best the Hawks have ever looked defensively in recent memory. Deandre just glues everything together with the way he can switch onto multiple guys along with his excellent instincts and anticipation.
  14. Richaun Holmes is a free agent. He is pretty good. Also, Alex Caruso.
  15. Solo-1 point. Snell-0 points. Who wins with zero production from their small forward? This is ridiculous.