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  1. I don't believe in denigrating people. I also don't believe when someone is caught using a slur while playing video games that a crime against humanity has been committed. What slang people use is mostly about peer groups, not their actual views. And yes context does matter. If context doesn't matter, than nothing matters. To be quite frank, I'm a post racialist. Race is just made up idea, the sooner we leave it in the past the better.
  2. It's used very commonly in Black slang. Of course not all Black people use it. More common among Black youth and urban culture. And yes it does have racist origins, but context and intent matter for any word. Common use of the N word in rap music and social media is hardly a revelation.
  3. Being a White player around a bunch of Black players and probably hearing it a hundred it said a hundred times a day, I wouldn't be surprised if he did, but it would not be in a hateful context. The primary driver of language is actually your peer group. Cancel culture isn't really interested in nuance or context, they just want another scalp.
  4. Interesting how we pick and choose which athletes to condemn for "hate speech", while certain athletes are apparently exempt. Hmm, I wonder why.
  5. I know some will disagree, but you have to wonder if player empowerment is reaching it's breaking point. It was inevitable a Kyrie or Simmons situation was going to happen as star players have more and more leverage. At some point the owners have to say enough is enough.
  6. Funny, before we traded him many said he was still a coveted defensive guard who just needed to get his sea legs. I, on the other hand, insisted Dunn was Done. I was right.
  7. Injuries are going to decide our. season unfortunately. Hard to win with half the team in and out of the line up. Hopefully we are healthy come playoff time.
  8. This is actually a board where differences of opinion can happen. I have been on other sports sites, moderators take sides, play favorites, ban people for petty and silly reasons. It's awful.