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  1. He's in the second year of a 5 year max extension. He can't go anywhere. He has no leverage. According to insiders the team has bent over backwards to cater to his every whim. If he thinks the Lakers or the Spurs are going to afford that luxury, he's sorely mistaken. Quite frankly, there is a reasonable case to be made he's an empty stats guy whose play does not lead to wins.
  2. Let's see how the teams plays without Trae. He will probably miss around 15 games, that's a decent sample size. Offense might take a step back, defense might take a step forward, but those outcomes aren't guaranteed.
  3. Maybe they want to slowly work him in. That's the only reason I can think of.
  4. Hopefully this won't impact his career. Hand injuries are no joke.
  5. For Christ's sake, play the young guys. Play Bufkin, play AJ.
  6. Onyeka is done. See you next year.
  7. I don't care about anyone says about the so called second apron, they aren't salary dumping KAT.
  8. Yes, he didn't get enough credit for that. Very good at under the radar signings.
  9. Well at least he's giving his honest opinion. I can respect that. I think Id prefer that over the GM shouting "he's our guy" from rooftops, and then they trade him soon there after.
  10. Where being cheap really hurts you is your bench. We used to have solid vets like Gallo and Lou Will off the bench.
  11. Averaging 17 points a game. He's been solid.
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