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  1. Only a month left in the season. If not now, then when? He hasn't played in over a year.
  2. Plus an extremely high character person, who will do anything the coaches ask and anything to help his teammates.
  3. It's not Dunn's role that's the concern. The best ability is availability. If you cant play, you cant get into a rhythm. We need guys that we can rely on, that are ready to go to war when that ball is tipped up. Having bad knees at age 27 is a major bummer, I'm sure he's trying to get back. But it's looking more and more bleak.
  4. What's he going to say? Of course, he's going to say he ended in the perfect spot, blah blah blah. Teams usually dont, and quite frankly shouldn't, care where players in the draft and/or agent would prefer to go. Did teams consult Lavar Ball about if their team is a good fit for Lamelo? Probably not. That's not how this works. If Hawks had taken Hali, do you think he would be saying, "well actually, I really wanted to go to Sacramento at #12." No, he wouldn't.
  5. Dunn is Done. Cam is probably on the outside looking in. Dre will have minutes available for sure if he comes back.
  6. Every time he practices, his knee starts acting up again. Hasn't played in over a year. I'll be surprised if he plays more than a couple games, might not play at all.
  7. Bogi is typically a slow starter, and then of course he got hurt. But he is a legit big time shooter. Bogi and Gallo didnt come cheap, but man, that shooting is a difference maker for us. Not many teams have three different guys that can each knock down 6 or 7 threes in a game if they get hot.
  8. Were it not for the missed games, he would be the leader in the club house.
  9. Are they supposed to go 72-0? Sometimes you lose, it happens. Jokic has as good a case as anyone else, there is no clear cut guy this year.
  10. If you want a homer broadcast, as a Hornets fan you might like them. We have a strongly homer broadcast as well. Nique takes shots at other teams, "terrrrible shot." Most broadcasters won't do that.
  11. When Bridges hit that monster dunk, the PBP guy was in such a frenzy he totally ignored Bogi hitting the three immediately afterwards.