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  1. If Schlenk is looking for a PDS center, he will be looking for a long time, not many of those.
  2. We could of had TJ McConnell for peanuts. At least he can run the point.
  3. If Collins regresses this year, we might be in trouble. I'm going to reverse judgement until I see the full team together.
  4. When we have the full roster healthy we should look pretty good.
  5. He will be good for Trae to practice on lol.
  6. He's on the last year of his deal. Seems like he could be had, but Ujiri is not typically a seller.
  7. S. Adams. He might not be a perfect fit, but he would bring a lot of positives to out team. Hell of a screen setter!
  8. Best thing about Trae turnovers.
  9. These refs might need a police escort when they leave MSG.
  10. We need JC to be the man. We aren't the same team when he's not dominating.
  11. If you struggle to finish at the rim, you better have a good floater.
  12. Cam is a shooter, he ain't throwing down on nobody.