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  1. Zion: "Sorry Griffin, your piano playing overtures have been deemed highly unsatisfactory. I will be dispensing of you."
  2. Please keep your ageist stereotypes to yourself.
  3. He was 6'7" when he arrived at Duke and has grown three inches in each successive summer. So by my calculation, he should be 7'4".
  4. Among the pantheon of NBA's most overrated players, Wall has to be near the top.
  5. Another thing too, people complain about the stop of play. What about TV time outs? Why is no one complaining about those? The problem with review is they spend 5 minutes examining it like the Zapruder film. Just quickly look a couple angles and make the call.
  6. There's a reason he hasnt been traded yet. Philly wants the moon. Hawks arent giving the moon for a good but significantly flawed player. Nor should we give the moon. He also has a max contract too, that cant be overlooked either.
  7. Most guys are done growing by age 17 or so. In fact some guys are done growing by age 14 or 15. For RJ Barrett to grow 2 inches at age 21? I'm going to have to call BS on that. You don't stay 6'7" for 2 years, and then suddenly add 2 inches. That's not how it works.
  8. You know who else is done growing? Bronny James. Only 6'2". That's why I'm not bullish on him as an NBA prospect. At that height he will have to play the point, which is not easy. Guess where undersized combo guards go? On the bench mostly, or out of the league unless theyre a big time scorer.
  9. Ant man is definitely done growing. Guys who are still growing have a lean, boyish look. Ant-Man already has his full size man body, I assure you.
  10. 2 inches is a lot. If Trae grew two inches, you would be like "whoa, he looks way bigger than before." I'd bet a small fortune RJ is exactly the same as before. It's just part of hyping up of young players because height is desireable. They do the same thing in football, except they use muscle. They will say "he put 25 lbs of muscle in the off-season." Then you see him and he looks exactly the same.
  11. Amazing how players are the same height all year and then magically grow over the summer after the season ends. Scientists should study this unique phenomenon.
  12. All things being equal I'd like to keep Kevin. But Kevin at 18 to 20 million a year, which his agent is probably asking for, seems like an overpay. It's not my money of course. If its all monopoly money to Ressler, then go ahead.
  13. It was actually argued on here on Giannis getting hurt was bad for the Hawks, because now the Bucks had another perimeter shooter on the floor with Portis. I kid you not.
  14. I would have to go back in the thread and look but that ridiculous comment did get a few posters backing up that statement.
  15. I guess we are paying everybody. I suppose the thinking is even if someone does not work out, you can always trade them.
  16. well according to the board, the Bucks are better without Giannis, as Portis can be another shooter on the floor.
  17. I just never understood Marvin's appeal as an elite prospect. Watching him at North Carolina, he had no creativity to his game, and not much of a handle either. I guess they thought he could become an elite shooter. How else was he going to become a big time scorer in the NBA? I think scouting has improved in the last 20 years, I doubt he would go #2 nowadays.
  18. For number 16, it should be described as comments read of a scouting report taken out of context and subsequently released by a disgruntled minority owner attempting to sabotage the organization
  19. What about Capela though? You can barely have one non shooter on the floor, much less two of them.
  20. This one is head scratcher for me. OO should be able to fill his shoes, and much cheaper. Now we have two more years of CC at 23 per, not exactly a discount. Count me as one that gives this a big thumbs down.
  21. I think Rich is more concerned about settling scores than doing what is best for Tyrese. He is in great situation in Philly if Ben is traded.