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  1. The fact that he has added a deep 3 to his skill set coupled with PG and Leonard is a bit scary. He should get many open shots this year!
  2. That's my pick at this point out west. Crazy. I used the search for Drew League and got nothing:) Go figure!😂
  3. Montrezl Harrell of the Clips. He is looking strong for this year.
  4. I was surprised no one had posted some of the highlights from the Drew League. If you are hungry to see some Ice Trae in action (albeit not against the NBA's finest), you will love this video from YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIuNZBbMyjE Other than a few air balls, Trae is looking sharp...his vision, his passing, his floater...and those deep 3s! Can't wait for the start of the season!!!! Go Hawks!
  5. I am looking for his player gravity rating. It has to be one of the better ratings in the NBA. There was no doubt that his distance shooting created such an amazing warpage of defenses. It unlocks so many defenses and allows JC and others to feast. Hoping Trae continues to refine his shooting technique and confidence.
  6. I think Dallas have two young studs (if healthy) in Luka and Kristpas. Other than that they aren't younger than us and certainly hard to think they are better at this point. But our young core will turn a corner once we gain another year of experience and then splash some cash in FA to round out our team. As far as the dreaded Trae vs. Luka stuff...Luka is a more rounded player at this point than Trae (but only marginally). They are different players and I am very glad we have Trae. With or without Reddish I was sold on Trae (over Luka) before the season had ended. Now let's hope Reddish is the steal in the draft most of us think he is!
  7. I was looking over the link you provided. What is the 82games definition of "Production?" Thanks for helping me gather that info.
  8. Yes, PER is only of value in comparing players in the same position. It generates some head-scratching conclusions for sure... I ran the numbers from last year by position. I guess I can post the google sheet if you want to see it. While I haven't studied the formula too much, it seems based on what I was looking at that the defensive rebounding is at a premium. Here were the positional results: PG: Average PER=14.38; Median=13.26 SG: Average PER=12.1; Median=11.8 SF: Average PER=12.69; Median=12.2 (which happened to be Taurean) PF: Average PER=15.5; Median=14.9 Center: Average PER=19.08; Median=18.77
  9. The only one that comes to mind would be MJ😉
  10. I really hope he does. I don't see a reason he won't, unless the Hawks simply don't convert their opportunities or he has a perpetual November experience from 3 (highly unlikely on both ends). Having posted a 40+Asst% as a 20-year old starter made him the youngest player in NBA history to accomplish that feat. If our boys can hit from range and JC continues to be a machine, his AST numbers will increase and we will get to see him do his trademark hop 10+ times a game
  11. Yes, what Trae did last year is all over the all-time rookie stats as well as the youngest in many areas. He had a GREAT rookie season. Somehow the only rookie that got consistent mention of being in Oscar Robertson territory was Luka. Nevertheless, your chart shows the ridiculous season Trae posted. Unfortunately very few people could see beyond the perG and hype to see what a historic season Trae posted. Certainly expecting him to improve this year though:)
  12. I am with you on this. An increase in his efficiency (which I think is a no brainer based on Dec.-Mar. of last year) and an increase in his physicality and D are big items I am hoping for. I expect his per game numbers to rise as his minutes increase to 33-35 per game. To compare his per36 from this year should be a realistic projection for his actual per game this year with a slight bump.
  13. Bruno had a nice strong move to the basket. He certainly is not in any form of rhythm...want to see more strength and clarity for him. Looks like he is thinking too much out there right now.
  14. Not to mention out played him by nearly 6 minutes a game. I mean that is really the most important stat...MPG