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  1. Absolutely!!! Just look at the NBA finals rotations for the past 5+ years. No teams dig deeper than 7 men playing anything meaningful. Some teams drill it down to 6. Since there are no b2b games in the playoffs, team depth is less of an issue. If the playoffs began going b2b in between travel days, we'd see a team with more balanced personnel perform much better than the current "super team" rosters do.
  2. Oh, to bottle up the streak!!!! I agree, we were playing some of the best ball I have watched. Amazing movement, contributions around the whole team, timely shooting, tenacious team defense...it was beautiful for sure!
  3. It might sound like sacrilege, but I think we did not have the pieces to match up with Lebron and the Cavs. When Tristan Thompson outperforms Al Horford the Hawks are in trouble. Yes, it would have been nice to have Thabo, but he does not offset the other areas we were beat in. It was a great season...a great regular season, that ended painfully for us. Probably our best chance for a title until this core hopefully develops and arrives in a few years. The year certainly was significant in the Hawks history, but more as a good test for the ceiling of that core.
  4. The writers were definitely higher on Evan Turner than I am, but I am more than willing to be wrong. If he is solid, then our PG is not terribly off. Odd that they really didn't address Damian Jones or Alex Len other than a slight hat tip to veterans. I know I am most worried about C and backup PG right now. Seems they don't see anyone other than Bruno for the Hawks at C. After Summer League I realized how much work Bruno will have. Let's hope he hits his stride much, much quicker than I think.
  5. That is definitely a fun read. I enjoyed some of the positivity of the article combined with some nice stats. Thanks for finding it and posting. Makes the doldrums between Summer League and Preseason more bearable:) Thought the quote: The Hawks have almost too much depth. was an interesting take on the Hawks. On the Wings that is definitely true. But across the other spots we will see.
  6. I think JC can be our version of KG. He is already flashing a much better eFG% and instincts offensively. What will remain is the defensive play. He is no where near his peak!!!
  7. Absolutely! That’s my point and thought exactly. You can’t predict off metrics who will be “lightning in a bottle” and who will be a bust. That’s why I’m glad we have taken some calculated risks based off solid metrics and then chosen to build around a “core.” Hoping we see steps forward individually and collectively this year. Then what TS and team can finagle on the FA side will possibly be the ultimate decider of this teams ceiling.
  8. As far as systems go, I think you are right on it! One of the things that surprised me with Trae last year was his ability to get into the paint, draw fouls and even finish in traffic. I had no idea his floater was going to actually work😳 I am very interested to see how his "added strength" translate in the two arenas of penetration/finishing and defense. I truly hope both areas are net gains for him this season.
  9. No doubt that is what every team ultimately has to do...and it looks to me that we are having to do that as well. No doubt, Trae has been as good as we had hoped for a rookie. It was great that he slowly gathered momentum and learned how to run an NBA offense last year! No one knew what his D would be like, now we do:) So Schlenk has done the best thing possible IMO and leveraged assets to bring in potential "perfect pieces" to place around Trae and Collins. Time will tell (and only time can tell) what we have in Hunter, Cam, Bruno, etc., but they were logical selections in light of our roster and system. They are the actions that show me we are building a team with a vision and principles. There are guiding principles and values that each contender has employed to arrive at their level. While some teams have stumbled into success by drafting BPA and hitting on a few, others have chosen a player and then built concentrically around them to have an integrated system with enough skilled players to pull it off. I agree with the writer of the article in his take that assembling the sheer volume of potential HOF talent that is the GSWs is NOT a replicable model. Therefore when we look at the pieces at Houston, we see less potential HOF talent yet a team that barring some odd calls and injuries could have beaten the GSW in the 2018 WCF (Note: I am not living in the coulda-shoulda-woulda land here...GSW won vs Houston in 2018, but no one would call it lopsided). In other words, Houston put together a contender by any measuring stick...both regular season as well as playoffs. That is hopefully what we are doing too!
  10. We do have a brutal early run, however. IF we do not do very well and get into the perpetual L mode (ala last November) it will truly reveal our character and mettle. That is where our vets (especially Vinsanity) will need to steer the ship and keep us focused and encouraged. IF we actually hit above .425-ish coming out of that early gauntlet, I think we will make the playoffs and will be a surprise team for sure!!! Bank it!
  11. Read a very interesting article https://www.peachtreehoops.com/2019/9/12/20840203/atlanta-hawks-roster-building-blueprint-model-houston-rockets-trae-young-golden-state-warriors making a case that ATL has a better opportunity to follow the model of the Harden-led Rockets rather than the HOF-laden Warriors. Here is a nice summary conclusion from the article, but I highly recommend the read...there are some stats and points made that were very eye-opening for me. It is important for fans to realize that the Warriors model essentially can’t be copied but, at the same time, the Hawks can “copy” the Rockets. Ultimately, the whole point of team building is to build a contender, not to win a title. The margins for winning a championship are tiny. But how a front office positions a team to be in the right place to benefit from when the ball finally bounces your way is the point of the process. Control what you can control. Atlanta has a road map for what they need to do, but they need to use the right one.
  12. Gotta love the love for the Hawks... Here is the New Arena rankings for NBA at this point... https://newarena.com/nba/ranking-all-30-nba-teams-after-crazy-free-agent-offseason/8/?amxt=tbdt_15rf_96 I guess at this point I'd rather be overlooked and disregarded.
  13. The article stated: How does one rank a talented, resilient player on his way back from a major knee injury? For as effective as Klay Thompson is, the realities of a torn ACL are overwhelming. An extended period of recovery is followed by arduous rehabilitation, then a muted return and a slow grind back to full form. Every knee responds to each of these stages in its own way. In a best-case scenario, Thompson could be back by March. Yet as Kevin Pelton noted for ESPN.com: "In the past five years, no player has come back from an ACL tear in shorter than 11 months." The 11-month timetable from Thompson’s injury would pencil in a return for mid-May, nearly a month into the playoffs. What qualifies Thompson for this ranking in spite of that is the understanding that he’ll commit himself fully to the rehab process; how quickly he’s been able to reacclimate once returning from previous injuries; and just how valuable his defense and shooting are in the games that matter most. In other words, if Klay can close out the year and playoffs at a high level he is seen as a Top100 player for 2020. I think they are trying to include him, but it is an odd pick IMO. The statement being made, however, that one or 2 playoff series of Klay is more valuable than a season of John Collins or Trae Young is comedic at best. 🙄
  14. Am I missing something or have they listed only the players from 50-100? 😳
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