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  1. Monster game from Trae!!! Just what we needed. The whole team (er, almost whole team) had a good bounce-back game. I wish we were hitting our FTs at a better rate than we are however!
  2. Bogdan is playing way above his norm from 3-land!
  3. When did Trae become a thief😂
  4. I don't think Cam got the message on shooting the 3 vs. driving. Can't wait for his shots to start dropping.
  5. After last November (also sans Collins) I am officially in the "I hate November" club😂 Any updates on the appeals process?
  6. Yes, this is a huge shock to me. I remember watching videos of Huerter training this offseason and he was splashing 3s effortlessly. Something must be off on his mechanics (perhaps due to the injury). For the Hawks sake (and most of our collective sanity🤓), please work out the kinks, Kevin! We need you!!!
  7. And the thing with Trae in this play is: 1) How many players would actually see the nanometer opening for the pass? 2) Having seen the opening, how many players can actually make the pass? The answer to question one is probably a dozen. The answer to question two is likely only one. Oh yeah, and he happens to be a Hawk!!!! Love it!!!
  8. Dumb question: since JC is appealing is the suspension suspended until a final decision is made?
  9. I can't see the game but keep seeing Trae's missed shots...Is he looking like he is favoring his ankle or is he just stone cold?
  10. I was thrown off when I jumped in here and then realized it was Bembry.
  11. Just checking in and saw the heat had 45 free throws???? Is that a typo? Are we that outmanned on speed and positioning or what?
  12. What happened to trae? im watching the Astros try to bring it home again. Missed the last 10+minutes.