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  1. Impressed at the Hawks play on D the second half. Wish they'd made the change earlier on one of those time outs.
  2. Statistically he was playing better before by almost every advanced metric. He had improved across the board. The only difference was he was shooting fewer 3s but making them at a higher percentage. That dip in scoring was all voters really looked at. His points per shot, TS%, Offensive Rating, Win Shares, etc were all career highs.
  3. There is simply no statistical argument for Beal being an all-star over Trae...especially this season. There can be a feel good (he's been snubbed...bla-bla-bla) argument, but that is it. Trae is having his best season to date, the Hawks are better off than they were...and this is with basically the same lineup as last season minus Hunter over the past few weeks.
  4. Beal was a worse rated defender than Trae last season.
  5. Except Trae's better already than Marbury's greatest season ever.
  6. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ah, the voice of reason;) I prefer your version of Prince's summer league displays. Thanks!!!
  8. While I agree with the dismal projections of the 2017-2018 season, I prefer that to maxing out our cap space for the next 3 years with THJ, Millsap, and Howard. Letting the Knicks throw money at THJ like a drunk lottery winner at a strip club is not a tank job. Preferring to give our past few draft classes more playing time while keeping 30 million off the cap annually is still not tanking...It is saying that the future could not be built with last year's core. That run is over. We'd have all been better off had we made that decision before the trade deadline last year, but then again tha
  9. I don't think that vision of Bembry being a playmaker pushes him into a PG/SG role however. In Bud's system playmaking can happen from any position. I think testing Bembry physically at the 2 and 3 will let Bud see what he is really capable of. We certainly need some playmakers;)
  10. I'm with you except at C...might be forgetting our recent signings;)
  11. Thank you for letting us know about that! I am so frustrated and missing these games. Go Hawks!
  12. enrique


    I agree, but I hate to see THJ exiting as he is just getting started. He will certainly continue to develop and we will miss him. I'd swap Baze for THJ in a blink! Hate that contract.
  13. Can we all give management a bit of a break on Alice's walk:) When put in these terms, Whoreford was given every chance to stay. I'm getting excited about the season, and we don't even have our roster completed yet;) Change is good!
  14. DMC has the soul that every pro athlete should have. He is humble, hardworking, leave-it-all-on-the-court, and grateful to play a game he loves for money. It's unfortunate that more and more we find the Whoreford syndrome. The more players we can acquire with work ethic, toughness, and humility, the better off the Hawks will be. We miss you, DMC! Good riddance, Alice!!!
  15. I am a fan of this move. Low risk, potentially large reward!!! It seems this season we will have a team with several hungry players with something to prove. Add Delaney to the mix;) Go Hawks!!!