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  1. yeah, I remember reading that, but was wondering if anything came about. Maybe they wanted to add more women to the broadcast team with Renee and Crull.
  2. This isn't user created, but Andre Aldridge has a podcast. What happened to him and the Hawks broadcast team?
  3. @Spud2nique Damnit. I'm getting old. I predicted the 5th seed. SHAME!
  4. I was listening today too. Finally someone mentioned the Hawks on the 10 am show about 11:30ish. Then they went in like oh yeah, that team we keep talking about Boston and Miami being within a game of is really hot. Joe Meyers was saying he expected the Hawks to win a round this year. The expectations before the season by most experts, even with the acquisitions, we would be fighting for the 8th seed. Now the Hawks are fighting for the 3rd seed and the national media is mute. Like the Hawks are exceeding expectations and playing very well, but all you here about is Miami and Boston.
  5. 14-4 and I get the win. I hope they play better. I also predicted the third or 4th I hope they get the third. Prove me wrong hawks and get 45 wins and the third seed.
  6. 2-2 No idea what the point differential is.
  7. Great team win! 1. Bogi - Outstanding game. Travis with the great decision to go hard for him and not trade him at the deadline. 2. Capela - If he's not in the conversation for defensive player of the year. I don't know what qualfiies a player for the award. 3. Brandon Goodwin - Played excellently. If your third string plays like this, you have a great team. 4. Sweet LOU!!! Saved us in the fourth. 5. Solomon Hill - Had an excellent game. He hit shots and played good defense. 6. Travis - Has built a strong and deep team. Just got to get Healthy! I want to brin
  8. Good start. Let's hope Charolette stays cold. They have no inside game.
  9. Can we just get Hunter back for tomorrow since Snell is out? Charlotte is a much better team than expected this season.
  10. Trae was a superstar tonight. He got his, but also depended on his teammates tonight. His defense was great. Gallo was great. Capella was great. Bogi and Kevin did just enough. Nate is a great coach. This was one of the better wins. We really need to get this next game against Charolette.
  11. I don't know if you remember young Bibby, but his IQ was not as high as when he was a vet. Trae needs time to mature and learn to make the right play instead of the spectacular play. He's shown improvement in that area.
  12. This one will be tough without Gallo and Capela. Great start though and Okongwu is looking great.