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  1. Let's see we are missing John Collins, Kevin Heurter (which arguable are your 2nd and 3rd best players) Allen Crabbe who can shoot and Cam Reddish. That's 40% of our rotation. I don't think this game indicates anything, but the Hawks need to get Healthy and fast!
  2. Btw, you Cam Reddish unfanboy?...Do you Kinda see what we were talking about with that dude? I believe this was the test run game LP was referring too. Rookies did great in my opinion. Hunter: 14 pts. 5-8 shooting, 2 ast, 2 reb, 1 turnover Reddish: 9 pts, 4-7 shooting, 3 reb, 2 stl, 1 ast, 1 blk., and zero turnovers. Just ONE turnover!
  3. I think the word was this one or the one against the Knicks. I'm hoping this wasn't it and we see some better play against the Knicks.
  4. Like we heard crickets from you when he had a pretty good first game. You didn't have two posts talking about Cam. Now that he's had a couple of bad games shooting (because his defense has been good all things considered) in a row, you're happy to be right about him which ineffect isn't a good thing for the Hawks. Anyway, he should struggle right now. He's a rookie and hasn't had an off season to train. Remember how rough Kevin looked at the beginning of last season. Cam doesn't look that bad, but he is missing his shots. I hope that gets worked out, he's hesitating out there and isn't confident. He does look like his Duke play right now. I expect to see some steady improvement. I don't get the overreaction about rookies struggling during summer league, preseason, etc. It takes some players a couple of years, but the hot takes are real.
  5. I just hope this wasn't the dress rehearsal Pierce was referring too. Cause this performance was booty. Mainly because once Jones came in, the lane opened up due to his cluelessness and no ONE could hit a shot outside of Trae. Cam - I'll say this, because I am a Cam stan. Cam doesn't look nearly as bad as Huerter did last preseason. He is shooting slightly worse I think, but Huerter was missing much more during preseason than the regular saeason. Let's be patient and give him time. It's just preseason. I guess everyone's panicking because Herro looks like an allstar out there, but there have been a plenty of preseason allstars to go on to do nothing during the regular season. I'm not saying that's Herro because he looked legit. Hunter - I still liked what I say. He doesn't seem too sped up on there. Just has to hit his shots too. Huerter - This team is missing Huerter really badly. Cam isn't starting and our rotations will be better once he returns. Jones - Uh I will give the young man time. He hasn't even played an NBA season worth of games, but he has to do better. I would rather watch Bruno struggle than Jones. Someone asked why does the team look so terrible. New players, new offensive plays, and youth. That simple. We all know this will take time and hopefully Huerter returning will add some extra offensive punch. Trae - He's still our little superstar, but I would liket he turnovers to be around 4 to 5 against the Knicks. John - He looks a little off this preseason. I hope he's not putting too much pressure on himself. Is this a contract year for him (eligible for an extension?)
  6. I'm good with the center position, just wait for KAT or Embiid to want out and trade some assets for them. Miss me with the role player centers. An aside, I'm not opposed to Adams, but if you're going to do a trade shoot for the top of the young big heap.
  7. I don't think the poster said the team didn't want to win any games. He stated some fans are impatient about the rebuild due to their own internal expectations. The posters expectations are we are not a playoff team this year. My expectations, I hope we show tremendous growth this year and I don't care if we are in the playoffs or not. Just want to see growth, if we have better defensive and offensive ratings this year as compared to last year and still miss the playoffs, I'll be a happy camper. We are very young and young teams generally don't make it, if we do, I'll be over the moon.
  8. Difference being in the US, we have the RIGHT not to stand for a flag or not. In China not so much. You could literally get shot if you don't. Our Country isn't perfect by far, but I thank god every day I was born here. Hoping we can improve as a nation together as one and stop letting all the petty things drive people apart.
  9. Bazley isn't a shooting guard. He's a forward can play either forward position with good rebounding, shooting, and passing skills. Cam can play the 2 & 3. I'm not sure he could hold up at the four at his current strength. I loved Bazley during the draft process and hoped we would get him the second round, but Cam was way higher on my personal list than Bazley just on his shooting and passing potential. I would not trade Cam for Bazley. I would potentially trade for Adams and you don't need to attach Cam with it. I think that's where most are arguing with you. OKC is in cap hell with a lower tier, at best ,playoff team. If a team trades for Adams with outgoing salaries less than $5,000,000 than Adams, I believe that saves OKC like $15 million in taxes. That alone is worth a first round pick.
  10. I beg to differ, we all know @NBASupes is numero uno here on Cam, but you can ask Supes, I'm probably second behind him!
  11. You know I can respect the Braves. They didn't go up by 10 only to lose by 11. They put us out of misery early so we could fully move on and enjoy the Hawks potential.
  12. We can def agree on that. That 4th quarter had a ton of turnovers. The brightside being Bembry didn't have his steal/turnover growth!
  13. Okay, You said " Trae had 8 turnovers. WTF!" I responded with my post saying I wouldn't be too worried about Trae and HIS turnovers because he wasn't taking the game too seriously. Then you came at me with your snarky response when I feel like I was being very respectful with my comment towards your comment. WTF! Generally means you aren't expecting something or you are upset about it.