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  1. @kg01 I see you spitting facts tonight!
  2. So if you're on the Marta train surrounded around a bunch of black people, you'll rap that word? My point is, you know damn well it's not okay to be using that word when you are white rather contextual or not. I don't go around using other words used to degenerate people if that group of people uses it or not. For example, a lot of white youth use the term that describes Ritz C. However, I don't feel the need to say it any context outside of a snack.
  3. So you are making the assumption that all black people sit around and say that word all the time? That's really weird my guy. And you yourself use that word in a contextual manner? The context of that word is racist.
  4. Atlanta is the 7th largest TV market and the Hawks had some of the highest rated playoff games last season. That had to do with playing the #1 and #4 TV markets too. The Hawks are trending number one on a lot of league pass rankings I've seen. The league doesn't care about who's in the finals. The networks paying the league does. If the Hawks continue to win with their play style, they are going to get a ton more attention. Let's not forget Golden State was an after thought until the splash brothers came along and they started dominating.
  5. I never said grossly misused. However, I believe he'd better in a Bam role, than main creator role. That's just my unprofessional opinion. I'm more referring to the value people are suggesting the Sixers get for him. All the things you are saying supports my theory that the Sixers should get more than a Kevin Huerter type player and maybe a first round pick in return for him.
  6. Simmons went to being slightly overrated to hugely underrated. He is a very good player if placed in the correct role.
  7. Yeah, he would probably still be in the league if he said the "N" word and not have upset a bunch of Jewish people.
  8. If the Hawks were to trade for Ben, you'd hope he'd develop a midrange shot first. Ben can't be much worse than Draymond shooting the three. Just got take 1 a game at 30% clip to keep teams a little bit honest.
  9. Consider yourself lucky. It's the ESPN of message boards. So many uniformed opinions and group think.
  10. Or, hear me out, you go the OKC route, trade away one of your main pieces and that piece becomes a MVP and you're stuck losing in conference finals and you never make it back to the finals. I'm not saying don't trade anyone, I'm saying see what this team can do for at least a couple of seasons and then make your decision. Now if Giannis becomes available, this season then all bets are off.
  11. When considering the increase in the salary cap, it is much less than Bazemore's too.
  12. I completely misread your initial were right the entire time. I thought you were saying that the refs were saying Trae's move would be foul...egg on face.