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  1. This doesn't piss me off. I don't understand it, however. Trae and Luka are literally like the same player, except Trae is a better three point shooter and Luka's a better rebounder.
  2. I jumped in for a little and quickly went to join Magic and his popcorn. haha
  3. marco102

    Joel Embiid

    To add to your point. I'd do a three tream deal with Chicago, Lavine goes to Philly, Embiid to Atlanta, with Capela or Dedmon, and two first round picks. Chicago will get the OKC pick and maybe a couple of second rounders (I know I'm not giving Chicago enough value, so maybe Huerter or Hunter, but that's only if it's the only way to get the deal done. To me, it'll seem Philly would be more into Dedmon's skill set, because of his spacing potential. AL would start. Lavine can take the scoring grunt from losing Embiid. That'll seem like a really good team as far as spacing for Simmons.
  4. I don't think its that. @AHF is being objective about Luka's potential to be a superstar. If you say those things about Luka, can argue the same things about Trae. However, I believe you were talking about the way the media portrays Luka as a superstar already? Correct. You guys may be arguing different points.
  5. I think @Peoriabird is talking about the game against Houston only.
  6. Luka's starting to take a lot of heat. He's just 21 years old, but the backlash for the media and his stans making him out to be the best player in ever will cause every small mistake to be overblown. Last night, he was very hesitant to take threes, which he should be with his putrid three point percentage. However, he was a beast getting to the basket and finishing around the rim. That should be his bread and butter, but he tends to shy away from it in late game situations. I'm not sure if that's a fitness thing or what. I know before Mikal Bridges got his fourth foul he was locking Luka up. It'll be interesting to see how Luka holds up against the Clippers.
  7. Ummm Giannis and Trae would nearly be unstoppable. You go get an MVP talent if it's available. No questions asked.
  8. You'll have to attach Embiid or Simmons to get rid of Al's turrible contract. Tobias is a pretty tough move too, considering the money, but he's way more likely than Al in my opinion. I just see Embiid getting disgruntled and demanding a trade, if the Sixers continue down this path of mediocrity.
  9. marco102

    Clint Capela

    Looks like Trae loves Capela!
  10. Might can still keep the young core together with signing a free agent, trading to the sixers and using first round picks. That's highly unlikely though, but the Hawks have options to get him.
  11. Looks like it's not so Sunny in Philadephia. Embiid's going to demand a trade as soon as the Sixers get swept in the first round.
  12. With Pop and Isaac, people shouldn't have to explain why they aren't kneeling. That's like being upset with people for kneeling. We have the right to freedom of expression and the sooner the masses understand that the better. We should be able to have civil discussions about why someone is taking certain actions, but political issues these days "are all about winning." I'll be nicer on MPJ and say he's misinformed. He has his beliefs and when people have those beliefs, I think we should take the approach to try to educate them civially. The minute we come hostile at them, it shuts down any civil discussion. Whispers: I do agree his commented was idiotic though. Get off QAnon man. Ja Morant - He is good. However, on the offensive end he's not Trae Young good. That Memphis team bought in on the defensive side. I hope to see the Hawks play that type of defense next year. They are also a much more veteran team than the Hawks. Luka - YUP I'm going there. Many see critizing him as hate, but this isn't that at all. He's a great young player. HOWEVER, he needs to work on his conditioning. This is why his shots don't fall in the fourth and he's one of the worst clutch players in the NBA.
  13. marco102

    Clint Capela

    Concerning? That's what I would expect from someone who's been in the league a few years and on a team with championship aspirations (the Rockets). I find that COMFORTING! He'll be the Vet in the starting lineup and I hope he'll get these guys to buy in more on the defensive end.
  14. I'm way more concerned about his locker room effect. Don't want him anywhere near this young team. KCP i'd be down for though.