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  1. Yeah, see the below.
  2. I should put a little fact checking here. The executive order Kemp passed supersedes other emergency ordinances passed or whatever they call it. If these communities want to close their beaches, they can pass a regular ordinance. It's a pain in th butt, yes, but if their laws were passed with a regular ordiance Kemps executive order doesn't affect those. @bleachkit and @JayBirdHawk, I heard those 15 minute tests aren't actually good for mass testing because you can't analyze as may of those at one time as other tests. For example, the other tests may take a few days come back, but labs can analyze hundreds at a time. But the 15 minute tests may be need to be analyzed one by or something like that. I will try to find the articles I read to support all my statements above. Stay safe y'all.
  3. You were one of the main Cam detractors last season too. Do you see the potential with him now? Edwards has tools that can't be taught and skills that can be coached up. I believe he's one of the top 3 youngest players in this draft. The Hawks need another scorer and Edwards could be that, although not right away. He also has defensive upside too. I rather have someone who would potentially be a great player than someone who tops out as a role player.
  4. Pretty good at everything, has great vision for someone of his size, but his shooting from three and free throw numbers are pretty alarming.
  5. Hey guys. If you're interested in a summary of the stimulus bill, my firm put together a nice write up below. If you know of any small businesses that may need help applying for the stimulus PM please. My firm is helping a lot of businesses with the stimulus applications and other tax breaks they can apply for due to this crisis. We are also offering a cashflow bootcamp for small businesses ( ). Not trying to shamelessly plug our services, but feel like this is really useful in a time like this.
  6. Just want to say, I've never met any of you, but I love you all. I hope no one gets it here, or anywhere and just stay safe. This sh*t is like something out of a horror movie. Also, have any of you heard from @NBASupes? He's been pretty quiet.
  7. Are you attempting to relate someone dropping their season tickets due to the corona virus to the Hawks losing? I'd much rather my firm drop the Hawks season tickets than cut an employee.
  8. His release is slow compared to the average NBA release.
  9. Octagon may be the agency, but that's not Trae Young's agent as @NBASupes said. Trae and Cam actually share an agent Omar Wilkes?
  10. I'll just saw this. He can't do it alone. If you're asking if he can be the best player on a championship team, I say yes. Offensively anyway. If Cam can develop into a consistent offensive weapon it definetly lifts the Hawks outlook.
  11. Not to sound like an alarmist, I'm pretty sure there are alot more people with it that haven't been tested. Everyone I've seen that's had it and posted about it, seems to the very mild cases.
  12. Hope you're aright man.
  13. I agree to this to an extent, but to stop the spread to the immune deficient, even the healthy people who can combat this should stay home. The quarantine is warranted, but not the fighting over supplies. You can still go out and get stuff like normal. I'm making my grocery delivery list like normal, just adding some additional Lysol wipes and extra food for the kids since they may be out of school.
  14. I was over on realgm. I know, just should stay at my Squawk home. There's some useful information in their Coronavirus thread, but to see the level of fear mongering they are allowing is insane. They are comparing the US to Italy with no concept of healthcare system infrastructure, population density, population demographics. I just can't man. Inform yourself before going on the internet and putting people in panic. I also see these vidoes of people fighting over toilet tissue. SMDH 'Merica do better.
  15. Atypical is amazing! i thought it got renewed