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  1. 3.5 games between first and and tenth isn't that much separation.
  2. Yeah, teams still aren't completely in rhythm. I'm hoping the Hawks get there sooner than later. Just some really weird scores going on.
  3. True, but we have been preaching patience and it seems after every bad game we are not patient. They are just 12 games in. Not saying last night wasn't terrible, because it was. However, it was second half of a back to back with several players out. This guy is a former coach at some level and understands the X's and O's a lot better than me. From his thoughts, we are doing things better, just not hitting the shots on the offensive end. I hope the shots start to fall.
  4. That's what I said in my earlier post. Get your teammates more involved which he did start to do.
  5. It's a slump. Hopefully, he gets out of it. I have said he may have a start like his rookie season to this until he gets into a rhythm.
  6. Positives: All the young wings looked great tonight. I hope it carries forward. Trae is in a helluva a slump. I'm glad he realized he needed to start setting his teammates up. Atrocious: This team needs to get better on the defensive end. Hunter is slowly turning into one of my favorite players on the team. Capela played his best game as a Hawk. I think we'll know who this team is around 20 games into the season. They have a lot improving to do.
  7. You love to see the team lose to validate your negative points?
  8. My mom's in a small town. She's 65 and getting her first shot next Thursday.
  9. No one says much about this, but Solomon Hills shooting has been a welcomed surprise early in the season. Remember, this is our core team + Solomon Hill. They're going to look terrible at times and others look like tonight. They are showing growth. There's still a ton to work on. I'm much happier about the defensive performance last night than the offense coming back to life. Trae showed some really good defensive moments. He had some bad ones too, but the effort is most definitely improved. When this team starts hitting shots they are front runners and look so legit. Just