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  1. Glad you are okay. This is why I've started doing most of my shopping online. Not the shooting part, but just crazy crowds. They were rightful to be running in this situation.
  2. Nope, just saying have A level talent on the bench too. Excellent benches were the key to the first GS championship and Toronto's last year. With Edwards, his first year, I see him playing backup PG/SG. He can split that role with Cam/Heurter whoever is deemed to have that role next year.
  3. Not really, One or both will have to go to the bench. Wiseman will take time to develop. I'm for him too, but Edwards just seems special to me.
  4. Ball has Trae like vision at 6'6ish. If he reaches his full potential, he'll be special. You have to just watch the passes he makes in highlights and you'll understand. His feel for the game is not as good as Trae's at this age, but he just has natural talent. Anthony Edwards is by FAR the number 1 pick int his draft. It has nothing to do with him being from GA or going to UGA. He's 6'4 - 6'5" with like 6'9" to 7" wingspan, 225 pounds and unbelievable althleticism. He's the youngest kid in the draft along with Lamelo Ball and Killian Hayes. Edwards has the potential to be one of the best two way two guards in this generation.
  5. If we get a top 3 pick Anthony Edwards and Lamelo will be top priority. Anthony Edwards is what the Hawks need. He'll demand double teams and no way in hell any team will double team Trae to leave that beast going 4 on 3 with space in the half court. He also has great defensive ability. ATL kid going to the Hawks. Story writes itself. He'll rep ATL so hard.
  6. I've never seen a bunch of grown folks (cause I'm pretty sure there are plenty of women throwing shade in those threads too) and kids just dislike someone so much (Trae (mostly) and Cam). They go at him for everything. From his appearance to the way he talks. Nothing Trae does is good enough. They always have something slick at the mouth to say. I hope Trae is as confident as he seems because for these people to act like this towards him is crazy. He's one of the most likable kids in the NBA, if you ask me. Cam has not once done anything to deserve the venom he gets either. He's humble soft spoken and all they do is sh*t on him there too. They are going to be real big mad when these guys contribute heavily to our championships.
  7. You guys really need to stop over reacting about Bruno. He is super raw and if you would have left him out there when Miami went small, the game wouldn't have even went to over time. Mind you I'm a Bruno fan, but there's a reason he's not getting as many minutes as the other rookies. He got roasted in the one of the recent games he was in and I didn't see so much talk about coach not playing him then.
  8. You are a good man Supes. Not afraid to admit when you judged something wrong. I know we are upset about this, but the future is bright for this team. Hunter was much improved. Bruno is looking good. CAM played good tonight too. We just need that one more dominant scorer, who's also good defensively, to take that pressure off Trae and we will be set for the future.
  9. Probably that -13 or 15 run in over time for anyone playing during that time.
  10. Back to Back, I'm assuming. Medical science is much improved and the plans they work out for these players are for the best outcomes this season and going forward. I know the loss stings, but Kevin's health is imperative going forward. With just Kevin's return the Hawks are much improved! Come on back John Collins we need you!
  11. Kevin has really impressed me with his improved ball handling. Shot out to Hunter too he had an excellent game. This is the type of offense we need going forward. The lane will unclog with a few more of these games!
  12. Coach made one mistake tonight, putting Bembry in over Cam Reddish on the defenisve end towards the end of the game. He adjusted well to what the heat were doing from the previous games. Team ran out of gas. Now I must say I am pissed with his decision, but considering we are on a back to back, I'm not going to over react. Miami wears Trae down with all the trapping. For the most part the Hawks made them pay this game, but chasing all of their actions on offense eventually caused the Hawks to run out of gas. On to the next one. I'm pissed about this one though. Should have won it!
  13. I said about five more years before we have anything to worry about. Two more years on his rookie deal. Then RFA where another team can give him a four year max, but the Hawks can match so the Hawks still have control over him. Subtracted out the last year because he could demand a trade about that time 6 years - 1 year = about 5 years before we have anything to worry about.
  14. Trae literally has no power for anything for about 5 more years. If the team around him isn't decent then, then I'll support Trae and his efforts to get out of town. I might ride out with him.