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  1. In my @NBASupes voice, one star post! Glad to have you back though @Diesel. No one can get us posting like you.
  2.$3-Million-And-$12-Million-Next-Season That $12 million drop could hurt a ton of teams that are right against the luxury tax.
  3. You're the one throwing out BS arguments and bringing up coaching in every other thread. You obvisously want attention so you got it. Haven't attacked you once, but a lie is a lie. You saying shit you can't prove. So there you have it. If you don't like it block me.
  4. That you're lying? Okay, I'm down for that.
  5. Have you been to his personal workouts with the team? If so, please upload the footage of what the coaches are working on with him. If no evidence,
  6. Make it an even $10 million and don't look back. I still believe Jerami Grant is a better fit though.
  7. I'm well aware, but he sure as hell wouldn't leave his American players in the middle of the finals. Dallas may have a right to block him. It's a moot point though because it won't even come to that.
  8. Yeah, they wouldn't leave the NBA playoffs for the Olympics especially if they are in the finals or something.