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  1. Encouraging: John Collins has had excellent back to back games. Just got to work on not fouling as much, but I appreciate the defensive effort. He's looking like the potential All Star we expected this season. Cam Reddish - The flashes are showing. I think he should be in the starting line up. Man he's getting me really excited with the offensive and defensive potential. He's leaps and bounds better on the offensive end than what he was at the beginning of the season. What particarly ticked me off this game was Cam was hot and in the 3rd and 4th quarter the team didn't get him involved until it was too late. Hunter wasn't shooting the ball great, but we kept going to him and others for threes. Neutral - Trae Young - This wasn't one of his better games. I felt like he was trying to get his a little too much in the end, but I can understand that because he wants to entertain the hometown. I'm not complaining about 26 and 16 with 1 turnover though. He's still special, just I noticed him calling for the ball a bit much when we were down 25 and not passing to the open man a few times. Trae's not the only one. I noticed Hunter did it too. I just expect Trae to make those plays. Bad Coaching - Normally, I'm not a Pierce basher. I'm not tonight, but he had some serious questionable rotations today. I know he'll grow with this young team and will hopefully get better, but I think we do not need to be trotting VC out there for his farewell tour. If he's shooting well, he should stay on the court, if not, yank him early like the youngsters. Defense was booty cheeks.
  2. NONE of that compares to this gym (Did Trae Young's determination to justify being traded for Luka make him better ? ) - This ladies and gentlemen is how delusional it's gotten over at RealGM. They just can't accept that Trae is really good, because you know, he was bad in summer league and he's a bust. But but but, NOW, you say, well, he's getting better now. It has to be Luka's greatness. I'm done...lmao.
  3. Saw this and liked! Why are they so salty about Trae? It's amazing the amount of hate he gets there. He and Reddish.
  4. I'm glad all our hard work voting paid off. Kid deserves it and it means so much to him!
  5. Grass always looks greener on the other side. Would those players perform the same way in the Hawks system? Maybe, Maybe not. I'm just going to patient approach. You should never attempt to put a limit on how good a player can be. We don't know their work ethic. Hot starts, don't mean strong finishes. Okay, I've met my cliche quota today.
  6. I NEED THIS JOHN COLLINS WHEN TRAE YOUNG RETURNS. This was a great win. Loved watching Collins and Goodwin go off. Go game folks!
  7. marco102

    Ask Supes

    Oh I agree, I'm just saying if he was signed, he'd be a quality back up to John.
  8. marco102

    Ask Supes

    Gallinari is only signed through this season. He'll be a free agent this summer. He'd be a good vet backup. He still gives quality minutes.
  9. This is so funny to me. Normally @AHF is reasonable, but mention Evan Turner and he's TRIGGERED! LMAO 😂!
  10. marco102

    Ask Supes

    Yeah, I'm honestly surprised at how well the little guy has held up. (Thinks to self, Trae Young is taller and weighs more than me, he's not little in real Just goes to the work he puts in. @NBASupes, has your source talked you about Trae's work ethic and how management appreciates it? I've read nothing but good things about how humble Trae is. Now that he's a budding superstar, is he staying that way?
  11. marco102

    Ask Supes

    You heard something too?
  12. Demarcus Cousins would make a solid gamble in free agency. As a Backup of course. That's also if Len's not available
  13. Oh I agree. I just think this is the last year for the top end draft talent and Anthony is the guy I want. If he surprises us and contributes right away, it'll move up the future potoential of the team as a whole. If he doesn't, play him in College Park (where I believe he'd fill up the arena and he wouldn't have a problem because he's from the area) to get him up to speed. Top picks playing in the G League may be frowned upon, but it could be the start of something if the Hawks make it work with Edwards.