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  1. I'm not talking about the talent, I'm talking about roster construction. You need a decent starting caliber PF, unless you somehow are keeping Clint and OO and KATs your PF?
  2. Yes, it should be because who's our starting PF if you let Jalen go? You also have to look at this from a roster construction standpoint. I'm willing to part with Murray and filler for KAT. That Filler shouldn't no include Jalen and at this point not Hunter either.
  3. With the way Bae and Dre are playing as of late, I'm not as interested in him. However, the Hawks should consider him for off season addition to bump up the bench.
  4. Wait a minute. They treat him just like you talk about him on this board. You keep telling us how he's cheeks. So explain to us "Trae Stans" who don't understand basketball how he's being mistreated when your posts consistently talk about him like they treat him.
  5. I haven't either. I was more responding to woj's "report".
  6. Why does anyone value him? His defense is worst than Trae's. Trae's been adequate this season. I'm referring to previous seasons.
  7. At this point, I'm okay with this team losing. They need to try and get the number 1 pick. This roster isn't going anywhere. Might as well draft Cody Williams and go after KAT in the off season. I've never seen a team not give a f**k on defense the way this team does. It's really terrible scoring 140+ and consistently losing.
  8. Just thought about it. I'm referring to Miles Bridges with Charlotte. I don't think he'll get convicted of violation of his parole in his next court case from the bit of articles I've read. He will be cheap and he's productive! I do know about the domestic violence stuff, but it seems like there's more there if you read up on the actions of his ex. Not excusing it, just saying seems like he was in a toxic relationship with both of them abusing each other.
  9. Difference is Mikal's nothing like the other three on the court.
  10. I'd do it. I posted my thoughts on him and the arrest situation earlier in the thread somewhere.
  11. I need the insiders and outsiders to spill the tea on what happened with Adrian.
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