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  1. I'm also a fan of this kid here. There's tons of unlocked potential. He can be a good defender once he puts on some weight, but the shotmaking is real.
  2. Looks like Nate's rounding out his staff.
  3. Haha I don't get mad, but these young kids are coming with legitimate shooting potential. It doesn't mean it'll translate though.
  4. @NBASupes Keep an eye on this guy. If he offers any defensive upside, he would be perfect to pair with OO.
  5. To me, this is a good deep draft. From about 10 - 35 you have plenty of players with upside but with some flaws that will take time to iron out. There are for going to be some really good players found later in this draft. Good being solid starter material.
  6. Agreed. Like I said, if he'd take the mid-level exception AND a backup role. You run to sign that deal, but that isn't likely to happen and wishful thinking on my part.
  7. In my scenario, I was mentioning DeRozan taking a back up role which means you would pair him with Gallo. If he would take the mid-level exception, which both scenarios are highly unlikely, DeRozan could play with Trae because he can still shoot 16 foot midrange with pretty great accuracy. As a backup, he'd be better than anything we could hope for and has the ability to play along side Trae if need be. He'd also have the spacing needed with the second unit with Huerter, Cam and Gallo.
  8. He can want 4/$60 million, but that doesn't mean that's his market. His market isn't that at all and he'll still be a backup here were I don't see him turning into a young Demarcus Cousins out there. He wouldn't stop the Hawks from resigning anyone. At this point he'd be lucky to get above the minimum. Edit: I'm not trading 20 for Bamba either. Just saying if they work out some trade for him I wouldn't be upset. Don't know what that would intel though.
  9. He won't get anywhere near a max and may be a good young big to have on a good deal for three or four years. He hasn't shown much production and has been injured.
  10. Derozan has improved his playmaking and is great in the midrange. If he would come him for the mid-level you scoop him up and let him run back up point. I don't see Deorzan taking a backup role though.
  11. I'm a big fan of Kia Jones, but he will be G League bound next season. However, the upside is worth it at 20.
  12. Trae's playoff run eliminated any tiny voice in my mind that would make me think he wasn't a number 1 option on a championship team. I used to get mad at these folks and rant. Now I just look and laugh because they know he's really good and are just putting him there for the clicks.
  13. I don't think we want to replace him. If you can get a great return for him, he is the best option to move this off season. I'd love to run it back though to see how far this team can go.