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  1. Your mistake is relying upon Reddish and Hunter being extreme positives when it comes to contributing to wins next year.
  2. How do you figure this? The projected war for that line up is 15.8 WAR per RAPTOR WAR projections.
  3. That team isn’t winning 40 games, much less 70 games.
  4. Ah. Someone should tell Lloyd Pierce that.
  5. Young players should have to earn their time. It shouldn’t be given to them. Even in an exhibition game that is meaningless.
  6. Well, I like him because he wins and doesn’t waste time force playing guys just because they are young.
  7. He’s tons better than what Atlanta has right now.
  8. This is why bad teams stay on the lottery treadmill. They have too much reliance upon internal improvement from their young players and refuse to get vets that can help the team win.
  9. The only reason they wouldn’t is this foolish idea that they have to start the young guys.
  10. Justin Holiday and Jae Crowder would help this team win more now than any of the three younger guys.
  11. Well, hopefully there is a mandate put on next season. Either the Hawks make the playoffs or we will be getting a new GM. If the Hawks are to make the playoffs, then they have to stop dicking around with giving these young guys more minutes than they should be getting. If TS wants to continue his mantra of playing the young guys and only targeting players who are in the 25-27 age range in free agency, then he should be looking for a job after Atlanta’s fourth straight losing season.
  12. His eFG% is also 0.527, which is above average and is 13th among players with a USG% greater than 27.
  13. The team that finished last season caught some teams off guard and were overlooked by others. They aren’t sneaking up on teams this year, and that is the reason I anticipated a drop in the win total from last year to this year.