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  1. Trae was on the court after the game last night shooting jumpers.
  2. I'll repeat this. This team is currently on a 10 game losing streak, and I'm not sure that the end of this is in sight. String together a few more losses in a row with certain players having the green light to just jack things up, and let's see how much these players truly like each other.
  3. A few points: 1. Trae is playing bad, but most rookies do play bad. 2. Yes, Jeremy Lin should start while they work Trae into situations where he can help the team. 3. You should not write him or any of the other two rookies off based on their play this year. See the above. Rookies are bad. 4. Where you should start to get concerned is if you do not see a jump in his play from February on or a second year bump. 5. Every single bit of this was predictable,
  4. Just so no one actually gets the idea that this is going to happen, the Hawks will not be players in free agency in 2019, and any trades they make will take on more bad salary attached to draft picks. Folks, this isn't getting better anytime soon. This is what happens when you choose the strategy to pursue high draft picks over veteran players. Next year, there is just going to be even more focus on playing the young guys: John Collins, Trae Young, Kevin Huerter, Omari Spellman, and the two draft picks they will get next year along with whoever they draft at the top of the 2nd round. I will not be surprised to see Taurean Prince get dealt during this season. Let's just assume that he isn't though. Let's also assume that Atlanta gets the 1st pick of the draft and takes everyone's darling player Zion Williamson. Let's also assume that they get the 9th pick from the Mavericks and takes Jarrett Culver with that pick. Here is your rotation: Trae Young, Jarrett Culver, Taurean Prince, Zion Williamson, John Collins, Alex Len, Kevin Huerter, DeAndre Bembry, and Omari Spellman. That's a 22 win team at best.
  5. My problem with the Vince stuff is that the team gave more effort towards getting him to his milestone than they did towards trying to win the game. From my standpoint, the ONLY focus these players should have is this. What do I need to do to help my team win today? That's it. Nothing else matters.
  6. KB21

    The Tank Thread

    It seems the server is tanking right along with the Hawks over the past few days.
  7. I'm struggling to see how Zion is going to fit within an offense at this point. Almost everything he does comes in isolation, transition, or put backs.
  8. There are no feel good moments when you are 3-15 and well on your way to a sub 15 win season.
  9. Ah, another poster that doesn't like to hear the truth about the Hawks and what's happening.
  10. I don't see anyone developing, or playing hard enough to win games. Also, if they are having fun at 3-15, then all hope for the future is lost. It tells me they have completely bought into the tank.
  11. It's really sad the team is making such a spectacle out of Vince's 25,000 points when the team just got its brains beat in and is 3-15 on the year with no hope of the losing streak ending anytime soon.
  12. Yeah....to those who have a loser mentality that want to claim to be a victim while mooching off others.
  13. The Hawks are working harder to get Vince to 25,000 points than they are with trying to win.