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  1. He’s still intubated in the PICU. They had planned on getting him ready to extubate in the next 48-72 hours, but he spiked a fever. CRP and pro calcitonin are elevated. CT shows some fluid in the abdomen that could be forming an abscess. The concern is that there may be a leak at the anastomosis. Waiting on the plan from surgery now. They may have to go back in, wash out the fluid, and give him a temporary or possibly permanent ostomy.
  2. I’m all for a DeAndre Hunter for Isaac Okoro deal though.
  3. Yeah. I can’t see Kenny being on board with trading for Ingram.
  4. I'm going with the Hawks. The Pelicans have been unable to move Ingram. If they go into the season with Brandon Ingram, Dejounte Murray, AND CJ McCollum, that is not going to work offensively or defensively.
  5. It was more health than performance, but when you have such a weakness of perimeter defense as Atlanta had, you just feel more comfortable with the established guy on defense than with the young guy who has more defensive versatility. OO averaged 16.1 PPG, 8.5 RPG, and 1.1 APG with a .723 TS% as a starter. Production wasn't the issue. The issue is that he got hurt, but also that he couldn't cover for the mistakes the perimeter defenders made as well as Clint could.
  6. It is a fact that a faction of this fanbase will never accept him as a starting center because he's not a 7-footer. That is a 100% fact, just like when the same fans constantly said Al Horford wasn't a real center.
  7. It has more to do with the structure that was in place around him. Clint was a better fit down low with poor perimeter defenders on the court. Now that they have better perimeter defenders, Okongwu's versatility on defense can pop.
  8. Some are really underestimating the impact that a guy like Dyson Daniels is going to have on Onyeka Okongwu, both offensively and defensively. I am still seeing this idea that Okongwu is a backup just because he's 6'9".
  9. Why not? Depending upon Jalen to make an All-Star level jump is a lot better than this foolish belief that Brandon Ingram is just a point guard away from being an All-Star player.
  10. Landry is not in over his head at all. The Hawks have had a very good off season to this point. They have improved the team. How much remains to be seen, but getting rid of DJM is addition by subtraction because it was just not going to work. Adding Daniels as a POA defender is a big time move for this team, because that's what we have needed. We also did not lose the long view by adding the picks, which that Lakers' pick is going to be a lottery pick and there's a chance that 2027 pick is going to be a lottery pick as well. I don't see New Orleans getting much better with their mix of players, and Milwaukee will soon feel the Doc Rivers effect. Daniel's POA defense and connectivity passing on offense will provide a lot more value for the Hawks than DJM's mid-range shooting. It's not hard to see the vision. Landry has now surrounded Trae with versatile 6'8" plus wings who are two-way players.
  11. We should have been in on him with the MLE. We should have been in on him with the MLE.
  12. Zeller was added only because New Orleans had to add more salary to make it work.
  13. I don’t expect Zeller to stay in Atlanta.
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