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  1. KB21


    It is absolutely a contributing factor though. When the government controls it, there will be fewer resources that are allocated to it. That’s what has happened in China and Italy. Compare that to South Korea and Hong Kong, who both have a strong private sector for health care. In the US, we have a strong private sector for health care that is handcuffed with government regulations. The take home point from all of this is that we need less government regulation and less government intervention into health care.
  2. KB21


    Italy also has government controlled healthcare.
  3. KB21


    My clinic is now a testing site.
  4. KB21


    The numbers are soaring because more testing is being done. It's not because the virus is out of control. This thing has been around longer than the past week. I'm convinced that some of these negative flu tests I was seeing back in January and February were actually this virus, because it was taking up to two weeks for some of those folks to get better. The key over the next two weeks will be convincing those who have it to keep their asses at home and convincing those who do not have emergent needs to stop coming into the clinic. I've seen a few folks today with allergies since the pollen is ramping up, but every bit of that can be treated with OTC medication. You do not have to come in for a "shot" when you have rhinosinusitis. If we just stay home when we are sick, we will not only control the spread of this virus. We will control the spread of other viruses such as influenza and all the stuff that causes diarrhea and vomiting as well.
  5. Whose choice was it to field a team this young?
  6. They need to cut some of their unnecessary spending elsewhere instead of printing new money.
  7. KB21


    Good news. I've only seen one patient where my index of suspicion is high enough to test for COVID19, and she called back and stated that she was the only person at the testing facility at that time. So that's good news. We aren't getting inundated yet with people who have symptoms. Personally, I am off till the 21st after today, so I'm hoping no one else comes in.
  8. KB21


    Well, I just had my first patient with possible COVID19 exposure in the clinic.
  9. A lot of that is Lloyd’s crap defensive scheme.
  10. I put most of the blame on Travis. It’s not Lloyd’s fault that he was never qualified to be a head coach.
  11. Shhh. Some get their panties in a wad when you criticize Lloyd.
  12. Apparently one that is very close to being a playoff team. Or so I’ve been told on here.
  13. KB21


    The NWO has been at work for a while.
  14. And the results from that small chance is three losing seasons in a row with very little hope that the losing ends anytime soon.