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  1. KB21

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    His speed and athleticism are fine. His feel and skill level are both below average though. He doesn’t know how to use his athleticism and length on defense. He’s a non shooter at this point. He’s a traditional big in a league where your bigs either need to be strong rim protectors or stretch fives.
  2. KB21

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    I’m a big Paul Reed fan. If we had a later pick in the first round, I’d be all over him for that pick. He will end up producing better than many that get drafted before him. I also like Tyler Bey from Colorado.
  3. KB21

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    If he could get Jahmi’us Ramsey with that pick, he’d be the guy to take. I’d also strongly consider Aleksej Pokusevski.
  4. KB21

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Nope. You know what. I’ve changed my mind. Put Obi Toppin #2 on my board. I was a big Brandon Clarke fan last year for the same reasons, though Clarke was more of a two way guy. A guy I’m probably higher on than most of you is Jahmi’us Ramsey from Texas Tech.
  5. KB21

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    My guys in this draft: 1. Onyeka Okongwu - I think he’s the only established two way player at the top of this draft. He’s young. He’s got production. He’s got upside that he hasn’t reached. This is my Jaren Jackson Jr player in this draft. At worst, you are getting a strong defensive center who has above average ability as a rim runner. You may get more, as his free throw percentage suggests that he will eventually be able to shoot from the perimeter. There is some positional flexibility here as well. 2. Anthony Edwards - I’m not super high on him, and he’s a work in progress. I think he’s got some natural ability that, when he’s put into a position where he doesn’t have to be the lead dog, he can bring that natural ability out. I think there is some defensive upside to his game. I think there is some perimeter shooting upside to his game. He’s young and raw though. The floor is low on him. If I were his representation, the Hawks are the team I’d be wanting him to go to. 3. Obi Toppin - He’s not the two way player that Okongwu is, and he likely doesn’t have Edwards’s potential as a defender. However, he’s the most productive offensive player in this draft. There are some similarities to John Collins, though I don’t think Toppin is quite as good as John Collins overall. He has vertical explosion but not great lateral explosion. I don’t know if he will ever shoot like John in the NBA. However, he’s productive, and I value production over potential in most cases.
  6. KB21

    Let's Talk Draft Picks

    Oh, I think Okongwu is the best player for the Hawks in this draft.
  7. Wiseman #2? Shaking my head. The best mix of potential upside as well as high floor at the top of this draft is Onyeka Okongwu. He’s the one guy at the top of this draft with legitimate two way potential. I’d take him #1, #2, or #3. I like Obi Toppin, but he can’t defend.
  8. KB21


    This isn’t even remotely close to a 911 on a daily basis right now. We have hospitals that are labeling every death as related to COVID so they can get CARES money and larger reimbursements from the government controlled insurances. We have “sources” who are attributing every death associated with pneumonia to this virus. This virus is real, but it’s far more widespread right now than the numbers show, and the fatality rate of this virus is around 10 times lower than what is being reported. Never before have we ever quarantined healthy people during a pandemic.
  9. KB21


    Eh, not going to read the article as yahoo is clearly a left leaning organization that has an agenda to push. I’d rather just trust what I’ve actually seen as a physician. I haven’t had to put one person into the hospital that has had this virus. The worst patient had what was equivalent to a bad case of influenza. I’ll tell you the biggest impact this virus has had though. People are scared to go to the doctor now, and as a result, my patient load on a daily basis has dropped precipitously. Ten employees at my clinic have been furloughed, and several others that work in the system I am a part of have been furloughed because the hospital is running at less than half capacity. A steel fabricating factory in the area I work has shut down, which means the area has lost 170 jobs due to this foolish shutdown.
  10. KB21


    It is absolutely a contributing factor though. When the government controls it, there will be fewer resources that are allocated to it. That’s what has happened in China and Italy. Compare that to South Korea and Hong Kong, who both have a strong private sector for health care. In the US, we have a strong private sector for health care that is handcuffed with government regulations. The take home point from all of this is that we need less government regulation and less government intervention into health care.
  11. KB21


    Italy also has government controlled healthcare.
  12. KB21


    My clinic is now a testing site.
  13. KB21


    The numbers are soaring because more testing is being done. It's not because the virus is out of control. This thing has been around longer than the past week. I'm convinced that some of these negative flu tests I was seeing back in January and February were actually this virus, because it was taking up to two weeks for some of those folks to get better. The key over the next two weeks will be convincing those who have it to keep their asses at home and convincing those who do not have emergent needs to stop coming into the clinic. I've seen a few folks today with allergies since the pollen is ramping up, but every bit of that can be treated with OTC medication. You do not have to come in for a "shot" when you have rhinosinusitis. If we just stay home when we are sick, we will not only control the spread of this virus. We will control the spread of other viruses such as influenza and all the stuff that causes diarrhea and vomiting as well.
  14. Whose choice was it to field a team this young?