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  1. I really like a lot of the young guys they have gotten. I was a big fan of Jarrett Culver in the draft, and I feel that under Taylor Jenkins, his game could flourish in Memphis. I liked Jared Butler in this draft, but I also do not know exactly what his heart condition is. Zaire Williams is a similar type of pick up for Memphis as Jalen Johnson was for Atlanta. I also liked Oturu in the draft, and he's got some potential face up ability that is budding.
  2. Memphis turned Jonas Valanciunis, the draft pick that was used on Trey Murphy, and the draft pick that was used on Brandon Boston into: Jared Butler Zaire Williams Steven Adams Jarrett Culver Juancho Hernangomez Daniel Oturu Rajon Rondo
  3. Seriously. Let's get Sharife off this two way deal and on a guaranteed deal. While he will never be the guy in Atlanta, he's the only guy the Hawks have that can run the offense like Trae does. Get him on a 3 year deal and secure his bird rights, and this will be a player who can be flipped for a bounty down the road.
  4. I think the next move the Hawks need to make is to go ahead and convert Sharife's contract to a guaranteed deal. This kid is too good and needs to compete to be Trae's full time back up.
  5. Gallo is going to be trade bait at some point with his contract.
  6. I don't know if this is really a sleeper situation, but I think we see Kevin Huerter gain the consistency we are looking for and becomes the player we saw against Philly on a consistent basis.
  7. Yeah. I’m disappointed in Admiral Schofield’s play.
  8. Did he finally retire? I think I remember seeing him on the summer league team back when they used to play at Life College. LOL!!
  9. While Boggy isn't old by any stretch, he's still 28. Kevin is 22. Between the two, it is more likely that Atlanta makes a long term investment into the younger player. I don't see them giving a 5 year deal to a guy who will be 30 when his current contract ends.
  10. I think in some cases, the player is now in a completely different setting than they were in college. Yeah, you can still see the athletic actions and feel, but you could also be seeing a player who isn't really a good fit for what that college does. I do agree that you can't take much from these games, but Jalen was more impressive to me when I saw him in this setting than when I saw him in his limited college time.
  11. In this instance, it's not so much the production that I'm looking at with these guys. It's their athletic actions and the feel they show for what they are doing. Even if Jalen Johnson had missed every shot, his body control and ability to move were on showcase.
  12. Yeah. I watched this guy basically do whatever he wanted to do on the floor last night, and it made me wonder how in the hell did he drop to 20.
  13. His body control and athletic movements stand out. I didn't see the hesitation to look for his shot that I saw from him at Duke either. I've said for a while now that Coach K hasn't been coaching his players worth a flip. Very interested to see what Jon Scheyer does with the talent they get at Duke (not a Duke fan by any stretch of the imagination though).
  14. Just now watching the game. When he gets some experience, Jalen Johnson is going to be a problem for the rest of the nba. I like to look for a diamond in the rough though, and I like the actions and feel of Ibi Watson. Depending upon what they do with Mays, he could end up with a two way deal.