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  1. Did he say that Dwight is only 6' 8"? No way that's right...
  2. My apologies, I meant to say I prefer Millsap and Howard. We just got news that the projected salary cap dropped from $107 million to $102 million so that might be helpful.
  3. Let me say first that I like Millsap + Horford better than Horford + Howard. I think we are going to be a better team than most people think this year. Nevertheless, I am worried about what we should do with Millsap. Would love for him to resign for a reasonable amount next year but I find that hard to fathom.
  4. I'm sure you're a good guy in person, nbasuperstar40, but this just gets so tiring. You are on the site, state your opinion like they are facts, change teams, come back, get banned, apologize, Dolf brings you back, then you continue to act like a know-it-all, and it never stops. Everything is drama, every opinion is radical, and you are always trying to make bold claims.Maybe I'm the only one, and if so I apologize, but the season hasn't even started and it's already getting ridiculous.
  5. From a salary perspective, this works: Lou Williams/Cunningham/Stevenson for Granger. I hate that we wouldn't keep Lou, and I cannot imagine Indiana taking this deal, but it's doable. Add a 2nd round if your heart desires, but I wouldn't give up a 1st.
  6. If we don't even have the rights to him, how does he have an offer on the table from us?
  7. I don't know why I am responding because I think you are unwavering in your opinions, but nobody claims that he is the missing piece to our championship puzzle. In our eyes (speaking for most of Hawksquawk), for the first time in a long time, we feel as though we are on a good road to eventually build a legitimate franchise that can compete for championships. Nobody is saying we have arrived this year, but we are building a solid foundation based on team-first, high BBIQ individuals, high value contracts, and versatile players. Also, we have an unbelievable amount of flexibility and can adapt depending on how this season goes. Each one of the things I have listed have not been true (maybe outside of BK's 6'8" short-lived fantasy) for us. Obviously negative things can happen, but we have a reason to be excited. Is the future uncertain? Of course, but it always has been and it is for everybody. Relax!
  8. * Everybody on Hawksquawk apart from Sothron and Hotlanta1981 likes this.
  9. The thing that is most baffling to me is because going apeshit in the middle of FA when we're clearly not done... We have a new coach, a new system, a new everything and people are already running for the hills before we play a single game #patience
  10. I know a lot of diehard fans that bolt to other teams when things don't turn out exactly how they want.
  11. I am fine with Millsap on the team, but it is hard to get a grasp of how the roster will turn out. If we landed Asik first and then Millsap, we'd all probably be ecstatic. But if we don't land Asik? Hmmm...