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  1. Its not about the board deciding on who should be a Hawk but rather the competence of the front office. I just haven't been impressed with Travis Schlenk thus far. All of the report regarding his trade targets make no sense for this team. He was gifted Capela but otherwise his trades have been garbage. I'm worried!
  2. Bringing Derozen over sounds so Schlenky to me. Derozen is the kind of player you don't give up assets for. He is old, Doesn't shoot 3's, expensive and doesn't play any defense and plus is a free agent after next season. Stick to what you do best Schlenk and draft the best player at 6 good grief!
  3. Porter would be a typical Schlenk free agent/trade target. He would fit in with the rest of the useless bums signed or traded for over the years.
  4. He was asked point blank...What were your weakness and what are you working on to improve and he could not answer the questions
  5. I still don't understand the purpose of loosing on purpose last year. Can someone explain this to me?
  6. Why didn't the team try to win last year? Were they tanking for a draft pick nobody wants in this draft? Were they trying to loose to attract free agents? Losing on purpose last year made no sense so if that was the plan then Schlenks is not a good GM.
  7. The proof is 20 wins last year. What more do you need to see? The play of the team was terrible in many phases of the game Specifically defense, turnovers and rebounding. The result have been terrible with this coaching staff period
  8. What is it about this coach that have you guys attacking me to defend him when he is the one whose team have under performed? Then your defense is his team is terrible. When I criticize the GM , he is defended too. This is strange at the very least. There is some reason this team cannot compete with the like of Cleveland and Chicago. Either the GM stinks or the coach. In my opinion, both do
  9. They are only working on his shooting not his entire gsme
  10. Actually there wasn't noticeable improve in Hunter's play or Cam's play except Cam's shooting. Everyone's defense never improved especially Prince. Prince's decision making was exceptionally bad under Pierce so was Bembry.
  11. Some of that is not knowing what he should be working on compared to Trae Young and john Collins
  12. Did Bembry improve? What about Prince? Huerter? Charlie Brown? Bruno? Fatso Spellman? Jones? Graham? Tyler Dorsey?
  13. Even the most ardent supporters of LP have admit that Trae is self motivated and will succeed regardless of who the coach is. He puts in his time. Cam played strictly on talent alone and improved because is was so terrible initially. You could tell in Cam's post camp interview that he still doesn't understand what he should be doing to play winning basketball
  14. Not everything..Those failed Draft picks past 19, the terrible free agent signings and stupid trades are on Schlenk