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  1. Or Robin Lopez for 1 year $4.7mil or Cauley Stein 2 mil or Christian Wood for 1.6 mil...The list goes on and on!
  2. Its just not sound team building...You think Trae is going to have optimal options with Len, Jones or Bruno on the floor? Building a team this way could lead to some bad habits on everyone's part because the floor dynamic change with a none offensive threat at center and it also lead to more hero ball if Len drops enough passes.
  3. Cause he misjudged or misled about our current center personnel
  4. O.K. I'll put it this way then...He didn't get the job done.
  5. That fact that we had the money and draft capital and we still don't have a starting center on the team. Other team's back up centers are better than all of our centers.
  6. I have them winning 34 games this year not because Trae young isn't good enough to help the team win more games but rather our Center position is horrible. We don't have a starter grade Center on the team and the back ups aren't even NBA grade players.
  7. Trae is the best thing on this team...Attacks on other players on this team maybe justified but not the heart and soul of the team. I guess Trae will continues to be underappreciated by a few Hawk fans. This kid takes a beating every night and is up for the challenge every game. We would be a 18 win team or less without him.
  8. He wouldn't even make the G league all star team
  9. Boy...This preseason has been rough...3 blowouts out of 5. My goodness!
  10. It will still be good defense...If the other guy offense is elite, it doesn't take away from Trae's effort!
  11. I am so tired of watching the Hawks look awful...There is no joy in watching this team anymore.
  12. Why would he play good defense in preseason only?
  13. Young Shutting down the other team's point guards once again! 2 point between them!