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  1. He only played like 90% of the time at the 3. Strange way of indicating that you don't like a guy playing a position that he started every game playing. Y'all keep putting Cam at the 3 and he play 90% of his game time at the 2. Heck Pierce preferred to play Vince Carter at the 4 over Hunter so i don't know what y'all were watching.
  2. You don't draft projects with the #1 pick
  3. Why would any fan want a guy with poor work ethics and no drive to win? If opposing coaches notice that you don't give a sh-t, why wouldn't scouts and fans? You can't make someone care. Draft someone who already knows how to win not a a guy that you hope you can teach a winning attitude to.
  4. This guy isn't a winner!
  5. Do not draft this Dude Schlenk! God I hope we don't get the 1st pick in the draft and tempt Schlenk to take him. Would be a waste of a lottery pick!
  6. Peoriabird


    Believe it or not, Bruno was a +2 on/off the court for the season.
  7. Peoriabird


    What numbers back up this claim?
  8. Peoriabird


    I would hope fans wanted a win every time they paid good money to watch the team play.
  9. Peoriabird


    Where did you get this? I'm one of the biggest Collins fans on this board! You been drinking or something?
  10. Peoriabird


    We are talking last year when we didn't know our draft position and still don't. No one has any idea whether Wiseman will be available when we draft so one has nothing to do with the other.
  11. Peoriabird


    Vince was worse! So I don't understand why the front office would want to play the player who was retiring with no future with the team.
  12. I listen and hate Brad Rowland. Love and respect Tyler Jones though
  13. Peoriabird


    ? Where did I say that I am not in favor of drafting Wiseman?
  14. Peoriabird


    So you don't develop your young bigs even though John Collins missed 25 games and Len was hurt the majority of that stretch. Instead you play Vince Carter in that role who was far worse than Damien Jones? I'm not understanding either explanation.
  15. Peoriabird


    Why would the front office want LP to play Vince at center and power forward rather than giving Bruno and Damien Jones more minutes