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  1. Yep...He was so important to them, They traded him for a sack of potatoes and then went out and signed WCS and Looney for more money. Wonder why?
  2. Yep..The Hawks are so much smarter than Golden State...stole Damien Jones from them and suckered them into signing WCS...we are so smart!
  3. If Len gets a Dedmon offer I guarantee you he is gone regardless of who we draft. I just hope we don't go bargain shopping again for his replacement while spending top dollar for salary dumps and expiring contracts
  4. And if we don't even resign Len because he becomes too expensive while not signing any other major free agent next summer and taking on more salary dumps, will you then start to wonder?
  5. Careful! The Len train is full steam ahead and you and the facts are standing in the way!
  6. Public Enemy put it best! Don't believe the Hype!
  7. I knew you guys would just focus on Dedmon if I mention him as an example but i did mention Willie Cauley Stein too but y'all chose to ignore that. My point was that we need NBA grade depth to be successful and that just isn't the case at center.
  8. Which takes me back to my original point. If you are going to win this year and Schlenk himself thinks that winning encourages free agents to sign with you, then How do you sign significant free agents to a losing situation?
  9. He isn't a real difference make but at the very least he is depth. Plus the guy was improving year after year so you don't know where his ceiling was yet. The other 2 centers on the team have not even proven to be NBA players yet so if Len is injured or in foul trouble, we basically don't have an NBA grade center available. Therefore I have to question the construction of this team. The same argument can be made regarding the point guard position also.
  10. Yeah but if you don't even try to demonstrate that you are trying to win by signing a guy in Dedmon who wanted to be here for example or perusing a low level center like WCS, what good will all that money be next summer if we win 35 games this year?
  11. I think I heard Schlenk say that free agents sign with teams because they want to win...This off season doesn't support such a belief. I was all in last year but this I have to take a step back and see where Schlenk is going with this plan.
  12. I'm not the person predicting 50 win or playoffs. Those are the posters who need to make peace with the decisions
  13. Others on this site expected the team to sign a center this offseason also.
  14. Now this is the practical AFH I know. Notice you didn't get any like for a reasonable assessment.
  15. We should be upgrading not downgrading any position...Isn't that what the term build means?