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  1. He should be fired as a coach too if 6-20 is his coaching impact
  2. I don't know where we would be without Vince Carter on this team this year. He has saved this season for us...We'd probably be tied for last place in the Eastern conference and have the 2nd worst record in the NBA without him! Oh wait!
  3. We just got blown out by Chicago for the 2nd time this season and you're filled with optimism?
  4. Is it Debbie downing or correct analysis of the situation?
  5. Wait...I said all of this before the season and got chased off the site. What gives? I also added that a bad roster would lead to bad habits like Hero ball which is on full display right now.
  6. Actually I am cool with doing nothing as long as a salary dumps for future assets aren't on the table. The future to me is Trae and Reddish in the back court to play with Hunter and Collins with Huerter off the bench as a back up 1 and 2. I WOULD KEEP Parker and Len at the right price and find a starting center in the draft.
  7. Y'all still happy we wasted a roster spot on Carter?
  8. So was the fan base before the season
  9. The funny part of this fan base is when the Hawks started losing, someone started a thread asking what's wrong with Trae Young? The obvious answer to that question is Travis Schlenk's roster.
  10. You act as though Schlenk didn't pass on Robinson or tank last year which ended up burning him. Or ignoring the front court for 3 years and counting or getting an NBA grade back up point guard. Or giving Dennis away for nothing. Or taking on all that salary with very little to show for it. Or trading for Parsons with no plan on playing the guy while he is making $25 Million sitting on the bench for Solomon Hill who actually plays. But anyway, We have to agree to disagree.