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  1. This was the problem with Bobby Cox, Mark Richt and Mike Smith and now Brian Snitger and Dan Quinn. Coaches that management liked but weren't good enough. We need our Belichek/Pat Reiley type coach!
  2. What would be the advantage of playing Hunter at the 4? He doesn't rebound well or protect the paint. He would be over powered by bigger guys like AD and Zion so what would be the point?
  3. Can someone tell me what part of Hunter's game resembles a power forward's game?
  4. Obviously management does not agree with you because they went out and got 2 centers to take up all of the center minutes.
  5. So Should we give up on a 22 year old in favor of a 26 year old who isn't any better over all like Supes suggest?
  6. What? John is a plus defender?
  7. Funny how everyone was calling him a small forward before the season except me.
  8. Trae Young is 5th in offensive rating!
  9. I don't know whether either were good at developing players. All I know is that this team should be better than they have shown thus far and I can identify at least 2 problems right off the bat. Vince Carter at power forward and Collins at center. Throw in stupid combinations like 3 point guards on the floor at times and goofy rotations at the absolute worst times during the flow of a game sealed the deal for me.
  10. I don't call getting blown out by a team that had just lost 10 games in a row competitive.
  11. Others are starting to realize that the team should be winning more games
  12. I'm going to have to ask @AHF to unpack this for me because I am an incapable...I know my limitations
  13. Don't forget about his 2 RPGs and his 1 or 2 blocks this season.
  14. Still waiting for someone to explain what a movement specialist is with a list players that fall in that category!