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  1. Welcome back to the Squawk Thomas! :Nique: Playoffs 2020!

  2. Does the Cam pick mean we are thinking we will resign Dedmon or will we be rolling with Alex Len Starting at the 5? What other FA might fill the need or does anyone think we go small ball and play Hunter and Cam together with Collins at the 5. Seems like that lineup would get killed on the boards and have no rim protection. What are peoples thoughts on how we handle the 5 next season?
  3. I think we got the best wing defender in the draft with a high floor. He fits well into making the Hawks a well rounded team. We still have the 10 so we could realistically have a starting 5 all on rookie deals. With Klay hurt I think TS lost the only FA he would throw max money so we take on bad expiring deals so we don't take away playing time from our young core. When all the contracts we took on this year we could be sitting in a great place a team of you studs and (I am no capologist so this could be wrong)but probably enough apace to sign two max deals next year so we could do the team up with a great young team. If we miss rhe play offs we will add one more lotto pick to the mic too. I know we gave away a lot a picks but we have so much young talent now we could have almost been to loaded with rookie and second year players. TS has earned the draft day equity from me the last two years to trust him and I can see if his vision for a complete team of young studs. The 10 will be interesting I was all in for Jaxson Hayes but now I am thinking that the big Euro center at ten could be the perfect fit to give us the best young team in the NBA. Home grown threw the draft. If nothing else we don't have a nutless GM afraid to pull the trigger when be likes what he sees. Can't wait till this fall Go Hawks!
  4. Bleacher Report had a tweet from Woz that indicated the Thunder could be shopping their 1st rounder for multiple 2nd rounders to avoid the guaranteed salary. Wondering what folks thought about offering up our second rounders for the Thunder pick (#21 I think). That would really give us the ammo to trade up if TS is in love with a player and he has proven he can find quality players in the high teen and twenties. If the Thunder really want to unload a 1st for financial reasons I think the Hawks could be in a great position to load up.
  5. I think so too. I hope it's to move back in and grab a third mid first pick though and not sweetener to move up from 8 or 10. I think we will have plenty of great options at both spots and even though i think Hunter would be a perfect fit not sure i i would give Prince and the 8 to get high enough to grab him. Maybe we luck out and he falls to us though.
  6. I think we will draft our starting SF this year with the 8. Prince could be a good stop gap starter and then i could see him as a GREAT six man. He would be the focal point of the 2nd team and outmatch most backups. Still see him as a strong probability to be traded on draft night with a couple 2nds to get us back into the Mid 1st round especially if Sekou slips some or Porter is still around after the lottery. Either way I'm happy keep him or trade him especially with Bembry's improvement who will cost way less to extend.
  7. I completely agree. Outside of Zion i don't see anyone worth two lottery picks, especially with the quality of player TS has found at the 19. I don't think RJ is a big enough difference maker to pass on several other small forwards. Cam and Sekou seem to duplicative in skill with Cam having the lower floor and Sekou a potentially higher ceiling. I won't be surprised at all if RJ is a Pelican next because the Knicks or Lakers trade the 3 or 4 in a deal for AD. Bol's foot scares the hell out of me he could be an amazing stretch 5 or Greg Oden 2.0. I don't think Hayes is a future all star but he does bring rim protection, rebounding, and trey throwing monster alley oops to him and collins would be highlight factory redux. If hayes is there at ten i still want him, just because he fits a huge need. I would love to see Prince and some second rounders possibly move us back in to grab sekou or someone like Huerter or Collins we might not be talking about but TS spots another diamond that is sliding and trades back in mid first and grabs then.
  8. I think he could easily get a personal table at the Cheetah. Maybe change the name from Cheetah Three to what ever jersey # he wanted to wear for the Hawks. The Pink Kwahi has a decent ring to it too. Lol
  9. I have enjoyed eating crow for my freak out and ranting about the draft night last year... Guess that's why i teach. College and don't run an NBA front office.... Great job by our two young studs and bright days ahead for the Hawks! My mouth will be closed draft night this year TS has earned my confidence now!!
  10. Anyone else looking back on the Billy Knight years and wondering if he was just ahead of the times with his posiitionless basketball team concept? He made highly questionable draft calls but does look a lot more visionary today then he did when I routinely ranted and raged about him all those years ago...
  11. Watching Leonard jack up shots like the 2nd coming if Kobe, post Shaq, did make it real clear why he was on the outs with the Spurs culture. Pop would never had allowed the way he has played this post season. He has balled out though. I can maybe see him turning down Supermax money to go home to LA, but i don't think he will even speak to the Hawks. Next year i think we are players with tier one FA though. Especially, if TS has a another draft like the last two.
  12. I've read a couple Twitter posts (consider the source) and seen an article on Fansided, I think, that TS has said they only spend on the right player and saw a quote where he said he only has one established All Star on his target list. With his GS background it makes me think maybe TS hopes Klay Thompson wants to pull a Beard and be the man on "HIS" team. I have never felt that vibe from Thompson but i have little to base that opinion on. Assuming that, big if, the above statements are true do other people think we will make a run a Klay or another Marquee? Also, is Klay a true #1 max player without KD and Curry around to draw the most attention? Ironically, KD coming here could be the best thing for his image (I don't think for a second this happens) but he got killed for joining a super team he couldn't beat. If he came to a young talented lottery team and took them to the Finals or even won a title in ATL then he would forever bury the if you can't beat 'em join negative rep he got. In GS.
  13. I Had the same thought but was hoping for a Hunter / Jaxson combo. I think we have a nice future with scoring with Trae, JC, and Huerter. I know Jaxson may be a bit of a reach at 8 but a super athletic rim protector that finished hard at the rim (With Hayes and Collins Ice Trae would make ATL Lob City 2.0 for sure) and a defensive stopper in Hunter, that can do a little of everything, could really balance out the team. Hunter would also bring a winning program's mindset and be ready to do the dirty work. I would also be intrigued about a possible Prince and what ever combo of this 2nd and maybe a future 2nd that might get us back in the 1st if the kid from France was still there. He is young and raw but the highlights i have watched make me think he could be special. Not sure what Princes trade value would be, but he is a legit NBA player that will give you the sporadic great game. If we held at 8 & 10 and left the draft with Reddish, Jaxson, Frenchie we would have a potential dynamic front court and wing depth for years and the salary space to potentially add a marque free agent if Hawks made another leap and found the 7 or 8 spot. It's always the best time if the year to be a Hawks fan (historically sad I know) between the l lottery and the draft. However, this year we have a GM hitting 1.000 in my opinion so i am excited to see what we look like in a month.
  14. I felt pretty good last night and think Supes was dead on above but damn with no Trey and no Collins this bunch looks like a YMCA pick up group. I really expected someone to surprise me in Vegas. I will watch against the Bulls and pray someone shows me they can actually shoot the ball.
  15. Well at least Collins didn't get hurt... That game was pretty painful to watch. Sloppy play and out of control offense. Comfusion on defense and HORRIBLE 3 point shooting. I wonder what the record for missed threes in a summer league game is... we had to be close. Portland had a lot of second year players and it showed. Oh well on to game 3. If Trey is hurt and we know Collins is done so I have little hope to see much the rest of the way in summer league. Doesn't look like much help will be coming from this group. Spellman may be rotational but I didn't see any NBA players on the floor today from the Hawks but Collins. Can't make much from Summer League but I sure wish we were posting on here that you can't get to excited over a SL game and not wishing we saw a surprise player that shocked us with their play.