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  1. The producers at the 4 letter must have been confused with the summer league uniforms and didn't realize he was Hawk!!! Glad to see him get some love though. He may be a steal where we got him in the draft.
  2. I would like to think he would have maximized his freakish athleticism and prevented the bad habits that damaged his career. Im not sure any coach could have really done much though he never seemed like a coachable player to me. Too dependant on raw athletic ability and not willing to work on doing the little things that make you truly great.
  3. I agree that a rookie posting an average double double is very lofty expectations but if saying I would be exceedingly pleased to see it makes me a Homer than I'm happy to be one. Just call me a different drinking big blue haired female kid donut munching Homer!!!
  4. If we get 16-10 from a rookie power forward I will be very pleased. Based on his college play I think he will be able to score. Double figure rebounds would be huge because I worry about how well the team will rebound next year. Hopefully Collins won't be "determined" to jack up poor shot decisions like Smoove though!
  5. I think that is spot on analysis of the questions and concerns with Delaney as the primary back up point guard. I really think he will shot better but I question his ability to manage the offense. I hope a year of experience. I also don't remember that being a strength from his VT days. He will have to really reduce turn overs and panic plays as well. It looks like he is going to get a shot to earn major minutes this year lets hope he takes advantage of it and this time next year we are talking about our solid depth at PG!
  6. Maybe FiveThirtyEigth gets this predication as wrong as the election and we shock some folks. We did pick a year to "tank" when the East is looking really weak. I think we have around 30 wins and sit in 9th or 10th spot. However, it would be "True to Atlanta" to win just enough to slip into the eight seed and a fast 1st round bounce and miss the lottery. It would be a huge boost to this rebuild to get lucky in the lottery and have a top 3 pick in this draft to go with our other likely late 1st round picks. If we do get a high pick please let it turn out to be a Horford pick an
  7. Several really good points about how a non NBA star could impact a decision. I really agree with the tax issue being a factor and the lack of born and bred Atlanta residents that bleed Braves, Falcons, and Hawks. I hate seeing all the other team jerseys when the Hawks host the Knicks, Celtics, or Lakers. At least we have a bunch of celebrities that can help out if we get to the point where our team is attractive to a top ten player. Gotta get the team there first then through in the extra little things to seal the deal!
  8. I can't wait to see the four letters hype for Bama vs. FSU. Since last year we were bombarded with "Best Opening Week EVER" constantly. I can already see the "Best week one game EVER" promo's being run all over ESPN. I can't wait for the game but the hype may be way over the top.
  9. I have no doubt we are going to sign another PG, hopefully a vet that wants to teach and help develop our young players. The point I was trying to make was the Hawks didn't seem to make signing that third PG an early priority in FA. Since they seemed content to wait out the market I felt it could show they have confidence in what we have and didn't feel they had to go get an immediate upgrade early when the most talent was available.
  10. This didn't upset me a bit. We have too much young talent to evaluate to give minutes away to another big. We need some more depth at SF and a veteran PG much more in my opinion. We also don't know what his side was asking for maybe it was just a bridge to far to get to what he thought it was worth so the Hawks pulled out of the deal all together. Either way no big loss in my opinion
  11. If we have an all star point guard in Dennis, and all star PF in Collins and/or SF in Prince with a bunch of young talent around them Matty Ice, Julio Jones, Lil John, or the girls from the Cheetah won't be necessary the product on floor will attract the talent. Today is all about super team and you almost always have to home grow your first super star or three like GS. All the other stuff is just icing on cake that we can't bake yet but I have hopes we may have the recipe and are about to start heating up the oven!
  12. That probably would have been a better way of phrasing that but outmatched non the less. Hopefully LeBron will be losing a step by the time this version of the Hawks is ready for a tile run.
  13. I completely agree this was a straight shot at Lonzo and all the noise about the triple doubles in summer league. I can't see him taking a shot at a team mate he has never shown any locker room cancer traits like that. I sure as hell hope it isn't the first indication of that kind of mind set. He is a key piece of the new foundation.
  14. I'm actually willing to give Delaney a second year to show something. DMC, Baze, and THjr all broke out in year two. Delaney can shot he has shown it other places but he has to be comfortable in the system and not thinking but reacting and shooting in a natural flow. The lack of movement on a third PG makes me think that the Hawks are still pretty high on him and letting Bembry handle the ball more this year. That being said i really wish one of the Vet points were a better locker room presence. We need someone that wants to teach and help develop not a chucker or a malcontent.
  15. (Sorry about the re quote using my kids chrome book and I can't make it delete) But I do think this will be the starting line up opening night PG - Dennis SG - Baze SF - Prince PF - Ilyasova C - Moose (Only because they knows the system this won't last) I don't think it will be very long maybe just a couple of weeks before we have this depth chart though PG - Dennis, Delaney, (FA) SG - Bembry, Belinelli, Dorsey SF - Prince, Bazemore, PF - Collins, Ilyasova, Moose C - Dedmon, Plumlee, Moose, Diamonds That team is young but damn