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  1. I can’t find anything older than June.
  2. That list is really annoying me. First, there's a whole bunch of guys on that list who don't really try on defense. Second, the Hawks played MUCH better with Trae than without him (nearly 8 pts per 100 possessions).
  3. Schmitz gets awfully excited before the draft, doesn't he?
  4. mrhonline

    Ask Supes

    This is around the time when the NBA gets pissed about rumors overshadowing the games, right?
  5. mrhonline

    Ask Supes

    I'm dying to know if Milwaukee is willing to sell low on Middleton.
  6. mrhonline

    Ask Supes

    Ilyasova makes some sense back in Atlanta, too.
  7. So, I'd argue those numbers are not that impressive. Not a great shooter, no assists, not much in terms of steals + blocks. Point-blank scoring and offensive rebounds are his strengths. In today's NBA, those are no longer high value.
  8. I mean, they're supposed to be free, not 75% off.
  9. There are some really great names in this draft.
  10. If NY overpays FVV and Detroit tries to keep Wood, the Hawks will have $20M more in cap space than any other team.
  11. Shortens the list considerably, huh? Lot of unproven shooters in this draft. I think Hayes projects to improve, but he's not shown it yet. Vassell and Nesmith fit the criteria, but they lack Haliburton's playmaking ability.
  12. I won't be upset with practically any of the options likely available at #6 because so many scream "role player." With that said, if you're looking at ways to differentiate them, I'd argue there are two skills that a prospect needs to have shown evidence of: 1. Off-ball shooting (perimeter) 2. Defensive versatility
  13. Assuming Ball, Edwards, and Wiseman are gone, I wonder if the Bulls would consider swapping. They have some edible contracts in Satoransky, Felicio, and Young.