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  1. Sure, as long as you talk about his ability to create shots and spacing for others, too. People on here are taking those two things for granted at this point, which is ridiculous.
  2. Hey, 'squawk... Trae had 8 rebounds and 13 assists. Some of you are being a bit melodramatic.
  3. Could not agree more with you. The good news is that's entirely fixable. Helps that one of the best PGs in the league at controlling tempo is his backup.
  4. Not cleaning up all this silly bickering. Just locking this sucker.
  5. He's barely played in a year. Hard to tell what the Hawks got right now...
  6. What do you mean? Why are your thoughts so regressive?
  7. What will I do with my free time?
  8. I felt the same way about JC’s “max” comments as @Wretch. They were divisive, and so it’s hard to ignore them in interpreting this latest development. Really need Rondo or Capela to become the leader moving forward.
  9. And now we see the problem of not extending Collins. Trae is an immature and mercurial guy who isn't a leader, but Collins can't create a shot. They really need each other.
  10. I'm wondering if some of these guys didn't want to play tonight...
  11. Reeeeeeeally not in the mood for this effort level tonight.
  12. It sure would be nice to get some contributions from the off-season acquisitions...
  13. I really hope some of you are smart enough to not overthink this. That was as obvious a case of dead legs as you will see.
  14. A bit surprised Skylar didn’t get a few minutes tonight.
  15. Sorry. Yes, I think Dunn would've changed that.