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  1. I wasn't asked. I'm tired of high school cafeteria food fights being passed off as quality posting. I'm not asking anyone's permission or interested in a discussion. It's not funny, it's not productive, and all of us mods have better things to do. So knock it off.
  2. I seem to recall ability to spread the floor as the swing skill more so than BBIQ, but so far the results in both categories are awfully poor.
  3. I was under the impression his contract for next year is fully guaranteed.
  4. I'll throw a European name at you all: Rokas Jokubaitis, the crafty PnR ballhandler who patterns his game after Dragic. He's not particularly athletic, but would be more of a sure thing than many of the combos who'd be available when the Hawks pick.
  5. Respectfully --- "He can do things without fouling" != "He doesn't foul"
  6. The Athletic one? I'm not sure it makes that argument...although I definitely expect he'll get better at avoiding fouls quickly. For now, his fouls per possession rate is one of the highest in the league among centers getting decent minutes. It's twice Capela's.
  7. 7 games in 10 days. Wow. I just finished watching the 2nd half (Moderna took me out of action for a bit). Imagine how I'm feeling this morning!
  8. This has been my experience as well. Ruins a good many things in life, but it is reality.
  9. Hate to burst bubbles, but I don't expect the Hawks to function as a below-the-cap team this summer. Now what is definitely possible is that they use the (non-tax) mid-level exception.
  10. Capela was born and raised in Switzerland, FWIW. Grew up in a group foster situation; incredible story, really. But he's as European as Bogi or Gallo.
  11. "Bigs take longer to develop." "Bigs take longer to develop." "Bigs take longer to develop." "Bigs take longer to develop." "Bigs take longer to develop."
  12. Mitchell's first step in that last game. That, in addition to the ball hawk skills, will get your attention, no? Also, I'm kinda wondering if Roy Williams screwed up with Sharpe.