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  1. mrhonline

    Ask Supes

    I get this, even if I don't think it'll necessarily work out with any of these three. The Hawks are seeing this as a "one last swing for the fences" pick.
  2. Since we have months, you should restart this with an "choose as many as you'd like" series of polls. Include the 7 already picked plus the top 5 or so from this one. Who are you comfortable taking at #1? Who are you comfortable taking at #2? And so on...
  3. Do you guys have it in you to not watch the playoffs? Because, oddly enough, the worse the revenue, the better the Hawks' free agency situation.
  4. I did some statistical comps for Haliburton a while back and Huerter was one of the top results. I think that gives a good idea of Haliburton's skill level. How many more months until the draft lottery?????
  5. Same. I'm readying to ask for a partial refund on my Hawks League Pass package.
  6. His rookie season numbers compare to guys like Lavoy Allen. In other words, he's an end of the rotation big who probably doesn't have the tools to nail down the first big off the bench role. Personally, I'd trade him for a 2nd rounder and give his minutes to Skal, whose ability to space the floor when healthy is a more worthwhile gamble.
  7. Marcus Smart is a player I'd pursue.
  8. "Not a generational talent," he said. And then opted for MPJ and Ayton instead. Honestly, it was a pretty blatant attempt to bait people into listening.
  9. I actually really enjoy listening to Ford's podcast, but I'm still angry at his re-draft with Trae at #6.
  10. Señor Intercambio.
  12. Looks like Grant is going to be a free agent. Worth noting that Pierce knows him from his Sixers days. Also sounds like the first two months of his season with Denver were up-and-down. He was outplayed by Millsap, which admittedly has happened to a lot of NBA players over the years.
  13. I've about given up arguing with Hawks fans on the risks of drafting a player like Edwards. FWIW, I see Donovan Mitchell upside and his verifiable NBA skill as (power) slashing. More importantly, he's not the only player in the top part of the draft with a verifiable NBA skill. Because the Hawks hit gold with Trae, they have the luxury of saying, "If he doesn't fit with Trae, don't select him."
  14. Could the Hawks just pass? And then, if they're in a better mood later in the draft, pick a player? Someone is going to be an all-world talent. It'll probably be pick number 37.