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  1. Nearly a year of not playing basketball... Just make it a Christmas Day opening night!
  2. Wouldn't you also attribute it to the fact that he's never been asked to become more of a playmaker (From college to the NBA).
  3. This shit is a popularity contest....
  4. Hunter got disrespected. No All-Rookie selection. TERRENCE DAVIS from Toronto got first team ahead of him...
  5. 9 to 10+ months without competitive basketball...
  6. MPJ needs to show better effort on D before he starts complaining about his touches.
  7. I like Capela's athleticism more. Capela also proved in Houston's switching defense that he can keep up with guys 2-5.
  8. ATLHawks3

    Ask Supes

    OKC has no leverage because they're gonna get hit heavy from the Luxury Tax as well as the economic ramifications of the pandemic. I think this would be the deal that would get it done. Add on a protected first from MIL if you think it isn't enough.
  9. My Big Board at 6 if they're available 1. Okoro 2. Avdija 3. Okongwu 4. Toppin 5. Vassell
  10. They're able to find talent out of guys that most teams overlook. Travis needs to get better in this area.
  11. Miami is the model this team should ascribe to.
  12. At least he's better than Kendrick Perkins...