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  1. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you aren't mentally tough enough to take criticism and use it to not just improve your game but to be a professional, then I can't trust you to lead my team. Sixers need to end this for all of our sakes and just get what they can for Simmons.
  2. I honestly got worried that Bogi's deal would've been the baseline for his extension. So glad we were able to get him down for just about $16 million per. Should give us flexibility to see just what we have in Dre and Cam, and come to another decision next year.
  3. Haha, should've made a thread then . So hyped we got him locked up.
  4. If he people on this board think Avery Bradley, who was one year removed from a really good year in LA, is washed, then Aminu is super washed.
  5. Wright is a Dodger fan. He group up in LA.
  6. Nate is either gonna play Collins more minutes, or go to ol' reliable Solo to replace Gallo's minutes. Based on this preseason, I can tell that Jalen isn't ready to contribute just yet.
  7. If he stays healthy, this deal will be worth every penny.
  8. Lol, Sarver would be making a huge mistake, because Ayton isn't accepting anything less than the max. If you were to ask me, Ayton's more valuable to their team as the anchor of their defense and because of his offensive upside as his role in their offense increases. Pay the man.
  9. If Sarver gave Bridges that, he better give Ayton the max.
  10. Right before the pandemic hit. He even said himself that he's 100% healthy now.
  11. He battled through injuries last season, and the only reason he was cut from GSW was because of luxury tax reasons. Mind you, he is basically 1 year removed from doing this for the Lakers while also shooting 36% from deep. Hell, before he got traded to the tanking Rockets, he was shooting 42% from deep while still battling a calf strain. He's better than TLC, and it's not even close.
  12. I'm afraid a team like the Lakers or Phoenix might try and scoop him up. He'd be a better option than what TLC could give us. Hopefully Schlenk is thinking the same way I'm thinking and pounces on him quick, lol.