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  1. Huerter should be a way better shooter than he is. Most of his misses come from when the ball hits the front side of the rim, which means he's not using his legs enough on his jumper. With that being said, I would take Bogi, just due to his elite ability to his 3 pointers off the dribble.
  2. I still think we take Gwu. In a redraft it would go: 1. Edwards, 2. Ball, 3. Haliburton, 4. Wiseman, 5. Williams, 6. Gwu.
  3. You can't take Randle lightly though. He is their offensive engine. Everything runs through him.
  4. The guys that will play tonight should treat this game like its an audition to earn/earn more rotation minutes in the playoffs. More specifically looking at Gwu, Kris Dunn, Knight, and maybe Mays and Bruno. We need to know who's gonna be useful and who isn't, win or lose.
  5. Knicks are starting to pull away now.
  6. At least the Celtics aren't mailing it in.
  7. The key in this series will be health, and how well we can slow down Julius Randle. We’ll also need to rely on Solo heavily to guard Randle if Hunter won’t be off minutes restriction by then.
  8. Anyone with ESPN insider mind posting a brief synopsis?
  9. With the new CDC guidelines for vaccinated people, I wonder if the NBA will allow more fans in the stands if they're vaccinated? Hell, offer some people special discounts on tickets in order to fill those seats up.
  10. What happened? I must've missed it.
  11. If you were to ask me, I'd rather face the Knicks just due to both teams being even in playoff experience. If Miami is clicking on all cylinders, they are scary.
  12. I don't know if y'all are also watching the Philly-Miami game but Philly is getting their asses whooped.