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  1. Gallo can't play more than 20 mpg. My goodness. Just let that man dunk on us like that.
  2. Can't move laterally anymore. Big pass.
  3. If we had more National TV games, Trae would've been a starter imo.
  4. I thought we fired LP lol.
  5. I take it back, he's out.
  6. I know for sure that Utah is going to employ that trap they used on Trae last time we played as well as what happened last night vs. the Mavs.
  7. Time for Cam to step up.
  8. If Trae was hitting his floaters more consistently, he'd be averaging 35 ppg right now.
  9. I need Gwu to take ownership of that backup center role.
  10. Our point guard’s confidence is shot. My goodness.
  11. This is trending on Twitter right now. I hope the players can have a player only meeting to hash things out.