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  1. Solomon Hill is probably gonna be my favorite vet pickup for this team. Listen to this.
  2. LP was very insightful in his Media Availability.
  3. I'm so glad we have Huerter on this team. Really rooting for him.
  4. Would y'all be mad if we got out to a slow start because of the lack of training camp/possible COVID impact?
  5. So there's probably not going to be training camp practice bodies signed, which is really unfortunate.
  6. 2020 has been a tough year, but I'm thankful we've all made it to this point. Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
  7. John has improved his game every year he's been in the league. You have to reward that level of growth, and bank on it continuing into the future. I wouldn't pay him the max but I'd pay his somewhere close to it. Something like 5/130 or 5/135.
  8. Just exposes how out of touch they are when it comes to their basektball IQ, and general awareness of different teams in the league.
  9. I'll give the NBA the benefit of the doubt due to their success of being able to complete the bubble, but I'm curious to see how they can integrate those protocols into a non-bubble environment.
  10. You need depth in a season where a pandemic is going on.