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  1. I see the haters have emerged!! I don't mind saying I was wrong about Bogi. Sorry, but when we shell out 4 years at 72 Million, I don't want to see inconsistency. So here in year 1, I will eat the crow... He's doing very well and I am pleased. Glad to know I'm still your idol!
  2. Damn is the sky falling already?? We are a good team we just have some growing pains. Last nights game was just sloppy youth. Pick the sky up!!!
  3. Give me 6 and 2. Losses to the Clipps and Warriors. I think we have better PG play than a whole lot of the other teams and PG play will get us a W. With the Clipps, it's not a case of PG play...they are just so extraordinarily talented everywhere. With the Dubbs... Curry will probably make it his business to show up Trae. Plus they play very good defense. The hard to call game for me is the Nuggets. This is the one game where we don't dominate down low.
  4. Collins/Snell for Zach Lavine then Bogi for Aaron Gordon
  5. It's not the goal of making the playoffs. There's a fiscal benefit to trading him and Gallo or whoever they bring in his place may make us more suited for the playoffs. But right now, Trae and Rondo are playing very good so we don't need a guy like Kyle Lowrey. Heurter is doing very well, so we don't need a SG... and Hunter is coming back so the Sf position is OK. But Zach Lavine would change my mind on trading.
  6. Many times it's the available players that's traded. I saw the Windhurst piece too. I just think that with the whole league looking for PFs, JC is going to be a high name on the list. Unfortunately, I think it's the wrong time to trade him and that we should consider maxing him.
  7. I know it's donkey.... but as I looked at it the first time, I was looking for an Albatross. Albatross... Bogi you know.
  8. Who gets fired for signing Bogdanovic??
  9. Point being... Trae is in rare air. Hope he's more Jerry West than Mike Adams.
  10. I don't know what that was... but I'm not saying anything will be easy. We have to play smarter than we did in the first half of the season. The talent is there. Now it's just time for the brains to meet the talent.
  11. Maybe with new coaching, we can turn this ship... we're in 11th place right now. We still have talent..just need to get over these injuries.
  12. I, Myself would have thought Stockton or Kidd would have done it.
  13. Trae and Levine will feel the snubb but Levine is more deserving.
  14. You'll probably get your wish.. and the Blame will go to Harden and Kyrie. Makes for a heated rivalry.
  15. It may be that we picked up Rondo to trade him to a team in contention... or we picked up Rondo for our team in contention. Either way... I'm not seeing anything worthy of giving up his experience for. We should just be patient.