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  1. Actually, I think Green is a good defender and ball handler and passer. The real question is how good is Avidija. GS just doesn't hand over the 2nd pick of the draft for B.S. This is a trade... not welfare.
  2. Heard that GS was fawning all over Avdija while he worked out.... IN ATLANTA Here's the puzzle clues... 1. Schlenk came from GS not San Antonio. 2. GS needs a skilled big like Dedmon or Capella if they will compete with Lebron and the Lakers next season. 3. We need some vet talent. Think about this: Capella/Collins/#6 for Green/#2. With #2 we take Avdija... Who writers say: Deni Avdija is generally considered the best player of his generation in Europe … He has been amazing at FIBA’s Youth championships for years … On paper he is the defi