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  1. Beautiful Pass Trae Young!!! And Another one!!
  2. That was a foul!!!! Garrison is just getting fouled unmercifully.
  3. Alright, we have seen enough of Trae... let's let him sit...
  4. Just tuned in a minute ago and saw CC get Trucked... "They didn't want to call a flop".... When has CC ever flopped??
  5. Trae never got the love that Catlin gets. But she plays very similarly. Next year at the Allstar game, I can see a Caitlin vs. Trae three point competition.
  6. The Kings can play themselves into the playoffs. They play both the Pelicans and the Suns this week. Let's go Kings. Let the light beam...
  7. Diesel

    Cal to Arkansas

    WOW?!! They talked so badly about Tubby when he was the coach. You would have thought that he just lucked into a good situation.
  8. Diesel

    Cal to Arkansas

    AHF, I need you to pull your UK strings and get them to call Quin Snyder. Snyder is the high profile hire that UK needs right now. Not Bruce Pearl.
  9. JJ??? JJ played like supertrash. Nawl... Give the game ball to Mathews. Denver took everything we thought we could do an laughed.
  10. Quin has to learn how to ride the hot hand. On the 2nd night of a B2B and being out of town, You can't ride your regulars for 36+ minutes. They won't give you enough. If you find a hot hand, you ride it til it goes cold. If you look at our scoring, it spells out fatigue. As the game got longer, our shots were worse. Also, we can't be a 3 pt shooting team on the 2nd night of a b2b on the road. The shots will do exactly what we saw them do.. fall short. I hope it was a good learning experience. Good defense from Hunter. Good play from Matthews, KB, and Bruno. Live and Learn.
  11. Vit: By The Power of Greyskull!!! I have the Power!!!!
  12. Trainer: Open wide for the Scooby Treat!!
  13. Doc... It Burns when I pee!!!!
  14. There is no safe hot hand around Quin. He will destroy it with Nate Like precision.
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