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  1. Never think that the League doesn't care. The League cares about what the Network cares about. The league and the Network are cojoined like that. When LAC lost in the Bubble, you saw a river of tears coming from the League offices. When we beat Philly... River of Tears. Sure we were well watched.. but how many people would have tuned in to see us play Phoenix in the finals? Trae is going to get a monster push so that Just in case he is able to elevate us to the finals.. he's already a superstar according to the networks.
  2. Yeah.. Originally I thought that.. but with the back and fourth between Simmons and the Sixers... nobody is going to offer much... PLUS.... They can't let 29 Million dollars just languish for years. His contract is too long. I wouldn't be surprised to see them take Haliburton/Heild from Sactown.
  3. Last year... Hawks win game 1 against Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference Finals... Biggest scare in NBA history. When we beat Philadelphia, we were not a team that the league had highlighted. We had maybe one national game last season. To see us in the finals would be a ratings killer because we were so unknown. They have rushed to give us more National games this season... But overall... they still would love to see: Philly/Brooklyn or Miami/Brooklyn in the ECF LAC/LAL or DAL/LAL in the WCF... and LAL vs. Brooklyn in the Finals. Last night, Milwaukee Murdered Brooklyn. Who got the most press this morning? Last night, Golden State Murdered the Lakers. Who got the most press this morning? The League wants who it wants.
  4. I agree.. I just know that there's a different mode of action that these refs take in different spots. They will call things in the playoffs that they didn't call in the regular season. I see the Trae Rules as being rules for the post season to keep teams like ours in check. They don't want us in the finals. Do you know how scared they were when we beat Mil in game 1? The League had to think about if it could recover from an Atlanta/Phoenix finals.
  5. If Draymond were 6'9 - 6'10", could guard every position, and could get to the basket at will... then he would be worthy of Ben Simmons money. If the offer were Gallo and Cam for Simmons, I would still consider it. Even with his stint of unprofessionalness.
  6. Some team is going to get a very good player for cheap.
  7. Unless they trade with each other, Philly and Brooklyn are going to have to bite the bullet and take whatever good thing that they can get. You can't sit that much money.
  8. Too much is made of three point shooting. It's an element of the game. However, so is having a strong slasher. The last two champions down right sucked at three point shooting in the finals.
  9. Draymond hasn't stretched the floor in a long time. The thing that Ben can do that Draymond can't is get to the basket at will.
  10. I remember Magic saying that Pistol Pete was the greatest showman of all time. I think People forget that Pete could score. We see his wizardry with the ball but his scoring was brilliant. Especially in College. He averaged over 40 a game.
  11. I think they will get Trae with the same call they gave for Curry. The brake will get called as if he's moving abnormally backwards into the defender.
  12. Bill Bridges 24 rebounds...
  13. In this environment where three point shooters can become killers, new basketball logic is that challenging the three point shot can lead to lower percentage on the three point shots. You don't wont high percentage shooters getting good looks with no challenge.
  14. I tend to disagree. Harden and company has been doing it for years. Harden won an MVP doing it. However, Trae has drawn the ire of coaches, players, and broadcasters because he wins. https://thesportsrush.com/nba-news-thats-not-basketball-steve-nash-calls-out-trae-young-for-drawing-ticky-tacky-fouls-during-hawks-vs-nets/
  15. Don't worry.. it will be on display for all to see. Let's be clear.. The impetus for this rule change was Trae Young and how he demolished the Knicks and the 76ers in the playoffs. Little Trae Young is not supposed to have 50 point games. So because he's the impetus, he's the one that will be watched the most. What... You say Trae wasn't the impetus? How long has Curry, Harden, and Lebron been doing the exact same thing.... Harden most of all? How long has it been that offensive players have created contact to get a foul call?? Years before Trae even entered the league!! So now.. Trae enters the league and they see this 5'9" guy dominating... putting up MVP like numbers and willing his team to the playoffs... and he's a horrible three point shooter.... It must be the fouls. They should just name it the Trae Young rule and tell the league that it's only for Trae. Yeah, they will put on a dog and pony show for a few weeks... but when the season gets past Christmas... Lebron will be getting his calls with regularity.