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  1. Damn the national media is so mean. How dare they use those things called Stats.
  2. Diesel


    I wouldn't say that LP is incompetent. IN fact, his rotations and his X and Os look fairly good. It's the ego management. Maybe he's "Lost the team" but when we have good players, they run good plays. Rondo, Clint, JC and Gallo all looked good playing LP's system... Clint has 5 double doubles in a row... he's our best player (2 way). It's just that Trae seems to be more of a problem than originally believed. Trae is at the point where he should be running this team. However, he's not. That may be LP's fault but Trae is a cheap imitation of Chef Curry. He immolates what he sees
  3. Not us... Them... Even as Trae was putting up the boneheaded shot... I didn't hear Nique say a word about how dumb a shot it was. Instead, he was talking about how they have left the door open for us. Everybody in the arena could see it was Hero ball. Trae wanted to drop a three that gave us a lead. However, we had the ball and some time... he should have run a play. This was not even a heat check. It was just him wanting to be the star. We need the coach that will bench him and let him watch from the bench.
  4. Sorry people. Trae takes dumb shots. They are dumb shots because of the timing. Last night's game.. I think we were down by two. Trae passed up the Half Court three.. a few seconds later he takes the half court three. The concept of getting into the offense and running a play never went through his mind. Hero ball went through his mind. I mad because I just watched Kansas City run a play that got them to the conference finals. I'm not mad at the play or the team... It's the discipline of a thing. If only Trae could see the discipline of running plays... we'd beat ever
  5. Are you saying that you can count on Crowder for more than 2 ppg against playoff competition? It's a young season, he's averaging 10/5 as a starter. There are already cried for Cam Johnson to replace him. They wouldn't want either to be the reason that CP3 has no shot for the chip. If we were to offer the trade I mentioned, they would knock over 4 old people to take it. Because they're not insiders waiting on Bridges to become something that he's not right now. They are practical and would not let a walking 20/10 guy at the PF position slip away. Do you know what CP3 would do with Co
  6. Well, don't forget we drafted OO. I think Trae's game will work with Pick and Pop for a while. However, we still haven't explored who we will get back. If Lavine is available, that's my ask.
  7. Here's washington's shot chart... UHM... What was his defense doing last night?? His man got 10 points, 9 rebs in 28 ,mins. Davis Bertens came in to get 18 points off the bench... Betcha Phoenix wished that they could get more than 2 points from Crowder... in 31 minutes.
  8. Yeah.. and they can see the value of Collins. IN Real LIfe... Collins is twice the value of Bridges.. especially for a team that has a short window. Right now... Crowder has played 31 minutes and given 2 points and 6 rebs...
  9. I heard LP ask Doc to hold him a spot on the staff...
  10. Honestly... You can see LP's offensive coaching in the 3rd stringers. The move with and without the ball. They give good effort. The starters however....
  11. But the ball moves around so much better. IF Nathan can learn to finish in traffic.... we'd by 10 points for the quarter!!
  12. Question... Did Mays play with Simmons?
  13. Exactly.. Snell will get his soon enough.
  14. Too much work for Nathan Knight to not get anything. I like the story about how Goodwin is working with Rondo and Rondo has taught him to watch film and has become his mentor. I wish Trae was there too.