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  1. Rumor is that Wiseman is on the trading blocks because his time line doesn't match Steph, Klay, and Draymond who are in win now mode. OK... Outside of Trae, I would trade any player we have to get him. It will probably take a three way deal but that's OK. Him + Trae = the 7 Championships that Lebron wanted when he went to Miami.
  2. To that question... There used to be. Thanks for the run down on Moderator and analyst. Back to the question. There used to be. There was a show that used to come on called the Sports Reporters. Doris Burke was a frequent guest on that show (to represent women). She was not very attractive but in terms of her knowledge of sports she was knowledgeable. There is another show called Real Sports.. I would put Andrea Krimmer and Mary Carillo up against any man in Sports and would feel confident that they know their stuff. However, those journalist have been replaced by "moderators" who are easy on the eye but have more in common with the analyst who make up their news than with the journalist who get the real story. As I said in a previous post.. it seems like (in a sense) we're going backwards. For the life of me, I don't know why anybody who is not built like a covergirl or a male model would ever want to get into broadcast journalism. Your best option is to get the degree, put on some shoulder pads and go and hit somebody for a few years.
  3. I know it's the extreme case.... but after watching Holliday Hound our guards... and Phoenix's... it becomes important that you have a "real" PG in the game. In the final game, Holliday destroyed Book (5 turnovers) because that's what he does against non PGs... He's not the only defender like that in the NBA. Like you said.. Spot Duty... but it would be good to have a guy who is used to the pressure of pressure defenses.
  4. My short answer... Because Both Bogi and Kev can be pressured when they have the ball. Of course, both can do the lobs and the pick and roll... but as far as being legit ball handlers who can get us into and out of offensive sets... not so much. I want to take a look at Dunn under the tutorship of Nate.
  5. That's high praise for Trae!! I love it.
  6. Not all or half... but come on Grey.. not every woman on TV is a sports head. If that were so, they would get a chance to speak. You watch Firsttake or Undisputed and you will see what I mean.
  7. That's a good point Reddawg!! I would argue that a lot of the women that cover sports are not former athletes... some got degrees in communications (and there's nothing wrong with that) but a few worked there way up from being a dancer/cheerleader (hmm). It would be interesting to see the ratio of : Former Athletes to Journalists to Communications Degree to former Cheerleader/Dancer who work as sports coverage. Kenny Mayne was a QB!
  8. I hear you NorthCyde... and I want to believe you.. but morning after morning... I see it... Women just sitting there as eye candy. I know that there are some very sports savy women with Good takes... I came up with Doris Burke, Alliene Vinson, and Pam Oliver... These women knew the sport. Didn't always like Burke's POV but respected it because I knew that she knew what she was talking about. It just seems like we have gone backwards in terms of eye candy vs. knowledgeable reporting.
  9. Ok... Back to the official... We have 15 names. I would like you to give me your top ten in order from these 15: Currently Hawksquawk Pyramid: Giannis KD Lebron Steph Kawhi Harden Luka Dame Jokic Trae Also: Embiid, Mitchell, Simmons, Westbrook, and Butler. What is your top 10...
  10. You know... I have thought about the women that cover the Hawks... I have wondered... How many would have respected opinions on the squawk? Many times, they are treated as groupies that are only present to try to improve their status. I mean many of them do end up marrying or dating the athletes that they cover... but what about their take? When you watch the morning shows, they are usually placed in the middle of an adversarial conversation and many are ever given an opportunity to speak. They just time keep. We have a few very good takes from our women posters here on the Squawk. I wonder though.. Do we have respect for their takes as well? OR... Are they just the eye candy that the networks see?
  11. I was being a Homer. We don't need a first with this trade.
  12. This is not a rumor... but based off of rumors... (do you like that honesty... you don't get that from national talking heads): Three Way Deal.... Hawks Trade: Hunter to N.O. Golden Sate Trades: Wiseman/1st to Atlanta. Wiggins to New Orleans. New Orleans Trade: Adams and Bledsoe to Golden State. Why: Golden State is in Win now mode. Stephen Adams will give them a front line that can contend now. New Orleans drops some baggage and adds Hunter to play beside Zion. Atlanta Gains future star in Wiseman. Future will be: Wiseman, OO, Reddish, Bogi, and Trae. Free up JC to be moved later in his contract.
  13. Hey Guys.. Which of these Left out players deserve to be in the top 15..... Simmons, Westbrook, Embiid, Mitchell, and Butler......
  14. I would peak at Noel. I think he plays like we play. But if his price is too high then... no.
  15. Diesel


    The sad thing is that Dwight is 4 time DPOY and last season... per minute he was #2 in rebounds and Blocks. Sad that his attitude has him taking such a bad beat from the fans.