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  1. So very disappointing. He has a lot of fine tuning that he needs to do to his game.
  2. The Golden State Warriors have acquired veteran guard/forward Andre Iguodala (E-gu-doll-a) in a sign-and-trade deal from the Denver Nuggets and guard Kevin Murphy from the Utah Jazz as part of a three-team trade, it was announced today. As part of the deal, the Warriors sent center Andris Biedrins, forward Richard Jefferson and guard/forward Brandon Rush, along with two future first round (2014 & 2017), two future second round (2016 & 2017) draft picks and cash considerations, to the Jazz, as well as a future second round (2018) draft pick to the Nuggets. The Nuggets also received guard Randy Foye in a sign-and-trade deal from Utah, while the Jazz also received a future second round (2018) pick from Denver. How much potential is 2 first rounders, 2 2nd rounders, and 3 players for a guy who wasn't at an allstar level at the time going to a team that wasn't championship material at the time? Also... Milwaukee will receive Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown in the deal, while Golden State winds up with Bogut and swingman Stephen Jackson. By the way.. Udoh was the 6th pick of the draft in 2010. He was 6'10 and 245... i won't even talk about Monta here....
  3. 2018-2019 Average Age List AVG AGE Dallas Mavericks 27.7 Miami Heat 27.7 San Antonio Spurs 27.5 Los Angeles Clippers 27.4 Houston Rockets 27.4 Golden State Warriors 27.4 Cleveland Cavaliers 27.3 Washington Wizards 27.2 Toronto Raptors 26.7 Minnesota Timberwolves 26.6 Detroit Pistons 26.5 Memphis Grizzlies 26.4 Utah Jazz 26.1 New Orleans Pelicans 25.9 Charlotte Hornets 25.9 Atlanta Hawks 25.6 Milwaukee Bucks 25.6 Oklahoma City Thunder 25.5 Philadelphia 76ers 25.3 Brooklyn Nets 25.3 Boston Celtics 25.3 Sacramento Kings 25.1 Indiana Pacers 25.1 Orlando Magic 25.0 Phoenix Suns 24.8 Chicago Bulls 24.7 Los Angeles Lakers 24.6 New York Knicks 24.6 Denver Nuggets 24.4 Portland Trail Blazers 24.3 It's Vince.
  4. It's a change of subject but I agree with you on Dedmon. When you say Defensive communicator, strong defender, and a guy that covers ground, I don't see Bayne being good at all. Bayne was good for Horf. Horf actually is a good defender who can take the pressure off of Bayne and make him look better. JC and Bayne would be a tragedy.
  5. The Highlighted statement is both true and vague. It requires a determination of the highest peak. Unfortunately, there are many who would keep taking stabs at the lottery indefinitely until a bunch of young players proved that they could win. That seems to be the plan that most here subscribe to. The problem with that is that team building requires winning at the right time regardless of if you're at the peak of your potential or not. The work of the GM is not to make the best draft picks only. The work of the GM is team building. At some point, a GM has to take what he has, note it's potential and then surround the potential stars with some vets that can move them forward. In some cases, that means moving potential for players who are vets that fill a need. Having potential rely on potential is like trying to play basketball in the dark. Sure, we have great potential, but without the right mix of potential and vet play, they will never be ready to win and we'll always be waiting for said player to reach their peak. Right now we have: Trae, Huerta, Bembry, JC, Hunter, Reddish, and Bruno. That's a starting 5 and 2 bench players of very good potential. For JC.. he's progressed to a point where he could be in the all star talk this year. SO the question is why not put us on a path to winning? For those proponents of us not trying to win and make the playoffs, my question for you is what exactly are we waiting on? I think now is the time for us to show some progress. As I look at Philly and Denver... both of those teams are younger than ours. Both of those teams will be in the playoffs and Both of those teams will challenge very deeply into the playoffs. I doubt you would hear anybody around those teams saying... "It's Ok if we don't make the playoffs." .
  6. Progress my friend. The NBA is about winning. Winning is what brings in FAs and winning is what makes your players want to stay. We can develop stars. However, if Stars don't think we're trying to win or contend for anything they will be asking to be traded. What happens if JC says... please trade me because I want to be on a winner or at least a team whoose mission is more than winning the lottery. Don't be Naive.... Our Guys are watching Guys like Philadelphia, Toronto, Dallas, and Denver. They see teams that are just as young as they but these teams are progressing.
  7. While I still think he's a guy that takes what the defense gives him... I have been impressed with his confidence in the first few preseason games.
  8. I believe that had we drafted Adams and he was on the team, you wouldn't have this opinion at all. IF we could be as complimentary and unobjective in evaluating their skillset about other players in the league as we are about ours, then this homerism wouldn't exist. Adams would be a perfect fit next to JC. Offensively and Defensively. Especially defensively. JC is a weak defender. He needs a defensive anchor beside him at the 5. We can't play Small ball with JC at the 5 and expect to win. JC is no Draymond. Adams is a great fit because he can do the dirty work and he won't take touches away from Collins... yet he's an offensive enough threat that teams can't leave him to double JC.
  9. I agree. Being a project for him right now is true and it's good. but your concerns. 1. Bully Ball is one category. I don't think every team will play Bully ball but right now we seem to lack physicality. In the playoffs, it's the finesse teams that go out first. People want to immolate the Golden State Warriors. What they have failed to see is that beyond all that finesse, there's a lot of defense. IN the years that they won, they definitely had a big man who could do something inside to go along with Klay, Iguodala and Green. In the years that they didn't win... that element was missing or suspended. The Cavs path to the championship over the warriors included hurting Bogut and suspending Green. 2. Our team defense is bad because both Trae and JC are below average defenders. That gives defenses 2 targets to attack. Usually you had a weak defender by having a strong defender paired with them. However, Len doesn't fit the bill. Bruno time only knows but he's not really pro sized yet. At least not at Center. 3. You and I agree on Adams. The other thing about Adams is that he gets points too. Teams will automatically crowd JC. JC is a 20/10 PF. It's good to have a guy like Adams who can get you 15 when you need them.
  10. i've seen these kinda comparisons before,. im not downing bruno or putting pressure on him.. Just stating that we get all googly eyed for anybody we draft and have a picture day with... right now... he's still a project... not a projection of an allstar in this league.
  11. I agree with your contention that JC is a 4. I want to point out one thing about Bruno though. Bruno is still a project. We say that we know that but the truth is that project bigs are really iffy. I mean... our own history: Bebe? Payne? Solomon Jones? Edy Tavares? I think we all had comparable excitement about the prospect of these guys. Unfortunately, none of these guys panned out.,,, Because they were projects. They were not sure things. Now, there's a return to skilled Bigs taking place right under our noses and we are so stuck in the idea that you can win without one.. that we can't even notice.... that you can't win anything of importance without one. WC Final 4. Portland = Kanter Denver = Jokic Houston = Capela Golden State = Cousins
  12. BHB, I don't know if that's a good measure. Maybe Klay is just so prolific at shooting the three that he doesn't take too many dunks. That doesn't really speak to his athleticism... just choice.
  13. All of them are miles better than Len or anybody we have right now. I'm not saying that we need Embiid. That would be awesome... BUT... I'm saying that we need better than what we have unless our destination is 2nd round out. Get the update. Stop looking at the 2018 scouting report.