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  1. Bottom line. We flat out SUCK. We need some defense.
  2. Right now... Cam is the one looking and smelling like shit.. but I know he's your Sacred Cow. I'll wait.
  3. In my perfect world... we trade for Whitesides and Klay. But that's me on the pipe. My point is that when you don't have paint protection, you look for a rim protecting C. Not a positional defender. We were a lost waiting to happen against bigger teams because Horf couldn't protect the rim. Big guys used to dominate him and we had to rely on outscoring other teams. I would have rather we had both a rim protector and somebody to help on the perimeter. Finally about Whitesides. He's an easy trade. Something like Chandler could get him. Give me a player who fits a need for a player who fits nothing everyday.
  4. The post is looking better and better everytime we play. Im patient.. I'll wait. You know how it is on the squawk... Sacred cows get pushed over.
  5. Whitesides will rack up on Blocks and Rebounds. We don't need an Al Horford positional defender. We need a deterrent for the easy layup. It's a layup drill and we knew it would be when we drafted Trae and Collins. Now, we're here. We need an enforcer down low.. Not somebody who is going to be a great perimeter defender... we need a great rim protector.
  6. There's still a shot for my dream... Trae and Klay 2020!!
  7. Ah Yes.... All the vitriol and hatred I received for this suggestion. Where are we now??
  8. How about setting our sights on Hassan Whitesides? He can anchor the defense/rebounding... and I don't know if Portland has the want for him. They got Skal. We can dish a contract and a player and get Whitesides.
  9. realistically, we probably could get Drummond, But I don't know if he's a better fit.
  10. I can agree with that. I mean, the fans come out to see Trae.
  11. 1. Giannis. 2, Klay 3. Embiid 4, Beal 5. George Giannis is obvious. Embiid is out of pure respect for what he does. The other three are big guards who can play defense. I think that's what we need next to Trae... a Big guard who can play defense. Given my druthers, I would love for us to have Klay. IF we got the 2nd pick overall this year, I would give it to the Warriors for Klay. The reason being is that Klay can definitely shoot the lights out and He's a big guard who can defend. Bradley Beal for many of the same reasons.. only.. Beal doesn't get respect around the league. Honorable mention is C J McCollum and Jokic.
  12. Diesel

    Vince is Back!

    No... but maybe some draft picks (2nd) or if they were to part with Rondo.. they'd want a draft pick from us (first)
  13. I think that Load management is just a precaution to over working him in meaningless games. Plus... we improve our shot in the draft. And... we can start to develop other players who could use some in game experience. I just think that when you got somebody of his calibre, you make it easier for him.. not harder.
  14. Diesel

    Vince is Back!

    I say we trade him to the Lakers or Clippers... Give Vince a chance to get a ring.