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  1. I am sorry, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but predicting 39 wins for this team is laughable. This team is constructed, by design, to finish with a record similar to last season. Given the stage of roster construction, winning 39 games would probably be bad for the long-term health of the franchise given the reduction in draft capital.
  2. Trae and Dennis playing together would be fun to watch offensively (although the offense will surely be wildly inefficient) but will be cringe worthy on the defensive end.
  3. I can't imagine Schlenk made the trade to get Young with the idea of him sitting on the bench. I have to imagine they are planning on getting him close to 30 minutes a night.
  4. The Hawks do not need to worry about beating the Warriors. By the time the Hawks are ready to compete the Warriors' core will likely be dismantled/retired. I really dislike the Doncic trade but am hoping for the best.
  5. I agree. Given the situation the team is in, they need to be thinking about maximizing draft capital for the next two drafts and then figuring out what they have and what they need to add. Obviously if they hit a home run in this draft that might move the timing up a year, but that is unlikely.
  6. I definitely think of the top 3 he has the most work to do, but I still like him better than the other alternatives. Obviously no guarantees on any of them.
  7. Right now, I desperately want the Hawks to get one of the top 3 picks so they can get Ayton, Doncic or Jackson Jr. (that is in my order of preference). I think Ayton has the most upside, Doncic could transform the way the team plays by facilitating the offense and Jackson is such a good fit along side Collins.
  8. Hawks have really dialed in their tank. Not easy to lose a game to those Bulls.
  9. I agree. Ayton seems similar to Towns in regards to defense. Shame because Ayton seems like a compelling piece for a rebuilding team like the Hawks - and definitely a better fit then someone like Bagley or Porter.
  10. Good thread. To me Collins is the only building block on the roster (assuming he can make a jump in play next season). The rest are flawed assets. Dennis is talented enough to start but lacks the consistency one would expect from someone with his level of experience. Baze and Prince would be better with reduced roles of the bench. Dedmon I expect to walk at seasons end and the rest will be lucky to carve out careers as bench pieces. Depressing. Anyone think Ayton and Collins together long term is potentially a bad combo?
  11. Too much competition for a top 2 pick this year!
  12. Cleveland sure is getting a lot of shooters to go with LeBron for this season at least.
  13. In fairness, Stanley Johnson is two years younger than Prince. That said, I doubt Johnson ever turns into a reliable rotation player. Given that Prince is on a rookie contract and the Hawks are not looking to win now, there is no reason not to give him heavy minutes until a better option emerges. Prince will likely settle in as a useful bench player on a better team.
  14. Babbitt played due to the lack of other warm bodies. I am certain they would love to trade Plumlee, Baze, Belinelli and/or Ersan if it nests them some future assets, and I am willing to bet they would agree to take on some bad contracts to do so (particularly in trading the rental guys).
  15. Right now it appears the Hawks main focus is to showcase tradeable assets. Once the trade deadlines passes my guess is Collins and others younger players get more burn.