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  1. If Marvin comes back, would that mean Diesel would come back, too?
  2. I'd lose it, too, if that happened.
  3. Maybe I'm just overvaluing 🐜, but I think he could be a really special player in Atlanta in the next year +. I really, really want him on our roster, and it won't likely happen w/o the 1st pick. I like JC, he's a great player, but I think there's potential to replace him with a better fit. Compounding contact concerns, compatibility with Clint concerns, PED concerns, plus an ability to get a floor spacing PF to replace him...I think he's a good trade candidate to get aquire assets that fit better overall. Jesus. I realize I'm sounding like @NBASupes with the talk of fit and trading JC, and I admit it's scaring me a little. Sorry all.
  4. I'm dying to see Anthony Edwards on this team. Say the warriors get the first pick. Would you trade Collins + a future first for the first pick? Or Collins + our first round pick this year? Would the warriors take Collins + a first for their first? If Draymond plays C, they could use a PF. I think either scenario, we try to then sign Bertans to start at the 4. That would then alleviate some concerns of Clint and Collins taking up the same space on the floor. Draft Obi or another PF this year (if we trade a future first), or sign Grant or Saric (restricted) to backup if we trade this year's first. Sign Kris Dunn, a backup SF (Josh Jackson, Glen Robinson 3, or MKG?) bring back Skal for the end of the bench. Trea ... Dunn ... 🐜 Cam ... 🐜 ... Huerter Hunter ... Cam ... JJ/GR3/MKG Bertans ... Obi/Grant/Saric ... Skal Clint ... Dedmond ... Bruno
  5. Women with red hair = 🔥🔥🔥 Men with red hair = 🤡🤡🤡
  6. This is where I hop off the poll train. Beyond my depth.
  7. "It's common sense (for the agents)!"
  8. bird_dirt

    Ask Supes

    I'd be interested in figuring out what who they would take if, say, they ended up with #2. Would they stick with Okoro, or take Wiseman (or other)? I'd also be interested in how likely they would try to trade for #1 if they don't get it. Or how likely the team that does get it would be willing to trade it away.
  9. bird_dirt

    Ask Supes

    When I read that, I thought how much I would LOOOOOOVVVE to see Ball play for the NYKs 😂😂
  10. What is your “perfect” (yet still realistic) roster for the Hawks next year? C : Clint Capela, Dewayne Dedmon, Bruno Fernando PF: John Collins, De’Andre Hunter, Skal Labissiere SF: Cam Reddish, Joe Harris SG: Kevin Huerter, De’Anthony Melton, Anthony Edwards PG: Trae Young, Kris Dunn, Brandon Goodwin I could live with this. Ant & Dunn? Yes please. Joe Harris to boot? Ok, sure, why not?
  11. But a 19yo is almost 6% older than an 18yo!
  12. That's not stank. That's musk. Nature's way of telling others who the bosses are.
  13. That's a lot of words for not saying anything.
  14. @kg01 with that CATS pick 👀 You love to see it. (Don't fight your feelings, kg)