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  1. Why do we have to have 17 a push? Draw the line at 16.5. if he goes 16 or under, Supes wins. If 17 or later, KB wins.
  2. That’s A-Train’s jersey in my avatar! And I can’t think of one word. I guess this season has led me speechless.
  3. He would watch the games from a luxury suite instead of the bench.
  4. Not interesting enough for me unless we trade a couple of DMJ, Bogi, Kobe, AJ, and drop any of the other SGs/undersized SFs.
  5. Not me, that’s for sure. Especially after FIBA. I still don’t expect him to continue the healthy vibes though and am firmly on the Sell High train.
  6. Reed is about as blue as you can be considering both his parents played bball at UK. Now his father’s former roommate and captain of the a championship team could potentially coach him. If he returns he either feels he needs more development or it’s a legacy decision.
  7. There were rumblings weeks ago that Reed may potentially return for a second year. Kind of crazy considering how highly he’s projected to be drafted, but
  8. I don’t believe this to be true at all. I think many of us are just tired of ONLY having 6-10 and smaller centers that get abused by bigger players. OO is great, but it so be nice to have a 7’er on the roster to mix things up.
  9. Not an unexpected outcome when playing third stingers pretty much the whole game. OTTNO
  10. Ok, so are you taking Vit or Forrest for the playoff roster?
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