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  1. I'm pretty stoked about this team. Before the season started, I guessed they'd end up as high as a 6 seed, and since Nate took over and righted the ship, they've exceeded expectations. Proud of how they've finished the regular season. They're already ahead in my book, so any noise in the playoffs is gravy to me. I wanted serious playoff experience this year, to be ECF contenders next season, and Championship series contenders for the next few years after that. If health favors this team, they can do it over the long haul. They're so young and already so good, when they mature,
  2. Wu Tang is for the children, I'm for the children. Teach them well and let them them lead the way. Ice Bog FTW.
  3. LOL at allowing Teague anywhere near this list.
  4. I was just about to add Stephen Jackson! I completely forgot about him until I just stumbled on a video of him and Artest talking about the Malice in the Palace.
  5. El Toro was one of my all time favorite Hawks!
  6. TL;DR version: he will get paid on his potential, not for who what his stats this season are worth. No one is going to pay the man at a rate of what he is doing today. He's still super young (23?) 4 years away from hitting his peak. Then 3 or 4 peak years after that. He has progressed and expanded his game every year. He is going to get paid based on his ability to continue growing both physically and mentally. He may not be all star level now, but his trajectory leads that way at least. I have no doubts he's going to make the all star team more than once in his career. If he w
  7. Well done, man. You deserve some props!
  8. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  9. Remember two weeks ago when we thought that Dunn was going to be making his debut in March? I miss those days. They were simpler times then.
  10. As if being a Hawks fan isn't painful enough, @Gray Mule is loving the Kings, @Sothron loves the Wolves. Cavs fans here that we don't know about?
  11. agree. I kid because I care. ❤