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  1. I was listening to Eddie Johnson on SiriusXM and he called this to the T. Milwaukee' s other starters showed up with more opportunities. Our starters save Bogie didn't. We can win this series without Trae, but guys have to excel at their roles.
  2. This Hawks season>Any season of the Wire, Sopranos, GOT, House
  3. These are like the anti-Joe, Josh, and Horf's Trae, Collins, and Capela(Say it with your chest!))
  4. Got dang it! Now you gotta sign the man lol
  5. We can still win a title. Look nothing is guaranteed. We all thought the Falcons could get another crack at a title. Never happened. I want the chip. Forget the future, the future is now.
  6. Shock and Awe offense. The stress of continuous lobs and threes along with Trae's fouls merchandising.... it's psychology breaking.
  7. Pass. We may very well get the best Ben can offer us out of Cam for way less. Not to mention he would be a MAX 4th option when Hunter is healthy. No deal!
  8. Or was Trae trying to emulate that Joe Johnson over the Celtics shot at the end of game 5. I was thinking if this goes in its iconic. Then I was like wait that is the shot Joe hit to "ICE" the game
  9. Betcha Zion and Luka wish they were in Trae's situation.
  10. I'd like to see us run Huerter like that when he is the game with Bogi and Trae
  11. Make or miss league. We missed too many bunnies and open 3's. They hit their shots and finished well. Simple.
  12. I wish I had a transcript, but yeah they definitely said increased the pace. And I think they had that number reversed. I recorded the game, so maybe I will upload that portion.(probably won't though lol)