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  1. I think it would simpler to have a Home and Travel team. Pretty much keep the outline you have created. For instance on this long road trip we could have had the starters go out for a few game and then brought them back for some home games this weekend. Or just if the home schedule was week let the 2nd five play at home and try to steal a few roadies.
  2. I think you have a blind spot.
  3. How have your views/political leanings changed(if they have) over your lifetime?
  4. HawkItus

    White Shadow

    Awesome show. I became familiar with it in Syndication. Thais show and One on One were a tone for amateur basketball during those times.
  5. Overpaying Collins and Premature-Bogilation would be the most Hawks thing ever.
  6. Why? There have been some some outstanding FT shooters in this league. Most of the elite guards are expected to be high 80's
  7. Man he damn near had a 40-20 triple double one of the games I attended. It was like watching Vick/Sanders/Nique/96 Braves in the glory days.
  8. Pope even enjoyed that comeback!
  9. So does LP get extra credit for the win last night? He really coached up DG and Trae lol