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  1. Working from home sucks. Feels like an invasion of my sanctuary. Making a teen do online work is harder than potty training a 2 year old. Doing both because my granddaughter is here while her dads deployed
  2. Not sure he meant Trae. Remember he played most of his games before the "vets" left. He said last year was great and Trae was there.
  3. If the health system collapses you not only lose the economy, you lose the ability to get the economy back up. Again sick people with chronic illness and your under paid workers survive off of urgent care and emergency visits. Having everybody go back to work and the hospitals shut down, well when the flu hits in 5 months or whatever next epidemic will just finish us off.
  4. KD says he has the Corona Virus
  5. 😷 I think we need to quarantine Soth's post at this point
  6. Well to quote my late father "it is never nothing 'til it's something" I hope you are right and it indeed is a footnote this time next year. But. I hope the powers that be rely on more than hope.
  7. That's easy to say until an infant with pneumonia dies because resources are thin. Or dialysis patients or the sepsis patients. This not a simulation real people can and will die if they don't mange the easiest part of this. Controlling how bad this spreads. A little overreaction could save millions of lives.
  8. All this talk of fear mongering, but Italy and Spain are in health crisis over this. This isn't the flu and our over taxed health system is not prepared for a pandemic. Yes it might not kill you, but for those who will need to be hospitalized it is important. Last years flu was pushing hospitals to the limit.
  9. Jackson was an all-time culture cancer in GSW and other spots. Played players against each other and put self over team
  10. Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn ESPN Sources: NBA has fined Mark Cuban $500K -- and rejected the Dallas Mavericks petition to replay the final seconds of a Feb. 22 loss to Atlanta. Cuban assailed league’s officiating leadership and system in a tirade — and twice went on court in final minutes to confront refs. Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn NBA statement: A team owner’s effort to influence refereeing decisions during and after a game creates perception of an unfair competitive advantage and thereby undermines the integrity of the game. Demeaning league employees also creates an intimidating workplace environment.
  11. I swear this reminds me of 2002-2004 https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-2002-10-14-0210140170-story.html