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  1. I think the league should and will expand the rosters. That should include a covid 8 that doesn't practice or interact with the official roster. Should they do this I would like to see some of our previous SL guys on that team. This made me wonder if anyone is keeping up with their favorite SL guy and how are they doing?
  2. Per Woj https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1349389878115627010?s=20
  3. https://www.peachtreehoops.com/2017/8/25/16195086/atlanta-hawks-offensive-playbook-off-ball-screens-malcolm-delaney oh I miss these days, imagine Red Velvet with these plays and Trae and JC playing on ball
  4. Yall always bring up off ball movement, but where is he going to go when no one else moves? Our offense is stagnant. if they want him to move do some off ball screens etc.
  5. What happened to this? The fan IQ has dropped precipitously.
  6. What happened to the pic and rolls?
  7. Hawks don't move because they're taught to take set shots
  8. I always say who benefits from spilling the beans?
  9. Looking like the General Board over here. I get it, Trae has flaws. But, these assassinations of his game are borderline insane.
  10. It's hilarious how local and national media saw an MVP type play from Trae, Cam cools off and injuries happen and now our fans and a PF feeling himself think Trae is a team cancer. This is why Atlanta can't have nice things.
  11. Admittedly, I was in transit and didn't see the first part of the game. Steve's call seemed as though Trae was passing when he would normally shoot and getting turnovers. If Trae is off ball, but we don't have set plays to get him open or initiators to feed off of, Wed. is what happens. Folks aren't doubling JC and once they don't respect Trae because he isn't aggressive the whole house of cards falls, The key to our hot start was great shooting from outside. Not our inside play. JC fed off the offense spreading folks out and feasted.