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  1. He could have been a poor man's Marion had we used him right.
  2. Happy birthday Sir! I celebrate your life anniversary and the many more to come!
  3. If you've met your deductible I imagine there aren't many issues with most insurances.
  4. I'm guessing they ran it by the players who loved it. This younger generation is different.
  5. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/8/23/20828260/are-we-sure-atlanta-hawks-nba-playoffs-2019-2020-season
  6. Thanks..got to have a minor surgery on my knee, but it's all good
  7. Unfortunately I had to visit this facility this week, but man oh man. The place is really nice and the court is awesome. Really good to see the hometeam investing in the community.
  8. "Collins is a really good dunker..." FOH Windbag
  9. Traditionally this has ended badly when the Hawks do this.
  10. HawkItus

    Vince is Back!

    This. I am very interested in how a relationship with Parker might develop.
  11. anybody watching the The big tournament?
  12. Maybe Kobe helps with his defense?
  13. Georgia Innocence Project 1 hr Last night, Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce graciously hosted Georgia Innocence Project, exonerees and supporters (including NBA All Star Joe Barry Carroll) at the WNBA Atlanta Dream game. Here is Coach Pierce with several exonerees who spent a combined total of 142 years wrongfully imprisoned on crimes they did not commit. THANK YOU Coach Pierce for this wonderful opportunity and for helping to raise awareness about wrongful convictions. Front row / kneeling: John White (22 years); Bobby Jean Johnson (41 years) Second row: Calvin Johnson (16 years, GIP Board member); Jimmie Gardner (27 years); Coach Pierce; Yvonne and Clarenece Harrison (Clarence - 17 years); Marquis Jackson (19 years).