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  1. He's totally milking this and it's getting old.
  2. That may explain why Capela always seems to be out of position for offensive rebounds. I was upset that he was always out of position and was attempting to tip the ball in the rim. But that makes sense if Philly's bigs never really leave the paint. The coach as well as the players on the court need to be calling this out as it happens. I've also noticed a few momentum killing foul calls whenever the Hawks cut into a lead. Of course, plenty of the Hawks' issues the past 2 games are self inflicted but that's something else to make note of.
  3. Either you want to play or you don't. I know I have better things I can do with my Friday night. The fans in attendance paid to see better than this.
  4. Stop tipping the ball and snatch the rebound Capela!
  5. That's the perimeter defense right there.
  6. Bob and Nique all day. I'll take homerism over whatever that halftime analysis was.
  7. I love how they say Trae is jumping back into the defender for all of his trips to the FT line when all they could show was one highlight of it. . Gotta keep that narrative alive I guess.
  8. Work them Trae. Make them pay for being over aggressive.