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  1. Hawks are due for a quality win, but that seems unlikely if I'm being honest. Things have looked pretty bleak lately. It's not so much the losses as much as how the team looked while losing. I know this is a developmental season, but I think we all want to see something to be optimistic about. Line ups that make sense, one or more of the Rookies having breakout games, Trae being Trae with better defense and less turnovers, and/or seeing the team defensive effort we saw at the beginning of the season shouldn't be too much to ask.
  2. Cam passing up on too many shots.
  3. It may be time to try starting Len again.
  4. I wouldn't waste the time. They absolutely hate Trae on the general board over there. There's no logic or reason to it at all. It's like they're mad with him for not being a bust like they predicted. Is this weird to anybody else?
  5. This age of social media has to be brutal on young people. I'm glad I wasn't scrutinized or "clowned" for every single thing I did as a teen or my 20's. That has to be brutal for the millenials.
  6. +10000 to this. I actually like LP but I can't defend him on this one. I was waiting for the timeout and sub and was flabbergasted when LP kept Bembry in there on offense. It was like Miami wanted Bembry to have the ball in his hands. They face guarded Huerter to force him to keep it and throw up yet another lame shot with ZERO chance of going in and ZERO rebounding underneath.
  7. I should've known this was going to come back to bite me.
  8. It's like everyone is in on throwing this game.
  9. This loss is squarely on LP's shoulders. All that effort for nothing.