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  1. Bembry is becoming a net negative because of his lack of offense.
  2. He's added some things to his tool kit over the Summer. He's going to ball out this season.
  3. Len absolutely has to hit open threes or he's almost unplayable.
  4. So the Bull's strategy is to beat the crap out of Trae Young?
  5. Hunter looking good so far. They need to feed him in this one.
  6. It's not just about making the Playoffs as much as fielding a "competitive" team. With what I've seen so far from the center position, I don't see how this Hawks team can be competitive with any team over .500. Len has to take advantage of this opportunity and be the guy we saw late last season. If he's not going to provide rim protection he's got to be able to hit that open three that Dedmon used to and finish at the rim on offense. Bricking wide open threes, missing dunks, and having rebounds literally bounce off his hands ain't gonna get it.
  7. I'm down for whatever gets a starting quality center on the roster. Watching Len miss a point blank dunk last night crushed my soul. Hawks really should have brought Dedmon back.
  8. Pierce actually trying to win this thing. I thought the starters were done.
  9. It's like he's scared to throw his weight around.