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  1. Agreed. He's also the type of player that hangs around the NBA as a bench player well after he's done playing any actual NBA basketball. Excellent veteran presence. I was (and still am) all for bringing Skal back if he's healthy, but this was an underrated addition by Schlenk.
  2. Good read. The data confirms what I already knew. Of course I'm biased, but I honestly didn't see enough of a difference between Trae and "the other guy" last season to make me regret the trade. The writer of that paper was more gracious than I was about rebounding stats being inflated last season. I wasn't a fan of it when OKC (Westbrook) was doing it and I wasn't a fan of it last season when I saw an entire team clearing out for one guy to get an uncontested rebound. I hate artificially inflated stats and feel like it cheapens the triple double. I'm much more impressed when it's within the
  3. Man, Bruno is REALLY mobile for a big.
  4. He's certainly part of the problem. He's good and will have a HOF career by the time he's done, but he's missing something that the upper echelon quarterbacks have. I also think Julio isn't reaching his full potential with Ryan. He outruns Ryan's arm and always has to "come back" to catch the ball when he already had his man beat. But Ryan's shortcomings aren't the reason he doesn't have a Super Bowl ring. I still blame Shanahan and his willing accomplice Quinn for that.
  5. Unpopular opinion alert: Yeah, not getting Bogdan doesn't make this offseason a failure. The team is good to go as is. I'm not sweating it too much. I'm expecting improvement from Cam, Hunter, and Huerter at the wings. I especially have my eye on Cam who will probably be hard to keep on the bench this season even if we add Bogdan. Don't get me wrong, having Bogdan would be nice, but he's not the type of player we'll be pining over during the regular season if we don't get him.
  6. The potential to stretch the floor is there. His shot doesn't look bad at all. I wonder why he didn't shoot much at USC?
  7. Those tears are delicious! Couldn't happen to a better fanbase.
  8. The biggest hole left would be PG if we get Bogdan. Are Teague and Rondo the only PGs out there? If so, I'd go with Teague.
  9. Yeah, the $$$ is a bit much. But this is the season to make a push. I'm not too mad at it.
  10. Quality vet that brings 40% 3pt shooting. I'll take it.
  11. Good to see Bake get a deal. I hope he gets more time than he got in Charlotte. He's got NBA level offensive talent.
  12. I think that's why this upcoming season is so important. The Hawks have to get into the Playoffs and make some noise to get taken seriously as a free agent destination.
  13. $10 million for 10 minutes per game? I wish I was a 7 foot stiff. That has to be the easiest hustle in the NBA.