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  1. You're saying what many are thinking and you said it in a much more diplomatic way than I could have. Let's just say I'm not at all pleased with this recent narrative that's being repeated in the media lately. I'm also not pleased that the country where this all originated from had the audacity to use this narrative in an attempt to escape accountability for their handling of this pandemic.
  2. The biggest lesson out of all of this is we are pretty much on our own. The response to Katrina, Flint, and now this is all I need to see. I'm not going full "prepper", but I'll definitely be better prepared for whatever comes next.
  3. I have no political affiliation and generally stay out of politics but this was funny. 🤣
  4. I know people hate it has come to this, but this is what it's going to take at this point. Too many people refused to comply with the more lenient stay at home orders.
  5. It's obvious at this point that whatever numbers they've put out for the past week or so are bogus.
  6. It was only 7 days ago when someone posted this wasn't that serious. Not calling anyone out just using that post as a time stamp to show how much things have escalated. If this expands past the US healthcare system's capacity to treat people, Europe (Italy and Spain) will no longer be the epicenter of this infection.
  7. Had to revisit this since things have exploded in the 3 days since this post. If the dire situation in Italy is any indication, it's apparent this isn't going away anytime soon.
  8. I wish Freeman well. He had a good run at RB and he ran hard for a smaller back. The missed block during the Super Bowl still stings, but the Falcons should've never been throwing the ball in the first place. Julio already made what should have been the game sealing catch at the 20. Freeman looked well done this past season but I hope he catches on somewhere.
  9. I like it but hope this isn't another S. Jackson situation. We got him after he was well past done being an effective RB. To be honest, Gurley looked like he was almost done last season. I'm hoping that he was still recovering from injury. If he does indeed have arthritis in his surgically repaired knee, I think it's best to temper expectations.
  10. Ah the nostalgia. Endless debates and arguments that went absolutely nowhere. Not too different from how it is now, but it was a lot more combative back then before things got cleaned up. Whatever happened to Exodus and Busboyisback? Those guys were regulars here for years.
  11. Cam is a 20+ point scorer all day.
  12. Needs more strength and a tighter handle in traffic. He'll have those covered by next season.
  13. Hey, I'm trying to forget about that debacle here!🤣
  14. LP running the offense through Cam. Good ish LP!!!
  15. ...and winning out did absolutely nothing to help on that front. All that did was keep Dimitroff and Quinn employed for another season. They'll get little return from this lost season. Maybe they strike gold later on in the Draft and get some guys that can contribute, but having a top Draft pick in the bag and then watching it slip away stings.