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  1. Josh Smith is who he reminds me of as well. Jalen will get the player development Josh didn't get so I'm confident he'll do well here. He has too much talent not to. I was honestly impressed with what I saw during Summer League.
  2. I think it's time to blow it up. I thought them trading Julio was a clear sign they were starting over, but they kept Ryan. Half hearted tanking isn't going to cut it in the NFL. Winning meaningless games this season will only hurt draft position.
  3. I'm already on the Baltimore Ravens bandwagon. The Falcon's slogan for this season should be, "Abandon all hope!!!" I see absolutely nothing to get excited about this season.
  4. I love it. Great pickup!
  5. 4th seems fair to me. Fox is no slouch either. He'll look a lot better with a better team around him.
  6. Anybody find it weird that coin exchanges "crash" and make transactions difficult or downright impossible during crypto market crashes?
  7. People look at him as a finished product but he's still young. He showed some flashes in Summer League that understandably got overshadowed by the Rookies. I know it's just Summer League, but he did exactly what he was supposed to do against that level of competition. He played tough, played smart, and scored when the team needed him to. He even filled in admirably for Sharife and showed he could run the offense as an emergency PG. I'm not sure what options he had but he belongs on an NBA roster and I'm glad the Hawks brought him back.
  8. He utilized this a little last season, but it never looked 'natural' to me. I'm glad he's focusing on it. This needs to be a staple in his game. Now teams will have to defend the 3, floater, AND the midrange. I still can't get over the fact more guys haven't utilized the midrange pull up. Kawhi literally milked that all the way to an NBA Championship.
  9. Something I've noticed about Jalen during Summer League is that the hitch in his shot that he had at Duke is gone. He's still not "money" from outside but he doesn't look out of place shooting the three or the midrange jumper. That improved shooting was evident in today's game. Hopefully that holds up when the games actually mean something. As for comparisons, I'm sticking to a slightly less explosive Josh Smith with a respectable outside shot.
  10. These games are a heck of a lot more entertaining than they should be.
  11. Great to see Mays step up like this with Sharife out.
  12. I agree. I'm holding on to Ada, XLM, MATIC, LINK myself for that very reason. I do have bitcoin and Eth as well, but Ada and MATIC are the ones I see really paying off in the next 5 years.
  13. Jalen Johnson is special. Probably should've been a top 5 pick.
  14. That was actually a GREAT pass by Johnson. These guys need to keep their eyes on the ball.
  15. So glad Johnson isn't a black hole when he gets the ball on offense.
  16. He should've just went to the G League like Jalen Green. Guys like Ball and Green proved to other young prospects that they can bypass the NCAA and still be a lottery pick. Johnson transferring to different high schools was never really an issue since that happens all the time with top prospects. However, that got brought up to establish a narrative since he dared to leave a "hallowed" institution like Duke. The days of the NCAA having the power to rake in mass amounts of $$$ while dictating the trajectory of young prospect's careers are coming to an end. I'm fine with that. The NCAA is changing course now but it may be too little too late.
  17. The good news is the guys that will actually be on the roster looked good. The rest won't sniff the NBA and probably have no business in Summer League.
  18. Jalen ain't playing in College Park this season.
  19. I like these Rooks man. #20 and #48 picks. Both were steals.