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  1. Dude wtf. Saying jrue plays different when Giannis is out Is also saying ...half a asprin blah blah ... Ur gonna ignore how he played when Giannis was in during the finals? Or did you not watch them?
  2. Must have been real bad foul trouble Giannis tossing up 40 and 50 pts a game with a bum leg ? Nah
  3. Did they beat them same way they beat us ? What happened to ayton?
  4. I havent watched any of the games what are the bucks doing to beat the sun's. And shouldn't we have a thread discussing the finals ?? I was looking for one
  5. That trade doesn't make sense, so now vanfleet is garbage , c'mon they just signed him and alot wanted him here. They can have Collins I think we've cherry licked enough stats since end of year.on him, he's a great guy but still not paying him 30 mil just last week many were saying he's not worth the 20m. It's fine more time for our wings with the ball in their hands. We can get something for pf
  6. Fine as long as we aren't giving anything of value up to get him, there is some odd.rationalizimg going in this thread, I really can't tell if we're saying john was playing a part and wasn't trying on purpose or if we should sign him but he's really reached his ceiling and there's nobody else. It's confusing, so I hope we're not saying john was still taking a back seat when we were losing to the bucks. Saying that.and saying we wouldn't have gotten there without him are two different things, I saw a crazy thread last week that.made me stay off the board for a week about getting rid of the the euros and someone else to keep john. We can cherry pick stats to prove any point but some of this is nuts
  7. Exactly , dude.ismt worth what we.offered.him.to begin with , y'all are gonna flip it script when we sign him and he's making actual money still giving what he gives, which we have to because we can't replace him unless an extreme amount of luck comes out way.
  8. These guys haven't been able to stay on the court so don't get ahead.of.oursleves there is no guarantee cam and Dre will have a second contract here way too many things can happen
  9. Cmsounds like portis would do what Collins does for half the price John is an awesome guy everyone wants him here but I hope these guys don't start doing what the falcons did
  10. Our bigs are a product.of trea obviously , still not sure he changes this game they had career games
  11. Stop it he's fine he always looks like this against players like this