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  1. Don't think hunter reddish or.dunn are going to be a factor this year at all, they all.shoukda been back
  2. What aiminit how old are u
  3. Kind of a joke - how long it took for him to turn into this player it's pretty cool , other than the way he looks
  4. Lavine is insane why didn't we get him again
  5. Hawks subbrediit is on of the best alot of creative content creators there, lots of other teams hang out there as well
  6. Damn didn't realize capella was out this game
  7. That doesn't inspire confidence really. The fact that this is being said on the internet is no good, if that was the case there wouldn't even be all this Last time we heard this we decided to bring in a coach and convince him with money and ego boost to help us out, and then proceed to waist a few more years of Falcons fans lives , thanks Blank and Dirk
  8. John still had games where he disappears
  9. Y'all keep saying huerter has been playing so we'll lately, he had a few games but not really, I'm dreaming of Bogi being this guy and hunter getting all the way back, make my lilpeepee hard
  10. Why is huerter back in already ??
  11. Oh well this is a promising lineup
  12. Oh c'mon , everyone know cuban doesn't like the blacks
  13. I just want huerter gone, wait what lol our second unit is built for easy points at the rim? What am I missing here ? There all shooters