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  1. lhttps://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2019/07/21/atlanta-hawksseason-ticket-sales-rise-70-percent.html
  2. Yeah, Jay, I'm reminded of I had to root for laettnerr, since he had a hawk uniform...lol
  3. Any moves tonight?... about the 3rd or 4th site visit they'll be another one!
  4. Yeah I think Bruno would have 23 if not for Hudson.
  5. @TheNorthCydeRises. I was thinking along the lines of what Marco has...lol we can't do much with them so far.
  6. Spellman and 45 could serve as linemen.
  7. So Bruno and Hunter may as well have silhouettes as profile pics for the time being.
  8. Strategically announced around 2am eastern...lol
  9. Any word of when ink hits paper tomorrow for the new Hawks?
  10. Trav is cool, won't go far on love ..lol
  11. Well I see it's not the weekend anymore...lol
  12. I guess you can't tits too much...lol