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  1. Speaking of big boi, he has a nice single.
  2. Wild miss leads to kyles 3.. Trae has some weight off his shoulders for a change.
  3. Another poor start, nothing different.
  4. I hope they are feeling peachy around 10:30... For the locals, tech vs uga as an alternate on sec+
  5. I'm bout ready for 20-21, all these damn setbacks.
  6. Well they should beat TB the way Winston turns the ball over, and I'd be disappointed if they didn't take advantage of that.
  7. Another big loss, maybe they'll just lose by 29 this time..
  8. Rather enjoyable to watch for a change, top 5 defense or so 2 games.
  9. Crabbe in, Parsons available now Turner? Just what the heck is going on? 🙃