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  1. Dnice

    Trae 2k

    Trae has is ish together..I remember early in the quarantine, the pic of him and the controller, y'all don't want this smoke..lol
  2. Dnice

    Trae 2k

    He uses the bucks as did 16 seed Jones who advanced. .
  3. Dnice


    TV alert, since this seems to be the frequent thread, they are showing the Sonics vs hawks on NBA tv where Steve Smith had 7 3s in the 4th quarter. Airs 7:30 and 10:30.. this is like a hardwood classics short pretty much.
  4. Skeptical with the durability. I don't know who on the roster can step up and be a tandum with him. Glad he wanted to play for the Falcons though.
  5. Dnice


    My namesake from BDP is killing it on Instagram live at dnice to keep spirits up. .
  6. Dnice


    So how would this effect Capela? More time to heal and get a feel with the teammates and shake the rust off if the regular season should resume later?
  7. Good to see that list shorter these days.
  8. Every time i check in, it feels like a bad swing..trae turnover then Charlotte hits a 3 at the buzzer...I'll be back about 10:30.
  9. Dnice


    Just saw Fulton schools are now shut down.
  10. "Stand back to back and walk 10 paces then turn around!"
  11. At least you can find a competitive game somewhere..