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  1. I've seen something similar somewhere else, so it's ok with me, but after the acquisitions are done, not very much to discuss either.
  2. Feeling a little better, good to get a win especially on the national stage. Disappointed Neal can't find the ball and helped allow a 4th and 14 to keep the drive going, Ready for the Colts already, lets do better running, I'm guessing they had about 70 yards.
  3. So glad they are doing well, but dang start the postseason already, losing hair over 162!!!
  4. Spud are you a OK St Fan? that's the time Barry was drafted.
  5. So glad yall started this... I was on my way...If they beat the Eagles I won't feel that much better... It's a national audience so at least look good that night if nothing else.
  6. Happy birthday Mr Gray, enjoy.
  7. The Hawks has a team day Friday on NBA tv. Old games from Pistol, Nique, Deke, Joe and ending with a game last season and the dunk contest wins with Spud and Nique.. (excluding the WNBA game) https://www.nba.com/nbatv/schedule
  8. Thanks maceo, and to guru Conrad.
  9. Yeah, KG, hope not either,
  10. Court looks better...
  11. Bouncing around on the Chris Creamer sports logos forum, and someone found several alternate courts coming this season. I guess the uni's will come later, no official release from the team.
  12. Damnit, I wanted to see him, was this on tv, or will another scrimmage air?
  13. John's looking like a brand new player with the haircut.