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  1. SoLow is just D..... pretty much, I suppose things won't change too much.
  2. Down big again, they should be embarrassed.
  3. Better, but still down.. indy can go back up..
  4. I don't blame you, this is fn embarrassing.
  5. Lol Atlanta...wth is wrong with y'all.
  6. 7 turnovers , and bad shots Wtf..
  7. Trap game ...gee whiz. .they can get up for the suns, but dragging vs the Pacers..
  8. Get a timeout they must be overconfident.
  9. Going to be a long night 4 turnovers already.
  10. They better do what they did vs lavine in the second half. traps, something...he's on his way to 40.
  11. They better hope the suns go could or it's going to be a long night.