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  1. Gallo had a mouse in the house and passed up...oh well.
  2. Weird ass shot by trae...it felt like he didn't have enough time..to me it looked like maybe 2 extra seconds for a better look.
  3. Well hopefully Denver's road weary a little..I doubt it.
  4. Not too much of a fan of a Sunday night tip..I guess it being 7:40 or so is best for the players, but I'm off all day just waiting, it's after 6 and it's way off for tip...lol
  5. Watching Sliver on the broadcast..still meh and shrugging my shoulders.
  6. Gloom, despair and agony on (Hawks fans)....
  7. Yup another meltdown...just hopeless.
  8. Good challenge pierce...lol
  9. Man they just suck on defense.. efficiency is about to be at 18 tonight.
  10. What's up with Turner not crashing the boards? He's under 7 per game.. I'd think you'd have to be better as a center.